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About the game:
Title: Rakion
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Softnyx
Publisher: Softnyx

Explosive Features:

  • Interesting Skills
  • Creature Summoning
  • Distinct Characters

Rakion is a free online strategy action game that focuses on extreme sword on sword battles with RPG style characters and environments. Make the most out of the tactical battle plans to enjoy the ultimate battle experience.

Experience the frantic and exciting battles of console games online. Rakion gamers can improve their combat skills and develop several strategies to win the battle as a lone warrior or as part of a team. Level-up and upgrade your character’s abilities and equipment, as well as your summoning power. Summon creatures that become stronger as you climb the experience levels.

Rakion offers a great feeling of excitement when you go into a battle and face your enemy. When face to face with your enemy you will first-handedly experience the intensity, and suddenly, you will find yourself engaged into a battle with your enemy with strong smash attacks and combos.

Rakion also provides guard and catch techniques. Using various combinations, you can use strong catch attacks that will throw your enemy into the sky, giving you the timing to smash him with your hammer. Many different catch skills are available for the player to explore.

Featured Video

[tubepress video=”pFH36INlV4s” uploaded=”false”]

System requirements

Rakion Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Pentium 1.2 GHz
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 500MB of free Space
Video Card: Geforce MX 4000 / Radeon 9200

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8 User Reviews

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  1. Mc gilbert on July 19, 2014

    i want to use it.

  2. vixion on March 30, 2014

    don’t bother with this game unless you want some fun for a few days, the game itself is very good and fun but once you reach a certain level you can’t buy better weapons unless you pay real money and without good weapons you won’t kill much and you will die a lot and because of this it takes forever to level up.

    • Limey on November 12, 2014

      Softnyx have actually gone to lengths to make this game easier for newer players. I played this game about 8 years ago (It is pretty old) Back then a new player had ZERO chance unless you payed money. It was pay to win. Now, yes it is still pay to win, the ones who spend the most get the most, but now it is so much easier to get items with the new system of ‘Event points’ They used to only run events maybe 2-5 times a year, now events are continuously on and you can easily farm event points. It’s against the rules but no one bothers to control farm rooms.

      The issue with this game is not the pay to win, but the player base, death of servers and the consistency of hackers. Hacking is a major problem and quite often you can avoid being kicked from games with specific hacks. Nothing worse than being stuck in the room with them. (They will just follow you to another room)

      If I log in now, the EU server is dead. Can’t play in other servers due to IP ban or just severe lag as the game relies on peer to peer connection. Since it’s all quick time, relying on you beating into enemies, any lag makes it IMPOSSIBLE!

  3. ugurano on July 13, 2013

    this game its pay to win

  4. Søren on January 15, 2013

    Me and my irl mates spended looots of hours on this game in the past 🙂 looks strange but awsome gameplay

  5. fc on December 4, 2012


    • FD on November 11, 2014


  6. Cisco Wireless on November 8, 2012

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