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Title: Reign of Steel
Status: Offline
Genre: Shooter| Theme: Warfare
Graphics: 3D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: yoone UG
Developer: yoone UGt
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Varied tanks to choose from
Large Detailed Landscapes
Unlockable weapons and equipment /em>

Reign of Steel is a free to play 3D Tank-themed browser MMO by yoone UG.

In Reign of Steel, players can choose from various tanks and instantly jump right into the action on their browsers. Players can level up and unlock additional items for their tanks in order to customize their experience.

Reign of Steel also provides players with additional stat tracking and robust Clan features that allow players to take part in tournaments for fame and prizes.

Reign of Steel system requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Mac OS X v10.6 or laterim in
RAM: 1 GB | HDD: 100 MB HD space
CPU: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible
Graphics Card: ?
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    • There is no tank game that compares to WoT, unless you consider the new added feature of tanks in War Thunder, which already was a better airplane combat game than World of Warplanes.

  1. so, i see someone else decided to make yet another reign of steel O.o and im betting noone here even remembers the old PSone reign of steel at all

  2. For a browser game, this game is not bad at all! I see that this game is using Unity, which is great.The game is a bit laggy at times, I guess that’s okay, since the game is still in it’s beta version. Lots of people made an account on this game as well.

    Now lets get to the bad side of the game. So far, there is only 2 maps and the loading takes too damn long, which sucks! The controlling is not smooth at all, and the maps kinda feels empty without buildings.

    I am rating this game 5.5/10

    • if you guys want a good tank game sign up to world of tanks nice graphics over 15 maps and so much tanks its not even funny. Ive been playing for some time now, and its one of the best games ever. Also its free.

        • I have taken the liberty of editing your hypocritical words.

          “You should have said, “So many tanks” and not, “So much tanks”. It is improper english.” Yeah. I can play the Grammar Nazi card too. Idiot.

          • Actually, you are also wrong because the words were in the middle of a sentence and, therefore, would not use capitalization. 🙂

            Anyway, it should read: “Der es sooooo muches uf de tankis”


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