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Title: Remnant Knights
Status: Offline
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 856 MB
Publisher: GameSamba
Developer: GameSamba
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Competitive PvP combat system
Engaging storyline
Great interface

Remnant Knights is a 3D free to play anime-inspired MMORPG with a story written by DC Comics 2010 Eisner award winning graphic novelist, Jim Krueger, and dialog by Hunter Brown book series creators, Chris and Allen Miller. Players will experience the vast and amazing world of Kasmari and learn that they are the last line of defense against an ancient threat that has returned. After choosing one of the three basic areas of study – Gun Circle, Magic Circle or Fight Circle – players will begin honing their skills at either the Owl or Dragon School. At level 10, players will have the option to specialize into classes such as the Dual Gunner and Heavy Launcher.

There are customizable player housing areas, which can be furnished, decorated and used as meeting places for online friends. Getting from place to place could not be more fun. Players can be found zooming around on hoverboards and jet scooters or ripping around on other vehicles and mounts. With many other sought after features, such as crafting, enchanting and multiple modes for player vs player competition, players will have plenty to do in the world of Kasmari.

Remnant Knights system requirements:

OS: ?
RAM: ? GB | HDD: ? GB free space
CPU: ?
Graphics Card: ?
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  1. Dude… this freaking sucks. This was a bad a$$ game… Give it another try. </3 I have been trying to find this game for over 2 years and I find it shut down. WHAT!!??? No… dudes bring it back for real.

  2. Aww that sucks. It’s been some years since I last played this game and I was just gonna join it again, but I see it’s been shut down. Dang first I saw Asda 2 got shut down, and now this game too. Oh well time to look for more online games like Remnant Knights, I know Cloud Nine is one of them so far

  3. I played this before but couldn’t keep it for long and I really enjoyed it. So when I got my own computer I Instantly wanted to get Remnant Knights. But then I found out it was shut down. I was devastated. I can only dream of the day I’ll get Remnant Knights again.

  4. It’s a shame that I found this game 6 days after they announced they were shutting it down. Always sad to see games go under, even if they aren’t all of great quality. If ya’ll want to try this out, better get your fill before the end of January.

  5. Really fun game, the GM’s aren’t on too often, but the student advisers help with anything they possibly could, and from the reviews I’ve read it seems some people think the GM’s aren’t very helpful, I think contrary, I got totally stuck before, to the point of every time I moved my character it would glitch and appear back to the same spot, a GM totally fixed the glitch and I was back to playing in less than a minute.

  6. It’s a fun game. I hate how people don’t even play a game and spew a hate filled review. You can’t know till you try. There’s so much to do in this game, plus they just launched the client version so no more lag.

  7. I find this gamevery good but yet first time it loaded it took about a minute to warm up and after it loaded i played this game alot i was addicted after 5 mins

  8. I’m having trouble loading the game once i have it installed. For some reason, the download gets to a certain point and then stays at that point and does nothing. There are no error reports coming in. Its just at a standstill. any ideas?

  9. I had been playing other MMO games such as Wizard101 and Pirate101, just for the heck if it. The day I found out about RemnantKnights I was just so thrilled with it that I quit playing all the pathetic ones that actually cost me money. I was extremely happy to discover that I didn’t have to pay for a single thing, i was even more excited that i could accidentally misspell things and it would actually appear so people would get the main gist of what I was trying to say. the only very saddening thing I ran into was the parental reviews #1 problem; swearing up the wall. if I wasn’t old enough that my parents would leave me alone on the subject, this game would be off my PC, out the window and into the garbage truck. Topper problem #2 well, it doesn’t really show it to the extreme, but there is blood. lol, anime blood :j
    Over all, this game beats Wizard101 and Pirate101 off the block on the terms of ‘teenage acceptance’. However, Wizard101 and Pirate101 beats this game on the terms of ‘child friendly’.
    I would play RemnantKnights just because it captures more of what the teenager wants; action. I would play Wizard101 (pathetic BTW) because it lets non-swearing Teens and Adults to feel comfortable with others. in other words, since Wizard and Pirate 101 prohibit swearing, all those who don’t swear have a comfortable atmosphere where no swearing reaches their eyes and gets into their brains. I myself and a non-swearer, I don’t criticize those that do, but I do not enjoy reading word like that. Even though I would slap myself for saying all the obscenities I have seen people type,I found myself constantly thinking and almost saying several of them.

    If you are not a person who cares about the above problems; This is the best anime game I \have ever found, I got addicted within the first 5 minutes, and have fun playing!

  10. wow random angery peopel are huuu random 😛 okay so i have played the game gone half way threw the lvling system i have to say i do love the skillz for the gunner i find them fun to use and grinding mobs was not so bad but THIS IS ANOTHE ANIME MMO it dose have cool tech like guns and hoverboards the menue’s are annoying becuse i found its a common glitch if you click in the menue for your character to move and anime point of it is cute but they dont play up on it as much as they could tho i did enjoy the ride i dont think ill play it enless a cool event happons becuse the cons its still little glitchy at times the community is not nice not bad but not that loveing so you dont seem to make friends as eazly as like imvu or luscent heart but thats not a bad thang seens it dosnt force you to have people to kill hard monsters. the skills are hard to aim and you might get the wrong monster attacking you. After get use to it the game seems to have a rythem to it makeing grinding eazyer i would rilly suggest it to new mmorpg players for its great start up the game seems to not be focused much on lvling to me as it is on get equipment. over all it was a fun ride like most Anime mmorpgs are hapyp and eany to play for a while.
    thanks for reading ^^

  11. I’ve been having a pretty good time with this game. They just gave it an update that added some high level content (dungeon, bosses, etc.) Someone mentioned the gms not being helpful, I’ve had the complete opposite experience. It seems like they are always on running little contests and events and awhile ago they were taking groups through the new dungeon. If you’ve been looking for a f2p game I would recommend giving it a try.

  12. can be nice buttttttttttttt no ppl in game , low and retard comunity
    soo if you want lvl up cash say HI to exp potion cause doon’t have no one at your lvl too do dungeon , ever

  13. This game looks okay from reading the homepage. I would love to give it a try, but the game already fails on me. Had to download it from another site just to get the launcher to work. Even so, I start up the launcher and get a bug error that it doesn’t want to work. I think I fiddled around with this game trying to get it to work for 2days. Not worth my time now, just gong to sit back and wait for guild wars 2.

    • you must have caught a bug during the download, this game has had absolutely no problems since I downloaded it. I must warn you though, it does take a while the very first time you play it because it is programming to your computer. I found that out the hard way ^~^ I was just about to trash it, but I gave it one last chance to prove itself. Once it was through the first time,I never had a problem again, it went lightning fast, the GM’s were very helpful if I ever found a prob, they explained much. if you are having problems, I wouldn’t rush to blame GameSamba. Most the time it’s not their fault.

  14. They just gave this game a huge update in July. It’s almost no grinding now, and all the PvP adn stuff is finished that they had been talkign about. I stopped playing it earlier this year but I tried it again after meeting them at Comic Con, and it’s really fun now. Not that it was ever as bad as the hyperbolic statements the first few people in this thread were making…

  15. shitty as game lol Dull combat and Boring Crashes often even on a good PC, not alot of players And g’ms dont help they just kid around and ignore questions. Bad game.

  16. I love this game. It is fun very active community with the GM’s never experienced GM’s so active like this, they are always there to help when if you don’t understand. Cute story line a lot of quest. The mobs are so cute too!

  17. I just started recently so it seems there were a lot of new stuff because I didn’t experience any of the above complaints. Leveling to lvl 30 goes by pretty quick (a loooot of quests, and although a bit linear, they level you fast) and there is marble battle which is a fun way to get exp by doing team PvP. GMs are always around, I never seen GMs online this much in another MMO, and they interact with the players a lot doing events, etc.

    The community is great, everyone is fun to talk to and always ready to help you out. The free vent server they have is INSANE, so much fun to listen and chat with the other players. I love it!

  18. it’s a very nice game, little bit a grinding. but overall there are plenty of stuff you can do like marble battle. GMs are always around doing events after events. And kawaiido I saw your Mom last night.

  19. It is a nice game. Like a couple of people above I am stuck with no quests in lvl16 and it seems i have to grind my way till lvl20, at 0.2% per kill that is a lot of grinding to be done, but otherwise it is quie enjoyable, simple enough to learn and interesting enough to keep me going on.

  20. The fact that this game is in beta still really shows. I haven’t run into the horror stories like some of the above reviews, though there is still rather little customizability. There’s very little variety before level 10, and most people will feel it, because in my run, even with xp multipliers, the quest line died at level 9, and myself and my friend got stuck grinding to level 10 to be able to go on. There seems to be no functional difference between the schools, and I’ve managed to crash the game talking to someone I wasn’t supposed to, as well as the “variable named” objects that somewhat litter the landscape.

    This game has some potential, but if this is nearly a finished product, it’s is not worth your time.

  21. Uuuh, to point out, it has a “good amount” of players, as in there are plenty of people playing at one time, though, the main reasons this turned me off greatly were because of the rather linear progression (i.e. legend of edda), the LAG IS CRIPPLING, even on broadband connections. There are constant dissconects about every 10 mins or so, and *many* quests either bug out so you cant complete them or you have to abandon, log out, log back in, and redo that quest. The nail in the coffin for me was that you are limited to maps you can go to based on level. By the time I was done with ALL the story quests and some repeatables, I still had to grind 6 levels to get to the next map.

  22. Oh my God! I never thought I would meet a game that would piss me the *** off before I barely even started playing it. Just a warning this is going to be more angry rant than review since the game wouldn’t stop acting retarded! Remnant Knights is another Anime inspired MMO (surprise, surprise). This one is hosted at Game Samba about two schools that fight one another for one reason or the other.

    The first thing that got me mad was the start up time for the game. It took nearly 15 seconds after starting it up before I could play, while more reasonable ones might only eat up about six at most telling me who made it and had rights to it. When I finally got it started I logged in and went to create my character. Turns out the games character customization is even more poor than a third world country. That’s right, AFRICA sends aid to THIS GAME!

    It’s bad enough that I can’t adjust the skin tone of the character (I guess only white people play video games, right?) but the eyes were locked as well, attached to each face change. The hair was okay through, I will grant them points for letting me change the color of it to such a finite point but that’s pretty much where it ends. They have two different costumes for each school at the base level, but as I looked into what the more advance class would look like in each school THE RIVAL SCHOOLS SHARE THE SAME COSTUMES FOR THE ADVANCE CLASSES! WHAT THE F*** IS WITH THAT!? THESE ARE RIVAL SCHOOLS! ARE YOU TELLING ME THE PEOPLE WHO DESIGNED THIS GAME COULDN’T BE BOTHERED TO MAKE THE ART TEAM DRAW UP DIFFERENT ADVANCED CLASS UNIFORMS FOR EACH FACTITION!?

    I guess they got lessons from Valve on making non repeating character design (looking at YOU Team Fortress 2, you lazy bastards who couldn’t f*** bother to make the Red and Blu characters different from one another other than sticking them in different colored shirts). This really bothers me since lack of customization means I can’t really get involved with the character I’m creating, so for me these things you might consider petty really bother me (but I would like to state on the record if the gameplay is solid enough I could look passed it). The nail on the coffin is that you can only create characters for one school per SERVER!

    But the bitchfest doesn’t end there. When I logged in I went through the tutorial and as I was navigating different menu screens, closing them or clicking on some things in them would cause my character to act brain dead and run into walls (repeatedly), or move to places before I was ready. Also combat. It seems rather slippery. My attacks didn’t respond too well. When I clicked on an enemy my character didn’t attack dead on, and clicking on things sometimes required repeated clicking to get stuff to work. NO WONDER THE GAME HAS LITTLE TO NO PLAYERS ON IT!

    • Spoken like a noob at heart. This whole shit load of text basically highlights how you only played the game for merely a few seconds, judged it on that and audacity to spew this crap dubbing it as a ‘review’. I no longer played this game due to lack of interest because you can only explore new zones if you reached the required level so I was stuck in the same place for too long. I do agree the game needs a lot of work but it has its good points. Don’t weigh a game’s worth on its character customization which you spent 3/4 of this worthless review ranting about. This shit is steering potential players away. Who knows.

      And just so you know. Most games I’ve played which divide the world into enemy factions allow little to no interaction between factions unless on the battlefield. Like Aion.

      • You should give the game another try. They’ve significantly reduced the amount of grind (basically eliminated it) and added more post game content.

        As for the OP: Your post is a completely inaccurate misrepresentation of the game. You spent most of your time complaining about cosmetic issues like a lack of costumes, but anyone who had played for more than 10 minutes would have seen higher level players running around wearing all sorts of different costume items, not to mention the frequent seasonal events almost always include new costumes. They just finished a back to school event and they are just starting a halloween one, both events included new costumes.

    • FYI, there’s a balance reason why Red & Blu team use the same models. Hint:Instant visibility & recognition is very important in a fast-paced genre like first-person shooters.


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