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About the game:
Title: Rusty Hearts
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Stairway Games
Publisher: Perfect World

Explosive Features:

  • Optimized to work with any PC Gamepad
  • Fast-paced gameplay with anime-inspired graphics
  • Personal rooms to decorate and store items

Rusty Hearts is a free to play 3D action MMORPG game with fast-paced and highly-stylized beat-em-up style combat combined with solo or team-based dungeon exploration experience. The game features combo moves, unique cel-shaded animation, anime-inspired graphics and a variety of PvP modes.

Players will be able to choose from 3 different characters with their own unique abilities and storyline, customize personal rooms, craft equipment, party up with friends and explore various dungeons and Raids.

Its compelling story will unite PC gamers worldwide to participate in a living comic and fight through an army of vampires and monsters.

Featured Video

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System Requirements

Rusty Hearts Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Pentium 4 1.4 GHz
Memory Ram: 1GB
Hard Disk Space: At least ?GB of free Space
Video Card: Video card with 128 MB of RAM

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  1. Best game ever made! amazing graphics, amazing play style, amazing character build, amazing costumes, but the only flaw was that Perfectworld was managing it. die in hell fire >3>

  2. Well i don’t know about you guys, I realy don’t know about this game, and every time i want to download or check about a game, i allways go to the comments, and it seems that every body is complaining about bugs recently, but anyways the game looks awesome and im going to try it Because it looks like a lot of people loved it! ^w^

  3. This game was one of the greatest games ever. Never spent a penny on it, and I got to lv 40 on my character. However, it was pay to win most of the time, but the people who were truly good at the game could destroy any cash shop abuser in PvP and survive for a great period of time in PvE (I wasn’t one of those people, but I knew a few of the pros). Combat was fun, quests were easy to pick up…
    But then the game got completely abandoned. PWE ignored it, and only used it for money. They barely fixed the guild bugs, which was one of the biggest reasons people left. Worst of all, the biggest update (the Reborn Expansion) was only popular for about 6 months or so, mainly due to the bugs that PWE didn’t fix after the expansion came out.
    There are still people that play RH for fun and for old times sake, and it still is fun for a nice break from WoW or homework. I just hope someone revamps this game (anyone but PWE, please) and restores this masterpiece. Otherwise I’m gonna sit and do homework without a fun break. 🙁

  4. I’ve been playing this game for 2yrs, on and off. I love it! The only thing that sucks, is PWE not looking at the forums. EVER. Otherwise, I play on a distant server with no lag, no log-offs and friendly people. Did I mention I haven’t spent a dime to get to level 39? Easily the best F2P game I’ve played yet. It’s worth at least checking out. Now, if I could only get my friends to drop WoW for it. Riiiiiight.

  5. nice game… i like the graphics and also its a combo base it true that it has only four characters??

    • no theres 8 chars in the old days befor the latest 4 there was only 4 chars but i dont recomend this game bugs every ware

  6. rusty hearts is a completely derserted game ruin by pwe since they don’t listen to their community player. this game is completely fallen down the hill with so much nonsense that pwe just keep sucking more money from the low playerbase on rusty heart. I recommended do not waste your time on this game because there are no update content and barely event on pwe game.

    • i totally agree there biggest mistake was making rose meilin and edgar free they stop updating cause they wernt making money on the game once that happened they lost interest

  7. BTW,sometimes I seem to have a hard time running it with Raptr running. Make sure not to turn on the in-game if you have that product on your computer.

  8. Fun game-one of my favorites at the moment-but Perfect World just hasn’t done a very good job managing it,unfortunately. It’s playable,yes,and it’s not ludicrously P2W like a lot of PWE’s other titles,but the customer service sucks and it’s full of bugs. It’s a still fun game, but I’d recommend only to those who don’t get frustrated easily.

  9. Seeing the first look makes me miss the original character selection screen ;_; The one now just looks like another generic MMO character selection.. /sigh

    Anyways, this game is great. A compelling storyline (one of the best in an MMO), hilarious dialogue that you want to read (mostly), very beautiful & defined art style, great music, and very fun gameplay.
    However it does have it’s bads; In the PWE version there are quite a few bugs & quest dialogue typos, controller support can be sketchy or non-existent with certain menus, certain musical tracks become very redundant, and the game becomes very grindy at about level 30 (max level is currently 45, I believe).

    Over all, the game is extremely enjoyable. I hope to see the bugs & issues fixed, as this game deserves alot of TLC.
    Out of F2P games; 9.5/10
    Out of All games; 7.5/10

  10. Rusty Hearts has a compelling story and a somewhat unique gameplay. Like Dragon Nest, the play style is hack and slash with an additional skill bar. The design is pretty simple, the game itself is pretty smooth. But there is just something that doesn’t feel right… it feels as if this game lacks something, but it’s hard to tell. Probably because this game is a bit too different than the others… I’m not really sure.

  11. and u guys still gonna bother on this game? alot of people getting problems on their servers, bugs unfixed, crash to desktop, disconnection issues, lagging, check out the technical issues on the forum and see it for yourselves.

  12. This is a very decent game. Good graphics, simple controls and overall very fun especially if you in a guild. Though a party may be recommended you often find yourself no need for one because of leveling up quickly from the decent amount of quest available. For those who have the money to spend, cash shop is very cheap as already explain in the comment above this one. However like most games there are some issues.

    1. lots of bugs and problems with quests especially the skill quests
    2. high level players usually have the upper hand in pvp
    3. interface is very poor. took me a month to find out how to separate items and sell them. For example if you have 20 great mithril and you want to only sell 10 they don’t exactly explain it in the help menu. I had to ask other players and actually search online to found out about this in some of the forums on the main site.
    4. inventory is very small
    5. after reach level 40 or higher it tends to get boring especially if your a solo type player

    Still, this game is worth trying and very good to pass the time especially on a slow rainy day. I give it a 7.5/10

  13. The game is creative and somewhat fun. Superb graphics and simple control mechanics. I’ve been playing for a week now and felt that the game has a poor interface to interact with the community.

    1. I do not see the reason to find a party, even if I want to, it’s difficult due to poor interface.

    2. Auction house kinda sux. Unless you spell the item 100% correctly, items won’t show up, and since the market has very few goods due to low population, it is difficult to buy goods with a reasonable price.

    3. Although I am low level, I feel that once you get passed lvl 35 and up, I think buying a cash supplement is almost necessary to save much time. ex)enhancing supplements.

    One good thing here is cash shop is so much cheaper than other competitors, such as dragon nest, but there is a reason why it’s cheaper.

    • Well, for most people, playing games is a pastime, so why WOULD you pay cash to advance quicker? That just destroys the whole meaning of playing the game.

  14. The game is good fun, great quality of graphics for an anime game. The quest are easy to find and other players are helpful are more helpful in this game than most online games. Also good choose of skills. The camera can be annoying some times.

  15. I don’t know what Adomic is talking about. In dungeon, you don’t have to worry about the camera angle (it’s fixed on a rail, and you can see everything), and in town you can change it like you would in any other MMO. Characters with quests are marked on the map, which is way easy, and you can complete more than one quest at a time if the conditions are met. The gameplay is beyond addictive, the storyline is intense, the visual style is top notch, and the soundtrack is beautiful. I’ve gotten all my friends to play Rusty Hearts.

  16. This game isnt all that great, Dragons nest is better as far as cartoon based dungeon runners, its so hard to find quests as well as controlling camera movements…i give this a fail outta of 10

    • This is just one opinion. It is VERY simple to find quests, it is quite sad you said it is hard…I have never played Dragon Nest, but can say this game is very fun and is full of surprises. TRY IT OUT!


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