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About the game:
Title: Silkroad Online
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Joymax
Publisher: Joymax

Silkroad Online is a free MMORPG that places the player deep into ancient and compelling civilizations: Chinese, Islamic, and European. The Silk Road was, basically, a key cultural and economic trading gateway.

The Silkroad is a living and breathing game world unlike other MMORPG’s which have stale content. On the Silkroad, the constant life that you observe through the trades and challenges brought from it forming various bonds, goals, and dreams giving the Silkroad a world full of life. Players have to find their own path by choosing the ideal job and develop their characters accordingly. Become a Merchant, Hunter or Thief and carve your destiny in the large world of Silkroad. The dynamic animations are the result of advanced techniques that provide beautiful and smooth visuals.

Enter the Silkroad and explore it the best that you can. It’s up to you to earn money by trading, becoming the lone wolf which pounds the wide-ranging and outlawry continent or play an active part of sentinel who protects the peace of SilkRoad.

Explosive Features:

  • Real Action Battle System
  • Episode- Centered Quest System
  • Unique Skill System

Featured Video

System Requirements

Silkroad Online Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: 800 MHz Pentium 3 CPU
Memory Ram: 256MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 4GB of free Space
Video Card: 64mb 3D accelerator graphics card

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  1. About 12 years ago as of this writing (2016), I decided to try out a Korean MMO called Silkroad Online because a friend was playing it. After a short time, I was bored of the game and moved on to other games. Came back a couple of days ago (June 20, 2016) remembering I had an account and wanting to give the game another try. Found out my account was banned.

    So I contacted Support and enclosed a screenshot of the error message. They responded that my account was banned in 2009 for abusing a bug, and because that goes against their policy my ban would not be lifted. Makes sense, right? Well here’s the thing – I had not accessed the game or my account since 2007, a full two years prior to the events which allegedly occurred. My account had one character, and a very low level at that – maybe level 7 or so. Odds are, if I had encountered a bug I wouldn’t have known it nor would i have exploited it. I have played other online games before and since then, and know all too well that doing so isn’t a good idea.

    That tells me that my account must have somehow gotten compromised. I responded by telling them that it must have been compromised and to investigate it and lift the ban because I didn’t do it given I hadn’t been on the game in 9 years. Well, Support is too lazy to actually investigate this, so they just respond with “Sorry we can’t help you”. Astonishing how a game like Silkroad Online, which is played entirely online, cannot access server logs to do something as absurdly simple as check IP addresses which connected to the online servers. Had they done that, they would’ve seen a short period of time where the IP address was either the same or within the same range. Around the time this action occurred, they would’ve seen an IP address located far, far away from the rest of them. A clear-cut indication that an IP address was used that did not belong to the account holder.

    In an attempt to find out what was going on, I Googled Silkroad Online and saw some information that really disturbed me. Not only were they falsely banning my account, but they did it to a lot of players, while automated players (called “bots”) run rampant through their game causing issues and making things bad for honest players like myself. Suffice to say I can see why they would not unban me – an honest player like me would actually benefit them in a good way and they can’t have that!

    But you know what they say – if that’s how a game and its support staff treat you, you don’t want to be playing it anyway. And that holds true for me. I no longer care whether they lift the unjust ban or not – I won’t be playing it ever again, and neither should you. There are far, far better MMO games out there, some more worthy of my time and money than this trash.

  2. I got to 90 (without botting) then quit for 6 months, came back and everything was stolen from my account. I heard a lot of people got hacked and all of there stuff stolen also. I loved the game very much so I still tried to play, but it seems now the best part of the game (getting chests and gold drops) is gone and now some silly coins drop to trade for star, moon and sun gear. That totally killed the game for me. If you don’t mind that aspect of the game I recommend playing it. Graphics are are great and now it seems you don’t need to bye a ticket to log in anymore, and don’t need to fight bots for mobs. My only concern is the game secure? Are you going to log in after maxing your level to find all your stuff gone?

  3. It’s been down for about 13 hours now, some people are saying it was hacked. Some are saying it’s finally died…I am rooting for this game to return to even a little of it’s former glory. Sad to come back to it and see this. I don’t know why people have to ruin good things all the time. I just want to play a game, no botting, no cheating. Just play, for fun. It’s so hard to find real people. I used to be in a huge guild, with sister guilds, tons of friends. Everyone is gone, it’s like I’m playing alone in the SRO universe. It’s just sad to see the game makers trying to rescue the game from hackers and keep everyone happy, when they should have just banned botting from the start. If you don’t play your character and level it yourself, what fun is it?? Maybe I’m just a stupid noob (started playing in 2005 or so) but the players ruined this game, not JOYMAX.

  4. probably the longest mmo i have ever played. started out at 2006.. left at 2007.. came back at 2008-2010. left for bit…. bottom line is.. this is quite an addictive game. esp if u have a bunch of guildmates that clicks. but when they are gone.. this game kinda gets a lil lonely esp now the trading system has changed. kinda changed everything! missed the 60-80 cap

  5. best mmo out there still ! On all servers original or private is pay to win …still best mmo ever , recomand a stable private server …

  6. favorite mmo from my early teens… it stays in the teens because now it’s garbage… I used to love the trading runs because they were truly unique and fun way to earn money without raiding damn bosses all day… ofc noone could stop you from grinding some great loot to sell as well. Used to be impossible to log into because of all the people with market stalls open and, as most people would say, ‘incredible ammount of bots’, for those people – check the game now, IF I meet a player somewhere in the wilds, which was easy back in the day, it’s 99% a bot and the 1% are just lazy to play the game and are looking for a ‘taxi’ from lv 1 to friggin 60…

    This game is garbage to play now, cannot stress that enough

  7. Supr4doza and its now even faster get lvls with quests.. there dont need farm atm. so much and chinese char pick any1 of force skill: cold, lightnign or fire and all 3 skill get lvl up! but melee skills is still 1 at the time :S but rly if some1 wanna play sro pm me i can start again if get some1 play with me 🙂

  8. Lol played about 7 year without bot and couple years brake and got 2 char 1 lv95 or 96 full str bow and second full int nuker lv87 or 88… its shame there is so many bot that why i quited for finaly and i hope it comes kind of that games more! its rly interesting and exiting same time :3 my heart almost stopped sometimes got so exiting spots :3 trading hunting and thief its best way to make money and spend time on that game :3 if some1 would start play invite me on Xfire account is Urpo69 and name is Boring…


  9. Well,this is one of the best MMO.simple,has many build options.BUT, too hard to lvl(got to lv 63^^) and the whole server is botting so u wont be able to play with others…too sad!

  10. Well … this was my first MMO. A great game, with great graphics. Lots of classes, lots of spectacular skills. You can grow fast in lvl with shared party (the experience is shared between members – you can add high lvl players and go on high lvl mobs and let the big lvls do the job). It`s awesome becouse you can choose your job character: hunter, trader or thief.
    The down size of this game is pay to win (in PVP mostly) and it`s a huge amount of bots. Best grinding areas are full with bots.

  11. I have to admit that this game was incredibly enjoyable, i haven’t played for about 4 years or so, i barely reached lv 42 due to the high leveling system, pure grinding, i remember a mission which consist in kill 3,000 monsters, it took me like 1-2 hours to kill the first thousand lol, this game can suck you a lot of your real life, trust me A LOT, but anyway the pvp is excellent, now theres a bunch of new features with European characters etc, but no thanks :p…just give it a try, its funny.

  12. this is game is just great, played for 3 years and reached till lvl 100.. PvP and PvE are nice and all classes are fun 2 play..
    The downside of this game is that if you want to play at cap level and be full farmed to need to have no life or have a bot playing for you because it is just impossible. Heavy grinding and i mean really heavy… When i played it i had to pay around 5€ monthly just so i can join servers but now that is fixed and u can allways join.. Very pay 2 win game system but is for sure one of the best mmorps i had played =)

  13. As a pro in Silkroad Online i think there is no server crowded cuz of the privet server with high exp / sp rate and free silk so it’s kinda boring to Level up in the normal sro 🙂

  14. Now at the time i was playing this, there was a big reason i quit. Of course i loved the game but, during the day, every server was full! I would usually have to go ate at night to play when the online players cap wasn’t full

  15. This game is really fun, I remember first time I do the trade with friends. Thought the leveling is hard, even the quest. I play roughly 1 year but only could go to lvl 32.

  16. This game is very good, it is sort of grind based which makes it somewhat boring. i quit playing this game because it is very hard to level and i mean VERY hard, i was only able to make it to lvl 20 before it got slow, also the level cap is 110 or something higher. So if you’ve got the time, give it a try

  17. really fun game, i quit though because its hard to level, idk if it would be hard to level now because its been a few years since i played it, but i had quit because of that and then came back to the game 2 more times. I think you should definitely try the game, it is really worth trying.


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