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About the game:
Title: SmallWorlds
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: Social Type: Browser
Developer: Outsmart
Publisher: Outsmart

Explosive Features:

  • Plenty of minigames.
  • Create missions and quests for you and your friends.
  • Lots of content.

SmallWorlds is a free to play virtual world that runs inside your web browser, without the need to download or install any other software. SmallWorlds combines media, web content, and casual games into a highly accessible and compelling world that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the web, bringing Virtual Worlds into the mainstream.

SmallWorlds allows users to create and customize their own rooms and worlds, and fill them with a wide variety of items and activities for them and their friends to enjoy together. With their online friends and acquaintances, they can share experiences like playing games, watching YouTube videos, listening to their favorite bands, browsing through photo galleries, and so much more. SmallWorlds brings together the best aspects of online games, instant messaging, social networks and digital media, and wraps them into a persistent virtual world that is never more than a hyperlink away.

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  1. I’ve been playing SmallWorlds since 2008 and I’ve enjoyed every moment. SmallWorlds is such a creative game with tons of features. I know many dislike paying for certain things on online games like SmallWorlds, but on SmallWorlds it’s pretty easy to earn premium features. Over my time on SmallWorlds I’ve met so many great friends and the community is fantastic: you’ve got the art community, sculpting community, mission community, fashion community, farming community, and decorating community. There are so many little communities on SmallWorlds which makes the game extra special. SmallWorlds was my childhood, I’ve grown up with the game and SmallWorlds is for sure one of the best online games out there.

    PS. Don’t judge the game by the comments here, just a bunch of players who probably have had their accounts banned and think going online reviews bashing the game will help.

  2. I have been playing Smallworlds for 3 years and have had no problems up until recently. When I did happen across several problems I then realized this site has THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever seen. Just recently I purchased some of their online currency and after it was awarded, it was withdrawn, due the error with the company. They then returned my money, BUT not all of it. When I brought it to their attention, they simply denied my claims and I was forced to forget about it and move on. My second stumble happened after my next transaction with them. I had purchased another one of their online packages and within an hour afterwards I was denied access to my account. I have sent them no less than 20 emails and we have established NOTHING. I was patient with them when they sent me the wrong instructions for my problem and have sent them all the information they asked me, but they STILL denied me access to my account, stating that they needed further verification of my ownership. I then went on the log in email of said account and emailed them personally past transaction emails from years ago until recently of completed orders and Transaction IDs that THEY sent me, along with the last 4 digits of the credit card I used in my previous purchase. They STILL denied me access to my account. When they first discarded my problem it took them minutes to reply, now that I have evidence against their claims, it takes them days at a time to reply to simple emails, and when they do send emails they’re repetitive questions that I have already answered. To conclude I find it extremely suspicious that my Smallworlds account was suspended so soon after a purchase, and also how they’ve withheld my money from me AND have denied my claims when the evidence is there!
    If anyone is considering using this site, Smallworlds, I highly recommend that you think twice and find another virtual world. One that DOESN’T scam its users.

  3. SMALLWORLDS IS A SCAM SITE BEWARE! My account was recently locked and under investigation FOR NO REASON AT ALL! I emailed support and recieved a response after a week saying THE BAN could not be lifted??? WTF ?? I tried to sign in the account and it does not say BAN. It says locked. I WAS NEVER GIVEN A REASON as to why my account is locked/ban . Instead the only response i was given is that the ban is not going to be lifted. I was NOT PROVIDED WITH ANY PROOF AT ALL! as to why my account is banned/locked. I HAVE SPENT OVER 3 Thousan dollars on this scamming game. THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE OUT THERE LIKE ME MOSTLY BIG SPENDERS LOYAL CUSTOMERS WHO ARE BEING LOCKED/BAN FOR NO REASON!!! I PERSONALLY HOPE THIS GAME GETS SHUT DOWN!!! PERMANENTLY! How dare you smallworlds treat loyal big spending customers in this manner. ALSO CUSTOMER SERVICE TAKES A HUNDRED YEARS TO RESPOND AND THEY LOVE SENDING AUTOMATED COPY N PASTE RESPONSES WHEN U CONTACT SUPPORT THROUGH EMAIL.

  4. smallworlds was a good game it was a different concept to many online games but it took a turn for the worse a game that is supposed to be for 13+ no looks like its’ made for 9 year olds and customer service is horrible and to top it off its now very laggy. in 2011 their peak players at any given time was near 9k now its 2k they just messed it up. still a nice rare game if u still wanna try it

  5. Would highly NOT reccommend Smallworlds. I am over the age of 13 years old and was banned for being Underage. Not to mention the terrible customer service or more like ‘I’ll just copy and paste this message so I can get to my lunch break”. I have spent over $1000 on smallworlds and I wish I hadn’t because they don’t deserve it. SMALLWORLDS IS A SCAM. I am only saying this to warn others. Such a fun game but beware, it is a scam. The moment a ‘noob’ reports you for underage because you didn’t give them tokens, means you are banned.

  6. Smallworlds is a very fun game with tons of socializing places to go. You yourself can create your own space it can be your home were you go to be alone or it can be another social area to make friends! I’ve played smallworlds for a long time and I like it. I didn’t find SmallWorlds my best friend showed it to me. Yes it laggs but it is very fun…and if your into roleplay you should play this! There are tons of roleplay spaces to go to. My favorite is a place called Land Of Nightmares. But if your not in the mood to listen to orders..then…Create your own! I like smallworlds some might not but I do. If you people disagree with my review..oh well. I like smallworlds. :3 You could even meet me.

  7. I played SmallWorlds for a little over a year, and just quit yesterday. I personally think it’s one of the most progressive social games, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing it. It has frequent updates, with at least two every month. The game has several different communities and interesting features, such as sculpting, farming, painting, and more. I was very impressed with the social media aspect of the game, as you can watch YouTube videos live with other players, upload music from SoundCloud, display Twitter message boards, and more. SmallWorlds also has its own market and trading post, buyer/reseller community for everything from gold refund clothing to spaces to sculpted items, and opportunities to make spaces and meet new people. Although I wasn’t very fond of the players, the game in itself is very unique and fun.

  8. I saw all the ppl who posted a lot of negatives, and I agree. Smallworlds is a site that scams money out of ppl. And the staff don’t give a sh*t about the liars and snitches on the game, and they’re ignorant about it. I noticed a few bugs in smallwear and I saw Dan Smallworlds. He decided that instead of fixing those bugs, that he would go and buy a pair of sandals! I mean, SERIOUSLY? The game is fun and all, but no one does anything about the bad stuff.

    • Well, Actually if you report a person enough they ban them from smallworlds for a certain amount of time. If the person comes back and continues to do what they shouldn’t they get banned permantly. If you don’t know how to report, just incase :/,click the person you wish to report click options or manage whatever it is and then click report. On the report area it will show a list of things to report on you click them and go down to the bottom were you give your proof or whatever. You send it and you do this a certain amount of times before the person gets banned for a certain amount of time. ^-^ If I helped any then your welcome.

  9. SmallWorlds USED to be the best virtual social game.
    They started with an amazing platform, unbeatable customer focus, incredibly developers and a creative player interactive uniqueness like no other.
    and then … The glitches started, the lag increased, customer service is nearly is non-existent.
    The things that set them apart, art, missions, pvp which started out as main focus were tossed aside and in some cases destroyed.
    They completely alienated a large portion of their playership losing literal thousands of players by catering to 10 year old mentality, they majorly dumbed down an already extremely easy game.
    They turned it into a world filled with (as others have stated) obnoxious disturbing players using foul and obscene language, sexual perversions, cyber, hackers and do little to nothing about it.
    They have a moderation team that is extremely inconsistent whose focus is not on customer service, more often it seems like many of their moderators are on ego power trips..
    If players have issues they do not resolved them, they simply ignore, especially if it is with the moderation team or gaming issues, those are viewed simply tagged as “whiners” thanks to the leadership and opinion of Wayne Webb aka BattleMonkey.
    The game used to have 10k players at peak time, now they are lucky if they get up to 5k, most time, even peak play time it is usually about 2k players.
    If Outsmart were smart then would re-consider the customer service path they have taken and get back to the one they started with. remember it was the customers who helped get the game started and were loyal to you… too bad they did not return that favor …

  10. I have been on smallworlds since early 2011. If there were no scammer or spammers it would be the best game ever! I recommend It to ages 14+ due to some vulgar content I give it a 9/10

  11. most people who get banned permanately go and create a new account and then by vip again, i think smallworlds just bans people so they make more money

  12. This is to all you NEGATIVE PLAYERS.
    Smallworlds isn’t suppose to look realistic or have every little thing down to the very last hair for realistic. The game is suppose to be fun and a good way to just make friends and be yourself.
    As for being banned, you either did something you weren’t suppose to or someone falsely reported you. If they don’t give you your money OR your account back… LA DE FRICKING DA. Move on and make a new account. No one forced you to spend the money any way! GEEZ!
    The lag is being fixed the best it can and I’ve been a loyal player since 2010 when they didn’t have all that much for anything.
    The Smallworlds people have no control over hackers, only to ban and try to get you to fix your account. Some mods are kind enough to even listen to your story! Believe me when I say this, I’ve met around 5 mods and they were very keen on helping. As for the other mods… What are you gonna do? You can’t change someone’s personality.
    On the positive side, you can log in to friendly people to hang out with, go on a shopping spree, do fun missions, roleplay, or simply hang out with strangers! Smallworlds awaits you, my friend. No one is holding you back. Go have fun! ^u^

  13. This is to all you NEGATIVE PLAYERS.
    Smallworlds isn’t suppose to look realistic or have every little thing down to the very last hair for realistic. The game is suppose to be fun and a good way to just make friends and be yourself.
    As for being banned, you either did something you weren’t suppose to or someone falsely reported you. If they don’t give you your money OR your account back… LA DE FRICKING DA. Move on and make a new account. No one forced you to spend the money any way! GEEZ!
    The lag is being fixed the best it can and I’ve been a loyal player since 2010 when they didn’t have all that much for anything. I was playing BEFORE V.I.Ps were cool!
    The Smallworlds people have no control over hackers, only to ban and try to get you to fix your account. Some mods are kind enough to even listen to your story! Believe me when I say this, I’ve met around 5 mods and they were very keen on helping. As for the other mods… What are you gonna do? You can’t change someone’s personality.
    On the positive side, you can log in to friendly people to hang out with, go on a shopping spree, do fun missions, roleplay, or simply hang out with strangers! Smallworlds awaits you, my friend. No one is holding you back. Go have fun! ^u^

    • funny, they just celebrated their 6th anniversary …
      even beta was only six and a half years ago.
      Are you trying to tell us that you were there even before beta? LOL

  14. I think this game is AWESOME!!! I have an awesome boyfriend in the game, a great house, a smart pet that can do lots of tricks, and lots of items and money. The best part is that you can still buy many items with tokens if you don’t want to buy gold. Also, the game has NEVER lagged for me and I have been playing for 4 years. I have never been banned or scammed or hacked either… overall, I thinks it’s a great game!
    Add me on Smallworlds on either Connie Stencer or Kailey Stencer. ;D

  15. Offers are kinda tough to handle I downloaded a game from smallworlds offers and that game I downloaded gave me an virus, most offers to create an account for people who are like 30+ ….which was bull… But it was better then nothing smallworlds now in 2014 is just laggy. VERY laggy.

  16. I have played this since 2010, I love it. I have earned over 15k gold by doing offers. And I have never been banned, I am using the same hp computer I have for the past 7 years and it works smoothly and fast without lag

  17. I Played this game for years but I had to quit, Like most of the long term players. It WAS a good game but it’s changed for the worst.
    The Creativity is lacking badly, Items are recoloured over and over to make more money. Movement in the game is Poor, Not nearly enough frames per second.
    The Customer Service is Terrible, When I asked why they were producing poor work for Objects which used to be great. I was Publicly Humiliated by Staff Member on their Forums. Not how a long term paying customer should be treated by a company.

    If the only reason you want to play is to Meet and Talk to people then It’s Okay, But if you’re looking for a Good Game you spend hours playing then not so much.

  18. Ok,on snallworlds,I am,on lvl 39 and,I, have 216 gold abd,once I,had 580 gold but thia bish hackwsmw,I,was,so,mad,Anyways can somebody help,with my gold

  19. Most Corrupt Game Ever! Game has had a broken search system for a year and staff did nothing while one player exploited the bug to amass a huge fortune and hundreds of spaces for sale. Staff ignored repeated attempts by one player to bring awareness to this issue, and have refused to take ANY steps to mitigate the damage it has caused. Don’t waste your time or your money as the owners just don’t care.

  20. Smallworlds sucks now but I’m too addicted … i had my account since, 2009 I’m 13 yes I was underage but you can’t report me now cuz ha to late I agree with marissadancechick14 becaus the same thing happened to me but my trusted friend hacked me and gave my account to her co-worker and tricked me. I gave so much to a trusted friend and they however used me never even trust a good friend either. Because I was VIP dame. Hackers are evil.nerds that think they can control SH*T but haha guess what I got my account back I went on my new one and I added m VIP it accepted and I went over there begged on my life and on my knees can I have my account back but guess what I did and I’m happy. And I was lucky to have new stuff in my inventory also.

  21. i love this game from the nice people to how much things you can do you can paint chat with others play video games normal games and way much more it is the BEST social game there is out there

  22. hey its kinda ok ive read all these comments and ive saved for vip but im having second thoughts my mum said if u do want it ur useing ur own bank account cos i have my own 🙂 add me toffiecrumble lol x

    • You can buy VIP with gold, you know…it costs 1500 gold, which is pricey, but worth it. Why pay real money for anything?

  23. use the space bar to spin rooms

    The game is targeting people that like to program, people who love art. It has a system built in that you can ban or block people from your space if you dont want them there. I really love this because I don’t have to listen to spam or mean people. I give it a 9. Only flaw I see is that there really should be more moderators in the game. I meed developers more than moderators.

  24. Re:MarissaDanceChick14

    Hi! Well the reason why i wanted to talk to you is I Got hacked WITHOUT Giving out my e- mail and password…………. That Sucks….. v.v Could You Help me? Somefricken Asshole Even Put in my motto: your ugly. I Was Sooo Sad i had 4 pages of clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;[ Help!

  25. @mmomaster, if you’re too offended by the “rated X language” on Smallworlds, then gtfo and go play on Club Penguin or something, where words like “stupid” are blocked out.. After all, Smallworlds has an age limit if 13 for a certain reason, and that’s to keep out little immature kids such as yourself so that people can have fun an enjoy themselves on there.. For one I know I do.. So if you can’t handle it, gtfo 😉

  26. Oh and just to let y’know, you have to be at least 13 to have a Smallworlds account, so if you are not, just say that you are, and don’t tell anyone you’re real age, because some immature assholes on there like to snitch and get ppl in trouble, which is how I got banned, but now I don’t have to lie cu I’m actually 13 so whoever got me banned can K my A!! Oh yeah add me on the names of my avatars and I’ll help you out on there.. Maybe i’ll even throw in some clothes and a couple tokens.. But hmm idk that you’ll have to find out yourself when you create your free Smallworlds account and add me 😉

  27. Oh yeah I forgot to say in my post, unlike most websites that offer a VIP membership and gold, on Smallworlds, you don’t only have the option to buy it. You can earn gold by doing offers. Also,you can buy your VIP membership with gold you have (1 month VIP for 1,500 gold incl. 4 citizen lvl) & (3 month VIP membership for 4,500 gold incl. 6 or 9 citizen lvl) (I put 6 or 9 because I’m not sure which one it is you’ll have to find out when you go on).. Oh and before I forget, add me on Smallworlds, I have 3 accounts:
    •Marissa Dancechick
    •Marissa Lovestodance (that’s my VIP account)
    •Ballroom Dance

  28. Just like Rob Pearce said, the same thing happened to me. I earned gold, one of the types if money currencies Smallworlds has, by doing offers. I earne enough gold to buy myself a one-month VIP membership, so I did. I then earned about 5,000 gold, which takes a lot to do. I bought myself a Chatswood Villa with that, which is a type of house, for 4,000 gold, and bought new clothes for my avatar with the remaining 1,000 gold. I earned more gold and won 10,000 gold spinning the Deluxe Spin-to-Win Wheel. About a month later, I had already spent about half if my winnings on clothes and furniture for my new house and was banned from Smallworlds for supposedly being underage. They did not ask me if I was underage, but based it on false report that had been made about me. I created a new Smallworlds account about a month ago and I now have a VIP membership on there in which I earned. I am still trying to win back my old account, but for now I’m on my new one.

  29. Seven and a half out of ten.

    Positives: As of the ending of the year 2012, SmallWorlds has improved. New hairand eyes styles. Spoilers. Better missions and places. If you love to build things, you can even make a space to showcase, roleplay, or hang out. The items being produced is becoming rapid, and the game is faster. The look is rather child-like, but very vivid and catches attention. You can even create your own movies to be published in SmallWorlds and receive prizes. Heck – you can even do that with fahon and artwork. You can build sculptures, and even buy a mansion for art. You can buy a mansion with three floors, or a countryside house with a barn. SmallWorlds is opening up modernly and artisticly.

    Negatives: SmallWorlds has a very big issue: trolls and noobs. (Noobs in my vocabulary means annoying newbies.) In fact, it’s gotten so bad, some normal people decided to unofficially claim theirselves as a moderator. While on the subject, Mods don’t even pop up that often. Smallworlds has even came up with ridiculous items like a tea pot. While it’s not stupid, it isn’t very reasonable. Sure, some people may buy it, but what does that look like compared to 2000 people?

  30. OMG I LOVE this site… it is a bit slow, but BELIEVE me, its worth it. The graphics arent great, but there are all sorts of awesome people and there are so many games to play and you can create your own missions for people to play as well.

  31. Where is the volume to the vid??? I have also tried to check out another game called Frenzoo …. could not find any info on the 3D Unity DL. Tried to DL didn’t work. Could find help …. useless
    Just like this vid.

  32. OK I know that this is supposed to be a review of the game however I am writing to complain regarding those people running the site.
    The game itself is very playable and addictive however I have experienced what many other members have in getting banned with little explanation and no follow on support.
    I subscribed for 3 months VIP membership and within 2 weeks was banned for phishing ! I have emailed the so called support team at least a dozen times without any response whatsoever and of course they have taken my money as well.
    I would strongly recommend people to avoid this site at all cost. It seems to be run by a bunch of thieves who are only interested in taking your money and provide absolutely no support or assistant whatsoever AVOID !!!

    • Um, I’ve played since 2009 and I have never been banned.

      Okay, you spent money. EARN IT BACK. It’s just a game!

      And usually, the staff are busy. If you’re gonna be a pessimist and groan over what you lost, go ahead, but gosh darn it, not to us! MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT AND MOVE THE FRICK ON!

  33. Well let’s listthe negative things first,the whole game seems kind of pieced together and doesn’t feel whole at all,the avatar graphics and animations are horrible,for the most parts the community is horrible and usually says x-rated things without any punishment,and the mini-games have a LOT of lag ; But on a more positive note this game succeeds in being what habbo hotel shoul’ve been,there are a TON of interesting and unique rooms,with missions,ways to earn money,jobs,and more,the rooms have more customizability then any other site i know of by FAR you feel as though you actually are in charge of your place,not the company,you can watch you-tube videos on your own t.v live with other users and also listen to music,you can even up-load pictures.It has a slight habbo-ish feeling but with mildly better graphics and a slightly more realistic feel,basically this is habbo hotel for users who hate habbo’s cruddy graphics and cheap un-realistic feeling. I give it 7 and a half out of 10


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