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Title: Soul Captor
Status: Shutdown
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: ? GB
Publisher: Gamania
Developer: Gamania
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Soul System that allows players to capture and collect the souls of fallen monsters.
”Anima” companion system
Captured souls can also be used as mounts

Soul Captor is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG that allows players to capture and collect the souls of fallen monsters. With six classes to choose from, players can complement each other with their respective unique powers.

One of the game’s core gameplay mechanics is a Soul System that allows players to capture fallen monsters in the Soulpedia and can use them as mounts. The Anima companion system gives players a little helper that offers on-the-fly defensive, offensive or healing capabilities.

The game offers both PvP and PvE modes and uses a comprehensive achievement system. A special Friends System allows players to advance bonds with others and gain buffs and bonuses.

Soul Captor system requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/ Win7
RAM: 1 GB | HDD: 6 GB free space
CPU: Intel P4 3GHz
Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 6600/ATI Radeon 9700
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  1. So lets put aside the pay to win aspect for a second. I what i wanna know is this game any fun? Im looking for a game to play can somone give me a good ftp to waste non money spending time on? Got a max lv on raderz so not that one…and tried sevencore but its a dead community so dont suggest that one XD been thinking about playing draconica again but is there still alot of active players on it?

  2. The Anima during the cutscenes sounds like some guy on auto tune trying to sound like a woman. If that isn’t aggravating enough, it induces the idea that enslaving others is good.


    But as for everything else, you have your generic combat and such, the NPC text dialogue is pretty fun but I’ve never reached as far as to judge the cash shop so who knows? Maybe those above me are right.

  3. This Game is a SCAMMM!!! WORST GAME EVER ONLY KNOW HOW TO MAKE MONEY!!! If you are not cash shop player I suggest dont bother playing this game..waste time.

  4. A Anima system? Is it like the girl that follows you around on Prius Online? (Sorry i love Prius Online, but to those of you who haven’t played it, Is it basically a pet?)

    • I haven’t played Prius Online but you can call it a pet. That pet helps you fight in battle. The anima has skills which you level up using soul food. You can also level up a buff that either increases your damage or defense or healing. Getting the damage buff to max can increase your damage output by about 1k. Other than that, it doesn’t really do much. It’s just good to keep around for the extra damage and the buff. Although, the whole story is centered around it.

  5. First of all this game is cash shop. The worst I’ve ever seen. Cash shop players do a significant (no exaggerations) amount of damage compared to non-cash shop players or those that haven’t enhanced their gameplay by spending in real life money. I’ve observed players of the same class, and same level, killing same-level monsters in roughly 3 hits which would take me x2 that many to kill. It wouldn’t be so much of a problem if the game didn’t have PVP. You’d be crazy to pvp, if you don’t use cash shop. It’s a definite loss, even though you spend days farming purple equipment in instances and using the free stuff to it’s fullest. With all that hard work, people can just fork out tons of cash and be 2x stronger than you are, with no effort. It’s as if the developers implemented all sorts of ways to make money out of people. Like how, any equipment you get, once used, it’s bound to you. If you want to give it away to anyone or sell it, you’d have to buy an unbinder from item mall. Not to mention, most of their ITML is gacha.

    Cash shop aside, the game’s main aspect is being able to capture any monster and some of them can become mounts, or mounts for your anima. To make things less complicated, basically you have to grind for hours, unless your lucky, until your monster drops a scroll. Though I’ve noticed that the mount-able monsters have a lower drop rate on scrolls. The good thing is though, the mounts aren’t just for show. The higher the rarity of the mount, the greater increase in speed. And also, the more scrolls you collect, it gives additional stats. Mind you, sometimes getting scrolls include hours of grinding.

    The game has several, creative and interesting daily events. These gives titles (which apparently do nothing) and achievements. The game has an achievement system. The higher the achievement points, you get extra stats and a decorated title border.( for example, with 2000+ points you get a purple decorated border around your title) The daily events also give lucky tickets which increase your item drop rate.

    Gameplay wise, the skills are quite fun to look at. They are not as beautiful and creative as anime-mmo Ether Saga Online but they fun for a while. Each class gets at least two shortcut bars full of skills. Not to mention, “sacred skills” that drop from monsters if you’re lucky.

    What I love the most about this game is how customize-able your character is. You can set your attributes however you see fit. To each his own. Each class has the same passive skills available to learn. You can be a mage who specializes in agility and dexterity and a high amount of crit for more damage. Or even a priest with an insane amount of defense. These skills can go up to levels 100+ (no one really knows the max) with no level limit. All you need is gold and SP (they drop from monsters like SP). Of course, it gets more expensive. You can be the same level, same class, but most likely don’t have the same stats.

    The game also has the anima system which isn’t new at all to MMOs. I find this one very interactive. They do about 1/2 of your normal damage. This game also doesn’t dump a child on you, that you can just neglect. If you pay attention to your anima, you can do a lot more damage.

    Anyways, this game is quest based at the time being. Monsters take more than 3 hits to kill which encourages teaming up with other players. And that’s always good ^^

  6. A lot of people didn’t quit because of the item mall o.o It’s probably just you. Many people go on with their lives playing the game without even bothering with the item mall. They only spend their money on items that ain’t in gacha. Besides, smart people won’t waste money buy an item mall mount when cooler looking monsters drop scrolls which you can use as mounts. I do agree that beanfun has to change how they set up their cash shop. When pvping, cash shop players you definitely have to avoid. That’s nothing new in F2P MMOs. Neither are gachas.

    Don’t steer people away from the game just because you quit. And btw, 50 euros is nothing.

    • dude..I tried this game and cutebrat has the point mount gives u 100% speed which is good and costumes that add cooler looking?? if those cash items dont give you any benefit yea its only a style but people wasting money to gamble because of their stats and uses.Maybe u dont spend money coz u cant afford to gamble gatchas and scared to lose more than like 50 euros?? LOL!!!

      • It was so hard to understand your nonsense but I think I get the idea. In another MMO, I spend more than $500 trying to get an item from gacha and failed. And I learned a valuable lesson. $500 is what stupid people waste on an MMO game. Please do take note, it’s a GAME. I refuse to ever spend that amount for an item that only has “virtual” value, again. When the game closes down eventually, beanfun will have their pockets full and what do I have? That item of virtual value is gone.

        So go ahead and spend your whole car insurance buying gachas on any MMO and wallow in your remorse.

  7. This game is good but money sucker lol..all outfit, mounts even anima mount and costume all in gachapon ( lottery type) so yea … i quit after spending 50ueros and get nothing but trash. Not worth to play and spend money on this game. Btw population quite bad alot of people quit because of their item mall system so disappointing.


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