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About the game:
Title: Sparta: War of Empires
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORTS Type: Browser
Developer: Plarium
Publisher: Plarium

Sparta: War of Empires is a free-to-play 2.5D browser MMORTS set during a mythical 5th century Greek world. Players create and manage their city-state through the construction of various buildings, troops, and diplomatic endeavours with both the AI and other players. Through the voice acted guidance of King Leonidas, players will learn how to hone their skills as a great commander, upgrading their City-State to conquer new areas of Greece and push back the Persian Empire.

Sparta also allows players to work with or against nearby players. Players can form alliances in order to combine their forces and wage massive wars against rival groups. Due to the diplomatic nature of the game, players are encouraged to exploit, steal, trade or borrow the war material from other allies in order to continue their expansion.

Explosive Features:

  • Upgradable City-State.
  • Form Diplomatic Alliances.
  • Strategic Combat.

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System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
This game is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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  1. One of the worst pay to win maker of games out there is plarium games, if you can avoid any of these games, you should they are all based on the excact model for earning money and that is to add a ridicoulous amount of pay to win feutures in all their games, they dont even waste time on making anything unique in their games you can basicly find any pay to win feature in another game just under a diffrent name. Support is horrible but if you like to spend alot of money to win against another rich player not based on skill but your wallet alone this is the game for you! …

  2. This is one of the worse games. My advice is to spend your time somwhere else…

    it is definitely pay2win game, it is always bugged, support is useless…

  3. All things are pay to win. but truly u don’t need money to be powerful in this game. u need knowledge. like have your 5000 facebook friends all join and maybe each spend 100$ bam u own the game lol but really why play this game. the rpg game of life is way more fun then any escape thereof

  4. people,
    i leave game before 9 month, plarium give toys to couple coalitions, he attacked me all time, dont spend money, i return now to make him nervous, 200 raids per day, he change my name, he give to players 3-4000 champion shyt, dont lose time
    plarium is biggest jerk than i have see. but i will not leave and make him fool, big deal if attack me, he suk to greeks, dont accept name macedonia for macedonians, bcs greeks was fool and spend, im proud that i dont give him cent

  5. insert in your shity ass this pathetic game!
    they made perzia for wasting units,they think that we gona buy drachmach when you lost evrythink you build more then a year in few tries in persia.they are wery low dont play any plarium games.thiefs

  6. The game is the perfect example of Pay to Win. If you ever need to explain how is that, you can use Sparta as example.

    The mechaninc here is to make you lose troops really slowly. And to give you the idea that maybe if you do just a little more you can win troops or something. In that moment you think about paying. Some people after that will continue with that. But what are you buying? virtual soldiers that will die for sure in the next battle.

    Unfortunatelly this game has a lot of publicity. Probably because they use that money to pay to pages like this one to make a nice presentation. Is a browser game!! it has no strategy!!! If you spend more money, you can get more “points”. At the end you need to keep wasting money to get more “points”.

    do you want an strategy game? look for a real one like Starcraft or the Total War saga. will be really cheaper.

  7. its a pay to win and when you reach a certain level they download cookies so you cannot geton they game and blame it on your browser or internet conection. don’t have a problem getting on a other games its a joke.

  8. Ya i agree it was pay to win because when i started in 2014 it is tough and i left game then i revisited the game it has a lot of difference you can join a coallision to help yourself it is a very good now lots of fun

    • how much money u spend??? for that money u can go on BAHAMAS for 1 month, not to give to some drunkers

  9. The game is a complete “Pay to win” joke. People want to believe it is a strategy game, it is not. there is no strategy to this game other then spend more money then your opponent. What many people confuse as strategy is learning the game mechanics/battle calculators, which is relatively cool…or bean counting the persian positions. Neither are strategy, just good old fashion number crunching. Alas, all you need to win is spend more then your opponent, all you need to do to lose is spend less. No amount of strategy overcomes this one defect of this game.

  10. Just yet again another absolutely F-tard Evony copy with nothing to offer whatsoever in real PVE gameplay whatsoever and no real variant whatsoever to the typical boring ass waiting or 24 hours a day needed to play watching all your work go up in smoke in one hit to some other moron paying F-tard. How stupidly uncreative to see every last MMO done this way in same style with zero decent PVE component and no way to play in any meaningful cooperative way with other people just another PVP war.

  11. This game has the fighting very unbalanced. A very small army is able to destroy a huge army of attackers if it is left in the city. Then you can pay to revive them. No way you could rebuild your army soon enough to play futher. All I saw is that people at any level quit the game when they are defeated once. I have played other games for more then 2 years, but this was only for a month. Never again.

  12. SmokingAce is my name in the game and I am a lvl 52. And im here to educate you on this game as im one of the best non paying players in the game. first of all players that pay to win do have huge advantage. But do that let that get you down. just do what I say and you will be a good player too. Ok you first start playing you have 3 days of not being attacked by other players so make the most of it and lvl up your city as best as you can. build a lot of units, make allies and get in a Guild. The friends you have is one of the most powerful tools you have to survival. Always think before you attack. Do all this before day 3 expires. This game is for adults not kids, or you will struggle. Unless your a smart kid lol. When you log off send your units in your acropolis, or will have no units when you log back on. Ok you fellow SPARTANS I have given you the knowledge for you to be a great player. NOW GET OUT THERE AND SLAY OR FOES!!!!

    • hi,
      how about the specific unit to attack? its seem have a great combination between army .
      which best combination army for attack? is like if i have 100 swordsman then which army that allow and not allow to join in the war?

  13. Seems great at first but gets bad fast. You basically spend all day building up military units to defend your resources only to log in the next day and find all of your defensive units destroyed and all of your resources stolen by high level players. How anyone can spend money on this game is beyond me, you might as well throw your money out of a window. Your resources and city units have no protection when you are logged out, and you will lose them all over and over until you give up on the game. I spent no money, played for several days, and made it to level 33. My entire gaming experience was…. 1. build up my city all day 2. log out for the night and sleep 3. log back in to find all my defense and resources gone……NOT FUN.

    • you can put all of your units inside the acropolis and if you upgrade it to max level it can also protect 15,000 of each resource from raids

      • Yes, well good luck saving up to 220K Grain or 90K bronze/timber, that is required for major upgrades, if all you are is a farm for big money players. This game is a total “pay to win” joke.

  14. This game is a JOKE. It is 100% pay2win. Me my Son and 2 friends/neighbors were playing. We made some comments in the Forums and supported each others complaints/suggestions. I was more outspoken of the 4 of us. I was accused of “Multiple Accounts” by this Moderator name “Uncle Junior”. When we all defended ourselves HE attacked me and my Sons cities. He was close to my city but over 200 miles from my Sons. He was almost a 1 day travel time to attack me and 2 to attack my Son. This went back and forth. I contacted the Administrators. All of my comments got locked and they threatened me with “you can’t write personal attacks” on the Moderator but did NOTHING about this Moderator attacking and openly and falsely accusing us of cheating because we “share the same ISP”. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MONEY MACHINE. I am sorry that we spend the little bit of money we did. The “Wallet Warriors”, those who have money to waste playing this “FREE GAME” just go around destroying new players instead of fighting players their own level. Plarium has the game geared toward having to buy upgrades and nearly everything else in the game so they could care less.

    • same to me, i and my sone ( there called brother, because he didnt like to say son), i was lvl 82 my son 65, so me block me, even i have 15 mil army, and after that a lot plarium’s player attack, to lost all, so if u dont pay ( i never spend cent, all army from oracle, ) u will be called fake, attacked from his suckers, so no worth

  15. Now i see why people call you morons go to your FPS GAMES Because those games based on strategy and how smart you are if you think that this game is for childs then got to play some call of duty …full of cheaters inside anyway you cant play…But in those game are different

  16. i’m almost level 56 in this game its fun to play. i have not spent any money as it is not necessary to play. however you can spend money to gain advantages in building your base or army quickly as well as some other things. everything in the game can be unlocked by playing it just takes can look up strategy on wiki for playing this game and not spend any money.the players who do spend the cash will have advantages leveling faster bigger armies but it does not effect you in anyway as long as you avoid attacking these players. the game gives you until level 30 before high levels can attack you so by then you should be looking at wiki for strategies to avoid this. upgrade acropolis to hide your resources and units

    • You sound like the Moderators from the game. Anyone who is at a level 56 knows how frustratingly long it takes just to upgrade a farm. They want you to PURCHASE BOOSTS etc. Please tell the truth when you speak. This game is ALL ABOUT MONEY. It is FULL of “Wallet Warriors” and you stand no chance in this game unless you spend money for Drachmas.

        • Getting to level 64 with no cash is a piece of tell me how long it takes you to build enough troops to take out a level 100 persian position without cash? Good luck.

          And with no cash, one or two battles with a cash opponent and you have no army left for weeks and months as you slowly rebuild. Of course you could spend all day long ducking the wallet warriors in your acro, but then your just a farm for the money players. Wow, loads of fun that is.

          • I’m in one of the top coalitions in the game. I don’t have to worry too much about being attacked because I have other players to help me. Every once in a while I do get attacked but mostly players avoid attacking me and my sieges. If I do get attacked my coalition usually handles any dispute for me without me even asking them to. so I can easily save resources to max and upgrade everything. I mainly focus on coalition team attacks and sending units to defend our pantheons. I’m almost level 70 and right next to me is a level 82 from my coalition hes got 2 mil defending my city right now. I have every building 20 level accept agora, ephorate, oracle and tholos. all my temples max level. three level 7 defense elixirs. I don’t spend any cash on playing if I lose my units I rebuild them and then attack a position and try to get high amount of units or attack players for pvp points. Attacking persian positions can be fun but you end up wasting a lot of units so I don’t bother attacking them anymore. highest level i got to is level 60 position. I wouldn’t recommend rushing into taking out high level positions unless you can afford to waste units. I use the free drachmas I get to buy 4 artisans when they were on sale from the store and city schemas wait until you find 80% off or better to buy from store to save drachmas. you can also get champion units for 80-90% off from store and buy with free drachmas to boost your army. I never revive my army from healer. I only attack players / coalitions when my hegemon asks us to go after them or if i get attacked first or my sieges then i go to war with players. But I don’t go around attacking everyone and starting trouble. I have been in many wars where I have lost all my army but I just logged in and slowly rebuilt and then tried to go after that player again until I end up winning. Most players will request peace when playing against me paying players or non.

  17. And lots of buildings that are only good to get bonusses for inviting friends. You cant destroy them. Adding more building slots costs coins of course.

    • How can a game be pay2win and still “great”? It can’t, it’s a waste of everybody’s time, except the creators who are laughing all the way to the bank. Shit like this shouldn’t be called a game. It’s rigged, a con.

      • STFU you stupid hater. all you people are plain out stupid.
        they give away so many units as long as your not retarded you can gain more of the good units. its a matter of who to attack and who not to attack. but you wouldn’t understand that because all you do is play 5 mins then complain about it being PTW. anything free is PTW according to you, but guess what, no one is going to stop playing because your a dumbass….

        • You have to pay to win in this game, that makes it a pay to win game, only idiots like you who call others idiots for calling this game excactly what it is a PAY TO WIN GAME. Look up a fcking dictionary.


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