About the game:
Title: Stash
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Frogdice
Publisher: Frogdice

Stash is a free-to-play social MMORPG with turn-based tactical combat and an emphasis on freedom, housing, social interaction, and challenging content. If you’re looking for hand-holding or tutorials, look elsewhere. While it strives to be accessible, Stash’s freeform design and approach to gameplay will test your skills and your patience as you seek out adventure, loot, and the best ways to decorate your base of operations in an oft-hostile world.

As you advance in Stash, you’ll craft gear and trade with other players via your personal marketplace — there’s no auction house! Stash also takes a different approach on many well-established MMORPG norms, like healing and character customization. If you’re tired of traditional offerings and are looking for something different, Stash might just be the game for you!

Explosive Features:

  • Turn-based Tactical Combat
  • Highly Customizable Housing
  • Community-based Economy

Featured Video

System Requirements

Stash Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP
Processor: Intel Core Duo or equivalent
Memory Ram: 4GB
Hard Disk Space: 2GB of free disk space
Video Card: Onboard graphics card

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  1. The below reviews are all shills, FYI. This game can be summed up as: go into dungeon, kill mobs, exit dungeon, visit town to heal/restock, rinse and repeat ad extreme nauseum. It’s one of the most bare-featured, lackluster, shallow MMORPGs currently in operation, a real ‘indie’ effort if you get what I mean. There’s no deep gameplay here and the developer expects to be patted on the back constantly for his blatant grindfest. Your only goal in the game is to level up via killing the same monsters over and over and over and over. Don’t be fooled by the screenshots: it’s not Stash, it’s Trash.

  2. This is a truly amazing game. The gameplay is fantastic, and thing are always kept fresh and interesting. The devs are active and interested in player feedback, and actually listen to the players. The community is vibrant and interesting, and this translates to a wonderful playerbase that is invested and makes this game miles ahead of the competition.

  3. This game continues to surprise and amaze me and I’ve been playing for many months.

    The combat is the best I have ever played in an mmo. It requires thought and planning and battles are so different from each other. Every day I play there are unique battles that surprise me and require new tactics.

    The dev team is very active in game talking with players, discussing things, and putting out updates multiple times a month.

    The community is the real hidden gem here. The people are so nice and helpful. When I login it feels like a hangout as much as a game.

    It may seem overwhelming at first because there are so many systems but you can take them one at a time as they interest you. You do not have to do everything at once.

    This game gets my highest possible recommendation.

  4. The game is great – too much fun. I cannot say enough good about the support and events. I only wish I had more hours to play!


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