About the game:
Title: Stormthrone: Aeos Rising
Status: Closed Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: R2 Games
Publisher: R2 Games

Explosive Features:

  • Massive PvP Battles
  • Intricate Pet System
  • Challenging Dungeons

Stormthrone: Aeos Rising is an isometric MMORPG from R2 Games set in Aeos, a land with a rich history and several factions fighting for dominance. Choose from one of three races – humans, moon elves, or the mysterious temeri – and six classes and make your mark upon the world!

Adventure takes many forms, from open-world combat to challenging dungeons offered in both normal and Legion varieties, meant for 10 or more players. Between those adventures, you can visit a blacksmith to upgrade your items and increase your power.

You won’t be alone on your quest, as you’ll be able to bring a pet with you to aid you in your conquests. As you feed your pet, he’ll gain loyalty, which will help boost your stats. You can also join a guild, where you can purchase special items, go on quests, earn special skills, and participate in huge PvP assaults.

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System Requirements

Stormthrone: Aeos Rising Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OSX
Browser: Firefox, Chrome

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  1. This game is to put it simply World Of Warcraft in 2.5D, ripoff addition. Now it’s not a horrible game but however it’s most definitely a grindfest game. Same old auto-targeting system like many other rpgs as well as the same old ‘hit the special abilities in your hotbar’ battling system with autohits. Same old fetch quests or ‘Kill this many enemies and/or bring me this kind of item’ quests. Same old dash from point A to Point B then back to Point A gameplay. Same old extras like other rpgs. Same old dumb enemy A.I who can’t detect you unless you are nearly touching them or attacking them. Same old Same old. It’s all VERY BORING!!! There is no innovation, no variation, NOTHING! Nothing that makes this stand out of all the other similar copies of mmos. It doesn’t have that special something that captures you eyes with wonder an amazement, thinking ‘Wow this is a totally new experience without the same old bullshit I usually go through with these types of game!”. Too bad what the people playing this game thinks “Wow this is totally the same bullshit I’ve played through multiple times. Stop giving me fetch quests old hag!”.

    The game is repetitive like all the other copies. Nothing new….Actually the only thing that I like about this game is the amount of classes it has. Not really big for you can only choose six but man this is a bigger amount compared to many other ones.

    Gameplay: 4/10
    Appearance: 5-6/10
    Do I recommend this game?: If you haven’t played a lot of mmos out there or you are quite new to the genre then yes I suggest you give this a try, But to the greater percentage: No. Don’t waste your time on this unless you would like to play an hour or two to see how it’s like for you.

    • Thievery, bugs, neglect (3 words to describe game, developer and distributor) I seriously hope people DO NOT join this greedy attempt from Youzu to cash in


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