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About the game:
Title: Granado Espada Online
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: IMC Games
Publisher: GamersFirst

Granado Espada Online is a 3D free to play fantasy MMORPG with RTS (Real-Time Strategy) elements, inspired by Europe’s exploration of the Americas. If you love to play strategy games and you are in a search of some online role playing game then I’ll invite you to play this game. Granado Espada Online also known as Sword of the New World: Granado Espada and Sword 2 won the 2006 award for best graphics and game of the year awards.

When you start the game, it asks you to choose a family name. The family will be consisting of three players (you have three players to control in spite of one), controlling them provides you beautiful experience of real time strategic gaming. It allows you to develop strategies in fighting and battles monsters and other players. You can choose your players from 5 classes: Fighter, Scout, Wizard, Musketeer and Elementalist.

This game has everything a gamer expects from a good game. It provides you to develop strategies, good graphics, unique gameplay, great soundtrack and much more…

Explosive Features:

  • Competitive Player Vs. Player Combat
  • Guild System, Player Mounts and Auction House
  • Well designed landscapes and characters

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System Requirements

Granado Espada Online Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Intel Pentium 3 1.0 GHz
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 4.6GB of free Space
Video Card: GeForce2 MX400 64MB

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  1. had good memories of this game i didnt mind spending on it listening to the music of kim jun sung was very relaxing for me and as a european i can say the scenery in game is as close as it gets to the real thing without getting on a plane to europe this is one of the few games i miss playing and really played until peer pressure made me play wow and stuff like that
    admittedly its not for everybody if you have a few coins to spare why not, probably spent a few grand on it i still dont know why i did(maybe because the npcs remind me of people i know) was a nice game during its time(cant speak for how it is now however)

  2. There is a lot to do in this game; however, I too would suggest staying away from it at least in the NA version. Many players have been switching over to the EU version which in my opinion is a lot better. There are much better people running the game in EU. Would I suggest this game for others? I would, but like many have said, it really is a pay to win game. Otherwise, you can spend quite a long time trying to get anywhere. I’ve been playing for 10 years now and I personally say, I’m about to quit. It’s really not worth it anymore.

  3. I truly enjoyed many aspects of this game including the setting, Victorian era the music, the character abilities and animations, excellent the one and only real complain I had was the very same thing that sets it apart while controlling a team of 3 the necessity to party or really play with others is lost as you are able to do everything on your own, and its a shame because most of the time you find yourself thinking how great it would be to play with someone else but alas everyone has their own agenda and no real reason to co op.

  4. you need to chill home boy , your complaining about a FREE game . don’t like that someone can spend money to keep the game alive? then go to school , get a degree and make your own dam game , say something productive or shut your mouth ….

    • Problem is free to play isn`t free actually even if u don`t pay a cent. Why ? Because u still have to play power bills, replace u pc components every now and then because they just broke down. And a smart company could get allot more money from advertising than what they get for just making the game terrible if u don`t pay, but I guess they just like you are haters with out an ounce of brain.

  5. The only drawback for me besides the fact when I first started to play my pc was barely able to handle it. But the one I have makes things much smoother, although the customizing of the characters is too limited. I’d really like the avatars to be uniquely looking, less cloned. There just isn’t
    enough differences to be able to identify one person from the next when you’re playing together.

    It can get to look like a twin convention or worse at times… Wish they’d address this more.

  6. My favourite game of all time. The gameplay is superb and unlike other games where you just kill monsters blindly, in this one you are killing in order to survive. Waves of mobs will keep coming onto you if you dont kill them fast enough especially in higher level dungeons. Quests give you exp cards which you use to give exp to your characters and you can favor a character just by giving it more exp cards than the rest. An interesting aspect of the game is its RNPCs which are NPCs who u can recruit and then control, and they are far stronger than your basic characters. They have exclusive stances which allow them to use RNPC only weapons, which can easily overpower a basic characters weapons. The music is amazing, fusing different genres together like classical, metal, trance and techno songs, which is no surprise as the composers include SoundTEmp, S.F.A, TAQ and more.

    Overall the game has amazing graphics, music and gameplay different to other games of the genre. It is a really underated MMO IMO. I did give it a 9.5/10

  7. An intresting idea on paper. Thats what I think of Sword of the New World (not that I think of it often mind you).

    You control 3 seperate character classes at once, what a great idea, until you actually play the game and you realize that your not really controlling them, more like advising them on what to do next. So you group control your team or you control on at a time, no biggie right, yes and no. The controls are solid enough sure but the game and your team don’t really need you, they can get along fine without any input from you. Plonk them in a dungeon and position them well and set them to defend and go and do the housework, come back and you’ll have leveled up. Nice to be rewarded for NOT playing a game eh.

    What you end up with most of the time, is you looking at the screen while you team of (pretty characters) go about bashing things. The game is very grind based (common trend in f2p mmos these days), after you get to very high levels you need to dig deep into your purse to fund the game, so you can actually level up without a million (ok I’m exaggerating) hours playtime. One thing I will say is this, the game music is superb, really has a nice techno beat to it (mostly).
    The graphics are also very nice as well.

    It’s a game where you’ll play it for a while and enjoy it, but soon enough you’ll get bored of the same old thing, and thats what it’s like, same thing all the time. I know most MMO’s are the same thing rehashed, but this is FAR to samey.
    I’d give it a go at the very least, can’t hurt to try it as it costs nowt.


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