About the game:
Title: Tales of Solaris
Status: CLOSED Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: NGames
Publisher: NGames

Explosive Features:

  • Classic RPG Elements.
  • Easy Learning-Curve.
  • Diverse Pet Variety.

Tales of Solaris is a free-to-play fantasy browser MMORPG delevoped and published by NGames. Players will choose from one of six different classes, the Warrior, a close combat tank, the Mage, who use focused high magical-damage attacks, the Sniper, long-range high-damage specialists that require cover to be effective, the Wizard, masters at ranged damage over time and crowd control, the Assassin, who features very high attack speeds and critical hits, and the Priest, a highly effective healer, as they quest to save their world.

During their quests player will find and train various Pets. There are six categories of pets; animal, plant, machinery, doll, dragon, and elf, with each being either a baby or wild. Pets are graded based on their attributes, with the higher the grade, the better the attribute. Pet grades act like item rarities with pets ranging from white (common) to orange (legendary).

The combat within Tales of Solaris revolves around timed turn-based encounters, with the player choosing specific skills and targets for both themselves and their pets. The combat can be toggled to auto which allows the computer to completely take over combat duties. Players can collect resources which can then be used to upgrade weapons, slot gems, and upgrade the stats of their pets as well.

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  1. TOS is pretty much a dead game, usually only 4-5 people taking care of 60~ chars in all servers. It’s not worth it to top up: $1 is equivalent to 40 ingot in the game (which basically gets you nothing). They also got rid of the free 200 ingots from vine, which many people depended on to keep upping gears and such. There’s been barely any new content over the last couple of years. It’s pretty much a casher’s game now.

  2. it is fun I played it for 2 years WAS THE BEST PRIEST TIL SECONDARY CLASSES WERE INTRODUCED THEN the high people split the 6 temple knight places and screwed me I had loaded 100’s of dollars an they had loaded 10’s of thousands still was barely good they want 200 bucks for 1 mount they have about 50 so about 10,000 for just the mounts another 500 for the costumes which the game demands you have for literally anything nothing ever works and at the higher levels and let me be clear i was into the 100,000K defs and 200,000K att still things I couldn’t kill

  3. I like this game, been playing it for three months now, level 81. As you level up and as your bp grow things get easier. money is easy to find. about the autopath, whom ever doesn’t want it in this game, has not played it long enough.

  4. I have seen these autopath games showing up like a rash. I agree there is a definate lack of creativity. These games also seem to lack any follow up unless they can find a way to increase cash shop sales. It is becoming incredibly difficult to find a good game. The last good game I played was WoW but that wasnt a browser game. However there is one game that for me stands out among browser games and thats City of Steam. I recommend it.

    • city of steam: arkadia? think i tried that but it lagged too much for my laptop :/ your right about it being increasingly difficult to find good, if not decent, games these days and the whole micro-transaction craze definately doesn’t help with that. suffice it to say, micro-transaction creates a good argument against itself by almost always giving the rich an unfair advantage vs free players. an example of the few exceptions is a game i play off and on, Path of Exile, where everything in the micro-transaction shop is cosmetic or just adds to your storage space thus giving no real advantage over other players.

      such a shame thats so uncommon amongst all the greedy devs/companies who promote that business model which no one really likes all that much. (micro-transactions in video games…theres a good way to start a fuss)

      • Err, Not sure what communist country you live in, but these “greedy” game dev’s have families to support and spend countless amounts of time programming, improving and supporting the game so someone greedy who wants everything for free can sit on his butt and play on someone else’s expense. There may be discussion on better ways to earn that money but regardless it takes money to earn it and if the game does not progress or improve then folks quit and move on to another game.

        • thats true, eventhough it cost money they will use that money not for personal interest if not to improve the game etc. But people dont see that because they are ignorant and selfish. They should remember that people who program games are workers and people who play the games are costumers but still they expect everything free knowing that nothing is free in the internet

        • Buff: [Qoute spend countless amounts of time programmingQoute], You said that right. but you forget one main problem an that is “Bugs in games” this is one reason why devs do not have time to fix the bug /glitch problems because their to busy adding/nerf/updating the game instead of fixing the problems (Note this updating is not to fix the problems first, but fixing the game it not making them money.. it is more like adding new things or nerf something… another thing devs change shit with out even offering a vote to see is payee/non payee members would like the new update. “”not all games devs are like this but i bet 90% is, players who pay money in a game… this one reason why some games die players quit because of the scamming paying for something your suppose to get and you don’t get it because of bug… some devs will compensate for the stuff players loose during the bug issues.. So the point is fix the problems first then add an or update the game with voting in progress before hand…..

        • You do know you can make a really good browser mmo for less than 50k-100K US right? If you wanna keep players around, and you want to keep making money you gotta balance out the pay2win aspects and make lesser cost purchaise available.

  5. recently added to armorgames… same type as crystal saga and other games. i doubt theres much new or really worthwhile tbh.

    these little mmo’s are all starting to look the same to me which is disappointing, i wonder where the creativity of the devs of this kind of game has gone because its nothing here to really make the game stand out imo. just another passable game on the ever growing pile.

  6. This game have it pro and cons… yes is a repeat quest game + cash mall to make u strong. At first been a free user still works just work harder but now they making it more worst as they stop ingot(mall money) trading and make items drop from world boss bound.. haha i’m been playing mmo for so long and this is the most funny part i see. I don’t see any further improvement since they stop ingot trading. Decided yourself to play or not to play..

  7. I really don’t think this game is as bad as the reviewer makes it out to be. I’ve been playing it for about a week and I find it really fun and you make a lot of friends. Its great. It’s a browser game, what do you expect, really?


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