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About the game:
Title: Unlimited Ninja
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: CyberConnect2
Publisher: Joyfun/Games.la

Based on the popular Naruto anime series, Unlimited Ninja (Ultimate Naruto) is a turn based fantasy browser RPG that pits teams of Ninjas against the forces of the Nine-tailed Demon Fox, using an assortment of abilities and various equipment to lay their claim to triumph.

After the Ninja village Konoha was attacked by Nine-tailed Demon Fox, the Fourth Hokage sacrificed himself in order to seal Demon Fox into Naruto. This did not stop the havoc, as after a decade the crisis is still at hand, with only a small team of Ninjas left to finish the task. As a player, you will choose from three schools each offering a different form of ninjutsu to master.

As players take on increasingly difficult tasks (quests), they’ll unlock new fighting techniques and personalized stat choices. Players can take a break from PvE to pit their team of ninjas against fellow players in arena style PvP in order to see whose ninjas are the better warriors.

Explosive Features:

  • Party building system.
  • PvP arena.
  • Iconic Roster.

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  1. Those who spend money on this game definitely have a huge edge over those who don’t. They get access to ninjas and other perks that other players could only dream of getting. However, coming from someone who hasn’t spent any money on this game at all and is currently ranked 4 on my server, you can surpass people who have spent money on this game by using the right strategy. I personally like this game more than other Naruto games and would recommend it to you if you can find the time to participate in this game’s events.

  2. This game has hundreds of servers that don’t work and the admin (who hasn’t logged in since 2014) tells people to make more characters on new servers since the same characters do not carry over since they are too damn cheap to dedicate service and maintenance to only a few. From what I can see from the forums, a majority are the same players making newer characters that only causes unnecessary traffic and with no service support that makes it nearly impossible for newer players to even begin playing. Interestingly enough their main page copyright ,which at the very least tells you how well they maintain their website, hasn’t even been updated in 2 years which is quite ominous this far into the year that it wouldn’t bother them to take a few minutes; perplexing how a review website is updated more on a frequent basis than an MMO licensee It only makes sense this would be the least of their worries after I discovered that their other game SD Gundam, which is still listed on their website, was closed down in January of this year. What seems to be a desperate effort to reassess their predicament and recuperate their output with desire to repeat the same alarming scheme only foreshadows what’s to come. The only plausible explanation that they would deliberately disobey common sense is if they are already in the process of liquidating with the eventual closing down this game in a few months. There is no doubt in my mind there are better web-based MMOs with trustworthy companies so don’t waste your time with this one.

  3. I have played this over a year now. Nearly two actually. And what this fails to mention, and is the most important of all – this game is a PURE PAY TO WIN. System is VIP based. VIP0 to VIP10. A VIP 0 has limited possibilities and ninjas to recruit and will ALWAYS BE PWNED by higher VIP’s. Even if you are stronger at the beginning, you will fall behind eventually( sooner than later). Also VIP’s unlock new functions as they increase their VIP level. Automatic stages, trials, no cooldowns and many many more. This game is built in such a way, that it forces you to spend real cash. Cause VIP0, needs a lot of nerves and patience – as the dailies can take a lot of time, and more importantly – waiting, before you can take next action. Depending on a platform you play, prices differ. And boy oh boy are they insane. However, with smart play style and a lot of patience( + at least 50$ of investment) you can be on your way :). Youtube has plenty of videos of this game, you can check it. There are a lot of more things to know before you start playing thou, things that may seriously impact your account, and before you know it, you will quit in rage lol. I am a veteran, and know pretty much everything about this game. Also you can write: Unlimited Ninja Help in google, The page is created by one of the top dogs in the game ;). There is a lot of info there, I would recommend you to check it out before playing.

    • Totally agree with you but I’ve never used money on this game and became lvl 75 with hard work and i’m almost 80.Granite im not as good as everyone else but you are right on everything you said.

    • Well, You seem to be mad that a “copy” of that “pockie ninja”, but let me inform you that Naruto came first so from a part of the world we recomend you to research first

  4. That game is nothing special. and ISN’T the best game about naruto, maybe you can think about it as one of the worsts?
    anyway it really has few to do with naruto saga; quite a limited game. automated combat = no strategy, it’s just what you have that makes you strong.
    Even byond has better naruto games.

  5. I’ve played this game twice. Both times made it to level 30 and then my data becomes lost or erased or something. I wondered if anyone else has experienced this problem also and what they did to get their data back


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