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About the game:
Title: War of Legends
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: Strategy Type: Browser
Developer: UltiZen
Publisher: Jagex

Explosive Features:

  • Battle System
  • Persistent Game World
  • Easy to Play

War of Legends is a 2D real-time strategy browser game based on Chinese myth law; living out the ancient legend, players either pledge their support to the incumbent, unscrupulous and merciless King or his valiant, righteous, yet unproven contender. Players will be required to rule empires, manage resources, and command vast armies to conquer their enemies, whilst attempting to defend their wealthy cities against similarly experienced armies in a bid to gain ultimate supremacy.

War of Legends has a continuously evolving storyline with regular game updates, new tasks and in game items to keep players captivated. War of Legends features a persistent game world that continues to play out even when players are offline, allowing their armies to gain in strength and additional resources that will await them upon their return. As players build their empires they are quickly encouraged to form alliances with other players around the world to collaborate on the legendary quest for eternal glory.

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  1. An excellent game. Much more complex than other browser games. Non payers can enjoy the game and be competitive.

    I play this game now and shave played for 3 years. Not sure where Swin gets his info. There is absolutely NO WAY anyone can hack your account UNLESS you give them the information. if he did, than that is a breach of the rules and frankly I am not surprised he was scammed.

    This game is for series gamers who like deep play. Tons of different legends, armor, weapons, artifacts and warfare for those players who like PvP. I play on Soaring Eagle, a recently merged alliance. Feel free to ask any questions if you are interested.

  2. This game is illegally operated by the criminal organization Jagex. Ranked #10 on a longstanding server and possessing the #3 legend world-wide in game, I would know. They blatantly disregard false advertising law under the Lanham Act and international treaties, fraud laws, and outright blackmail those players which voice their legal concerns. I can only recommend that no person ever plays this game as a pay to play individual; Jagex will rob you blind.

  3. I am writing to inform you that you may wish to update your current review of War of Legends that is published by Jagex.
    The latest expansion Buzhou Mountains 1.4 is not proving to be as successful as it is being made out to be.
    I would recommend having a good look at the forums.
    There are serious security flaws across the servers which enables players to access other players accounts.
    This has been going on since they implemented the latest expansion and, despite various attempts at fixing it, is getting worse.
    Being a war game you can imagine the devastation unscrupulous players can do to another players account given free access.
    Recommending this game, in its current state, to potential users of your site may not be in your best interests.




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