About the game:
Title: Winning Putt
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: Sports
Developer: Webzen Onnet
Publisher: Bandai Namco

Winning Putt from Bandai Namco takes the grand old game of golf and adapts it for the modern age of F2P video games, enhancing the golf simulation experience with RPG-style progression. Train your way from amateur status, testing your skill on various courses, and advancing all the way up the rankings to pro status, taking on all comers in wagering rounds and tournaments!

The golfing part of Winning Putt should be familiar to any golfing-game veteran, but is easy enough to pick up for new players. Click once to start your shot, clicking again to stop at the desired power level. Click again to hit the “sweet spot” and hit your shot on target. Hazards of each hole include rough, sand traps, trees, water, treacherously sloped greens, and so on. You can play alone or with others, competing for the best score.

In addition to its golfing components, Winning Putt also includes robust advancement mechanics, similar to an MMORPG. Character creation is extensive, and as you play, you’ll gain experience points, which increase your golfer’s stats, and gold, which you can use to buy new clubs, clothes, consumables, and more. You can play competitively or just enjoy friendly matches or solo play; no matter your preference, there’s plenty to enjoy in Winning Putt!

Explosive Features:

  • Multiple Game Modes
  • RPG-style Progression
  • Beautifully Rendered Courses

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System Requirements

Winning Putt Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7 32/64 bit
Processor: Multi-core Processor
Memory Ram: 3GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 3GB of free Space
Video Card: Geforce 86xx or Radeon HD 83xx

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  1. This is my first online golf game. I have to say I find it unique and refreshing. It is hella fun too. As a novice golfer myself, I never thought I would be this much into a golf game. However, i found myself spending more time in this game compared to my other favorite games. The game went through some rough server issues earlier. But, it is much better. I don’t have enough time to play it daily. However, I jump in now and then to get a quick rank match or two or jump into a 4some match. It is a super relaxing, high def golf experience with some great community there. Coming out of some majorly toxic MOBA communities, I feel like Im in a completely different universe of community where everyone wishes you to do well and have fun. If you want to take a nice, relaxing and fun vacation from other competitive MMOs, you should give this game a try.

  2. Ok, I have been playing Winning Putt for over 3 Months now and I can safely say, the advertisement to get you on board this new MMO is pretty effective. Have you ever heard the quote “Dont judge a book by it’s cover”. ? Well that is the case here, everything looks good, but for a virtual game everything is far from the truth @ loft and distance of this games clubs. Woods go no higher than 8 feet off the ground for the most part, and wedges have no use in bunkers. As far as distance goes, the ladies Global PGA club distances in the real world dominate over these by 10-15%. Stimp meter readings for green speeds resemble nothing even close to the actual effect you get. The ball gets bigger and the hole gets smaller as you progress through difficulties.
    Honestly , for any non believer of how I am reviewing this MMO. Go to their own web site and read their forums. They have absolutely no community moderators answering any beta concerns. They fix nothing. Update nothing. And Promise you….yup you guessed it………..
    NOTHING. Not to mention any type of updates and or new content has yet to be announced nor scheduled. Severe server lag. And any time there is maintenance you can expect it will last between 6-36 hours.
    IMO opinion, seriously do not think this game will last the summer. if it is not a ghost town by them from people just leaving in droves, like they have been since the beginning of the second month of release.
    Golf is fun, this is not golf.


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