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About the game:
Title: Wonderland Online
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Developer: Chinese Gamer
Publisher: IGG

Wonderland Online is a free to play 2D adventure MMORPG with turn based combat like old school console RPGs. The game is based on several ancient South American and Pacific Island cultures; the mysterious Mayans, the huge stone statues of Easter Island and much more combine to form unique quests filled with fascinating elements that our players will experience throughout the game.

Explosive Features:

  • Classic RPG style combat
  • In-depth player housing
  • Lots of content and features

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System Requirements

Wonderland Online Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: 800 MhZ Pentium 3 or Equivalent
Memory Ram: 256MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 1GB of free Space
Video Card: 32MB

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  1. This game is officially shut down in 15 January 2019, its part of our childhood history now. The house crafting system is the best among all mmorpg i had played.

  2. Wonderland online is a great game to just keep coming back to, been a player since 2009 and keep returning. It is a hard game to level on without friends and after FB it becomes all about getting xp capsulas to level. This said the game has great quests and a beautiful look about it it is a shame the developers have given up (it seems) this game offers daily events to take part in which are fun but doesn’t anymore offer any holiday events. With people leaving all over the place you may struggle to find a friend and people care a lot about money but there are real nice players in this game and it’s a great fun game to play. If you join mail Eikoms she will help new players free, to mail her you will need a mailbox that is one of many tent items. The tent feature is one of my favourite it allows you to build so much stuff and you can make some good money crafting for other players.

  3. I’m a gamer girl, I love these types of games. from Kingdoms of Amalur to Diablo to RS to crash bandicoot! And honestly, this is the only game I keep coming back to. You never run out of things to do, there are always challenges, starting a new account is just as fun! You can play the game entirely without paying for it and still have fun, but the items you can buy are awesome too! stats are great, equiments great, mining, fishing, building, manufacturing, farming, fighting, pets, ridable pets, human pets, HEAPS of quests and and entire world you can travel to by making your own modes of transport! Play it! you know you want to! 😛

  4. This mmorpg is similar to my favorite childhood game called, Ts online. It’s great to see another mmorpg similar to my childhood game. I’m looking forward to playing this, and to fully experience the game. 🙂

  5. I’ve been playing this game since July 2008 and I keep coming back because I couldn’t find a game like this. I specially like the alchemy and housing system and I love the graphics (3D’s not my thing). I hope the developer would still update and do something about the in-game economy. Keep it alive !

  6. I’ve been playing this game for about 5 years. I’ve looked into other games because it is true I get bored but honestly I haven’t found another game like this one before. I see here that its hard to level up and it really isn’t. its pretty easy to get to level 100. they have a lot of quest even though some are harder than others its still enjoyable, can customize your tent to your liking with lots to choose from. tons of armor and weapons, you could even kill some time to be an alchemist and make your own things. I love the music to each scene of the game. My favorite about this game is the scenery. Yea you wont find much if you stay in local areas, but if you go to the hot springs, or cliffs, hidden places they look amazing. beautiful colors and art work. Its true its a shame they have let this amazing game go to waste. Prices in IM are high. I feel like if they put time into this game, added another element, character and other places this game could go far. In my opinion its a good game. I enjoy spending time leveling up, getting pets, and doing the weekly events. Its a shame they let this game go to waste.

  7. I love this game but i wish someone would take it and relaunch it there’s no other game out there that is this in-depth for a 2D The community was so big when i used to play i wish a company would buy it and relaunch it i feel like so many people would rejoin and play again just as long as we got patch updates to game.

  8. You’ll be stuck being forced to grind to the next level for days. Most quests are very difficult and have small rewards that aren’t worth the effort. Almost no events a low level can successfully do. The community is mainly made up of alts and bots. Customization is very limited. Many outfits for higher lvls look like recolored lower lvl outfits. Essentially a pay-to-win. So if you’ve got lots of cash and nothing to spend it on (as well as nothing to do) then perhaps this is the right game for you!

    • It isnt pay to win at all. been playing ever since i was 5. Sure i quit now because i got intreted in Mabinogi. I’m intrested in social games not solo grind like most are these days. WLO used to have a friendly pack but now it’s gone coz cmon it’s been like 15 years or so of course this game isn’t worth playing now. But it was back then when all we had was hit games. That was the best option. And WLO hasn’t been updated for years it’s just there coz ppl still play it or atleast sit around there with friends coz actually pvp feels kinda fun. This game gets no updates or any actuall maint. The only reason i’d say don’t play it, is coz it’s old and it may close like grand chase in 5 years or so.

  9. This game is A M A Z I N G and unique, you could actually learn something from it like from the past because of the quests, and I love this game because the quests are kinda based on reality. I’m from the home of scammers, hackers and botters, proub to be an Aries player for 7 years <3. I was 9 years old and now i'm 15. This game is really fun and interesting. Currently lvl 194 non rb and going for lvl 199 !!

  10. Been playing since 2008, in Aries. A great game if you can make friends. It gets kind of repetitive, but like I said, worth it if you make friends. Customization color-wise is amazing.

  11. I have been playing this game for nearly 8 years. I love the game but I have to say I am very disappointed now after 7 years of seeing Santa and it Snowing for Christmas and you got to collect bells to take back to him for an instant Christmas present ..and the same for other holidays and now ..no snow ..no Santa ..no special drops ..absolutely nothing ..its just another day and I am vip and still get nothing anymore. I think it is sad that they have let this game go down hill so much ..It was an awesome game to me and a lot of others that I knew , but now it seems IGG cares less and less about this game and they keep taking the small things that we all looked forward to. I am certain I will not remain vip any longer they offer you no reason to want to play anymore. I had over 50 characters in virgo that played everyday but not anymore I am so done with the company that don’t care about us loyal players anymore

  12. played this game for at least 3 years now and still havent made it past lvl 60 .-. it takes FOREVER to burst and after so long at grinding (and all my friends quitting the game) i decided to play less than i did. There was a time i played it every day, but now i play every once in a while to grind some more. But don’t let that stop any new players from playing. The community is nice (if you can find someone who isn’t an extra acc or afk) and it’s easy to make friends, so at least if your old ones leave you can make new ones fast XD. Also, making money in the game confused me when i 1st played since monsters never dropped any (thought my game was glitching at first) but the only way to make money is to sell items/pets to players or just sell items/equipment to NPC’s.
    This game is over all fun and i love turn-based rpg’s, so try to give it a try. You’ll wither love it or hate it, there’s no real inbetween.

    • seriously dude? 3 years and your never got past lvl 60? You obviously dont have a clue about the dynamics of this game and you shouldnt really be giving a review. If you know what your doing, you can get to lvl 180 in a week!!

  13. Played for about 3 years and the people I met on there were awesome. After auto grinding with friends all day and night I finally reached 100 after rebirth (so 200). Had all the pets, finished all the quests, maxed all skills, our guild controlled the castle, we pretty much beat the game and there was nothing to do so we all quit and went to another game -> our group of friends stuck together for another 2 years hopping from game to game, just to show you how great the people on WL can be.

    It was very fun with friends at high lvl but I tried to pick it back up on a new character recently and quit after one day. VERY VERY GRINDY. Very little character customization. Slow and boring solo.
    I liked the crafting, house, and the strategy involved when pvping in a team. Despite there being vending stalls, I remember gold being close to useless as we gathered and crafted anything we needed.

    Based on what I remember it being like: 8/10 (-2 GRIND)
    Based on me trying to get back into it recently: 3/10 (-1 boring/slow/lonely, -6 GRIND)

  14. I agree with Nolol this game is not worth playing, pointless to even spend money on here and it is way too grindy, the company milks people too.

  15. This game genre (2d top down MMORPG) aint my cup o tea but it does have its features and when I say features I mean more than that you’d find in many MMORPGs.

    I dont like how every character is pre-named and how easy it is to by pass stuff. Heck the game even tosses ya an ingame bot.

    Apart from being stupid easy, it has a housing feature which is nice I guess but everything else can be summed up in one word known as “generic”

  16. I love this game, I play on leo. Its REALLY boring if you have no friends though. If you do have friends, its really cool c: I’m glad I have my friends on here <3

  17. Been playing 4 years almost 5. You will either like it or hate it when you first play. At a higher lvl you will start to get bored because either you’ve completed all the quest, or the quest are so hard you have to wait until you level some more. Updates are slow! (Every 6 or more months slow)
    I say try it because it can be fun. If your looking for something to kill time on while waiting on another game, I say try this while you wait.

    Leveling takes FOREVER. 4 years and no one in my server has reached the level cap yet. Grinding after the level of 180 is a waste a time so most people just reborn (this makes you stronger/gives you a bonus item and restarts your level by 100 {Ex: 180 rb to 80 & 100 rb to lvl 1}) After players reborn, most train pets, wait for events to get exp items, or only train themselves on dbl exp. You can AFK train which is nice, but even if you AFK train 24/7 for 1 whole your, you still won’t reach the level cap.

    Botters/hackers: There are so many its disgusting

    Quest: Some easy, and a lot of hard. You can only have 4 teammates, but for the really hard quest, people always have jumpers because the defense, hp, and respawning of the monsters can get ridiculous. If you are a really good build though, you can usually do it in a team of 4.

    Community: (Can only tell you about the server I play) Everybody is an alt. The end. lol 5 alts on at the same time is almost the minimal. A lot of people I know have over 20 alts. Bullying, stalking, & drama are all high on the charts. Greed is starting to take over people too.

    Housing: You can build everything for your house and carry your home with you. Building things take time though.

    Customization: It only goes so far. I can’t tell you how many of the high level clothes look like low level clothes.

    Summery: This game always tries your patience. A lot of the people who play it have a love hate relationship with it. The nice people you do meet are fun, and so is the questing. The leveling is a pain in the butt and the alchemy is just as tedious. People are always screaming how bored they are, and yet they still play. It is NOT the best game out there, nor is it the worst. It can be fun. I have some good memories from when I first started playing. So I say try it, you may like it.

    • Hii!! Been playing this game for 7 tears since 2008, PRO ARIES <3 and I cfind myself not progessing because of always quitting and going back! <3 But I love this game and it's ONE OF A KIND game!! (No lies it depends on you) and try going back to the game and see the level ranks in ARIES (the first page is filled with (190rb = MAX level) and 2nd page half of 190rb :))

      For me it's the best game so far that i've played, I've tried searching for games like WLO but, WLO is exceptional and too unique and precious <3 and Wonderland Online is starting to die.. old players are quitting and quitting.. it's kinda sad but we old players know that the game is sooner/later will end. <3

      • Ohai fellow old player! I’ve been in this game since August 2008, and I really miss the old days when the game used to be so active… Even the forum is dying. I keep on searching for a game like WLO, but I can’t find one (unless, you know, like NSO). The 3D graphics nowadays are starting to get on my nerves…


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