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Title: World of Kung Fu | Status: Live
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy

Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 1700 MB
Publisher: Vestgame Entertainment
Developer: Tengren

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Ingame Cosplay with transforming System
Many character classes
Constant updates
World of Kung Fu is a free to play 3D MMORPG based on traditional Chinese culture in a mythical land founded on the ancient Kung Fu moral values of justice and heroism.

Unlike other MMORPGs, instead of selecting clans or classes player choose weapons. The weapons include sword, hook, fan, hammer and axe, broadsword, spear, bow, staff and fist, each having unique characteristics.

There are many attractive alternatives available for the appearance of the character ranging from face, hair to other features. The game play is improved due to in-game quests and auto movements that stretch into crafting and killing.

World of Kung Fu System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP / 2000 / Vista
RAM: 256 MB| HDD: 2 GB Free
CPU: 933 MHz Intel Pentium 3
Graphics Card:
Nvidia GeForce 2 or equivalent ATI VGA card
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  1. WOKF is back up! Download the updated client, allow it to update, and start playing. Not even sure why I googled WOKF again but I’m glad I did!

  2. The domain is no longer active this should be tooken off or at least labeled at shut down D:
    And the alternative you should choose is age of wushu and fortunately that domain and game is still running 😀

    • Yes but age of wushu wont be in effect much longer. Especially since the fall of the game came when the guild Cathay’s Leader spent a rediculous amount of money on the game and became #1 in 1 month after others played for over 7-8 months and had almost nothing still. Age of Wushu and Age of Wulin are both very cash shop dependent games. Yes they are an alternative to this shut down server, Though you will probably just turn around and quit cause you will not ever have anything unless you dump your weekly pay into it.


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