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Title: Zu Online | Status: Shutdown
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy

Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 1040 MB
Publisher: IGG
Developer: Onwind Digital Co

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What’s explosive about it:
Unique graphic style
Fast leveling
Great amount of skills and talents

Zu online is a free to play 3D cartoony MMORPG based on a historic Chinese novele. The game was unique graphic style that are made using Cel shading technology, due to which the game looks like a movable and animated comic book.

Zu Online has 5 different classes: Bead Fairy, Moon Maiden, Summoner, Sun Warrior, and Swordsman. Players can have up to five characters per account, and will also have access to over 250 skills between the five classes. Unfortunately, there is no gender selection. A player can also equip a pet, which grows along with you. You can also train your pet increasing its power to fight in the battle field. Players are also able to join one of the 3 factions: Tai, Wu and Xun.

The game is very helpful to new players as well. It provides small quests with the information as well for what to do and how to do? So, completing these quests make the player able to understand the game functioning clearly.

Zu Online System Requirements:

OS: WIN 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
RAM: 256 MB | HDD: 5.0 GB Free
CPU: P3-800 MHz
Graphics Card: 64 MB 3D Accelerated Graphic Card
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  1. Just to let some of you know.There is a Zu online server running since October 2013. While it is far from perfect, it is improving everyday and it has a decent amount if players, hopefully growing. You’re welcome to join and keep the zu community alive.

  2. Such a pity this game has shut down. It used to be such an awesome game about 5 years ago. Hell it was so populated that people were disconnected from the server to allow others on (that was after they merged the two servers together). Beautiful scenery, stunning soundtracks and unique art style which really made it different to other mmorpgs. But of course, IGG had to ruin it by making it pay to win. Really hope someone could make a privater server of this game

  3. Great game, horrible publisher. Only one server atm, very low populated. Hoping that another company can pick this game up.

    • You can design your char. The only thing that you can’t change is the gender (but there are some items that can change your looks like female summoner costume


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