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Title: Super Dancer Online | Status: Final
Genre: Casual | Theme: Anime

Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 2.2 GB
Publisher: Cib Net Station
Developer: 9you

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Supports Dancing Pads
Fun Gameplay
Lots of Songs

Super Dancer Online-Xtreme is an interesting online game developed by, and published by CiB Net Station. SDO-X is the first online game that can integrate with the USB dancing pad. Charming 3D virtual characters, magnificent dancing environment, and the various game modes, made this game become extremely addictive!

The game environment is created by using full 3D graphics engine technology. Moreover, the dance movements of in-game characters are simulated by the dancers from real world. Various dance styles have been provided, in order to satisfy players from different backgrounds.

SDO-X has successfully created a brand new online game concept: the conformity of real world and virtual world, and the great combination of visual effect, fitness, and lifestyle. Let’s spice up your life with family and friends by stepping into the world of SDO-X.

Super Dancer Online system requirements:

OS: Windows 98 / ME / 2k / XP / Vista
RAM: 256MB of RAM | HDD: 2,5 GB Free
CPU: Pentium 3 800 MHz or equivalent
Graphics Card: Geforce 2 series or equivalent 64MB
Featured Video
Dance! Online gameplay
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16 Super Dancer Online Extreme Reviews

  1. This video does not much this game review. This video is for a total different game that does not even exist anymore. That I know of. All I know that this game the video represents (Dance! Online) has closed down.

    1. I miss that game :(

    2. Dance online was remade under the name super dance extreme, much remains the same as dance online but they have added new game modes.

  2. what you mean ‘closed down’?

    1. Acclaim was bought out and the new owner didnt want to upkeep with the game therefor its discontinued no longer exists.

  3. This was an awesome game while it was out there. Pretty much StepMania but whoever did the best got more score towards their overall rank while your ratio and w:l ratio updated automatically. Your earned cash to dress up your avatar, if you where a dude you still danced like a girl and only the cash shop cloths looked good. Not that it mattered, I was in my beginner cloths from level 1 to 50.

    They have a server set in another country still but good luck trying to keep up with people in that area if your in the states, obviously very laggy.

  4. Best the games online

    1. Learn english.

  5. There’s nothing “extreme” about this piece of garbage.

  6. so glad they shut this game cuz it looks sssssoooooooo boring.

    1. how does this game makes you “boring”?

  7. look this pedo girl game

  8. i love this game so much!! but apparently.. i have to sign up again.. cause i lost my password :’(

  9. Same thing as audition (animations and hand trails are most notable) just with a DDR style gameplay… Ok

  10. OMG i really miss that game! someone of you guys who knows where I can find a game just like that one!?

  11. Dance! Online was the first dance game i played lol, i started playing dance online when i was 5, i’m 11 gonna be 12 soon, the game discontinued when a few days before my 8th b day..But now i play SDO-Xtreme, Its way better than Dance Online. But even so, Dance online does have alot of memories lol. But my point is, SDO-Xtreme is awesome.


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