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About the game:
Title: Eredan iTCG
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMOTCG Type: Browser
Developer: Feerik
Publisher: Feerik

Eredan iTCG is a 2D fantasy browser-based online trading card game by Feerik. Set in the medieval times, players become a novice hero named Lucyan. With his land filled with much unrest and turmoil, he sets out to bring order to his once peaceful home by battling beast and foes.

Over 1000 cards are available to players, every hero card has its own race, class and chosen guild attached to the character.

Players can customize collected cards, trade them, or create their very own decks.

Explosive Features:

  • Unique card trading system.
  • Interesting lore.
  • Impressive selection of cards.

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System Requirements

Eredan iTCG Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.00 GHz / AMD Athlon 3200+
Memory Ram: 1GB Free
Hard Disk Space: 3GB
Video Card: GeForce 6600GT / ATI Radeon 9800 (256MB)

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  1. No longer on Facebook, and the site it’s on is marked as unsafe so it’s now unplayable for me. But I really enjoyed it, I was more interested in hitting combos and grinding elo then winning everything. You can buy a cheap deck and still be competitive. I miss this game alot.

  2. 2019
    Game is dead now. The devs stopped talking to the comminuty or releasing updates for almost 2 years now. The game runs in flash, which is set to disappear next year.

  3. +Fun, addictive, innovative gameplay for a free online card game.
    +Lots of daily and weekly quests to keep the game fluid and encourage using new decks.
    +Quests are a lot of fun, have a lot of flavor, and are usually very rewarding, even for free players.
    +Open Market helps alleviate pressures to spend real money (not really enough though)
    +Lots of different deck-building options, for non-competitive play.
    +Free deck at Christmas Time (advent calendar). Kept me playing for a while.
    +Original, good fantasy art. Eredan and Alteil are the only 2 free card games I really loved the art for.

    -Really tough to win PvP without paying money.
    -Some strong cards will be completely unavailable to you if you don’t pay money.
    -English translation is terrible at times. French speakers should have everything they need though.
    -Leveling up characters is a long grind.

    I played the game for years as a free player, enjoying the game, but getting frustrated a lot as well. It was impossible for me to win PvP, and I really saved a lot of money to buy decent cards. There’s a lot of love about the game, but the poor localization and unwinnable PvP mode made me give up on it. It was a sad day that I decided to stop playing though. Definitely worth a try.

  4. i have been playing this game for 2 years now and i love it, the game play is good and fast (maybe 5 to 10 mins per game), i love the tournaments where u get to win in-game money(crystals), the art is awesome too. yes it is a free game where u can just play adventure mode and get cards but as the other comments are also correct, u cant go far on this game w/o using real money to buy “Feez” for booster packs so u can buy and sell cards.

  5. I gave this game a try and I really liked it at first. All of the cards are great and even a few is funny. But once I got to the point where I couldn’t get anything new unless I spend some cash their way (which was level 9) I learned that this game gets boring fast.

    You have your limit points which limits what you do in the story line but not pvp, they refresh one point every 2-5 minutes. You basically have to redo the weaker levels, unless you throw money their way, until your deck is upgraded enough to handle the next story line.

    Some of the card battles are kind of bugged up or just made that way to piss you off. For example sometimes your buffs won’t take affect until after your card attacks. Or that when you move on the cards ahead is already level 4 while you’re still at one (card level). Just a bunch of things to piss off the player so they can throw money their way.

  6. I’ve been playing this game for a while and i can tell you if you want to win, just spend money for it, otherwise you won’t do much thing on it. This is a P2W game, even if you try to play long time as i did without spend some and when i say some i really a good amount of it, you won’t do nothing against those who spend it. And you will find a bunch of people that spend money on it.

  7. the game is really based on spending cash. You will get little to no good cards and your deck will likely change over the course of 6 years yeah really. Free players are at a constant disadvantage unless it’s against another free player. The money system is crap things in both the store and market are over priced. on top of that booster packs are obtained rarely. To top things off the leveling system is slow rate extremely slow rate. If your one of those guys who take pride spending a crap load of cash on things you probably never need in life then this is your game.

  8. The cool thing about the game is that it is pretty alive, it has a good community and weekly upgrades, when i get bored with the game i leave it for a while and there is always a bunch of new things when i get back to it.

    On the downer side, you have to spend some money if you want to be competitive, but there is a way to fill up surveys or participate in special try-outs that can get you some decent starting cash, but you still need a credit card. For example, i got some game cash (called feez) by trying out Netflix for free for a month, that’s pretty neat.

    The weekly upgrades are made in a way that if you want to stay ”on top” of ELO you have to switch decks and buy new cards every week, personally i just don’t play in ELO mode. Also, you can’t sell your cards unless you spent some feez in the last 3 weeks.

    PVP is a way to get cards for free, but that’s pretty random, the good part is that even some of the best cards in the game are available this way.

  9. I enjoy the game, but the question I have is what do I have to do in order to modify the deck when the character card reaches the max level of 3?

    I have submitted it in the forum, sent a question to a player and to the creators of the game and rec’d no response.

    • To answer your question Shawn, you don’t HAVE to modify your deck once one of your characters or non-character cards gets to its final level. However, if you want to train characters in the training room, you may only have characters that aren’t at their final level. If you want to modify your deck to be able to use it in the training room follow the instructions below:

      1) Make sure you have three characters that aren’t at their max level (if you don’t have three, you will have to get one from the market or somewhere else). Also make sure they have the same guild or that they are a mercenary. (note that if you have a Nehant deck, you can only use Nehant characters).

      2) At the bottom of the home page, click the deck with three cards above it labeled “My Cards.”

      3) Click “My Decks.”

      4) Click the deck you would like to edit, then click the gold “edit” button.

      5) Click and drag any characters that are at their max level out of your deck (right-hand side of your screen) and into the left-hand portion of your screen (where the cards you are not using in your deck are displayed.

      6) Find the character/s that aren’t at their max level that you want to put in your deck (form the left-hand side of your screen), and click and drag them into your deck (right-hand side of your screen).

      7) Save the deck and enjoy!

      Hope that helps!

  10. Don’t bother playing this unless you plan on spending some money. About 90% of the cards are locked to you if you’re free to play, the single player is very sparing with rewards and most of them are single use consumables for single player anyway. There is also no way to focus on upgrading your deck, instead most of the reward cards will be deck archetype restricted. Most of the cards in the game are designed for very specific combinations in a deck, and it means your deck changes very little over time as you can’t use new cards.

    PvP is pathetic, laggy and unbalanced, with ELO that doesn’t mean much and a lack of players. If you’re set on playing a free-to-play card game, don’t bother here. If you’re gonna pay money anyway, invest in Magic the Gathering 2013 or Yu-Gi-Oh Online, your money will take you further.

  11. ok this game has got one of the best cards EVER!!!!! its called up your ass i highly recommend this game the questing is excellent and the PVP is fun this game does take some thought and strategy put if you good at thinking ahead and planning things out you will do very well in this game


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