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About the game:
Title: Auto Club Revolution
Status: Launched Graphics: 3D
Genre: Racing
Developer: Eutechnyx
Publisher: Eutechnyx

Explosive Features:

  • Licensed content from over 40 car and over 150 upgrade parts
  • Customisation tools and options
  • Licensed race tracks plus the custom race tracks

Auto Club Revolution (ACR) is a free-to-play 3D online racing game and car community built in collaboration with the motor industry. Featuring officially licensed cars from over 50 of the world’s leading motor manufacturers, it delivers a console quality racing experience to the free-to-play market while providing a social platform.

The game’s front end is a web-based, creating a powerful and flexible social platform for communities of car enthusiasts and racing fans to interact with each other and their favourite motoring brands. The racing experience itself is delivered via a downloaded client, built on the world class Eutechnyx-owned racing engine. This combination of web and app. empowers the player to manage their game, garage and network of friends on the web from anywhere, while the downloadable element provides the premium quality race experience.

System Requirements

Auto Club Revolution Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SPack 3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Intel 1.8GHz dual core or equivalent
Memory Ram: 3GB
Hard Disk Space: At least ?GB of free Space
Video Card: Shader 3 Graphics card with atleast 256MB

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  1. The game was great, like Gran Turismo for PC. Disappointing that it died and they won’t even announce it and there is no info about if it is comming at all. The old version was pretty good and only needed more and more tracks to make sure it won’t get boring at some point. It doesn’t even need to be real ones, I loved the city ones.

  2. Discontinued after thousands of people spend money on it in Beta. Disgrace. Company then just went on to sell their engine/graphic as showroom application for manufacturers. Didnt lose a word about ending it.

  3. I played this back when it was Beta. Really enjoyed it. But with all I read in previous comments it makes me not want to even play it again. Either you create the game for Fair Races (No NOS,NO BOOSTS.ETC.) or you lose people’s interest in the game. Most of us that love to race for sport see those “Boosts” as cheats. How can you call this game advanced or REAL when people can buy “Boosts” that are not readily available in the REAL world. Racing is not about cheating and if it is for any of you then you have a sad outlook on it. Racing with friends or strangers should be fun and should also be fair. In some places we race for ‘Pinks” or a car. That’s real world. Good sportsmenship is being able to race knowing you may lose. Good Sportsmenship is being fair. If a great game like this is being turned into another Need For Speed World then I won’t play it.

  4. The game is not bad. The only problem is the Menu is through the Website. The only ting you can do in the Game Window is race. If you dont have a good PC and a fast connection you wont enjoy it.

  5. If there are boost like nitro, catch up boosts, or boosts that hinder other racers that you can buy with real money.

    If being able to ram other player instead of driving through them.

    If hackers and other cheaters are not dealt with.

    If the best cars are bought only with real money or only real money will pay for licensed cars.

    Need for speed world fails at all of those and WE WILL NOT PLAY THAT GAME.

    So will try this game for awhile so hope its nothing like that other game.

  6. This game now sux donkey ass, the devs have killed it in their bid to create more money by keeping the rammers / cheats happy. There’s now NO choice of who you race, or what car you race in. Wanna race with your friends? forget it, wanna boot that well known rammer? – no can do anymore, wanna race in that shiney new zondaF you just bought? – nope sorry, only in time trial mate.
    I regret spending real money on this as i was there from closed beta.

  7. awesome game im about to play it i hope its not like this other game ive played which was the worst racing game ever well not really but one of them

  8. black flag if you slide off track, nowhere near the amount of cars stated, overall graphics are nice/gameplay is good Just not for me.

  9. being the first reviewer at this point the game is really epic for a browser base game but its not completely browser base because of all the downloading the tracks and plug ins and stuff but its still ” Technically ” browser base sense you play it on your browser.

    My opinion of the game is that it is an epic browser base racing game it has levels which i love so you can actually try instead of games that just have go out and explore and upgrade your car if you have the money. This game you should defiantly try it doesn’t require a super great computer you need an ok one and you need some good internet not great but good.

    You should defiantly check this game out. 😀


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