About the game:
Title: AD2460
Status: CLOSED Graphics: 2D
Genre: Strategy Type: Browser
Developer: Fifth Season AS
Publisher: Fifth Season AS

Conquer the galaxy in AD2460, a free-to-play browser based MMO strategy title that puts you in control of a star-spanning empire bent on domination through any means necessary. A 4x strategy MMO in the vein of Alpha Centauri, AD2460 offers vast freedom in deciding how your empire develops: where to explore, what techs to research, what units to build, whom to befriend — and whom to go to war with.

You’ll start off small, with just your homeworld to sustain you. As you gather resources and develop your civilization, you’ll explore the galaxy, coming into contact with other players. Ally with them to share common goals and develop together, or go to war with them, utilizing advanced battle strategies to lead you to victory.

AD2460 boasts a clean user interface that will have you managing a far-flung empire with a minimum of hassle. You can enjoy the game for long stretches or play for just a short period of time every day, automating tasks while you’re offline. Whatever your level of commitment, you’ll find plenty to do in AD2460 — it’s a big galaxy, after all.

Explosive Features:

  • Classic 4X Gameplay
  • Alliances And Strategic Battles
  • Offline Management

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System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
This game is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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  1. was thinking of playing, but saw that this game uses 10pt fonts or smaller for at least half of the text information that you need to read.- shouldn’t have to sit so close to my tv or monitor to play cool games.

  2. Awesome game!
    Been playing it since 1st cycle, and the gameplay has improved a lot, the dev is supportive and listen to the playerbase, there are several alliances all styles, and the game can be fun for the commited and casual player alike (had experience as both).
    The no “pay to win” allows for really in depth, and the tactical and strategical gameplay makes it a really balanced wargame, with all 3 techs being viable and no brute force required to win, but thoughtfull fleet composition.
    Can’t praise it enough.

  3. Great game to play with a superb community to support new starters. Lot’s of strategic possibilities chosing between different techs, research and defensive/offensive tactics.

    Even when you don’t have the time to play multiple hours a day, this game allows you to still enjoy your battles. Haven been playing this since beginning of the year, throughout some cycles (which are a great feature btw!) and have met people I’d like to consider as my “far away friends” already.

    I also enjoy the devs being active in the game and open to players for suggestions; enforcing small changes or updates throughout the cycles to continue to improve the game.

    Graphics are in the top rankings as well and will be enjoyed by every SciFi (and non SciFi) fan.

  4. I’ve been playing this game for about a year now. Starting my 5th cycle. So not a n00bie, nor a pr0 (by no means, see further).

    But, man, is this game addictive! I guarantee: you will not find another game alike, anywhere!! And, if you want, it’s completely free to play!

    You start off with building ships and stuff, and doing missions. What can you possibly do wrong with that, right??? Turns out: quite a lot …

    See, you gotta get prepared for when people can actually attack you, and actually “hurt” you. So, you need to decide on what to give precedence to: XP, building, research, etc etc … Or, maybe you should do it the other way around??? Joining an established alliance is therefore a must! (check Rankings) They will help you doing stuff “The right way”.

    Before I continue, I have to add: if you expect a game to have mastered basic skills over in 15 minutes … Well. This game. Is. NOT. For. You … Not. Not!

    If on the other hand you are the more analytical type, willing to invest some time (at random, just not the quit-before-I’ve-seen-actual-combat type, lvl 14), ask-question-listen, you will love this game! LOVE I tell you 🙂

    Why? Because you’ll find AD2460 is filled with people like you. People who have been doing this for quite a long time. Who have been trying to find an edge, excel-ing it out, scripting stuff, even writing books … People who have become “masters” of AD2460 balance, and thus pose a REAL challenge to you!

    But, you see, every 3 months, the game is completely reset to zero. Zero! In the meantime, changes, tweaks, quality-of-life features are being made by the devs each cycle, which makes that everybody starts a bit more on even footing next cycle. So you can step in at any time, learn the ropes, and be a contender for player titles the following cycle!

    Also, main-dev “Spinner”, and CEO “Chairman”, do play the game themselves, and are verrrry approachable! Leave a comment in the morning, and sure enough you’ll be challenged to a WarGame by Chairman 🙂 Leave a comment in the “Bug” forum, and you’ll find Spinner having replied “Meh, not a bug”. Because well, what do you actually know about the game, really?! Find an actual real bug though, and you’ll find Spinner patching things up waaaay faster than what MS does for you 😉

    And, if you want to check up on me, I’m in the alliance The Umbrella Corporation, just a regular alliance, being just a player like you, trying to find an edge … And having trouble to find it 😉


    • Haha, really? Which alliance is it I am favoring this time? AoA? HV? ROCK? GWM? I get so mixed up by being accused of favoring so many different competing alliances, I can’t keep track 🙂

  5. Great Game, i’m very addictid to it, i can play in my browser table at school, you have time to do everything!! this is going to be my second cycle, first one was an insight of the game, knowing all of it, this one i must be alot better!! Great battles something Glorius!! Comunity is fantastic!! They help you alot even if you are from other rival alliance!! Dev always arround!! Love this thing of every 3 mounts new cycle starts with new goals, new improvements!! well i can keep going but is to mutch to desbribe!! have a look and Join us!! See you there! 😉

  6. Not a review, just a heads up on the coming new cycle and a bunch of new improvements to the game.
    This coming Saturday, Cycle IX begins.
    You can find 3 nice articles explaining the changes here:
    Part 1 :
    Part 2 :
    Part 3 :

    Or you can go crazy and read the full change-log here:

    Hope to see you in the game this weekend!

  7. Solid game! Should not be dismissed without trying it!
    Great devs who are active in the game, updates and improvements for every 3 month cycle, instant hotfixing if needed.
    There is a bit of a learning curve here, but once you have spent a few hours getting started, it really pays off! Great community, and help is always around if you need it.
    Tip: Join an alliance, it really helps when you’re new!

    Great tactics, great combats, great meta (which changes in every cycle, keeps things fresh!)

  8. Great game!
    Very flexible, if you have a lot of time or if you have 5 mins.
    Allows noobs to have a chance at getting on the leaderboard.
    Fun game, very social.
    Good devs, awesome updates every 3 months,
    Love it.

  9. 8/10
    this game is great whether you have 10 hours or 10 minutes to play. extremely flexible and has lot’s of updates. It’s quite a lot to take in and learn when you first begin and it dosn’t tell you about all the icons that show up, but you don’t have access to until you are a higher level. overall, great game for those intrested in the sci-fi theme. would definetly recomend.

  10. The biggest scrap I ever saw. you build, fight, make friends, wait for days that you get finish your tech and after 3 months all will be deleted and you can start again. What for waste time. Don’t play this game.

  11. Game is great but it does get boring. After a week or so you realise that what you are doing you have done 48 times already. A true ftp game I must say.

  12. been playing this game for a week now, i was look for a space themed serious game that can be alt tabbed at work. its got everything ive been looking for! looking forward to getting in the mid game and start rampaging across the quadrant!

  13. It was a great game until the last patch. Now it should be called OB2460 (Outpost Babysitter). Now if you take a nap you are screwed…lol

  14. A great “coffee cup game”. Allows you to use as much time as you yourself wanna dedicate to it. By coffee cup game, I mean that if you find yourself without time to play, you’ll be fine by just checking in when have coffee breaks or whatever..

    On the other hand, when you have time, and if you want, this games provides opportunities to design and pull off attacks that provide more satisfaction than any other (browser) game I’ve ever played myself.
    The game takes a while to get into, and you build up your empire from the ground up. Choose a “tech-type” to start with, flesh it out, research and build yourself up, find a style of play and enjoy! Community is great! Helpful people and alliances in abundance, making the sorta harsh learning curve a lot smoother if you’re willing to participate socially.
    Tech types also have pretty distinct ways of setting up fleets and hitting, which keeps the game interesting for a long time at least for me (1 year ++ )
    On top of that, patches and developments for the game keeps shuffling around the meta which also contributes to keeping the game fresh!

    Very flexible when it comes to time commitment.
    Never found a game where it is this satisfying to pull off a proper hit/heist.
    Developers really involved in the community, listens and really wishes the best for the game and community.
    NO pay to win. This is really true and they’re really committed to this.

    Harsh learning curve, but if you get involved in an alliance, this isn’t really true.
    UI, pretty but sometimes not extremely intuitive and very click demanding. (this is also part due to it being adapted to touch screens)

    10/10 My last browser game.
    Like sci-fi, planning strategies and brainy stuff? Give it a whirl, there’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain 🙂

  15. I like this a lot! Very cool community, great game, lots of features, works both on my tablet and my computer (well, phone too, but the screen is soo small!!). is the address if you wondered!

  16. Great game, really! Seamless and balanced mechanics and nerve-wracking combat. Enough options to enable you to play any way you want, ranging from the laughably suicidal to the carefully planned. A wonderful strategy game, far surpassing any other I’ve played in build, dun and hours invested.

    GG Fifth Season AS

  17. Great fun! Takes a while to understand how to play, but its worth the effort.

    Active community, good devs, lots of updates, etc.

    Give it a go!


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