About the game:
Title: Alliance Warfare
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORTS Type: Browser
Developer: Digital Experience Studios
Publisher: Digital Experience Studios

Explosive Features:

  • Upgradable Bases.
  • Mulitple Continents.
  • Make and Destroy Alliances.

Alliance Warfare is a free-to-play 2.5D browser MMORTS set in the richly detailed Land of Endless War. In Alliance Warfare players complete quests, attack rivals, invade barbarian cities, create alliances with their neighbors, build massive armies, and expand their kingdoms by conquering their enemies. Players increase their alliance’s power through gathering resources to increase building, researching technologies to improve weapons and structures, and discovering new lands to control.

Lead an alliance across four different continents to destroy all rivals. As the alliance grows in strength players will choose whether to focus on playing offensively or defensivley, finding the play-style that best suits them. Researching the correct technology for their play-style is important to all players’ success in the fight for dominance.

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  1. Districtware is fraud gaming company, i bought 1000$ worth of virtual goods at their site with credit card, as soon as credit card went to collection agency they closed the game down, losing virtual goods and having debt.

    • Sorry Digital Experience studio’s fraud gaming company i bought 1000$ worth of virtual goods at their site with credit card, as soon as credit card went to collection agency they closed the game down, losing virtual goods and having debt.

  2. I was very shocked that they just closed the game without saying a word.
    Spent around 3 years on the game and really enjoyed it as it killed alot of time at work.
    Does anyone have a similar game to this that they can recommend for passing time ?

  3. I have played this game for 3 months now and still hooked. It is addictive. Yes there is coiners but every game has. The people are fun to play with and chat to and the few occasions I have contacted support with silly questions.they have been friendly understanding and made it clear they are there to help no matter how small your query is. Thanks guys.

  4. Was not a fan of AW…

    Try VU instead! love at first play for me. I play [] – its a great strategy war game.

  5. I have played this game for 3 years now ever since the opened the new verion the old one is forgot about they that made it so the coiners can spend loads of money bump the speed of there general up as to hit other players instantly, so after all the hours days weeks months you send building someone comes along with an instant speed hero and your city is destoryed in a few hours, it would be ok if it was 10 players attacking at once but trying to defend against an instant speed hero is next to impossible thats why I have quit the game after 3 years, there should never of been a speed hero and if there has to be one there should be atleast a 20 second delay, the devs do not care about the classic anymore so good luck.

  6. The Salvation version is much better than the original Classic version. I played Evony for 3 years and now this Alliance Warfare for this years and I can honestly say that Evony was wrecked by botters. With Evony if you dont access the same PC 24/7 with the capability of leaving it running the its almost impossible to play. I travel all over the world for business and Alliance Warfare is much better for people that have a life outside gaming.

  7. Unless you have LOTS of cash you don’t mind spending on a game, don’t waste your time! The developers favor the players that spend money, the folks playing for free don’t have much of a chance to get anywhere. Pass this one up, you won’t be sorry.

  8. a few things to note: 2.5D simply means giving the appearance of 3D, without actually being three dimensional. it’s a pretty common term. break down rts into real time strategy, really stress each word, and the game fits perfectly. i’ve been able to reach almost full leveling in the 10 day period of bp given without having to sit there 24/7. as for the look and feel, most mmorts games look this way due to a thing called general content. many features you find in other genres come from sites that give them licenses to use similar graphics and functions, like boosts to characters or buildings. on the last point, the game is fair to coiners and free to plays alike, the field is level, everyone has a shot, and the longest it takes a steady player to max out is under a month.

    i’ve seen tons of games LIKE it, but none more streamlined for gamers overall

    8/10 Fist Bumps


  9. lol @ MMORTS

    heh, i’ve seen enough of this type of mmo to know full well that there is no mmorts. there is only mmo…click a building, wait a certain amount of time, click, wait longer, click, wait even longer, rinse and repeat. imo games labeled as MMORTS games are less RTS and more along the lines of MMOWG (MMOWaitingGame).

    • also, these “MMORTS” games are literally like a dime a dozen. ALL the same thing but with different skins/themes and MAYBE a slightly different feature occasionally.

    • lol, the RTS comes when you and your Alliance have to fight the other players, which happens as soon as you are out of beginner protection. It’s still way too much time and effort for very little excitement, but there is definitely strategy in planning good offence/defence/reinforcement in Ally War.

  10. Wasn’t impressed with this game, as it was essentially a ripoff of evony that was less fun. Just like evony, if you’re not willing to drop $300+ on it and simultaneously willing to spend nearly every hour you have playing it to build your generals doing painfully long NPC farming, you won’t have a competitive account and you’ll just get farmed by the folks who do. On the other side, if you do drop a huge amount of money on it (and some drop > $1000), then it isn’t very fun because you can’t take cities or heroes, so the whole point of the game is moot to me. On a good note, you don’t find bots and cheats on this game that destroy evony in my opinion. After a few weeks of playing, I reset my account because it was too much time commitment and the whole concept that makes evony fun as a war game isn’t there in this game.

    • Agree with what you said, except for three points 1) never played Evony myself, 2) you CAN take enemy cities in Ally War (but only if they are not in an Alliance) by repeated attacks to drive loyalty to zero (takes about 4 hours! yawn!!) and when you do, you DO capture enemy heroes. Been there done that.

  11. This game is actually surprising fun. If you like Evony you will like this take on the MMORTS genre. The radio station and community features is what really makes this game stand out from others.


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