About the game:
Title: Archlord 2
Status: Offline Graphics: 3D
Developer: Webzen
Publisher: Webzen

Explosive Features:

  • No Locked Classes
  • 200v200 PvP Battles
  • Rule the server as an Archlord

Archlord 2 is a PvP-focused MMORPG which pits two factions against each other in a struggle over the power to become an Archlord. Players can choose to side as either a Human or an Orc as a descendant of gods and may freely choose to level any combat role that suits their playstyle even after creating their character.

Each faction posseses their own unique weapons although their combat roles remain identical. Orcs, for example may wield wands to heal allies and deal ranged magic damage, while Humans will utilize staffs. Killing enemies with a certain type of weapon increases its level, granting the player skill points used to unlock new weapon-specific abilities.

While Archlord 2 does offer the standard questing experience and features a variety of dungeons for players to explore, the MMORPG is primarily focused on PvP between factions. To that extent, players may participate in open world PvP in special contested questing areas, or they can opt to participate in instanced PvP, including special endgame battlegrounds which feature massive 200 vs. 200 battles. These daily battlegrounds eventually lead to the Archlord Finals where only the top 60 players may participate in battle to determine who will be crowned the new Archlord and serve as ruler.

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System Requirements

Archlord 2 Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Processor: Pentium Dual Core E6600
Memory Ram: 2GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 8GB of free Space
Video Card: GeForce 8800 GTS with 512MB

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  1. from a earlier statement
    “game a suck take 40lvl 18 hours and 40-45 on 150 hours … Easy game for nabs …”
    So world of warcraft in it’s vanilla took like 1 month of constant play to go from 58-60, due to the amount of people farming the same stuff, so it’s not like it’s gonna be that hard for dedicated people to hit the level cap, plus im pretty sure its not that bad, i mean, ive prolly sunk around 3-4k hours on world of warcraft in my life, but i did it because i enjoyed the grind, if you don’t like the grind, go play another game

    • You don’t know how it feels to wait for a game because your pc is too old to run it and find it closed when you finally get a new computer

  2. Very good game, I really enjoy the new edition of ArchLord. All you need to know is that the game is n e w, Webzen did changes and many others will come.
    + no need to pay to be good, you can farm in dungeons solo or with friends, so it is a no pay2win game and many ppl love that. (gear is important but gameplay is more imp)

  3. I’m fan of mass pvp and i really liked this game i just quit cause the unfair balance, indeed theres like 200 players in the human faction and 50 – 70 players in the orc faction and thats uncool man, i remember losing every siege in the contested areas, and just 1 or teo wins only at 3am, so, yeah like i said, i wuit.

  4. This game really resembles an MMOrpg I used to play called “Rising Force Online”, except that it’s in medieval times and not modern PLUS;
    In the sense of graphics, RF Online was way better (Still lost a lot of it’s players)
    In the sense of PVP, RF Online provided an extra faction with a whole lot more PVP in open.
    In the sense of variety, RF Online had an arsenal of weapons and not just 4 types.
    In the sense of vastness, RF Online had a world map that has loads of sectors and each sector is twice the size of this games map (Theirs only around 10 in Archlord 2 if you must know, not counting dungeons.)
    In the sense of community, apparently rarely anyone talks in this game.
    In the sense of questing/missions, it’s repetitive… So very repetitive that in the end you just notice the only difference is that it’s a different monster you’re killing and just more of them.
    + Escort quests are a fail.
    + Collecting quests are a cake.
    + The storyline is very vague.
    In the sense of… Welp theirs no sense in continuing is there? Theirs still a lot more of cons however I’d like to get to the big one sooner rather than later so… Shove all that aside, let me tell you the real problem here.

    This game is all about PVP, 5v5, 200v200 etc… Okay so, in order to become the best player you need to spend $$$, time doesn’t cut it. Levels don’t cut it either since the max so far is 46. Everyday theirs a different arena for 7 days then repeat, but you can notice that the MVP of games are the same players as the week before. Why? They spent a lot of money and forged weapons that even if you spend 100$, you still won’t be able to reinforce and socket better. It doesn’t take 1% personal skill since it’s just keyboard clicking interface 1 4 3 6 2 7, oh oh pots! – = then 1 4 3 6 2 7 combo skills over and over.
    Sockets increase your attributes and what not, but a rare one costs over 4 mil.
    Theirs already an inflation in prices, and even if you grind for a day the most you can make is 500k. You go through level 1 and reach 40 and have only what? 300k? When you hit 46 you’ll just be laughed at for the weak equipments you have, because you don’t want to spend a single penny on this game.
    This game is still in Open Beta, but as a player with experience you can always tell a good game out of a bad one right from the start.

    First Impression of this game to me after playing for a week (I seriously gave this game a chance, I really did… It’s just not coming together.), is a big fat FAIL.

    Thank you for reading!

    • The 4 types of weapons in this game isnt a problem. Its challenge enough for me to use each of them appropriately in battle. With already being used to this game having a different type of weapon wouldn’t make sense to me unless they added a new class. I like how the classes are named after the weapon. (Orc Bow, Human 1H, Moonelf Orb, etc.)

      I don’t think they focused much on questing for the fact that the game is heavily focused on PvP which id understand. This is the one MMORPG that im not in for the quests. Just the PvP. If you like strong lore, this game isnt for you.

      Brother this is a F2P mmorpg. They give you incentives for donating but it doesn’t mean you have to and you can definitely be a strong player if you know what you’re doing without having to spend money. (Ive seen the prices and i can tell you there’s an awful lot you can get for the price you pay so at least they’re not too greedy with your money lol). How many mmorpgs has the hotkey interface for your skills? Can i bet that RF online has the same thing? The skill comes in when you use your other weapons strategically and time your combos right for whatever counter buff the opponent has. Rolling your own attributes goes a long way in this game. You didn’t list one single pro though i understand youonly gave this game a good week. I absabsolutely love the simplicity, the intense battlegrounds and CA boss fights and most of all love the Crunn faction community. There’s a lot good about this game i can list as well as some bad but come on. Its a solid game for how its structured and any adventurous rpg player couldsee it if they inspected the aspects of the game a little better.

  5. you mite wont to wait because there is almost always a query to get in game also there is a problem with getting dc all the time and more good game other then that

  6. It’s a good game. Generic experience, no cool systems or anything, but what they have is okay. Play this if you’re looking for a chill right click to win game. I should warn you there are a lot more people in the “good” faction, so pvp can be kinda onesided at times.


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