About the game:
Title: Avatar Star
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Cherry Credits
Publisher: Cherry Credits

Explosive Features:

  • Intricate Avatar Customization.
  • Cutesy Comic Style.
  • Custom Weapon and Skill Loadouts.

Avatar Star is a third person shooter published by Cherry Credits. In Avatar Star players can choose from 3 different classes each with access to their own set of unique weaponry and upgradeable abilities. Players can participate in three game modes and level up, unlocking new weapons and customizing them through the game’s crafting system which allows players to improve their items and socket gems with stat bonuses. The game features extensive cosmetic customization options which can be unlocked by completing quests or by purchasing them using the cash shop currency.

Avatar Star offers four gameplay modes including Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Domination, and Random.

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System Requirements

Avatar Star Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: Pentium 4 – 2 GHz or higher
Memory Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk Space: 600MB of free disk space
Video Card: Geforce 8600 GT or higher

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  1. hey guys, I also want to play this game. but there is no proper site of this game. there is one site but is it in some other language. i know only English. I downloaded it from other site and installed but when i open it it says that the “server times out” . on utube, there r many videos in which peoples r playing it and in english language.

    pls help me. pls sugest an effectiv esite to play. or give a step by step guide.

    pls reply…….

  2. I have to admit that there is a lot of cheaters in this game! Half on the player in this game
    are gamblers and hackers. So if you are going to play this game; make sure to not trust anyone!!!
    Also don’t trust anyone that sent you a message that looks like it from the game itself telling you that you may lose your items if you don’t register on some site…its a scam (from experience), it may be a hacker trying to steal your password! When you get something rare your name is on the message board so they can bother you and threaten you all they want. Play at your own risks!!!

  3. Its a decent game but one problem is the security in this game is awful!!!
    I got hacked when I got this super rare dagger!! It is not a good developed game. It also lags a lot.
    Play at your own risks!!!

  4. For a low spec requiring game, it really isn’t that bad. It’s very similar to battlefield heroes, but better. So far I haven’t really seen any p2w elements, because as far as I know, everything you can get in the shop can also be rewarded to you at the end of a match. There are even missions which help you out with getting some loot. Also unlike other free shooters, the items you get here are permanent. Overall, this is a great game with potential and hopefully would be the reason of battlefield heroes’ demise. (Sorry, but I’m not a fan of money hungry companies.)

    Some replies to some of these posts, I’m not sure if the matchmaking is at fault, or the player base. I’ve also been into matches where people were over 10 levels higher than I was, but surprisingly I still got some kills. That’s kind of what happens with a low player base that has a leveling system. It’s better to play a match than waiting hours to play a balanced one, right? I also seen no hackers, just high levels and laggers. People need to stop throwing out words like that and think for a moment, just because someone is better than you, doesn’t make them a hacker.

  5. The whole match making problem that this game has is the same as GTA5. I keep getting matched with players with all the best stuff. I hate trying to kill and level 80 with a SMG. While they have crap like RPGs and grenade launchers.

  6. Avatar Star is pretty darn fun, especially if you like anime and fps.

    I play it pretty frequently, I havent came in contact with any hackers nor anyone rude.

    The customization is to die for @u@

    And the match making process is perfect, the only thing you have to watch out for is lvl1 pros.

    Overall I give this game 4 out of 5 Lumps.

  7. tried this game its really fun and addicting it is also balanced except if you play in training mode, the classes are imbalanced, the skill of assasin is so good,Gunner is the worst class for me, even though the use of the weapons are easy,they dont get much kill in a battle.the community sucks though, not much people to talk to,it is also not a p2w game except for things such as drills but u can get them from quests so my rate:

    Gameplay : 8/10
    Graphic : 9/10
    community : 3/10

  8. gundog is not a good game like the developer say it just a copy paste nothing new really at all plus it be better to play a decent shooter game that going to have more game mode to play. avatar star not really pay to win and it just to many hacker in this game like S4 league. I argee that the gm and the developer need to do something about the hack problem. the moderator need to be replace with a good moderator that really care about avatar star.

  9. Terrible game, in one week have more hackers and cheater than normal players, have more cheaters than combat arms..and GM and moderator forum blocked msg in forum and facebook if you say something about hacks. hackers enter in database the CCchery site and stolen all CC points players and broken the game.

    Just one Warning DONT BUY CC POINTS in CChery site.. hackers can stolen you card number and all yours account informations!!!

  10. A recent patch just made this game pay2win. Welp, it WAS fun BEFORE this patch. Guess the company just got greedy real early. (Game is in obt)

  11. Same thing as battlefield heroes
    Imbalanced puts level 24’s against level 1’s
    And since its new its not pay to win yet.
    But it will be.

  12. I have a weak spot for 3rd Person Anime Shooters..
    This game is pretty fun. I love the fact that it isn’t
    Cash shop oriented and its more level based..
    As the game develops they will need better match making.

  13. this game looks fantastic, its very unic, making classes/skills from mmorpg goign into a shooter. unfortunately my computer dont run the game, io mean i run the tutorial and all, but once im in the match the game just frezze and never come back. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN i wanted to play it so badly, looks so fun! sad =(

  14. insdgnaegniawbgiuwenjgn eiubhiubrhsdjnviuwbei game so bad
    and damn whats wrong with thier account creation


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