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Title: Battle for Graxia
Status: Shutdown
Genre: Moba | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 3 GB
Publisher: Petroglyph Games
Developer: Petroglyph Games
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Create customized artifacts using the crystal forge
Dozens of Immortals to choose from
Character-based progression through a diverse skill tree

Battle for Graxia is the recent remake of Rise of Immortals. The game features the popular action-strategy team-based gameplay of traditional MOBA games, but adds a unique variety of characters, per character skill tree customization, a robust artifact system and much more.

The remake removed most of Rise of Immortals PvE aspects and instead hones the features for a more comprehensive MOBA experience. Players can now work together with their teamates to form cohesive teams before battle, a feature absent from the original version. The artifact and skill tree systems (not unlike the rune and mastery system found in League of Legends) allow a player to hone his Immortal’s focus and create individually unique builds for each of the game’s various Immortals to choose from.

In addition, Battle for Graxia features leaderboards, a social chat lobby, guild support, and more. Players new to the game also have the option of taking their Immortals through cooperative Player versus Environment (PvE) scenarios to learn vital mechanics, try out new abilities and earn experience before jumping into more competitive PvP matches.

Battle for Graxia system requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
RAM: 1 GB | HDD: 3 GB free space
CPU: 2.0Ghz Intel Pentium 4
Graphics Card: Shader 2.0, 512GB
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  1. Stop acting like an intelligent guy. LoL is a copy of dota and dota is a copy of the first MOBA ever made in starcraft. Nothing else

  2. This game I have found to be a rather bland copy of LoL. I could overlook that the gameplay is very much the same.

    But Battle for Graxia fails for one major reason. As colorful as the characters LOOK, their voice overs are HORRENDOUSLY bad. Borderline grating. Most sound highly annoying(those you can even understand). On top of that, their one liners are as generic as the game looks. Normally I could overlook it, but the voices are REALLY bad. So much so it makes the game annoying to listen to.

    On top of that BFG is shutting down, making many players angry because of the money they spent for skins and such.

    If you have to play this type of MOBA, you’re better off playing LOL.

  3. Have been playing this for months and I have to say its really awesome This game brings unique features as:

    – Signature moves: A powerful spell that can only be used once per game, they can be game changing if used in the right moment.

    – Artifacts, prismatics and relics: Artifacts are simple boosts that can be acquired in the shop, divided in different categories: Red(offensive), Blue(deffensive), Yellow(ulitlity). In bfg you can combine different artifacts to make prismatics, which boosts the effectiveness of artifacts. When you reach level 25 you can use relics. Like prismatics and artifacts they give you bonuses, but these bonuses can be to yourself and/or to your team.

    – Whiteknight: Do you hate leavers? Trolls? Ragers? Then this is the game for you, this feature allows you to replace anyone that leaves a match!

    – Easier shop interface and Item managing: Instead of mixing different items to get something better, here in bfg you simply upgrade you item. Lets say you have some movespeed boots, while in any other moba to make the item better you have to combine it with another items, here you just press the upgrade button and the items gives better stats and bonuses, as simple as that!

    And much more! I really recommend you all to try this for atleast a week, it brings a refreshing gameplay to what we see in other games, while it sometimes may have lon queue waiting times or other bugs, this game is worth trying. Hope you have fun with it!

  4. its a shame to see this game going offline

    had potential to be best moba but lead team made too many wrong choices

  5. lol is a copy of dota but lol enhance what dota dont have. Hope this new game is an enhance of LOL. I like LOL but if this new game enhance the gameplay then i would play it.

  6. haha, LoL-fanboys talking shit again… DotA is the original idea of MOBA, LoL is already a “copy” of it… HoN actually is almost a 1-1 copy of DotA. So forget all your who copied who bullshit. I dont want 1 MOBA game, im happy with the fact, that there are more than one MOBA to chose from. Not everyone likes the horror community of LoL or the graphics and the (too many) heroes.
    For those people BfG is kinda nice, its more simple, easier to learn, cause less heroes and a much nicer, but also much smaller community. And thats the only problem i see with the game, not enough players 🙁

  7. Installed the game, instantly hopped into the game without doing tutorials. Carried my team even though the player were much higher level than me, i still managed to go 10-4. Will be uninstalling this game. Probably one of the worst games I have ever played. Hard to click creeps, enemy targets. Hard to even know whats going on when you actually fight another person. I got rushed by some mage and died instantly.. from full hp to 0. I thought i was doing good, but died way too easily to care to play anymore of the shitty game.

    • Its calles fast paced action, if you find hard to target a creep or a enemy then you must be really bad and is impossible you carried you team.

  8. Rise of Immortals was a great game. IMHO, better than League of Legends…… However, Battle For Graxia stripped away everything that made it different from LoL. On top of that, BFG changed their store and items around….. Essentially BFG is now a bad clone of LoL, with a “pay to win” model

    • Pay to win? Tell me whar advantages they give you if you pay with real money? Or you are a troll or haven’t played the game.

  9. its an awesome game, im so bored of lol and its graphics, it looks kinda childish, but this is one great moba, similar to lol. in few weeks it will be lanched with more immortals and many more players. cheers.

  10. The best MOBA gaming community out there imo. Rarely get trolls, hardly anyone rages, it’s just great to see normal people acting normal.

    As far as the gameplay however, I feel it’s lackluster, and lacks innovation. The graphics are mediocre, diversity between heroes is a bit much (first I see a guy with a rifle and then a tree hero).

    It’s kind of the opposite of many other MOBA’s with highly impressive gameplay, but the crappiest communities you’ll ever see (League, HoN).

    • I’ve be playing game since Rise of Immortals, which was great game in that time, but now, with BfG we got so much more.

      I recommend this game too everyone that likes genre, u will try it and will never quit playing 🙂

  11. Battle For Graxia (BFG) Is my favorite Moba game!! love it 😀
    I dont really like Moba’s like, HoN (Heroes Of Newerth) and LoL (League of Legends)

    • I would like to punch you in the face… this is just a bad copy of League of Legends with just a hand full of characters to play. League has over 100 champs to unlock. This game is so compact it just gets boring fast.

      –League of Legends is the king of MOBA–

      • BfG is one great game, its made for all players, not cartoonish shit as lol, that babies plays eh

        Man u say that any moba is LoL copy, then lets go back in history and say that everything thats come out after some specific year is just copy of something good before.

        Then, people are only clones by your definitions, how can one be born unique if there was many before him 😀

      • for now blizzard all stars will take the crown cause blizzard makes the best games ever loke wow or starcraft and diablo

  12. If u are questioning about Ctrl+D spell,the thing of that spell is,it last longer when it attacks an immortal enemy,otherwise its shuted down after few seccons in non battle state.Anyway this game is fun and i mean by fun cus i played a full day and didn t got boored of this.Yah mabe it looks like league of legends but how you expect a new game come when league of legends do everything to keep the game freeshy.Oo one more thing…the shop mabe it looks like on LOL but its much older then of the League of Legends.

    • If it looks like the League shop interface, it’s because they copied it. Rise of Immortals came out in December of 2011, and League of Legends came out October of 2009. “Much older” isn’t even vaguely close to describing it.

      • To say Battle for Graxia is a LoL copy, even simple thing as shop, is same as u did say that only true and good fps was doom, only rts was total anihilation kingdoms


        • The looking may be like LoL, but LoL community sucks and people in Battle for Graxia are very friendly. Also the item shop is much easier.

      • not really. if you’ve played lol for some time, you know this shop interface is a recent feature(before we had a purple dude as shopkeeper and different shop). bfg has had it since closed beta, a couple of months before lol adopted it.

        p.s.: if we really want to say who copied who, the whole starting items-laning items-situational interface is taken from hon.


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