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About the game:
Title: Battlefield Heroes
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts

Explosive Features:

  • Acrobatic Gameplay.
  • Large Playerbase.
  • Many Different Weapons.

Battlefield Heroes is a free-to-play third person shooter with stylish cartoon graphics developed by Electronic Arts. This game is mostly aimed at casual gamers or gamers who like funny and cartoony gameplay, but still take pride at showcasing their skills.

The sandbox gameplay of the Battlefield series is present in Heroes, but the game does not try to replace or compete with the previous installments in the series. It’s just a fun and free alternative for a quick battle. The built-in matchmaking system ensures both new and experienced players are paired with gamers of equal skills, so that fair play prevails. In the game two factions are at war: The ‘National Army’ and the ‘Royal Army’. They are completely balanced, since despite the different looks, their weapons match each other in terms of ammo, speed, etc.

There are three classes to choose from: the Gunner, the Soldier and the Commando. Each class may carry two weapons and one explosive, so some tactical thinking is required when approaching the enemy vehicles. They are able to pilot every vehicle and offer different abilities. The player is able to customize the character and upgrade some items by using Valor Points that are earned in the game or Battlefunds, the micro-transaction currency that exists in Battlefield Heroes.

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System Requirements

Battlefield Heroes Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: Intel Pentium 4/AMD Athlon 1.0 GHz
Memory Ram: 512 MB
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB of free disk space
Video Card: 64MB DirectX compliant

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  1. THIS IS THE WORST GAME IN THE FING WOLRD !!! its like you HAVE to be a pay to win to get some FING KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME I JUST PLAYED IT, IT FING SUCKS!

  2. I lol’d when I was sharing my account with this guy, he got the Dr.Pepper codes, put them on my gunner, and I changed my password so he was all like WTF MAN!!! So now I have some free stuff 😛

  3. I have been in BFH since closed beta. I left the game when EA started to implemented use real money to buy NEW weapons or to buy weapons (unlimited days). I understand that they want to make money for the company but isn’t it too much? I used to support the game because I love seeing the game grow. I bought Battlefunds so I can customize my characters. I love customizations, but EA took it too far. They want use to buy the weapons too. Everything cost real money. Every new items cost real money. How about make more weapons and appearance for normal players who doesn’t have that much money to spend towards your game, EA? I’m done supporting EA. I don’t support P2W games.

  4. Yeah my comics are back and now they are shooting each other battlefield heroes is a joke like gundogs don’t even bother with the both.

  5. Never suported pay to win games are to unfair for those who dont spend money .If this game was buy to play i proabably buy it but how is now a pay to win game i dont play it, it sux for the normal acount guys and i dont suport those who force u to buy somthing so u can enjoi somthing that shoud be free

  6. guys dont not get this game
    IF U LIVE IN AUS/NZ OCEANIA REGION dont get the game the playerbase in that area is almost dead i can even count the daily players there are only a few daily players for that division and only a few active severs and only 1 clan atm. The reps that used to play the game have all left n now in Oceania many players just aimbot
    but if u come from EU or US u should give it a try there are A LOT OF BUGS
    but its still fun sometimes but THIS GAME ISN’T WHAT IT WAS A FEW YEARS BACK RIP BFH =(

  7. Something worth mentioning is that several years back they removed all non-premium equipment.

    All the weapon upgrades are premium, same for cosmetic changes like costumes. There also isnt any PVE element.

    There isnt much to really do. there’s nothing to work for, no weapons, no equipment. You play each map once and youve played the whole game.

    Its pretty much a downgraded version of Team Fortress 2, which actually has not-premium items and a PVE mode.

  8. this games is awesome but they could add better guns,graphics and more planes cars and tanks

    but overall its the best 3rd person shooter game that i know of

  9. Long ago I liked this game, you could buy weapons permanently and it didnt cost premium.

    Now you cant buy jack without premium currency=cash and I cant play anymore like that.

    Its F2P only as a trial mode with little to no options for equipment.

  10. I can’t download this game.
    When the downloader is downloading the file, It says
    “Data Error, Please check if the file is complete…”
    I need help

    • Get Battlefield 3 Because there will be vehicles like hemeuvs,helicopters,tanks,buggy,and they announced that fighter jets and sonic booms will be included. Another reason is no lag. In COD there is the lag feature (hahaha feature). While in battlefield there is little to no lag. Another reason is realistic stuff. You know how many times I try to act like I’m in the military in COD and failed because the dude can’t even stand right? In the 12 minute trailer (watched like 6 timed) you can act like your in the military and it feels good! ANOTHER reaso is destructive environment. Do you know how hard it is to explain to someone new to COD how fences and walls are magically undestroyable. In Battlefield 99.9% of everything is destructive. ANOTHER reason is that no stupid overpowered killstreaks,guns and dumbass perks like commando,and ghost. In battlefield it’s nothing but sheer firepower. Killstreaks make a player invincible. ANOTHER reason is that MW3 will be like MW2 (experience with COD). That is why Battlefield 3 is and Will be better. Was this answer helpful?

  11. I played the game since beta and still play it. Yeah it closes down sometimes, you get kicked from the odd game now and then, but it is still fun – even more so when your free weapons kill people who paid real cash for a bunch of pixels – worth giving it a go for sure.

  12. It’s a great game and all,but battlefunds basically ruined a majority of the game.My idea for them is not make Battlefunds so overpowering!

  13. this game made me lose interest after the battlefunds update. As soon as that update hit, no more good guns! So i ditched it.

  14. Very great game, with no battlefunds it is hard because of crap weapons.
    So yeah i got battlefunds wich makes the game better. But this game is awesome in my opinon it is the best Third person shooter!
    Normally TPS arent tottaly fun but Battlefield heroes is and it is surely not time wasting.
    There is no Jets and Choppers but there are Tank, planes, cars.

    So if you like Third person shooter try Battlefield heroes.
    But you need to buy battlefunds to get blown away!

  15. I’ve loved this game ever since beta. Sure, it’s not for everyone but overall its probably the best free shooter. Sure the battlefunds might not be the greatest but you can do just as good with normal weapons and honestly if you dont have 10 bucks to spare you shouldnt be wasting your time on the computer. I reccomend it to anyone who likes to shoot stuff and have a good time without getting shot in the face by a ultra skilled 15 year old who plays the game all day everyday.

  16. This is a really fun game, Even from the moment i downloaded it. Leveling is about a medium speed takes some time. But you don’t really pay attention to that. Because your to busy having fun! Level doesn’t really matter in this game which is great. It’s a great community respectful players and respectful staff. There is tons of customizable features for your character. The graphics aren’t the best, But they still look great. I highly recommend this game for people who wan’t a game to play on the side and also have fun with it. Have fun!


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