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Title: Battleforge | Status: Final
Genre: MMORTS | Theme: Fantasy

Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 2 GB
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Phenomic

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Captivating Mix of Genres
Fast-Paced Combat
Collectible Cards Aspect

BattleForge is a free online next-gen real time strategy game, where players you fight epic battles against evil in a massively multiplayer environment. BattleForge is different from most free MMORTS due to the fact that you can create your army: the units, buildings and magic in BattleForge are represented by collectible cards that you can exchange with other players.

BattleForge blends fantasy, strategy, trading card game and magical spells in a dynamic and unique MMO environment. Elements of classics such as Command and Conquer and Spellforce are combined to offer a game filled with community features. Choose your collectible cards carefully, since they will act as your means of war – each card equals a spell, building or unit that will show up directly onto the battlefield in glorious and real-time 3D visuals. Explore the single player and cooperative scenarios, supporting up to 12 players, and try your luck at the PvP battles, both ranked and unranked.

BattleForge mixes the best RTS elements with the social aspects of an MMO in the best way that you can find in a free-to-play game.

Battleforge system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista
RAM: 512 MB of RAM | HDD: 10GB Free
CPU: 1.8GHz AMD64 or Intel Core
Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce 6000-Series
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    • im here in 2016, and a team of independent devs are close to making maps playable again! All hail the (eventual) return of BF!

  1. This game is so much fun. My friends and I played it for almost two years and spent a lot of money on it.(like hundrets of Euros each) The only thing that made us leave in the end was the lack of new content. No new maps what so ever, (besides the editor ones, but they don’t give any rewards) and it took years to get the last card edition out (which we didn’t even bother to wait for, because there were no new campaign maps coming with it). When you reach a point, like we did, where you can solo four player maps to grind the last missing upgrades yourself, you get bored easily without regular content updates. And there simply are non. There are about twenty maps and that’s it (and going to be it, since EA is unlikely to spend more money on it. Quite the opposit in fact, cause they closed all servers but one by now).
    It’s so sad, because we had a really good time with it.

  2. Games not bad yes pay to play get some good cards but you can buy them without money just got to do some short surveys or watch a few vids. That’s what I did I have a full frost/undead deck I belive that’s what it was its been awhile. Took me a good week to get my good deck but games fun wouldn’t let what others say about it effect you’re judgment all in all 4 out of 5

  3. I have played this game for a few weeks when in it came on the market…
    It was okay, for a few weeks.

    Then approx a year later i spend money for good cards. And it was okay. again for a few weeks.

    Then a few months ago, i tried it because i was bored sick… it was nice but the game hasnt shown any progression except that they updated the characters (or cards) a bit to balance the game.

    I would say this game is nice when you stick to the storyline and dont spend money on it.
    2 out of 5

  4. ive been playing this game for a year and its extremely fun but it does have some balancing problems. like you may be going up against a player your level but he might be paying and have some ridiculously strong cards. only thing that would make this game better is to iron out those few bugs.

  5. wow mmobomb gotta hand it to you and these ppl who review these games. intel is right and im a happy camper compared to all those other review sites. this will be my only site to check games on.

  6. well game isent nice cuze you pley as sky lord imortal half dog ho sit in sky and form humands dream you build your creatures so tell game story line and you cud summon any thing but not your self and som sky lrod ar summon as card units and you not and you need buy card to summon stuf and as orignal sky lrod you cud summon any unit onle made dream coem true so its story line like as wow do:P night elf ho ar death khings ask me the game shud got big update to made you true sky lrod of one of 8 element normal ther 4 fire frost nature shadow but bandits stone tilwight and lost souls shud be normal dekc to onel add them worms 1 orb cards and be good you pick witsh side you liek be sky lrod ad build your self as cher body in game and then you all time be firts summon in game if som cuze lot akf left game when you oreayd fight to replace them to active ppl deck shud be units deck to add lot mroe stuf buildign to add all your frost in and speels and unit limti till 20k cuze game lord of ring battle midle earth ist old and thers 10k units power wells ar treshy to got limit power and shud be as logn its build up so lot get energy you get castel base somtign wher you get your pwoer orbs like and huge map you aly whit sky lrod fire and he give you fire card for free cze he summon card and if you frost change frost for fire so shud be true sky lords he mising som new biger units and more to do in ther and getign bf points for any win battle im heate creapy pvp stuf pvp oky big map war foge and non dem time limit cud be but in bf pvp its hell you see enemy he see you non sence they dotn knwo how do pvp he:P

    • uhh are you 8 or do you just suck at spelling btw yes they could do better with pvp and add more units in the game but they have there hands full because they working on another game that should be coming out sooner or later.

    • What a beautiful lady you are. So glad we had a divnie appointment at a bus stop in West Palm Beach, Florida. Diane and I look forward to what God has in store for our new relationship with you and your inspiring company. And by the way, you weren’t just speaking to yourself through your blog. You spoke to me.

  7. actually i disagree with u , u can be pretty much like someone who is actually paying , because everyday when u play 15min u get 1point and u can buy 1 random card with it , if its a good card u can sell it on market and buy more of the 1 card pack or buy cards for market . i myself have lots of really good cards that i use to win games alone

  8. This is not a proper F2P game, if you want some new stuff you need to spend your own money in it, It might be fun in the biggining but over time you just get bored of playing with the same cards.

  9. As I remember last time I checked it any good cards where almost not obtainable if you where not a paying player. That made large balance issues between paying and not paying players.

  10. Fun game, a mix of rts and tcg. Cards are easier to get with recent updates, however updates are not very regular.


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