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Title: Blade Wars
Status: Final | Genre: MMORPG
Theme: Martial Arts, Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 1130 MB
Publisher: ChangYou
Developer: ChangYou
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Custom Combos
Great PvP options
Fast paced combat

Blade Wars is a martial arts MMORPG that was developed in China, which has been adapted for players in the US. Blade Wars allows players to strategize with a customizable fighting system that encourages skilled players to challenge each other for supremacy.

Players in Blade Wars can expect to dive into fierce battles and plunge through a myriad of unique, story-driven quests set in the Kung Fu world. Play as one of five classes -Knight, Assassin, Shura, Warlock, or Warrior- and explore a visually stunning world of ethereal beauty brimming with otherworldly inhabitants, mysterious enemies, and ancient secrets.

Thanks to the help of the Sanda champion Liu Hailong as choreographer, Blade Wars offers players an unparalleled variety of realistic martial arts moves. More than 398,000 kung fu moves and 99 different combat styles were developed for Blade Wars.

In addition to the revamped fighting system, the game incorporates many of the same great features that players loved in ChangYou’s previous title, Dragon Oath. Mounts, trading, guild wars, daily events – they’re all here in Blade Wars, and we invite you to discover the excitement of this wildly popular game for yourself.

Blade Wars system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / 2000 / 98 / Windows ME
RAM: 256 MB | HDD: 2 GB Free
CPU: 800 MHz Pentium 3
Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce2 MX 400/32M
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