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About the game:
Title: Caravan Stories
Status: Released
Developer: Aiming Inc.
Publisher: Aiming Inc.

Journey to the vast open world of Iyarr and battle against the demon tide in Caravan Stories, a free-to-play MMORPG for the PlayStation 4. An innovative graphical look and soft musical tones help Caravan Stories stand out and offer an experience pleasing to both the eyes and the ears. Choose from one of six races and recruit up to 300 followers to accompany you on your travels.

Caravan Stories features strategic combat and character development, with different monsters spawning based on the time of day. Spectate more experienced adventurers to learn from them or take on challenging dungeons and open-world raids yourself and with friends to protect Iyarr from the forces of evil!

Explosive Features:

  • Cel-shaded Graphics
  • Dungeons And Open-World Raids
  • Spectator Mode

News and Updates

Caravan Stories Launches On PlayStation 4 Tomorrow Morning

Free-to-play MMORPG Caravan Stories goes live tomorrow for PlayStation 4 owners in North America. You can start downloading at 8 a.m. Pacific and begin...

Anime-Inspired MMO Caravan Stories Set To Release In NA On PS4 In September

Having previously been delayed, today Aiming Inc. announced its free-to-play anime-themed MMO Caravan Stories would finally be making its way to PlayStation 4. The...

PS4 MMORPG Caravan Stories Delays Its Open Beta Launch

If you're wondering where Caravan Stories is -- don't worry, you haven't missed it. The free-to-play PlayStation 4 MMORPG was supposed to launch into...

Caravan Stories Comes To PS4 With Open Beta July 16, Launch July 23

Caravan Stories, the free-to-play anime-styled MMORPG from Aiming Inc. and Mugen Creations that Q accurately described as "disgustingly cute," now has a launch date...

Anime-Inspired MMO Caravan Stories To Hit PlayStation 4 In July

In July, PlayStation 4 players in North America will be able to join over 2 million Japanese players in exploring the world of Caravan...

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System Requirements

Caravan Stories Minimum System Requirements:

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  1. If I had wanted a mobile game I would have looked on my phone this is very disappointing console game I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone


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