About the game:
Title: Carnage Racing
Status: Offline Graphics: 3D
Genre: Racing Type: Browser
Developer: Jagex
Publisher: Jagex

Explosive Features:

  • Developed by Jagex.
  • Multitude of Weapon Power-Ups.
  • Play within Facebook.

Carnage Racing is a 3D arcade style racing game that is playable within Facebook. The game was developed by Jagex (most famously known for Runescape), and provides players the chance to drive souped up cars or crazy tracks filled with turbo powered jumps and weapon power ups.

The game features a “hidden” track system called warps which allow a player to phase through secret tunnels in order to gain an edge on their opponents. In order to warp a player must accrue points during the race by jumping off boosted ramps for air time.

Players have the opportunity to customize a variety of vehicle types with different vehicle mods including new engines, weapons and paint jobs. Because the game is based within Facebook, players can choose to play against their friends or compete for top place on the leaderboards. Fans of old arcade racing games such as Rush and Mario Kart should give Carnage Racing a try.

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  2. JAGEX STICK TO WHAT YOU’ER GOOD AT 3D mmorpgs like one of you’er most beloved game’s (RUNESCAPE) it what you are good at (game sucks)


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