About the game:
Title: Chrono Tales
Status: Open Beta Graphics: 3D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: Ray Media Group
Publisher: Ray Media Group

Explosive Features:

  • Utilize Three Pets at once.
  • Siege PvP Warfare.
  • Detailed browser graphics.

Chrono Tales is a free to play 3D fantasy browser based MMORPG. In Chrono Tales you the player accidentally unleash the Hell King Ulam. Unable to combat the foe, you are sent back two years in the past in order to attempt to change the course of history.

Chrono Tales utilizes a unique pet combat system whereby a player can have up to three pets out at once. As pets level up their abilities increase and players gain access to new uses for their pets including using them as mounts, combat pets and the ability to fuse with the player in order to gain additional attributes.

As players continue to level up they will gain access to large scale siege warfare, whereby they and others can participate in capturing keeps in PvP combat. Players can also participate in world boss fights which gives players a chance to gain legendary loot if they are successful. Chrono Tales gives players numerous customization options including an astrology feature where players can obtain Soul Stars which grant different attributes. Soul Stars can be leveled up independently which grant access to zodiac vigors allowing for even further customization.

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System Requirements

Chrono Tales Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7
Processor: Core 2 Duo or better
Memory Ram: 512 MB

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    • sherwood dungeon very good game give it a shot free browser based play it online in you browser no downloads needed its a great game. and from what I’ve seen of this one not much different

    • sherwood dungeon very good game give it a shot free browser based play it online in you browser no downloads needed its a great game. and from what I’ve seen of this one not much different

  1. Man I miss this game, I play this game few years ago. Sad thing it was shut down. I’m reminiscing sometimes. Ahh, good memories from few years ago. Hope they will revive this game.

  2. please bring back chrono tales 🙁 many players really love this game. maybe you should just reset the game ad remove those bugs and dupes. please developers bring it back. 🙁

  3. Hey, Please bring back this game :(, i really really love this game.. I miss Snow Banshee and TK cause i gonna lure these 2boss into junkman and lot afk there dead.. but it was fun haha.. but truly guys. i love this game and this is awesome game ^_^

  4. i so loved this game , They could update it and all . make the bag thing better and not spend gems , then do pve with the pvp ? maybe , i hated when i was questing and some one who kill me , some just love to quest

  5. This game is not trash at all! i think this game has a better graphics animation and etc..
    I want to play this game again and my friends are waiting for me! my guild!!


    • Well, DUHHHH, the games sunset. The devs and the mods were the worse bunch of cheaters. The forum mods were like dictators. Much like AdventureQuest Worlds. Games dead, move on. The game itself was good, the devs and mods where total cons.

  6. This game is awesome don’t go saying bad comments wtf!!
    i’ve been wanting to play this game i hope they will remake this game.
    i want to play chrono tales again! so please remake this game.. those idiots don’t know what there talking abaout!
    please remake this game i want to play it again!

  7. This isn’t a browser game. It told me I had to download something, and I can’t download anything on a chromebook!

  8. I’ve been playing this game for the past week. I neither like nor hate the game so I feel I can leave a unbiased review.

    * Questing system – everything has ability for auto path/farm
    * Easy to earn money – if you use your profession: I suggest Pharmacy and craft Double EXP pots; sell for 25silver each.
    * Easy to level – With all of the daily quests/events and main/side quests you will never be short of EXP.

    * P2W – This game is definitely pay to win. It requires real money to expand inventory and warehouse, gain better skills, get stat advantages, and safely enhance.
    * PVP is required – You need to PVP to gain EXP from quests and gain currency to spend in the item mall. This would be OK if you couldn’t pay to get an easy advantage.

  9. Actually, you do have to download. It’s just a 3D gaming client, but still. Can’t download anything on this computer. Therefor probably can’t do 3D games…

    • I know how you feel. I’m on a chromebook and I was trying to find some good browser games to play. Thankfully I’m not the only one who thought this.

  10. can this game save because i played chrono tales before when i wanted to play it again i have to start all over again

  11. you’re all stupid. I’ve been playing this game for a year and haven’t spent a dime so idk what any of you are talking about. I love this and its not PAY TO WIN you have to grind a lot, sure but i’m lvl 55 and this is my new account that I got in like march/april. you just have to know how to know the small cheats

    • This person is a certified noob. Any comments made by this person holds no value other then noob entertainment. Please disregard this “wanna be gamer”.

      • The Person above me is a certified asshole. Stay away from him at all costs, all he does is make stupid comments that no one cares about THAT MEANS YOU FOUNDEH

      • You have never seen this guy play and you call him a noob straight up. Is it beacuse he can play the game without funding unlike you.(WARNING! Stay away from FOUNDEH as he is a toxic user who is socially handicapped)

  12. i got to agree this game is a load-to-play game…you can be so powerful even if your in a town.
    you just got to spent some diamonds(load/cash) and walla your a god in this game
    and those who cant afford to buy diamonds cant be a top player
    This is true because im a player of this game too..
    but i stopped playing this game now…
    I suggest play for new players to create a character in server 7 or 10
    this is the only remaining un-abused server in this game../

    • I left the game due to mod abuse as well as helpers???. No matter how many screenshots I took and posted up on the forums of mod and helpers abuse, I ended up getting a private message from mods saying we will look into it, and got nothing back. Same on all servers.

      • At least you got a response, they totally ignored me & banned me when I was one being harassed. Did not even get an e-mail from them saying so either!


      All who say this game is good is a Liar. Nothing but Loaders who bully harass & troll EVERYONE & the Game makers WILL NOT do anything about them. I have not talked much bad in game and I am banned & all my reports of the harassment go UN-reviewed. This game a slew of hackers, scammers, trolls, bullies & glitch abusers/Cheat engine users and the game makers think that’s OK.

      I quit this game before because of all the scamming hacking bullying trolling & general stupidity & NOTHING has changed one bit. only difference is the new lvl 70 limit.

      ANYONE who tries to play this game and says anything more then hello are under scrutiny of being someone else & being harassed relentlessly & pked & crystals destroyed .

      This is a loader Reputation game, unless your a big loader you get NO respect & ignored, bullied, trolled & hated on.

  13. If you like playing a game as a free player, Chrono Tales isn’t for you. Heavy cashers dominated the game and this leaves free players with nothing to do but bot monsters and quests. The carfting aspect isn’t that interesting since you have to grind for the materials and the pets are nice, but not really useful unless you spend cash upgrading them. In all honesty, Chrono Tales should be listed as a play to win game. There’s nothing interesting to do as a free player and there are plenty of other games that will let you compete in events like Siege War without having to pay with real money to do it.

  14. wut could be worse then watching paint dry? This game. Want to banned for trying to speak privately in your won language to your mates? Standing in front of GH asking for help then they ride off and ignore your? Want to see GH abusing each other in world chat? Ya do. Then this game is for you.

    • BE SILENT YOU, Server 17 IS ENGLISH ONLY, The GH tells you to go to Sea server to speak any language you want.. S17 IS ENGLISH ONLY & you & your friends ALWAYS abuse the rules Get rude & nasty with ppl & Bully ppl.. YOU & all Like u should be banned from the internet.

      You want to act like a bloody ignorant mentally retarded Child & break rules & harass ppl then you come here & Whine & cry there being unfair for asking you to follow the Servers rules.. SHUT UP!

      • You have to be a mod. That is exactly how they speak to you. Look on the forums. For your info klown Fk, an italian guy was asking for help, ya special needs feck, and I answered in italian privately, not world chat. You argument is non void. Not sure why I’m responding to a game that has a low playerbase and is due to shutdown soon. Do your homework.

  15. Boring and repetitive. So much the same as a million other games. Nothing new or interesting here. The community have nothing interesting to say and it’s just the usual fawning over high level players or constantly begging for help. 50% of world chat is volunteer staff telling people to speak English.

    • Now it is 100% of the staff asking & they do not listen & harass & insult the Game Staff.

      Its there own fault for just warning & being a Lil wimp & not muting on 3 warn & banning the ignorant trolls who Inhabit the game & make it totally unplayable & enjoyable to the English speaking ppl who have a right to be there & speak english trying to enjoy the damn game..

      • For the record Mr. “H8trSlayer”, you do not have to use the ampersand key every single time. You can, however, use punctuation marks or the word “and”. I’m certain it’s not hard to press the comma key. You are also an immature redundant dunderhead who literally has nothing better to do than to bash on posts without leaving a proper review. I bid you adieu.

    • This game is NOT COOL, I suggest EVERYONE vote it down & get it eventually Shut down.
      This game Spawns ignorance & stupidity beyond all possible tolerance.. IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO ACT LIKE A TOTAL FOOL & TREAT OTHERS BADLY! Please Take this Horrible game off your list, you only make your own website look bad for sponsoring such a horrible game!

        • This game is trash. Mods are a rip off as well. I see so much childish banter ingame from both helpers, it’s unbelievable. So many players getting banned from mods for no reason other then disagreeing with them when they allowed helpers to abuse their power ingame, that the playerbase eventually died … and fast. Ripoff game. Forum mods are like 12 years old with their tantrums.


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