About the game:
Title: Born to Fire
Status: offline Graphics: 3D
Developer: RedGate Studio
Publisher: Gamania

Explosive Features:

  • Story driven gameplay
  • Unique weapon and combat system
  • High quality graphics

Core Blaze is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG by Gamania; utilizing the Unreal Engine 3, Core Blaze displays high-end visual effects with fast-paced gameplay.

Inspired by Eastern mythology, Core Blaze offers players a unique combat experience based on weapons rather than a traditional leveling system. Players are able to equip weapons right before combat and change weapons on a day-to-day basis.

Using small teams, players work together in instances to battle foes and problem solve obstacles in the environment. The actions players choose affects Core Blaze’s storyline and quests, and over time these choices manifest in the world.

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  1. Look at the bottom of this website. Notice it says © 2011 – 2015 All rights reserved.
    The website for core blaze was last copywrited in 2011. It has not been copywrited for a span of time and therefor has not been touched since 2012. The game is dead. Sad.

  2. Core Blaze Official
    23 January 2014
    “We are looking at every detail to ensure the perfection of Core Blaze. Almost there, guys!”

    This is the most recent info I can find about this game, which was announced 1 year ago,
    Rumors said; they stopped developing this game in 2012. but none can exactly say when or what.
    I guess it will stay unknown till they release the game, if they will ever do.


  3. Core Blaze is dead…

    The game is never being made.

    This is because the company Gamania has shut down. (back in 2012)
    All of their games that was being worked on is dead.

    That includes Tiara Concerto, Langrisser Schwarz and Dream Drops.

    Funny thing was… all 4 of the games was scheduled for CBT/OBT in 2012 just before the company died.

  4. its already released since 2011 in asia but not in Europe and USA.
    They are trying there best to get it here but it can come this year or if we have no luck in 2016.
    P.S. Its like Monster Hunter in my opinion 😀

    • I thought the company Gamania died?… or at least the NA based one did.

      Cause last I heard, Langrisser Schwarz, Tiara Concerto, Dream Drops are all cancelled while in Development, some of their website even said “Terminated” (with google translate)
      So I thought Core Blaze was cancelled too… but I can’t find much info, so I am not sure.

  5. The game looks okay, but the trailer doesn’t really show us much, does it?
    Anyway, I’m lookin forward to try it.

  6. Hmm from the HP/MP/SP bar its show that recent “Dragon prophet” about the same tab..
    I doubt its the same developer or same engine.. Hope its wont fail hard to 2013 MMO world

  7. graphics look nice but how about combat? i hated combat in blade and souls and c9 .. if combat is nice in this game then all is gud


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