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About the game:
Title: CosmicBreak Universal
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Cyberstep
Publisher: Cyberstep

CosmicBreak Universal is a free 3D MMO third person shooter with big robots and featuring anime-styled visuals, intense and exciting combat, and fast-paced missions in a world ruled for a long time by galactic anarchy. The long-dormant race of colossal robots called Arks have all of a sudden awakened to discover their galaxy ruled by the evil Chaos. The eons of dormancy have drained energy from the enduring three Arks of Courage, Strength, and Wisdom, and now only enough energy remains for one of them to fully revive with the power to defeat the evil Chaos.

Enthusiastic supporters of each of the three great Arks have formed three rival Unions, each fighting for the right to revive their respective Ark. Which Union will surface as the one super power to defeat Chaos and decide the fate of the world?

Choose from three different gameplay modes: Arena, Mission and Quest. Players can pilot and customize over 50 types of robots with the unique Editor System.

Explosive Features:

  • Lots of Robots and Parts.
  • Fast-Paced Gameplay.
  • Easy Controls.

Featured Video

System Requirements

CosmicBreak Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: P3 1.2GHz
Memory Ram: 256 MB
Hard Disk Space: 800MB of free disk space
Video Card: 32 MB

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  1. sad to say but
    Hello from the CosmicBreak Service Team. We are sad to announce that CosmicBreak EN will end all services on March 5th. The servers will remain active until services are officially terminated. Following tonight’s maintenance, Rt-related services including charging and offerwalls will henceforth be disabled for the remainder of service. A form will later be made available for players to fill out in order to migrate their player account to the CBJP servers. More details regarding the player account migration will be posted at a later date.

  2. (Cosmic Break)
    (+ Pro)
    + 3 Type Unit Classes (Lnd, Air, Art)
    + Custom Unit Build
    + 4 Game mode or more
    + Sci-fi Shooter
    + low Spec System
    – Small Community
    – Unbalance Unit
    – Lack of customer support
    – Exploiter
    – Botter
    – Unfriendly Community

  3. Racism in game and all of Cyberstep’s games GMs are good liars too much hate in the community new comers will have a hard time trying to adjust to new environment only to turn away in pure disgust

    As a 7 year vet community too racist and rude not to mention GMs hardly do anything to intervene they are fast to react to feedbacks but reports imagine having to wait over 2 weeks to get a reply that’s how bad it is currently

    Cyberstep has lost of its income now repeating same old events its boring now

    • I would have to very much agree. I’m a veteran too but I can see this game is dying and much of the community (that barely exists) doesn’t seem to care about anything.

  4. Cyberstep game have all low population due to their greediness for money. Stay Away from Cyberstep Games they are completely dead.

  5. this game is now dead,,player base is awfully low now
    less then 100 online on weekend and bazzar lulz
    ..and no one do haku and treasure hunting anymore ,, they all to busy playing in arena for tickets,,,for gara..roll…. 0_0

    huft.. i miss the old cosmic break :3

  6. Cosmic Break 2 may be released after they’ve finished milking the 80-250 active players that remain.

    As of the current state of the game:
    – It’s extremely fun with interesting mechanics.
    – There is TONS of customization, but expensive
    – Dying playerbase.
    – PvE is boring, but the PvP can get extremely exciting…if you’re willing to spend lots of money to compete with the veterans.

    Unfortunately, there are specific, over-powered robots that you will encounter repeatedly in the arena. I got bored of facing the same robots and quit a year ago. I also quit because of the lack of fairness and balance. Newbies WILL feel overwhelmed if they are not willing to spend $50-100+ to jump-start their account.

    When you start an account, you will need a viable robot fast. You will suffer with the outdated robots they give you. Acquiring a viable robot requires the “garapon” system. You spend $4-$16 to gamble for a great robot or garbage. But that’s only the first step.

    The second step is a system to “tune” your robot to it’s highest potential. Guess what it involves? More expensive gambling. Veterans have fully tuned bots that will destroy any newbie’s fighting chance. It’s fun to plan out your robot and put it to the test. Too bad it’s time-consuming to acquire the materials. That requires a whole month’s worth of gameplay just to fully tune 1-2 robots.

    The third step is to cry after you realized that your fully tuned bot stands no chance against a player base the loves to spam overpowered ones.

    I gave the game one more shot recently. I started a fresh account to see what it was like to become a beginner again. Cyberstep seems to have realized the value to giving beginners a chance. There are currently events that give tickets and coins to roll/purchase a modern robot…or should I say “moe bot,” since mechas are terrible without tuning. Games are fun when both teams are on equal ground. When an overpowered robot shows up, however, all fun is lost.

    I remember playing 30 vs 30 games at one time. Those games were chaotic, and everyone had something they could do. It’s sad to see the number of players decrease. This is what happens when a company chooses to release new and improved robots every week instead of balance adjustments. Let’s hope Cyberstep improves in Cosmic Break 2(if they release it to North America).

  7. This game is fun….. Sorry, i mean ‘was’ fun

    New / Good robot updates only for paying users. Pay to Win for sure.

    Community already broken & CyberStep can’t think anything beside throwing cash milking schemes to the games

  8. Cosmic break
    (Company): Cyberstep
    + Customize robot skin and color
    + Lots of different unique unit robot
    + New update content map and PVE maps
    + Good Gameplay Shooter game
    + Very Similar to other game by the developer
    – Server issue
    – Unfriendly Community
    – Unbalance unit Robot
    – Low Player base (sometime)
    – Bug and glitches
    – Less GM Active on forum but more active GM in-game
    – Easy to mess up your unit built robot
    Star 4/5 (Great)
    The game is good to play for anyone age so try it out and you may like it art style design by the developer.

  9. I just wanted to say. Even though this game became pay2win it´s not a t a worst level.
    The ingame currency (cash shop currency) can be bought only a monthly basis. means u can buy for ingamemoney (earned through gaming) ingamemoney which u can more easily buy with real money.

    That said through that I got in 2 years of playing (while taking long breaks of this game and not having about 5weeks of playing time (max) I got all I need to be considerate a strong player.

    u need 40 for one and 160 for 5 rolls of garapon (something like a lottery for strong robots)
    u can get monthly
    1rt for 700uc which u can stack up to 10rt. means 10rt for 700uc in total afterwards the price increases
    + 10rt for 14000uc
    + 10rt for 21000uc
    +10rt for 28000uc
    +10rt for 35000uc
    so in total 50rt monthly for 105000uc
    u can get about 300 to 2000uc per round played (arena) and one round take about 10min.
    that means in worst case (which won´t happen) u can get it in 60 hours playtime a month which is about 2hours daily. So that said it´s actually wrong because I remember palying a weekend for 12hours and actually getting the 105kuc.
    So all in all every 3 month u have a chance getting op bots. while I recommend buyiong for starters in first month weapons or a bot for rt directly without lottery (bot cost from 15rt to 100rt and weps about 12rt to 50rt, didn´t look up but something like that is accurate enough for EN server)

    So in the end I want to say that the game is actually fun but it laggs alot and its nearly dead (I looked today how many ppl are online and there were about 150 in total (the EN server has the capacity for a maximum of 3000) and about 50% had a “shop” opened and were afk.

    I quit becaus eof that…but if it ever gets populated I will play again.

  10. Guys come back.. the game got alot better.
    I just came back yesterday and when I looked into the shop, there were many good robots for uc.
    There’s also a event for the 3rd anniversary.
    If you come now you will get a free random robot. ( I made a new account and got a venguard axer)

  11. Just avoid this game, is already broken and complete unattended, no GMs, is now in auto-mode PAY4WIN…

    Just don’t waste downloading and installing this game

  12. you know what you need for beginner in this game you need robot can fly for long time and missle or blasma weapons so u can pro this game fast and don’t forget heavy robots skills are too strong

  13. a lot of people have been saying come back and have a look at the game so I did okay I am a long term player so my view will be different from new players jest saying it now you fine to disagree to what I say jest don’t be mean about it thank you. (p.s) my spelling sucks this is my 3rd language so srry

    so I come back on I have bought 75 dollars’ worth of coins to prepare so I went in to a match with some of my old bots and I have looked at every new bot and also have been given some on a trade day to play with I am happy to say that the balance of the game has gotten better melees now have very low health and I can kill them easily but man is it hard if you don’t have the rely good old bots or the new ones that cost rt I had about 2.5m uc so I was able to but up some of the new bots on the shop and mix them together my results helped me some but I would like to point out it has not gotten any better for the new players there is now a channel but it has a big gap from the normal one and players will find them self’s over whelmed when they move out of the beginner channel its very bad but if you can hang on for a while this can be a great game but there is such a big learning curve that this game is very pay to have fun I did put 75 dollars in rt in to this as I got back on and wow that a gta V so not worth it if you’re not a long term player but I am happy with the money I spent in to the game and am enjoying it a lot but I can’t say I can recommend it to anybody new its jest too hard for them to get used to it and to have fun playing it and once they get out of the beginner channel and in the AAA matches they will find that they jest get kicked in the but and can’t do a thing about it sadly this game has not changed much for the new players and now is now worse for them in a way and also more punishing so I say jest lets this game pass you if you’re not willing to hold on to the long hall.
    This is RenTheRose saying : not all changes are for the better.

  14. cosmic break is a fun game to play but the player who will start throwing money at the game in the beginner channel will start abuseing the garapon unit from the shop with real money in the game. nowdays people use only rt unit in the game barely any uc unit in the shop for real gameplay with cash being out on top on cosmic break which make it pay to win in this game. it the same for higher rank player too. it really sad not to see a real player play without cash op unit in the game instead trying to play without cash. I can’t recalled them a skill based player with cash blowing the game down the hill. it is very unbalance thank to the developer for showing a broken meta game with less skill now.

  15. cosmic break is a fun pvp game but the downside is that the game is pay to win due to the garapon giving higher tier or low tier in the game plus too some robot can’t survive against the op unit in the game and I recommended not to play this game if you going to communicate with your teammate in order to beat your opponent like a treasure chest game. this game require a lot of teamwork and skill and thinking for cosmic break but it is improveing a lot more now with some new pvp map and new pve content in a short mission for fast point. this game is really focus on pvp a lot in term of skill level.

  16. it doesn’t change much in cosmic break since player can use higher tier robot in that game with in game cash trying to get something in the garapon that has a very low rate of what you want so that is like a gambling for money in casino on this game leaving to bad behavior to this game and the shop got a lot worst now since they double the rt price on the robot meaning more cash and I think that just crazy to that to the player so I believe this game is a rip off believe it or not but cyberstep went to far with this game to burn money like hell on this game and I argee it to went good to crap pay to win and the auto aim is a joke why not put manual for real skill for player this game hardly has skill to begin with it.

  17. May I suggest that you try looking back again at the game today. see it for yourself the changes that have took place but in terms of being skilled in this game it will test your patience and how you’ll be dealing with that as a gamer.

  18. this game used to be fun but player are leaving because of the nonsense of pay to win which leave the game being unskilled with op bots that take hardly any skill in the game making player rage for good and not come back plus the power creep so high it is beyond repair for this game and I recommended not playing this game much it will you stress with lag and the op unit in this game.

  19. I am a player in this game. I have been constantly playing this game for 2 years now, at first I find this game very simple and closed in a box. As a constant player of this game I have seen huge changes in this game for over a period of time. like for example, the evolution of various mechas in-game from being a plain old polygonal robot I have seen new characters released with great looks and skills.

    In terms of the game’s world, it may be not an open world like other games would be but the game developers have added some modification to it’s world. They have modified the resort area over time, plus in the resort area they have added the “Angel Academy” which features a high definition textures. also these HD textures are given to the old and newly released robots and moe characters. In some cases of the old bots you’ll have to edit the old skins to enhance their textures.

    Well, about the gameplay. For me, I can’t judge any gamer who would give their first impression about the game on the year the game was started to become official because, I also would admit that the first time I saw the game I felt that should give it a try. as I play it, I find it very unique unlike other TPS I am doing PvP here that I have not seen in other game. For over a period there are huge changes on Cosmic Break like in Arena they have added lots of maps and specifications on arena rooms, missions are also modified given with new look with latest stories the games has to offer and in the quest area… well it is still traditional quest that gives huge exps and item drops.

    and lastly in terms of premium charges… meh.
    honestly, I am a freeloader now after a year of charging premium money I had enough. Although this game is “free to play” we can’t remove the fact that it is a “pay to win” because of the garapon system. rolling in the garapon frustrates most players of the game because most of them got their money burned due to the rates of garapon that does not give them their desired character. it’s also the reason I have become a freeloader. but there are also ways to get some premium money without burning your wallets.

    Here are some tips to cope up with those rich fags dominating this game.
    – UC>RT conversion
    This is one way I can take downs those rich fags of the game … I simply farm 100,000 UC and when the time the conversion was reset after a maintenance, I immediately buy those in-game premium money that is in the shop then quickly as I can proceed to garapon and without hesitation I click a desired garapon and roll it … and I ensure you that you’ll be getting a gold ball in this.

    – Offers
    offers are free there are just some things you’ll have to do to obtain some amount of RT you want get.

  20. Honestly, i really really liked this game…,but it was before the official released…this is the best mmo mecha game ive ever played… sadly due to the lack of judgement on how to PLEASE the players and at the same time will not hurt their profit….the game is gradually less enjoyable…i find it hard to compromise all the changes…

  21. long time player i have to say its not the eazyst game ever thier is alot more mind and skill needed then most but also if you dont have both you can pay and right click your way to the top i have played for years i have to say i dont like the way its going the new player channle that is mad helps but new players are destroyed in matches so bad that they wont pick the game back up yes you can make robots but the high lvl of thought required to make a good bot and theen the rare parts needed to make it work makes it almost imposible to make a bot from scratch the game has alot that it can off if you feel like takeing time alot of time to learn and play the community is mostly great with lots of feedback and player relationships but if you find you self needing a gm their not rilly there but that dosent meen their are no events their are toons of events always something to do one way or another i have spent money on this game and help players out the 2 years i have played i cant say i recomend this game when it’s so not user friendly but i have to say take the time and talk to players learn what you can do and what is plane imposible to do off the start after a year of playinjg you might be able to say its one of your fav games but if you cant make a long term commitment then spend 10 to 20 us dollors and right click you way up with mele.

    Love; The Rose You Can Not Touch

  22. i was addicted to this game just like you, i have 180 robots and i was one of the forst on the beta test open and close but ever since they made it open server… i lost all my robots all my money al i had left was lily rain sone crappy bots and a beta tester flag and my guild name tag… then they introduced the money currency… i can’t buy anything because im from overseas and i can’t transfer the money and this was a 100% free to play game….

  23. It’s sad that there aren’t more players in this game.. It’s so damn good! I’m honestly addicted as HELL to it.
    If you are even SLIGHTLY interested, go download it. You, likely, will not be disappointed.

  24. Ok guys u guys act like this game sucks.U can change uc to RT up to 50 a month.I never spend a buck and i got a fully tune destructor girl fully tune and can kill ivis.they also have alot of events i got a toybox girl and a sp winbrell from them .

    • yes i agree with you, i got like 65 robots during close beta then i lost everything when the thing actually started, then RTs currency was introduced and we have nothing left

  25. While the game has lots of customization options too many items cost real money and the regular robots dont look all that great.

    • I did however like thereal manual combat system as good games like those are hard to find. As i took up this game as a replacer to Fantasy Earth Zero.

    • Well you will find a lot of mmo games like this like “Crystal Saga” in order to expand you iventory you must pay crystals or whas it coupons wich you get by giving real money or those VIP you find you must pay real money to become a VIP


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