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About the game:
Title: CrimeCraft
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Vogster Entertainment
Publisher: Vogster Entertainment

Explosive Features:

  • Unreal Engine 3 graphics.
  • Different Game Modes.
  • Fast paced.

CrimeCraft is a free to play fast-paced third-person shooter (MMOTPS) set in the persistent world of Sunrise City, a gang-infested near-future metropolis reeling from the total collapse of the entire world economy. In CrimeCraft you can become a criminal sharp shooter, performing various “tasks” and “jobs” for money and experience. These help your avatar gain a reputation, learn new trade skills and perform new abilities in battle.

Items you manufacture can be sold, traded or auctioned to other players. When you’re not rippijng them off, you can battle other players (or AI enemie) with a wide range of weapons, explosives, abilities and enhancements at your disposal.

The environment you will encounter in Sunrise City is breathtaking, beautifully rendered by the powerful Unreal Engine 3. There is an amazing depth in the variety of clothes, weapons, items and skills available to distinguish your character and your crew from the masses playing online.

CrimeCraft has steadily released new content including its bleedout expansion and GangWars expansion.

Featured Video

System Requirements

CrimeCraft Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: Pentium 1.6 GHz
Memory Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk Space: 5.5 GB of free disk space
Video Card: GeForce 7600 / ATI Radeon X1600

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  1. warning game is a fake to get ur money lottery is fake to the no matter how high you get its rigged for the Russians and the stinky Turks

  2. I played this game since it was in the closed beta. Back when the devs actually cared about people and the game. It was great and a lot of people actually played it. I downloaded it and played it a couple of months back and it’s now deader than disco. P2W, devs who don’t give a shit about what little community remains. It used to be an amazing game.

  3. Great game,
    Most people in the game community are very helpful and friendly even in Trade. Some People i have become friends with in game. This is nice to have in such a competitive game. Everyone that still plays this is is very competitive and friendly. Many things could be changed, you could get more for you money if your are a paid player for example but when can’t you get more>>>>?

  4. Its a great game with a ton of content, but i wouldn’t spend a dime on the game until they sell the game to a better company that talks to the community, which they never do now and only care about money.

    I wouldn’t suggest anyone play it though, because there is no communication with the staff and community anymore. They seem to be hiding in the dark only focus on selling gold bars and lottery stuff. If you do decide to play, just play and never give them money.

  5. I started playing crime craft a long time ago and i have found it entertaining even up till now and there are many reasons for that.

    Game play (9/10)
    The game play in Crime Craft is simply put AMAZING. The controls are the same as most other games (W,A,S,D) Right mouse button to zoom in for increased accuracy and those chances for the bonus damage head shots. The game play is extremely smooth and easily able to keep you playing for hours on end.

    Tutorial (7/10)
    Crime Crafts tutorial is extremely long but the difference to other games is its not boring, the tutorial shows you exactly what to do for skill ups, purchasing upgrades, accepting/completing missions and joining battles be it PvE or PvP.

    PvE (9/10)
    The PvE in this game is brilliant! once you join a battle you will be faced with an area to roam and many enemies to engage in combat. The AI is smart using cover, rolling out of harms way and unleashing a barrage of hell on you with their specialty weapons. The AI in Crime Craft surpasses all other MMO games I have played.

    PvP (10/10)
    Crime Crafts PvP provides a great range of objective based modes and maps to keep everyone entertained. The maps are very well designed with the idea that you want to get into the battle ASAP but you dont want to be spawn camped. The objectives provide great fire fights due to their reasonable time on point but are not so long as to cause a full match fought on a single point.

    Graphics (7/10)
    Crime Crafts graphics are some of the best graphics you will experience in a free to play MMO and the hard work from the designers really shows. The animations are great to watch especially when you watch someones body fall to the floor after a long hard fought point battle. There are some visual bugs which can hopefully be sorted although nothing so important it could stop you from playing this game.

    Weapons and Skills (7.5/10)
    Crime Craft gives you a good amount of guns to play with ranging from the small but accurate pistol to the giant but inaccurate grenade launcher. Crime Craft gives you the ability to use the knife providing in most cases a one shot kill. Another great part of the game is skills, skills are abilities you unlock after progressing through levels and spending skill points. They can be upgraded with increased amounts of skill points.

    My thoughts
    Crime Craft is a brilliant MMOTPS that i highly recommend to everyone. It blends fun game play with team work and a plethora of weapons. The developers and moderators are working hard to get rid of all of the hacks and exploiters and their hard work really shows.

    Crime Craft is an amazing MMOTPS download the game now! i love tihs game very much :*:*

  6. Hii. I am a big fan of Crimecraft i play it more than 3 years.
    Quick review:
    Crimecraft is third person shooter based on running in the towns and making missions (like bleedout), collecting ingredients from playing stockpile matches and offcourse playing against other players. Only problem in this game is that more money that you invest in game better you will be, but without skills even money cant save you. Now something about hackers. As you may know Mygames took the game from Vogster and i think that server is a little bit slover than it used to be but it is ok for me, and the Mygames are doing good job by taking down the hackers so there are banned before you even noticed. So bassicly it is good game you just need to take time and you will be better ;D

  7. In my opinion, CrimeCraft is an excellent game, the only ones are the same problems the community and cheaters but otherwise has a future: D

  8. A great game! Everyday Enjoyable, I love how you can customize your own character that you make! You can connect to other players and have gang wars unlike any other games.

  9. Really don’t know why is game which is already dead featured on mmobomb. Oh sorry, it’s not dead, it’s just pure example of Pay 2 Win mmo.
    Every update brings just some shitty items for lottery (another feature which is just squeezing more money from players), of course only for real money. Cheaters almost everywhere, and there is absolutely no communication between community and staff.
    Great game with big potential, ruined by greediness of Mayn games.
    Don’t waste your time on this, it is just another very sad example of how can be great game fuc**d up by some idiots who dont even list their players and their feedback.
    PS. sorry mmobomb staff for some vulgar words

    • what Greeper says is totally true. this game is not worth your time. + it is hacker infested and managed by corrupt company who let hackers of if they spend some real cash in bm. our only hope is that this game i sold to a better company who can repair all the damage mayn games done to it. until then avoid this shit

  10. Crimecraft is a game that shows you what could be the future. It’s a great graphic game, thats why its a little laggy on my laptop. I quit the game for being too laggy but after getting a new computer, i had to get this game on it. It’s just awesome! i couldnt stop playing!

  11. Well all i gotta say that..
    This is my first and last shooting game.. i live in india not every peoples play here MMO shooting games.. i was searching around in steam for a good game for myself.. for holidays.. then i saw this game.. was free to play so i thought should try this out.. after all i loved this game so much.. well i cant shoot so good but still i love this game.. this is so awesome game.. and i play from india in Russian server.. my ping is usually red and sometimes yellow its hard for me to shot but still i love playing this..!!

  12. i will just say this:
    this game is the best i have ever played in my entire life and believe me i have played a lot i have 1400gb of game collection and this is the only game which has been installed and running for the past 2 years i came across this game just by chance and now i am stuck to it believe me..

    i had never liked any shooter game before this and seriously this is the best game to have fun and to make new friends

    make your own team of 4 or you want to make your own clan or gang in game theres is nothing you cant do in this game

    i used to dream of making a game according to my liking and when i played this for the first time i didnt even wanted to start any other game

    i tell you what i did recently
    i bought medal of honor warfighter for 1500 INR
    and i installed the game started it once played 5 minutes and uninstalled it lol
    didnt even played it in 3 months now can you believe i chose a free to play game over warfighter for which i paid such a huge amount XD

    so just try it once you will see what it does to you 😀

    you will stop sleeping XD

  13. The game is quite good, very good! There is a freedom of action, friends and war band.Igrayu I long ago, and my friends and I love to shoot together vedt is fun! Engine the game easy and not at all complicated than I drugimi.Lichno CrimeCraft replaces all your favorite GTA, only the lack of transporta.V whole game I really like, as well, and my druzyam.Sovetuyu all!

  14. I cannot recommend this game. I played for 18 months now, but in case of anti-cheat policy really nothing changed. The game, especially EU Server (Cabrese) is still infested with cheaters.
    Mayn games does nothing against them, but is shutting down any public discussion on the matter. The ongoing threatening of legit players who try to fight the worst cheaters is leading to the wrong “feeling” that the game has no problems with cheaters at all.
    But the exact opposite is the case.
    Old developers of CrimeCraft develop and sell commercial cheater clients to their russian and ukrainian customers. Known cheaters return, even if banned, the very next day with new account and new nickname, but the same old cheats.
    Some players have build up an economy on selling lvl 50 accounts to those hackers to supply them with always new and easy ac
    counts to have their wicked fun.

    The biggest gangs, iNSANEs, MAD, Redemption and LUCIFER are all protecting cheaters, because they are helping them to dominate Territory wars or carry them to their daily and weekly tournament victories.

    Dont get me wrong, there are good players in this game and you usually feel it when you face them. But there are also many cheaters who basically have a good skill, but cheat to be just the best.

    Typical cheaters will use the SIGMA SMG or Raskolnikow LMG because that way they can get the biggest benefit of the usual aimbot.
    Just watch their reactions when you shoot at a cheater, especially from far away. They will turn fast in all directons, randomly spraying bullets because they think you are right behind them and try to get a lock with their aimbot. It looks kinda funny.
    Also good indicators are very high mouse sensitivites that you can see in spectator mode. They move like they had some spasmic problems, but as soon as they lock on target, the crosshair stays cool and clear on the target until its dead.

    So, this game cannot be recommended at all.
    Paying money for it is like throwing it out of the window, because after all, it also turned pay2win and there are people who spend hundreds of dollars per month (!) for their equipment (there is evidence now, Mayn started an event to see who spends most money. The winners have a special title now “Fat Cat”.

    So you can chose: play the game and be owned by cheaters that are protected by the development
    Or: play the game and be owned by ppl who spent more money on it.

    You will never win a daily tournament unless you befriend with the biggest cunts in this game (B3AST of Mad gang, cheater himself, Highness of Redemption, the oldest russian cheater gang on the server, or NeferTITI from iNSANEs, a really mentally retarded person with many asslickers arround him.
    Or LUCIFER where a russian girl named KITIKEN keeps hacking with always new accounts (currently named “Bloodsisters”.

    Have fun.

    By the way: soon there will be games coming out that beat CrimeCraft in its unique playing style. No need to start it so far…

    (Mercenary Ops for example. Turkish beta already started (M.A.R.S. Online).

    • totally agreed. this is the total truth do not waste your time with this hacker infested and pay2win mess of a game. it will only bring you frustration and try to push you into. buying goldbars. also all these bitches named are still in game doing this shit. this game wont be online for long it is dying believe me!

  15. i think it realy a great game people should see this game alot more like on the tv
    mybe some time enhace the grapichs alot more mybe

  16. Guys, if you ever think about starting to play this games. Forget about it.

    Ever since Mayn took over the administration of this games, the game took turn for the worst.

    Player have absolutely no right to express about the negative perspective of the games at forums and any thread about it would either be edited or deleted. In worst case of scenario, player would be banned permanently under an unreasonable reason such as Staff Harassment or Spamming despite their post are nowhere close to such an offense.

    They also turning this game into a serious epidemic of cash spending whereby free user have little to no chances to enjoy this game. The widen gap of advantage between free user and paid user was soo huge to the extend it was difficult for free user to narrow it down unless they are pretty good with the ingame mechanism knowledge.

    Please do not support this game at this moment, not until the Mayn started to show their commitment into improving the game instead of their coffers.

  17. Game is infested with cheaters who have friends among the GMs -> corrupt GMs and is now Pay2Win.

    Balance is crap, free players are kicked in the ass.

  18. this game is really awesome… my opinion of this game is that it is almost like call of duty black ops, etc… u can level up, buy new guns and make custom classes i love this game it is really good, if u dont have call of duty black ops and would like to play a game just like it without paying a cent, i’d say go for this game it is the gang version of call of duty pretty much.

  19. Absolutly loved the game, Still do love it ^_^, It’s awesome and entertaining, More fun than anything i have ever played before, Second Life is like ball room dancing compared to Crime Craft

  20. This game is the true all-out gangster game. You can participate in massive shootouts or PvE challenges, you can craft and choose a crafting proffesion, (Sellin drugz? Don’t get caught XD) Take your gang to an all out PvP shootout, or hang with your CrimeCraft bros in a “safer-ish” spot for a nice chat. IF YOU AS A CONSUMER DOWNLOAD IT I HOPE YOU WILL ENJOY IT AS I HAVE.

  21. Crimecraft is a great game my favorite by far it’s a game that you can get on destroy some people get off it’s not anything that will consume all of your time making it the perfect game to play and being free to play

  22. Care!
    CrimeCraft is an already dead game.
    Its infested with russian and in general east european cheaters who are supported and protected by the game company (ukrainians).
    Obviously they make more money with providing cheater clients than with the real premium subscription or micro transactions.

    Dont make the misstake to start this game! For MMORPG players it provides not enough and they will just lose in PvP to average shooter players.
    But for shooter players the custom build mechanics effect the balance too bad to be a good game. Custom builds allow exploitation of the many imbalances of the available drugs.
    That and constant splash damage spam, bad support, bad melee mechanics and the infestation with hackers destroy that great looking game with unique mechancis that are now wasted…

  23. Even for 2012 the graphics are still very nice, the story is fun alltough not required at all, allowing Players to play specifically that part of the game that they like and exclude the parts they dont like.
    You like fast-paced PVP action? Give CC a shot.
    Would you rather fight some bots in PVE? Give CC a shot.
    You want to mix both up? Give CC a shot.
    There are some Trolls in the game, but for the most part the community is above average.
    I dont reccomend purchasing anything for Goldbars, due to very dubious GM’s.
    They can (and will) suspend or ban your account for no reason and without noticing you or leaving any explanation, so as an advice for all starters, dont get too attached to your account.

  24. I like the game, but its really turning new players off like tutorial starts at level 6 and you must PVP at level 1. And PVE starts at level 2, it all really doesn’t makes sense to me. I use to play this game several years ago when tutorial was at the beginning and at that time it was great. Now I just see them adding more and more things into the Black market(Cash shop) and slowly turning it into Pay 2 win. Even cash items are not permanent, and those clothing you see are bound to your equipment and your equipment looses durability every repair so eventually you loose them, unless you repair your equipment with your Cash(Gold bars).

    So in the end the game is great and going downhill to a train wreck, but if it wants to live its gotta follow the steps of the new generation. This is 2012 after all.

  25. Final a game that have some good gameplay and story.
    Not just one borring shoot or grind game, but a game that do connect it all the best from all games.

    The first time I played Crime Craft it reminded me of Gunz except you can do alot more, and the graphics are better. It’s an amazing game for being free to play. There is a lot you can do as well such as creating a gang, having a gang hideout, roaming the different areas, playing PvP or PvE. There are plenty


  26. Awesome game “n’ stuff” (xD), nice graphics and the gameplay isn’t bothering at all, like other games i’ve played (and i’ve played a LOT).. can’t hope to try it out 😉

  27. Free Online mmo-shooter, this game is soooo much fun!!! i give it a 5/5 its fun and its worth your time!!! i totally recomend evryone gets this game!!!

  28. I really love this game . It’s my first shoting game.I play this game more than 1 years , its really amazing.My biggest level character is 29 level and im proud of it!When i see other people with equipment that you can buy only with golden bars , im jealus . CrimeCraft GangWars for evah!!!!

  29. Crimecraft “Gang Wars” is getting worse, since they cancel the PvE option and we have to loot over PvP with no crates !?. Other than lagging, I couldn’t see much player playing as well

  30. Crimecraft Is an awsome game even if you play the free to play version but it is still awsome and you don’t have get the apreium acounts . Also you can play with your friends hang out in clubs or in gang hall and you can action wepons or bid on them or any other thing in the game even if is apart of a premier acount on black market.

  31. Overall:

    Gameplay: 8/10
    Graphics: 9/10
    Story: 9/10
    Quantity: 8/10
    Playtime: 10/10

    I like this game, it has it all what a game needs, good job creators of CC BleedOut.

  32. Last 20 free games I’ve tried just wasn’t interesting: most of them look and feel like a known game but with lacking features.

    Crimecraft is really neat. You have pvp and pve options. Fast pace and not pay to win game (you can beat players with better gear: it’s all tactics)
    Crimecraft puts you in a shooter game involving gangs and a nice crafting system.

    I give a 8 / 10 (place for improvements) but still enjoying the game play for free even after 4 month of gaming.

  33. this game suckes oke when u can shoot its nice
    but i have to wait 20 minuts to play
    and when i can play i cant do anything
    the quest is not to find !!!!b
    i never wasted time like i did now!

  34. this game is definatly not what thought it would be like. i pictured it as like in wow but its not, and i like that they have taken the good parts and cobined it with other parts to make awesome parts.

  35. The game is simply awesome, they first time I’ve played it, I though it would be like any other TPS but I never though it was so realistic and soooo addicting.

  36. YEAH CrimeCraft is the best MMO ever.

    I thaught the begining of the game was super boring but after that it is the best!!!!

  37. in my personal important opinion BEST GAME EVER i would trade all my pc games for this one game. it has amazing graphics incredible gameplay and insane leveling system a one of a kind game in my opinion

  38. The first time I played Crime Craft it reminded me of Gunz except you can do alot more, and the graphics are better. It’s an amazing game for being free to play. There is a lot you can do as well such as creating a gang, having a gang hideout, roaming the different areas, playing PvP or PvE. There are plenty on missions/quests to complete…Pretty much if you liked the MMORPG Gunz then you’ll love Crime Craft.

    Overall : 9/10

  39. CrimeCraft- 3D third-person shooter with MMORPG elements.

    Players are forced to join up with a street gang for mutual protection and to earn a living. With high quality visuals, single & multiplayer game modes, gun customization and crafting options. CrimeCraft is completely instanced; it’s built around three city zones that act as game lobbies and social areas. These offer you the chance to load up with different weapons, weapon modifications, clothing, and accessories that give a variety of bonuses and special abilities. From these zones, you’ll have access to a dozen or so maps that run the gamut from “industrial warehouse full of junk” and “dockyard full of junk” to “chemical plant full of junk.” Once in these areas, you’ll run and gun at other players wielding a variety of traditional shooter weapons. These range from pistols and shotguns to sniper rifles and rocket launchers. Given how much time you’ll be spending in these areas, it’s good that this player-versus-player portion of the game is its strongest attribute. While CrimeCraft is controlled from a third-person perspective and there’s no jumping (bunny hopping is replaced with an equally effective roll maneuver), it shouldn’t take long to get the hang of the game’s slightly unusual skill requirements.

    And The history:
    A worldwide economic depression causes the collapse of civilization. The United States falls into anarchy with individual cities and regions controlled by warring corporations and the remnants of local municipal governments. The last remaining “free city” is Sunrise City. This former beach resort town, which resembles Miami, is run by an interlocking assembly of six rival gangs who keep the peace in the city center while defending it from the assaults of outsider gangs and other cities that constantly splash against the city walls. You play as a refugee from the wasteland looking to make a new life in Sunrise City and work your way up from the streets to the upper echelon of gang leadership.

    Top 5 things i like in this game:
    1- weapons- relistic, so, so many, and with good review;
    2- all moves- roll, sprint and crouch;
    3- so many different maps and modes;
    4- many missions- achievments, jobs, and just PVE quest’s;
    5- Unreal Engine 3 provides unique third person action style.

    This is my review! I know you like this!

    Thanks for reading this!

  40. A new players look at CrimeCraft.

    Final a game that have some good gameplay and story.
    Not just one borring shoot or grind game, but a game that do connect it all the best from all games.

    Well I have been a closed beta tester and later Open beta tester, in a new developed game, later i did also become one of the few Super Testers for the developers in that game.

    Now I got tired of the testing, as it have gone on for nearly a year, and i decided to take a break, and then found this briliant game, by accident on the internet.

    To say it in short: I am total CrimeCraft hooked now!.

    I may be new and a nob in the game still, but hey we all learn and its free to play, so what better start is there for new people then that, so +1 from me on that subject.

    I can say like all others in their review about the energine and other stuff but guess all know that by now, its the best on the marked and they have used it with great skills, so the game difference from many others in that way.

    Play style in the game, is up to what people want from their avatars as they can have serval.

    Some want’s to fight other people in the PvP (Player vs Player) mode, others do chose the many missions and jobs with fighting the PvE.

    I myself to a combination of both, but are so busy with the missions,and love the extra episodes which I have also started on episode 2 now.

    Other times i chose to do crafting of things to sell or use.
    Also if I can earn some good deals on the many auctions, and then also find new equiptment for my missions.

    The combinations in this games are endless, and that makes this game great and very different from many others.

    Not that i may forget to mention, people can play in gangs, and with their friends.
    Join in daily turnaments, or weekly turnaments, but again there are room for all kind of players, so hardcore/new or nob it dont matter, there are room for all! +10 of 10 for that.

    The game got me so hooked, I have bought monthly premium, as I do stay here in this game.

    The tech stuff is that, all is done nice and story stick to the concept of the comic book art.

    The only bad thing I have had, was some lag on the server, but when all players are in, it need power.
    But they work on a EU server, and the Exter server is now being merged, with Jerico server so, they do follow up. as they can with so many players around. +1

    End on my review as new here, but I could keep on as this game is briliant made.

    DKWK (Sweden)

  41. I like the CC’s unique third person action style… Finaly cool game. Unreal Engine 3 provides cool graphics and gameplay. Craft system is too interesting – Four professions – Gunsmith , Engeneer , Tailor and Chemist. Game has Weapon modification system – you can add custom triggers, barrels ,stocks … And then you can equip some skills and drugs. My rating is 90%.

  42. I like the CC’s unique third person action style… Finaly cool game. Unreal Engine 3 provides cool graphics and gameplay. Craft system is too interesting – Four professions – Gunsmith , Engeneer , Tailor and Chemist. Game has Weapon modification system – you can add custom triggers, barrels ,stocks … And then you can equip some skills and drugs. My rating is 90%.

  43. seems like(not comparing, just want to explain it clearer):
    10x Enhanced GTA: San Andreas Graphics
    20x Enhanced Crossfire and Gunz Gameplay
    5x Enhanced First Person View

  44. Im 5 months into cc and i just love it. No other game ive seen blends rpg elements with first person shooter. There is a great crafting system where you have a choice of 4 different skill paths
    Weaponsmith, chemist, Tailor and Enginner, with these “crafts” you can make weapons, medicines, weapon attachments and clothes, which you can use to enhance your character or sell in the auction house, which is a great money maker. The game has both PVP and PVE game types. In PVE you can gather materials (loot used to craft), as well as other game types such as safegaurd and headhunt. There is also the Bleedout which is a great campaign mode that is realeased monlthly which keeps you wanting more. For me the PVP mode is the real blood and guts part of the game, i just love when noobs wander into my scope and i “pop” there head clean off, ha ha. Another great part of the game is the gang system that allows you to join an existing gang or to make you own where you can recruit other players to join and together rule in pvp.
    There is also daily tournements to compete in to win rare prizes and move up the tourny board.
    This game will have you completly hooked, prepare to loose you social life foreva!!!!.
    see me “POP” your head in game Tricky xx

  45. The thing that sets Crime Craft apart from other first person shooters is depth. Graphics are not everything. Where a game takes your mind is just as important, if not moreso, than how it looks (just like people). Crime Craft has so many levels of depth that even when you are not playing the game, you are thinking about various combinations of weapons and attachments, how they can be obtained and used, and under what circumstances. There are practically endless posibilities. Although I am a fan of playstation 3, and its high definition graphics, they are just like a movie that has great special effects and no plot. I will not spend time in this article telling you how to play the game, but I will focus on the elements that make this game unique, in a world of first person shooters.
    Element 1 -Plot

    Before you even play the game you are immediately introduced to the background setting and plot, which motivates you and prepares your mind to play the game. A series of High Resolution animations prepared well known artists can be viewed though a You Tube interface in Full Screen High Defintion on each chapter, or episode of the game. I thought it was a fantastic way to introduce the game, and it was thought provoking concept – what happens when the world runs out of oil.

    Element 2- Game ambiance

    You do not truly enter the game until a guard opens the door to the subway after you have completed the tutorial and you arrive in Downtown. As you explore Downtown, you will get the breath-taking expansiveness of the game, the feeling that you are in a real city. A city that can be explored independent of the game itself, all the way to down to the the virtual strip club, which you will feel compeled to give up many a gold bar.

    Element 3- Crafting

    In order to compete sucessfully in the actual game itself, you need good weapons, and defense items, and there is a whole world waiting for you devoted to just that. In the initial phase of the game you will choose a skill, and the skill is going to determine what types of weapons and defense items you can make, as opposed to having to purchase. The more things you can make yourself, will save you money to purchase other things. Which leads to another level of depth: you can create a second and third character and choose different skills to determine if you might have an advantage with one skill over another. I love the attachements skill, will allows you to craft various attachements that would be quite costly on the black market, to attach to you your weapons.

    Element 4- Cohesiveness

    The most important part of any game is how it all fits together and holds up as a single entity. Crime Craft does this well. It is like being part of a world. I give it 5 of 5 stars.

    Stonecold240 – see you on the game grid

  46. play time 3 hours, and it`s Awesome… i played apb…gta1-4…wow…loong…the makers of CC are very loved to details, and that i like…

    Must Try…

    after 3 days randoom Mmo`s that`s one that rooted me^^

    sry for bad english i am swiss^^

    mfg Minimalist

  47. I started playing crime craft a long time ago and i have found it entertaining even up till now and there are many reasons for that.

    Game play (9/10)
    The game play in Crime Craft is simply put AMAZING. The controls are the same as most other games (W,A,S,D) Right mouse button to zoom in for increased accuracy and those chances for the bonus damage head shots. The game play is extremely smooth and easily able to keep you playing for hours on end.

    Tutorial (7/10)
    Crime Crafts tutorial is extremely long but the difference to other games is its not boring, the tutorial shows you exactly what to do for skill ups, purchasing upgrades, accepting/completing missions and joining battles be it PvE or PvP.

    PvE (9/10)
    The PvE in this game is brilliant! once you join a battle you will be faced with an area to roam and many enemies to engage in combat. The AI is smart using cover, rolling out of harms way and unleashing a barrage of hell on you with their specialty weapons. The AI in Crime Craft surpasses all other MMO games I have played.

    PvP (10/10)
    Crime Crafts PvP provides a great range of objective based modes and maps to keep everyone entertained. The maps are very well designed with the idea that you want to get into the battle ASAP but you dont want to be spawn camped. The objectives provide great fire fights due to their reasonable time on point but are not so long as to cause a full match fought on a single point.

    Graphics (7/10)
    Crime Crafts graphics are some of the best graphics you will experience in a free to play MMO and the hard work from the designers really shows. The animations are great to watch especially when you watch someones body fall to the floor after a long hard fought point battle. There are some visual bugs which can hopefully be sorted although nothing so important it could stop you from playing this game.

    Weapons and Skills (7.5/10)
    Crime Craft gives you a good amount of guns to play with ranging from the small but accurate pistol to the giant but inaccurate grenade launcher. Crime Craft gives you the ability to use the knife providing in most cases a one shot kill. Another great part of the game is skills, skills are abilities you unlock after progressing through levels and spending skill points. They can be upgraded with increased amounts of skill points.

    My thoughts
    Crime Craft is a brilliant MMOTPS that i highly recommend to everyone. It blends fun game play with team work and a plethora of weapons. The developers and moderators are working hard to get rid of all of the hacks and exploiters and their hard work really shows.

    Crime Craft is an amazing MMOTPS download the game now!

  48. I have been playing Crimecraft for about 6 weeks now and I find it really exciting… It is a really enjoying game and I find it hard to sleep cause of its Tournaments and special events… I just think it should have better hacks protection and if this is solved then for me it is the perfect game!!! And also the best way to play it is buy premium cause the staff deserve those money, cmon it is just 10$ a month!!! Anyways I know Crimecraft will get better time after time with those updates and patches so all enjoy Crimecraft without hacking…

    Thank you

  49. Crimecraft is a awesome game,
    So many option,
    Awesome graphics.
    Wide arsenal of skills and weapons.
    Gang Hidouts.
    Craft skill.

    Crimecraft has all what you want!
    See you in Sunrise City!

  50. So,here’s my Review for CrimeCraft.
    CrimeCraft is a very good game.
    I really enjoy playing it,it is really good.
    Crimecraft is a futuristic Gangsta like MMO that mixes the elements of Shooter games and RPG games.
    You will start with making a character, you can change his face,the hairstyle,the top,the pants and the shoes,after choosing your gender (Female or Male)
    In my opinion, it IS better then any other gang game i played.
    I just played like 2 hours and im allready level 7.

    And now to the scores:

    CrimeCraft is an actually easy to control and to play.
    Its very addicting and i bet you will be still playing it after like 70 days!
    (For me) it’s the best gang/rpg game of all time!
    I cant stop playing it,cause its to addicting.
    I love the game,and it updates very often (thats good for me)
    So i would give it:
    10/10 Stars! (Incredibly amazing!)
    I really like the sound.
    It sound very realistic.
    (Sorry for it being so short)
    I wil give it:
    9/10 stars (Amazing!)
    Playing online is by far the best thing in this game.
    Its always fun to show the others whos the bos.
    It depends on level,too.
    You will fight in the first area against newbies like you would be when just freshly joined.
    So its easy too.
    So i will give it:
    10/10 stars (Incredibly Amazing!)
    Models are just ****ing awesome,cant believe its better then gta iv (sorry for you fanboys)
    I loved it,you can change the settings in options too when you have a slower computer (I had texture 5/5 and world 4/5 so it wouldnt lag so much on my laptop.)
    Its very detailed,i would give it a:
    10/10 stars (Incredibly Amazing!)
    I loved it.
    I thought i would be in a game world with real humans.
    The shading texturing and modelling was just so ****ing photo realistic.
    So i would give it a:
    10/10 stars (Incredibly Amazing)
    Summed Up:
    CrimeCraft,is a legendary game.
    I just recommend the game to everyone.
    Its on my place 2 of my 10 best games of all time.

    100/10 stars (Must have.)

  51. I have had this game for a long while, and find it fun and addictive. Its not too easy or too hard and is fairly easy to pick up. The community is great and the game has a good atmosphere. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good MMORPGTPS

  52. Hi, my name is Mat, 24, poland.
    Im playing CrimeCraft (a free shooter MMORPG) since like 1-2 weeks.
    Start is easy, you get to know how the game works very fast.
    Theres PVE and PVP, aswell als professions and trade (auction house).
    When you are a fan of rpg or mmorpgs like me, i was playing diablo2 and wow before,
    then you should give CrimeCraft a try!

  53. CrimeCraft is sort of a hybrid of TPS and RPG, but the majority of your progression will be shooting. As far as F2P games are concerned, CrimeCraft is very well done, being a former P2P game. Moving around is smooth as is the shooting and the controls work well, making CrimeCraft a top shooter in my book, so you should definitely give it a try.

  54. Crimecraft is a free-to-play online Persistent World Next-Gen shooter *inhales* (PWNS) which is developed by Vogster Entertainment. And like the genre “PWNS”, this game does in fact, “pwn”. In the not so distant future, where dried up oil supplies have lead people to revolution and chaos, you are a civilian of this new dangerous world controlled by gangs, crime, and power. As you rise up in ranks, you could make the choice of becoming a member of a gang, leading a gang, or going rogue. (although being apart of a gang is more beneficial.)
    The game is a mixture of a Third-person Shooter, inside an MMO environment filled with campaigns, quests, skills, battlegrounds, and a huge assortment of weapons and battle gear that can either be purchased or even created. It’s almost like an FPS had a baby with World of Warcraft! One could play using a free account, or a paying-membership, (and of course membership is more enjoyable, yet doesn’t stretch the limits from that of a free account, which shows good balance!)
    With dedicated support through Vogster, Crimecraft will be a constantly growing platform that will eventually spearhead the PWNS genre to greater, well-known heights!

  55. CrimeCraft Is Fun When You first start it but after you leave the starter area they half your exp and gold earning unless you buy premium, it is still a fun game

  56. *Caution Bad Grammar* <–you have been warned. 😛

    Alright i will start off with the Pros.

    Pros: Awesome graphics with the unreal 3 engine, got decent selection of maps good choice in game modes like turf war, snatch N' Grab,Robbery,shootout, riot, Safeguard, and stockpile, and also they have PvE missions to provide some good single player content to get use to the functions of the game.

    Cons: ALOT of restrictions for free players to many to count, singleplayer could be more challenging even on hard.

    As you can see not to many cons but the *restriction for free players* covers alot of the cons.

    Now that i am done with the pros and cons i will now give you what i think about the game.

    I have played this game for about a week *if that* not long at all the game is pretty amazing having a free account ide give it a 7/10 only reason not giving it more which it does deserve is because of the restrictions that can get in the way very easy.

    This game is like a hybrid of mmorpg + fps you have your character which you can get gear, weapons, skills, professions (engineering, weaponsmith, chemist, tailor) ect.. theres an Auction House to sell your items to buy items theres also instead of guilds for like a fantasy type game they have Gangs you can upgrade your gang from lvl 1 to lvl 5 you can sell your gang you can purchase and upgrade a hideout for your gang so many options in this game its just fantastic.

    That only covers so much of what i can fit into my head theres just so much more that i think i should let you find out for yourself you should imo 100% try this game out see if its to your liking.

  57. Hi,
    In today’s review I am going to be talking about CrimeCraft and some of the things that I did in the game. First of all I have never done a game review so I will try not to talk about things you heard before. Right from the start I got a nice sense of the game mechanic as I played around a bit with the keys moving my character back and forth. The color, texture and the setting has a great vibe that fit me very well from the very beginning. I felt very excited, I couldn’t help myself I skipped over the tutorial.
    I walked around the city looking at different scenery and how well the game felt. Although I want to see more places in the city I liked the transition from one place to another. “Be sure to stop by the club and dance with the ladies for a few minutes.” Moving on to the game modes and how this built my perspective on the style of CrimeCraft’s game-play.
    So far with what I have experienced there are four types of game modes, pve, pvp, story mode and the daily tournament. Daily tournament is a completely different style from the regular created pvp matches as there is no respawns. I am a fan of this type of fight as there is more team strategy involved. Addition to this and other game modes a list of skills that you can acquire that drastically changes your role and how you approach each match.
    From laughing from seeing enemies fall victim to my mine traps, to my relaxed approach to pve as I find myself almost punching the keyboard after constantly being ambushed. For me a relaxed approach to this game was best suited, it showed me a side of game mechanics that came with understanding and full of fun surprises. “It’s like going to a dentist and trying to relax as your being drilled with awesome.”

    “A fun game that casual gamers would enjoy”


  58. Well i would start by saying ITS ABOUT TIME lol i have been looking for a mmofps/rpg for a long time. When i found this game i was a little skeptical but after playing it on a regular bases i find myself thinking i dont think i can go back to any other mmorpg. From the beginning it caught my eye and i got sucked in to the bleedout episodes and i have done them all. Great storyline and pve missions, pvp is also fast pace for beginners it would be kinda hard to keep up once you get used to the 3rd person aiming you should be golden.
    The pros/cons about the game..
    Grafix = i would give the grafix a 8 out of 10 they are good for a 3rd person shooter very very bloody :p
    System resources = i would give it a 7.5 out of 10 it can be a memory hog but there are ways to fix that.
    Gameplay = 10 out of 10 i mean there is no other game like this the lobby style gang hideouts clubs and you got to check out the vip section of the clubs its worth the gold bars lol Great game play
    Community = i would have to give 8.6 out of 10 lots of helpful people and gangs willing to help the new guy out ofc they will bash on you for being noob but its all in fun.
    Over all = i would have to give crimecraft a 8 out of 10 its a well rounded game that has allot of potential to be one of the greatest mmo shooter rpg hybrid I would recommend this game to all my friends and anyone reading this WHAT ARE YOU DOING start playing already lol 😛

    – Brootrage

  59. Crime Craft takes place in a post apocolyptic end of the world scenario where we have depleted Earth’s recources and fallen to a hellish fight for survival. From this hell hole emerge many gangs that compete for status, power, and resources. In whole the game offers everythings to the players immersing them further into a life of crime to survive from creating your own equipment, to joining forces with your crew, Crime Craft offers an expansive world with opportunities around every corner.

    Gameplay: As a 3rd-person shooter, Crime Craft utililizes a very smooth control scheme that allows player to keep up with the action whether you’re barrel rolling into cover or merely sprinting for your life. The knife attacks seem to be a little slow, but are compensated for how powerful the actual hits are. Not only does the action remain intense, but the avalability to cuztomize you character, weapon, and add boost create a plethora of strategies to play by.

    Sound: Music and sound effects seem to be ok throughout the game, but speech lacks throughout most of the game. Most character say nothing and for the ones that do usually say one or two lines. Although this seems a but lame and like a lot of pointless reading at times, Crime Craft definitely makes up for part of this with a very in-depth story-line that has stunning graphic novel cut scenes along with a full-on (spoken) story.

    Graphics: Compared to most Free2Play games out today, Crime Craft fairs with the best of them. Note that it may not be amazing, but it definitely holds a lasting appeal with decent shadowing on characters, numerous gun/character customizations, and a graphic-novel art style that seems to add to the nuance of the forsaken environment.

    Game Modes: Crime Carft shines when looking at the variations of gameplay players have to chose from. Whether you’re looking for a solo/friends game of PvE variations or gang wars/teamdeathmatch variations, Crime Craft seems to have a little bit of everything available all the time for player to do what they fell like when they feel like doing so. To make it 10x better, players are given the ability to look over all current missions they have listed in their ques, and rather than running a marathon to reach each objectives match que, there is an intant que button allowing players easy access to most missions. Besides the basic PvP and PvE, Crime Craft also offers a weekly updatesd campaign called BleedOut that is playable to premium members or those who purchase all of it with the option to play at your own pace. This is a great bonues that offer many more missions to those who chose to get it.

    Weapons/Loadouts: Crime Craft utilizes a variety of classes that can manufacture certain goods whether you produce guns or upgrades for them, there is something for everyone that adds to the player auction house, and overall rpg element of the game. Not only can you manufacture your own equipment, but players have the choice to craft stat and health boosts for their character which create many loadout options for those to go for the kill in PvP or those looking to live longer in PvE session, the customizations and loadouts are limitless.

    Tutorial(Prologue): For many online games/Free2Play games, a lot of peopl complain that they must refer to doing extensive research on community forums to get a grasp of the main tools in a game. Well have no fear, because Crime Craft completely omits any reason for newbs to get lost. The game’s prologue is probably the longest I’ve ever played ranging from about a 2-3hr playthrough, it can seem to drag after a while. Although this may turn some players off at first, when I was finally accepted into the downtown area of the city and began my adventure, I can honestly say I had no questions what-so-ever. Although some people may not get everything on the first go, the community chat logs are easy to access, and from my experience most people for willingly helpful.

    Verdict: Crime Craft so far has been my favorite Free2Play shooter. The game has a lot to offer from different game variations and a weekly updated campaign, to equipmnt crafting, and character rpg stat customizations. For the most part, controls are smooth, and graphics are better than the average Free2Play game. Crime Craft has everything people want in an online shooter, although it may have a rough start for some, it prepares you for the rest of the game very well and leaves no one behind.

  60. Crimecraft is an perfect example of how GTA IV shouldve been online.
    It has very dynamic gameplay and always keeps you on playing to unlock better armor, weapons, drugs, augs and so on.
    There are alot of different gamemodes, you have for example headhunt, shootout, riot, robbery, stockpile and so on.
    Also you have a very long campaign called bleedout wich gives you fast pace action and a cool story line.
    In the end PVP is what you are doing it for, there are alot of skills like turrets grenades invisibility cloak etc. wich you can assign to kill other players.
    Also a wide variety of weapons like grenade launchers, snipers, lightmachineguns, rocketlaunchers, pistols, submachineguns, assault rifles, shotguns…
    You wont regret playing minecraft, you also have daily tournaments and weekly for lvl 10-20 div3 20-40 div 2 lvl40-50.

  61. CrimeCraft is an over-the-shoulder style mmorpg/fps hybrid set in a near-future, post-apocolyptic world where gasoline has run dry and the global infrastructure is suffering under the weight of the situation. The storyline takes place in Sunrise City, a makeshift stronghold held together by the various warring criminal organizations and the Municipality, the last form of actual law that presides over Sunrise City. The way you fit into all of this is that your character is a young, up-and-coming criminal/freedom fighter that uncovers conspiracies, helps bring down the man….. Okay, I guess I’m not quite sure what the plot is. What I can say is that this game has all the makings of an intense shooter, but with the added bonus of having a fairly in-depth mmorpg lurking in it’s shadow. The crafting system is not only comfortable, but useful. The economy seems to be well balanced. Both the PvE and the PvP is ridiculously fun. I’m not sure what else to say, but try it! Once it sinks it’s teeth into you, the overwhelming addiction factor that CrimeCraft boasts will surely have you developing your own opinion of it.

  62. CrimeCraft seems to be a very addictive game, got me going the first day. Not one of the average “anime” or cartoon-kid like MMO’s you see these days. This has great graphics, resolution, voice acting, a great community (even though a majority complain over “hackers”, or people who beat them in battles)

    Beating the BleedOut episode (only beat 1) made me want to play the game even more. PVP Was great, the gore was fantastic. The customization of weaponry and clothing is also great. Even though some people may make items over-priced in the Auction House (marketplace), its practically worth it. Theres even a gamemode, Stockpile, just for killing PVE enemies and collecting containers, or items, if opened, contains the item its assigned to. Great to sell for good money, or use it to craft things. As you go higher, it gets more difficult, but you have the “Brokerage”, or a phone company that gives you jobs to help you gain money, experience, and when you level up more, even items. There are game modes like Snatch and Grab (CPT), Robbery, normal PVP, and you can even disallow somethings like special abilities or perks you can unlock through the game, so the game can be fair (implying the game wasn’t fair enough). Overall, this is not a normal MMO you encounter these days, and should be played. This deserves more then it looks like it does. I’m happy and grateful an amazing game like this exists. Built to perfection. Bans the cheaters, barely any “hacking” programs, and has excellent game-play. What can I say? Favorite game, 10/10.

  63. It was a month ago when i was first started playing crimecraft and a lot of things I experienced. This MMORPG shooting game was awesome and always get me excited when Im in an action while im in PVP. This is a unique game in my 7 years of playing online games. The gameplay was cool , the costume was awesome and the guns was great. My favorite gun is Exeter maquis, eventhough he have a high recoil but it was deadly. You can manage your gun performance in putting some good attachments and costumize or colorize it in putting WMK’s. The maps was so cool and it was realistic. In stockpile, the new update was great coz you dont need to worry about the “Container Stealing” you can modify your room to private one, so you can enjoy hunting your containers in safety. And the most very very good experienced I have is when I join “NECROSIS” my gang,thestory was, when I go to the party of NECROSIS and join to the beat of music. After I left the party, the gang leader “itfailsagain” follow me in the midtown and gave me an rocket launcher, he said “we are giving rewards to those party goers” and we have a little gossip about the other gang in crimecraft and after a while he invited me in the gang. Then I mostly enjoyed having PVP in my gangmates. CrimeCraft is a great game that i was played. I hope it will last till the world ends.. Like the Bleedout said ” Dont yank the Scorpion’s Tail “.
    That was my pretty experienced in CrimeCraft.

    Gavrylle of “NECROSIS” (Exeter)

  64. i like playing this game that looks good i played other games that dont compare to this one but its good that it got some upgrades before it look a little weak not that good but know its getting there pretty good so i started playing it again.

  65. i started this game 3 days ago. so i might not have much to tell, but i can tell this allready.the game rocks! the story is well thaught as far as i can tell. all quest dialogs are well made, no lag at all even with my bad connection. the graphics are very good as well, and the ability to customise yoru avatar and guns like a rpg game, while having the fps battle is a real combo winner. i’m sure other games will take the idea soon too, cause it works perfectly. one thing i find lacking tho is you only fight humans, be it npc or players. no animals to hunt, but since we are in the middle of city ruins not a bit surprise.

    all in all. great game great ideas great background and great graphics. good community, and allready a nice deal of people even if server says it is ‘low’ so hurry to join up!

  66. I love this game!
    I play 1 year!
    I started playing this game because I broke my two legs! and I can not go =(
    But I play this game and I like it!!

  67. I’d have to say this is the best and most addictive free MMORPG game i have seen so far. Its a good mix of multi/single player battles and missions with a wide veriety of guns and skills. This game also has a great staff of General Manegers and Developers. All games have hackers but CrimeCraft seems to be running a tight ship, I have only seen a few exsploters/hackers but thanks to the staff at CrimeCraft they dont get to stick around vary long. Play and enjoy a new world of killers.

  68. Ive played this game for about 2 weeks and i would have to say this is one of the funnest games ive ever played. I bought a new computer to have to game on Max Settings and I am still waiting for the New PC to come in but i bet i won’t be disappointed.

  69. From My Few Days Of Playing This Game
    Id Have To Say Its One Of The Most Addictive Games Iv Played So Far
    Missions And Objectives Featuring
    PVP And Even PVE
    Player Vs Player, Player Vs Environment
    I Would’ve Started Playing A Bit Earlier Since I Registered When I First Came Out But
    Due to My Graphics Card It Felt Unplayable
    I Actually Spent $150 For A New Graphics Card To Play This Game
    And I Believe That This Was Worth The Graphics Card
    I Really Enjoy This Game
    I Love The Gameplay
    Break The Habits Of Daily Fps And Step Up

  70. Crime Craft is a futuristic MMORPG third-person shooter that has you killing for money whether it be NPCs or other players. The game is free to play with a subscription option and cash shop. You start off as a unknown thug and work your way up the criminal ladder and gain a multitude of skills to slay foes, escort allies, and capture stolen goods and more. You gain levels and with each level comes additional skill points to allocate to specialize in additional weapons, use a variety of explosives, defend yourself, and regenerate hit points lost in firefights. Every quest starts from an NPC( or a payphone). Several players may be in an area doing different quests, all with different objectives, but the enemies do not care and will attack everyone equally. Spawns are rapid and can be unexpected or even frustrating as you get caught reloading. But even if you feel there are no more ‘real’ quests, there are always odd jobs to work on. Odd jobs can be anything from killing 10 guys that wielding pistols, to killing 50 enemies using pistols of your own. You can work on tons at a time and you’ll find yourself completing them without even trying, giving you a little boost of XP and cash every time you hit up a payphone to check your progress.


    CrimeCraft’s gameplay takes some getting used to. Controls are just as you’d expect from any other shooter, with the ability to zoom in on targets and go for head shots for bonus damage. However, RPG elements are still in play and you’ll notice your weapons lose power beyond a certain effective range. CrimeCraft’s run and gun feels good, Targeting is good and has minimal to no lag associated with it.


    The prologue is long… very long. It will take you a good 2-3 hours to run through the entire tutorial start to finish, and that’s not wasting any time. That said, it can’t help but do a good job of introducing you to most of the concepts and processes you’ll go through to succeed and progress in the world of CrimeCraft. Now if only it could accomplish that without sapping my desire to play the game.

    PvE(Player versus Enemy)

    Enemy AI isn’t too bad, although great for a free to play online MMO, enemies will use cover, roll, and use special weapons on you with deadly accuracy.

    PvP(Player versus Player)

    PvP is varied with several play types from other FPS games, and the maps are fairly balanced. As an example, Capture Point gametype feels perfect, with spawn points being close to the action, but capture points taking a good while to convert to your team, In other words, a bloodbath.


    The graphics of CrimeCraft are respectable. Visuals are nothing mind blowing and some of the textures are muddy, but the animations are solid and people blow up and collapse dead in a gratifying fashion. The graphics settings lack granular control, however, so if you have a card that has trouble with a specific feature such as high end shadows or water effects, you’ll have to suck it up and run the whole game on low, which sours the visual appeal of the game.


    In CrimeCraft there is a good variety of weapons and weapon modifications. Weapons range from a Knife, Pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, grenade launcher, or rocket launcher.

    Instant action

    CrimeCraft has a feature where instead running to the NPC by the arena you can pull up a list of all of the current matches and join from there drastically cutting down time making PvE and PvP are quick and easy to get into.

  71. This game is better than i thought it would be. Graphics are really good compared to other free2play games. The game play is pretty simple and easy to go through. I wouldn’t mind buying any of the in game products. Overall this game is pretty good and can get addicting.

  72. Well the game is excellent for a free game. the graphics are just as good as most of the games that I have paid good money fore… I don’t have a problem buy some of the in game products. Game play is excellent both on the laptop and on the big game machine. Well that is about it for now….

  73. +great combat system
    +14 maps and 7 different game modes
    +PvP and PvE missions
    +great clan/gang (whatever you wanna call it) system
    -some PvE missions are always way to easy or way to hard never right in the middle
    -only combat is in battles(no street fights)
    -certain skills are way to over powering(exp: stealth)

  74. I am a newbie and there is absolutely no learning curve. This is why the game is extremely fun (not to mention extremely satisfying). There is also the quick and easy battle and mission quest where you can jump right in to any match, and enjoy the bloody havoc that is the action element. Also the game mechanic is wonderful as it runs smoothly on any computer.

    In terms of score I will give a: 9/10 (great game, enemy AI a bit choppy.)

  75. Hi, I just started playing CrimeCraft and its real easy to get ahold of how the game play is. I did have a problem with getting out of the first area but i did some reasearch on the fourms and I saw something about leaving them a tiicket and they whould help transport you where you need to go.

    The game play is good and my lap top is old so If my lap top was better It whould be even better with how smoth it ran. I am trying to figure out a better setting of my mouse sensitivity and see if i can smoth things out.

    Well yes enjoy the game its free and is very fun.

  76. un des meilleurs jeux f2p du moment sur le monde actuelle de la rue et son economie souteraine, sa me rapelle mon ancienne vie , etant un vieux joueur de 44 ans , je recommande se jeux a 100 %………longue vie a crimecraft

  77. Desde el primer minuto que juegas a CrimeCraft te das cuenta de que es el mejor juego de ordenador de todo el mundo.

  78. Story:
    Oil runs out and economy crashes down, we are heading towards to sticks and stones any time soon. But there is still a hope! A new city is open for everyone who wishes to rebuild the Civilization.

    There are many PVP and PVE, both of them are rewarding. as free user you wont be dominated by overpowered premium user and thats a good thing. Premium account offers you more XP, Money and other cool content like “Bleedout” campaign.
    Rare items can be bought from “Blackmarket” with goldbars, Goldbars can be earned or purchased with real money.

    Graphics: Graphics are decent and well optimized.

    I recommend this game to anyone who is looking for some skull cracking 3rd person shooter!

  79. My CrimeCraft review:

    Gameplay: 9/10
    Graphics: 9/10
    Story: 7/10

    Overall: 9/10

    CrimeCraft is a free amazing MMORPG game which is similar of WOW or L2 but this is something new something like APB but FREE :). When I discovered this game I thought “wow it I have to have now” but when I started play this game started the Workout and that not very interesting. I did try in the game continue and now I play this game still. The game is divided into three city, in each city is a lot of maps to play but all maps are good :D. Is here max. level50 and You can choose one of four professions (tailor,gunsmith,engineer adn chemist) max. profession level is 250. Increasing levels profession is limited nature of the levels (character lvl/max profession lvl – 1-24/70,25-34/120,35-49/200,50/250). Game is in third person and the graphic is pretty good, whether for better or worse graphics cards. If you want things better than other players is here BlackMarket there you can buy different things for GoldBars (they are bought for real money via crimecraft webpage). You can also create your gang. In gang you can invite people, raising the gang level, buy different things – hideout, Bank and many more. You can play as gang together versus other gangs. Things that you don’t want you can sell them at auction other players. My opinion on this game is positive. I think it’s a good change from other games and satisfy your expectations in some places up unexpectedly. Download this game and well have fun while playing :). Soryy for my bad English :D.

  80. This is a original game, that involves a story line with a third person shooter in a reality that might happen in some odd years to come. This game’s graphics are better then average games, while it’s storyline is unique. CrimeCraft’s crafting system is like most mass multiplayer online role playing games, thought non-original it’s crafting is important to the aspects of the game. Other games you don’t necessary need crafts while here you need one in order to progress in the game. While required to go onto the craft this games aspect of farming for supplies is quite unique and game play is also unique versus other games of this type. CrimeCraft’s game play shooting style is to the normal design of real people hip firing up to scoping where the unfortunately there is no drop from the barrel to the target. While it is a little cartoonish versus other third person shooters and role playing games it is in its own class for a game. Another thing that is desirable on it is the clothing which is unique to both sexes. The telephone missions are also a unique way to earn money, while the main missions are to turn the story line on and so forth while you may only have twenty-five sub-quests it is unlimited on the main quests you may have. I have gotten a total of 52 quests before. It is also fun to run around the city finding the top ten players when they are logged on. There is rarely any game abusers or hackers in this game, there is not also not much lag when playing this game on a average computer with slow internet. Another thing I enjoyed was modifying the guns and coating the guns with different camouflages. This games currency is also unique, but non-unique in the same way. The games currency is like most free to play games. Playing the game dose not require you to buy premium items in any way unless you choose to achieve extra items or options to things while advancing slightly faster in the game. All in all this game is a good game to get involved in if you like a RPG and a shooter game. There is some ways this game may be improved but I will give it a nine out of ten for everything about the game. There is no game that should be a ten out of ten because every game could have improvements to that game in specific. Have fun playing if you read this and hope you enjoy playing this game.

  81. This is an quick actio game, at last the part you keep wanking in the city crafting things.

    The pros are the fast paced shooter, third person gives another effect to the game and awsome graphics, the gang system, the gold bar earning in the offer system at the game site, and many more things, chek them out…

    There is not much bad things to talk about at less the bleedout quest that you gotta buy, and all the time I’ve played this game i found one or two hackers (Hate ’em).

  82. Sick game, one of the best 3rd person shooter rpg’s out there.
    every thing is customizable and the limits are endless.
    you can get all the multi player action you can handle, whether its pvp or co-op, theres something for every one.
    you can be a shooter fan, a rpg fan, or a massive multi-player fan, this is a game for you!

    do yourself a favor and install the game, you got nothing to lose.
    the game is free and accessibility is endless without costing you a dime!
    but if you decide its a kick-ass game like everyone else, you have the option to invest a tiny amount and get a whole lot more options in the game
    extra experience, extra cash,

    its not like i have to tell you about it, im sure everything bout this game is posted above.


    you have a chance to discover the best damn game out there.


  83. This game is by far THE best online multiplayer game i have ever had the enjoyment of playing. This game has alot of customization values involved ( eg: crafting clothes, weapons, weapon camouflage’s, and more.) and has a huge selection of weapons to kill the NPC’s (non playable characters) and other human players.

    The multiplayer factor is great, there are so many different combinations of skills, player-altering items, and weapons that each player brings to the battlefield. There is very little if any lag, and the controls are very easy to get a handle of.

    The graphics on this game are excellent considering they allow you to play it for free, the textures are high resolution, the models are high poly, and the environment certainly brings u that “wasteland” kinda feel. An awesome addition to these graphics are the gore, blowing heads off, arms, and legs, you name it, you aim it, and its gone.

    If you came to me and asked me, “is this game worth the money?” i would definitely have to scream YES!

    I love CRIMECRAFT!

  84. after have playing alot of games i find the BEST shooter online ever…CrimeCrfat it’s not all about shooting may craft your weapons,cloths and that’s not all…you may choice your skills and weapons…TRY this game NOW.

  85. I played crimecraft first on my friends account before it went free to play. Back then it wasn’t very good. Recently I tryed it again, and it was very improved.

    The PvE was pretty good. You just slaughter tons of wasy enemies and defend points etc. With some friends you can have quite a bit of fun with it.

    The PvP is where I think this game really shines. Everyone can have different set of guns and skills to help them in the battlefield. The only times I became frustrated with this game was whenever there was a hacker (there are a ton of hackers) or when the other team was way higher levels and they spawn camped us.

    The game focuses on crafting to make money, and unfortunaty, crafting is really hard. You have to buy up the entire market if you want to make any sort of money. Clothes and weapons cost a fortune, so dont expect to look very cool or be very good unless you play for a long, long time.

    The game is worth a try at least, I quit playing it after only 2 weeks, but I have a really short attention span.

  86. Crimecraft(CC) is a Free-To-Play MMOTPS. Some of the features of the game are the Armours the Weapon Modifications, Boosting item for advantage over the field, Crafting of Armours , Weapons, Item Boost, the skills system and the Gang System.

    p.s. only hackers r bastards:-)

    __ skrytekk __

  87. French Salut Et bienvenue sur le jeux CrimeCraft jeux au million de couleur vive tres bon jeux tres agressive pour se défoulé avec des arme parlé avec plein d’amis JEUX ou la tout le monde joue tres personnalisable choisi ton style et tes arme Tue des pixel et amuse toi 😀 au revoir

  88. Here’s my crimecraft review:

    Overall: 9/10

    Gameplay: 9/10
    Graphics: 8/10
    Story: 6/10
    Quantity: 10/10
    Playtime: 10/10

    Crimecraft is a completly free mix of online shooter and rpg. Playing not in 1st person than in 3rd person doesnt make that big difference, so you may call it an fps even this is formal not correct.
    It uses the unreal engine, and that it makes very good. Graphics look for an free game awesome. Sure new premium games look better, but CC do a really good job.

    Game is divided into the maps where fights take place and 3/4 huge and great looking districts in which the main rpg take part. Such as finding a gang, accepting quest, spending skill points and crafting.
    Social interact is good, ping not always. The fights are in unreal style with assault rifles, machine guns, rocket launcher, sniper rifle, shotgun etc.

    It plays fast an make a lot of fun. Longterm motivation is because ob leveling and daily/weekly touneys very high!

    Play it! You will love it or stay with civ5 …

  89. Hello,

    if played CrimeCraft Bleedout for a while, and it’s a amazing game.
    it’s a fast paced Third Person Shooter, whit lots of shooting in it.
    you will never stand still 😀
    I realy liked the fact that there are quests in the game, it will keep you busy every second of the game 😀
    the graphics are stunning for a F2P TPS.
    the game has lots costumisation, you can buy cloths, guns, and other stuff.

    the game runs smoothly, and there are no ingame lags.
    as I already said: The game has amazing graphics.

    when you first enter the game, you will get a tutorial.
    it explane everything you need to know about the game

    Conclusion: it’s a amazing game and very fun to play!

    Gameplay: 9 out of 10
    Graphics: 9.5 out of 10
    Story-Line: 8.5 out of 10

    So overal: 9 out of 10
    Play it Now!

  90. CrimeCraft, in my opinion is an awesome game to play. You can buy weapons, cloth, abilities and so much more. You can also, craft weapons and other items which effectively makes your weapons stronger.

    Gamplay: 4/5

    Graphics: 4/5

    Story-Line: 5/5

    CrimeCraft is a really enjoyable game and I look forward on seeing you guys play.

  91. Crimecraft(CC) is a Free-To-Play MMOTPS. Some of the features of the game are the Armours the Weapon Modifications, Boosting item for advantage over the field, Crafting of Armours , Weapons, Item Boost, the skills system and the Clan System.

  92. CrimeCraft is a massive multiplayer online game which is similar to World of Warcraft with there are tonns of weapons and even more tonns of upgrades,colors, enhancments. there are many maps to play on so it will not get old or boring as fast as you would think, also there are proffesions, skills ingridients just like in WoW but thats only the small part, CrimeCraft will ensure a thrilling PvP gameplay and a intresting and a must go at BleedOut campaign, BleedOut has been finished and now more campaigns will be added so the game will not be so small in what to do, many goals you can play to gain, many achievements, play with hundreds of other people, make friends with them, get in a gang or be your own gang boss. Crime Craft maybe is a free to play massive multiplayer game but its expierience will definetly be diffrent than all the other games youve played or havent, it doesnt matter for CC is truely uniqe, there are lots of good people, lots to do and lots of space for all the players around so atleast trying this out is a must.

  93. CrimeCraft… Come for the shooting and stay for community. Id say this game is a solid 8 out of 10.

    Gameplay: This game has so many cool aspects and styles to its gameplay which makes it so unique! Theres the PvP, where you get to verse other players from around the world, and your reward is XP, materials and money. Then theres PvE, where u face different types of computer enemys, and your reward is XP, containors and money.

    Pros: Theres always something to keep you entertained in this game. Theres the many styles of shooting in PvP or PvE. Then theres the crafting and making items for youself or selling them to other players. Then my personal favorite is the Gangs, you form a click with your gang mates and it just makes the game so much more fun. You have the option to gang war with other gangs, and forms groups with in or outside of your gang for PvP or for the tournaments. They hold touraments everyday that anyone can enter and you win money and prizes for participating!

    Cons: It’s very addictive, once you start you cant stop! Also theres some really cool customizations you can get for your character you create but all of them you need to pay for.

    This game is a must try! When you get there hit me up, im always looking for more cool people to join my gang!

  94. CrimeCraft… :)) Great game! With having put 200 hours into i can say this game has a great community of players. Grouping up for pvp matches getting in on tournaments! Gang wars! Matches like turf! shootout an Robbery! are always in play 🙂 competitive an always fun. To customizing your character from armor (clothes), weapons, boosts, attachments, cosmetics an theirs much more! with four major crafting abilities ,crafting is always the way to hooking your player up! So if your looking for a fast paced 3rd person shooter that u can get into! please check this game out. : ))

  95. Crimecraft Review

    Graphics – Crimecraft graphis was absolutely astounding, it’s visual and surrounding of a ruined civilization after the bleedout are definitely well made. However, despite the nice view of a ruined environment; it requires ample of memories to run which could sometimes forces you to set the games setting at it’s lowest.

    Storyline – The storyline are well written as it without doubt clear some question beyond the player thoughts of how the bleedout occur and the conflicts that are within the Scorpion Chamber. It was an excellent idea to narrate the story in a comic book form rather than the old video/movies method which could get bored at a times as it was frequently used at other games.

    The narrator voices was clear and it even provides subtitles for you to read if you could’t hear what he say. The only thing you got to worried about whenever you are watching it is to avoid having any minor within you, as the story often depict of violences and sexual content.

    Bug/Errors – One of the biggest/serious issues involving crimecraft are the bug issues, there is countless of bugs and some of it can be labelled as “Critical” due to the facts they can be abuse by players itself. Infact, being an avid gamers for many years; I have never seen an games with soo much bug compares to this ones.

    One biggest/huge dissappointment about it was the massive updates it gone once in awhile, players often hope the huge updates would removes a large portions of errors/bugs that are in within the ingame mechanics. However, instead of removing a large portion of bugs; it seems to be adding more new features which some of it are barely an necessity. This game could use an huge update involving bug/glitch removes rather than focusing most of it on new features.

    If you ever ask me what bug that frequently been seen, some of it such as auto team balances are not working, bleedout mission cannot be complete, pve chase after you despite cloaking and so on.

    Replayability Values – The replayability values of this game are without doubts highs, instead of the usual Deathmatch, Capture The Flag and etc etc game modes which you can frequently seens at others fps games like Team Fortress; this game add an alternatives game mode such as robbery modes where both team fend off an robbery attempt by the opponent team while trying to rob them at the same time.

    Althoughs it might have just a minor interesting features like this ones, it was certainly addictive enough to play it over and over again without bored yourself. Player are even givens the opportunity to build up their own equipment for better outcomes in the battlefield through crafting, which are genuine concept that encourage players to work harder to be better players.

    The weapon are improvise using attachment rather than the weapon itself, this also generally encourage player to seek for the attachment rather than just the most powerful weapons. In this game, even the most powerful weapon are the weakest if there is no attachment in within it. One thing I had to personally admit is the developer are smart enough to gives a differences name for game mode to make it look more unique such as renaming an Team Deathmatch mode into Shootout mode while Deathmatch mode into Riot mode.

    Customer Services – The customer services was an huge dissappointment for this games, is not like I am trying to tarnish the entire reputation of it. But the services it provided was absolutely poor in comparison with other gaming company and was extremely limited for free users, being an deluxe/premium member are of no guarantees you would get an much better services eithers based on my personal experiences.

    In other words, if you play this games; pray to the lord there is absolutely nothing goes wrong during your gameplay. Believes me, the customer services are probably the last places you ever want to visit for this game.

    Details/Information – The games have an tutorials which provides an cover of what to do during the in-game for newbies and it was strictly recommended that you paid full attention to the brief tutorial which last about an hours. The main reasons why you need to paid full attention to the tutorial is the lack of information/details you are going to faces later on.

    This is what I experiences back when I started to play this games, if you are as good as leaving/skipping/ignore an single tutorial during the debrief; you are likely to get confused/problem later on. This is because despite the tutorial provided, there is still a huge lack of information which you definitely need to seek it by yourself and you could not find it that easily (Not even in forum). If you ask players for information, certain information provided by other players could highly varied.

    In other words, you got to seek the answer personally based on your own personal in-game experiences in within the game soon. As much as it makes it challenging, it was also a big nuisances for newbies. So do not expect people to feed you with information all the time in this game. After all, this game was all based on the toughness in cruel world.

    Community – Community are what makes the games better. In my opinion, this games have amples of friendly player you could get along with but also some unpleasant player which we often called it as “Troll”. But this cannot be avoided as crimecraft community was extremely small in comparison with others game. If you are being harass/troll by several immature players frequently, do not get the impression the Crimecraft Community was all evil. You could have just ignore them by using the “Blacklist Features”

    Balances – Although there is many countless of inbalances issues occur in within this games, there is absolutely nothing to worried about as the developer frequently take his time to tweak the balances for the better. This is probably the part that I feel vogster did absolutely nothing wrong in within it.

  96. When I first started, I expected Crimecraft to be a very generic game. I was wrong. There are many different types of guns, gamemodes, and teams. There are daily tournaments, which places teams in a intense 4v4 shootout match. The game does get repetitive, so you need to change up between playing gamemodes, from gamemodes like Robbery and Snatch and Grab to a 32-man Delosville Capture the Zone bloodbath.
    When you get sick of constantly killing people in PvP, you can play one of three PvE modes, do quests, or follow the BleedOut campaign. Bleedout explains why the city is in ruins, and many other questions. It has ten episodes. It is easy at the beginning, but gets challenging at the end.
    Outside of the battle zones, you can craft weapons and clothes, join or manage a gang, or just chat with the people online. The gaming community at Crimecraft is small, but that is not always a bad thing. You know the people that are online, and you have more friends. If you can’t sell an item to any of the players on, the Auction House allows you to put the item on for a minimum bid, and a buyout price.
    Gangs are a huge part of the game. Gangs have vaults where members can deposit and withdraw cash and items. You can buy a gang hideout for a place for all the members to stay. There are many vendors you can put in one convenient place. You can upgrade the Hideout to make it look better.
    In conclusion, Crimecraft is a great third person shooter. It takes skill to aim, while not being impossible. Crimecraft has a small and great community. Crimecraft bans hundreds of hackers a week, so they really do care about the players. I would recommend this game to many of my friends.

  97. I find this game to be top notch for a free to play. Graphics are decent, the optional perks are fairly balanced and tend to create unexpected scenarios. I have not personally made the jump to a paid subscription. But that being said Ive found that the only thing not available to me is cosmetic character items, and pve content. The lack of leveling content to free users is depressing….. but there is plenty to do still. If you do decide to become a paying member of the community you gain access to armor and weapons that are very expensive and would take a great deal of time to acquire independently, and a new set of lvling quests every week.. All and all Id say this is defiantly worth your time if you like 3rd person shooters. you can jump in as a lvl one and kill a lvl 50 if you get the jump on them. Pros are low server downtime, solid learning curve, decent enough graphics that dont require you to have a top notch machine, enjoyable gameplay. Cons I would say are….. Very difficult to customize your character(even for paying subscribers), very short storyline(lack of content for pve). All in all its free check it out, wont regret it.

  98. CrimeCraft is a really good game i play it like all day. The graphics are really good so i would give it like a 8/10. This is one of my favorite Mmorpgs. I love this game so i would give it a 9.5/10 or a 10.

    Cya 😀

  99. In my opinion, this game have great features but also lacks some, the graphics are about 7.5/10, but when u die the graphics could be a little bit better at that. i hate it when u walk into an arena full of people who bought all they’re armor with real money, its kind of lame, they should make it so u can buy 1 gold bar for every thousand of dollars you get.the strip dancer costs too much, the gameplay is pretty cool, being able to disapear and re-appear in front of an enemy, thinking what they’re reaction is behind the keyboard is always funny. all in all i rate this game 9.3/10. hope whoever reads this wants to try the game, really takes it to heart. have fun 🙂

  100. CrimeCraft…. The name isn’t that appealing to me as other names such as All Points Bulletin, but all in all, it’s a great game. There are a lot of people playing, it is fun on PvP mode OR PvE mode, and the use of items makes the game have a lot of playability (as in that you will always come back sooner or later). It takes a while to do some of the quests, but it is worth it. Great graphics, good use of multiplayer situations, and even has a webcomic series on its website for viewing! This is one of my favorite MMORPG’s, and I hope you learn to love it too! 🙂

  101. This game is really good. i never play before online game like this, others online games have nothing as compare this game, just try it :)) in this game their is in a lot of fun like selling purchase items , crafting , jobs,make a gang and many more things,you never play before single game with includes all features.

  102. Developed on the Unreal Engine 3 platform for next-gen systems, CrimeCraft is a massively-multiplayer online game that combines the action of a tactical shooter with the strategy of an RPG.
    GTA-such a MMORPG developed by Ukrainian developer of luxurious engine. CrimeCraft based on competition, teams of players in various fields of activity for property, social status. The action takes place in a modern American city, whose inhabitants are the players and the NPC. For the first time find themselves in it, the player is faced with the fact that there is money rules and physical strength.CrimeCraft is a Persistent World Next-gen Shooter (PWNS) that blends an action-packed shooter experience with groundbreaking community and role-playing elements never before seen in a shooter. CrimeCraft is set in a gritty fictional city of the near future. Following an ecological disaster of unprecedented scale, gangs have taken control and power is determined by the size of your crew and the strength of your reputation. Join thousands of players online as you learn the rules of the street. Build your own gang and do whatever it takes to survive amidst the chaos. Earn a reputation. Build a gang. Kill the competition…… ;]

    • I forgot to say that to each new patch CrimeCraft keeps getting better and more realistic.My Rating 10/10 =]

  103. Welcome to Sunrise City, may your stay be Lengthy, enjoyable, and bloody as hell!

    Apr 22, 2009

    That was the day I became an official citizen of Sunrise City. I had been through it before, the online shooter market. A place where the most notorious players pay to win. I was skeptical to say the least. In this day and age, when people speak of the free to play (F2P) games, it is usually the people with the money who run the highest attainable gear and are in effect, untouchable. This is not so with Crime Craft and Sunrise City.

    First and foremost, Crime Craft is a shooter at its core. It boasts fast paced action and a plethora of strategy based gun-play. But that is just the basics. Your character (Toon) has the ability to attain level 50, and with these attainable levels you progress through, many NPC based missions based on the go here kill this, search the area, find this set up, all backed by a deep and engaging story line. Besides your toon’s base stats increasing slightly with each level, you also earn skill points (SP) which can be spent on many various skills that are unlocked as you progress.

    Next comes the crafting tree. In essence there are 8 available crafting professions. Tailor, Chemist, Gunsmith and Engineer. I know what you are thinking, “But you said 8, and that’s only 4!”. Yes I did say eight. Each profession has two paths to follow, and with the highest attainable crafting level being 250, there is definitely no shortage of income options to the crafter with ingenuity! A hearty auction house option allows for the sale of found or crafted items, and with the vast amount of gear and goods on the market, the wise seller can easily make a profit!

    The best part about the level 50 toon and the level 250 profession, these are both available to ALL players. That’s right, whether you are a premium subscriber or a free player, all levels and gear are attainable to you! And as stated earlier, this is not a pay to win game! Which brings us to The Black Market.

    There is a hearty black market in Sunrise City that allows for the purchase of many different customization options as well as some rare items that are more difficult to find. They offer gear packs, second professions, weapons, clothing, custom clothing and more, and they are always adding new stuff to keep the population interested and unique, but the best weapons and gear is not available here! That’s right, in order to obtain that elusive 5 slot killing machine and the uber armors worn by the deadliest of denizens in Sunrise, you need to find it!

    Containers are found littered through the different Player Versus Environment (PvE) zones, and if you are lucky, daring, and skillful enough, they can even be obtained in the midst of bloody Player Versus Player (PvP) zones. Be warned though, when that level 3 crate drops after you pop some unsuspecting head with your high caliber weapon from across the spillway, you will want to move fast, because you are not the only one eying it up. These containers are like gold around here as they are what you want to open to find much needed materials for leveling your crafting, or if you are very lucky, that dreamy 5 slot sniper that you have wanted ever since you saw the most wanted gangster in Sunrise use it to single-handed rack up 30 kills in a 9 minute match of furious turf war.

    Speaking of Gangsters, Sunrise City is home to a plethora of closely knit gang families all vying for control over the different districts of Sunrise City, and if you are lucky, you can get in with a good crew and with them work together to advance your toon and make a name for yourself on the streets in a new age of ruin. Unfortunately, as a free player, not all of the gang management options are available to you, but believe me when I say that the extras you get as a paying subscriber are well worth the minor cost of holding a subscription! And with that said, no, the subscription does not get you the best guns and gear either. What it does give you is a little more money, experience and a little padded on to drop rates, which you will enjoy if you are a hardcore crafting aficionado. Also with the subscription you have the option to fully manage a gang and get all the perks that running a gang hideout has to offer.

    The Gold. As in most MMO games, Crime Craft and Sunrise City also boast a gold bar (Gb) option where Gb can be used to purchase specialty items on the black market or even to pay for your subscription as a premium player. But NO, this gold cannot get you the best gear or guns! Persistence and skill get you that! And if you are one of those that likes to say “Well why would I pay for gold bars?!?”, they hear ya there too! Gold bars can be attained absolutely free! There are many different survey offers much like the ones that earn you cash and gold on popular social networks, and on top of that there is a hearty patronage program that can also get you earning a decent amount of Gb as well!

    “What’s all this I hear about The Bleedout?” you might ask, well The Bleedout was recently introduced to the citizens of Sunrise as an episodic addon campaign that was released on a weekly basis to add new content and storyline to the game. It is presented through a wide variety of PvE content backed by an amazing and gritty, dark storyline presented by some of today’s biggest comic and graphic novel artists and writers. The missions themselves can be entertaining and in some cases even turn your knuckles white from the grip you have on your mouse! As a warning though, some missions are not for the faint of heart, and as a few of us hardened gangsters will be more than happy to tell you, there is even a mission that has the ability to cause nausea in some players as they have been known to suffer motion sickness while trying to run a certain mission. Don’t let that stop you though! If you find yourself feeling queezy, take a break, get up and get some fresh air then try it again later. The missions can be completed at your leisure.

    If you want to learn more about the names behind the Bleedout stories, I suggest you check out the guys from Archaia/BlackLable over at Click the Gallery link to see the big names and get a little insight into their past works before they so graciously offered their talents to bring the dark and seedy underbelly of Sunrise City to life!

    Game-wise, the controls are great and easy for any noob and even vetran fps players to handle, the graphics are top notch for a free to play game, and with the soon to be added option of a much wider range of graphics options, even people with basic machines and laptops will be able to enjoy the new age of ruin in Sunrise City!

    The community itself is also a great aspect of the game and there are a lot of helpful and friendly members that make being a citizen in Sunrise well worth the trip! As a true OG of Sunrise City, who has been in it for the proverbial “Long Haul” I can definitely say, that without a doubt, Crime Craft and Sunrise City is definitely something you should look in to if you are a shooter fan!

    When ya get there, tell em OG sent ya!
    Simply Effin’ Astounding Chief Elder

  104. rewiew.

    at an early start you will enter a tutorial spot called the moat and be subjected to making several pve missions before actually being able to play pvp, once moat is done by one of your chars in the game the other chars can skip the moat.
    recently CC started throwing lvl 1s for one match only vs the already in the game players…the lvl 1s gets res 40% in all all match long (which compared to top lvl players is more then those can achieve, sure with drugs and clothing you get higher res but drugs wear off fast).

    this idea of letting the lvl1s have one such match is actually ruining the gameplay for some in the game already, this cause these lvl1s usually dont know the objective (rob, snatch a flag or capture the zone etc) and dont know the map layout which will affect how the actually contribute, worst of it all is that these lvl1s gets thrown in the top lvl games…

    and theres more and more flaws…

    but why do I still play the game?

    all the hackers, bad gms, bugs and glitches aside its a good game, it looks good and the action is amazing at times…and it has some of the best mmo people in the world coming to frienship and help.

  105. Crime Craft is a good game for those q like a shooting game in the third person
    The game has several abilities and weapons, a full plate for anyone who wants to spend hours having fun.
    The cash game store and distributed to several very well convey, in the game that counts most is your ability to play.
    Every two weeks the game comes with some new in the shop intens
    He is always upgrading to better fun for your players, and contains a beautiful story that probably you will like

  106. My feelings are that this is one of the better games that I have played. You are doing one hell of a job with the game updates, keep up the good work. The graphics are pretty good considering it’s a free to play game. Game-play is also very good in fact very close to excellent for a free game. There is 6 of us that are playing it and we a enjoy it completely. Keep up the good work..As a free to play title its hard not to recommend crime craft its high quality production values and frequent content updates and bug fixes rival that of most professional p2p mmos that I have played and the unreal engine still holds together and can produce some gorgeous environments with in 2011s standards so keep up the good work guys.

  107. Gameplay : i consider this game to have a very solid gameplay. well balanced. even a player 10 lvls under you can still kill you with ease depending on the strategies. (8/10)

    Graphics : for an F2P game, this game is awesome looking. not state of the art-sy kinda graphics, but still, stunning. (9/10)

    Episodes : Probably one of the main thing and reason why im so hooked up for the game, new stories, new episodes very week (9/10)

    UI : not bad at all, its simple and helpful, and newb friendly (10/10)

    Crafting system : the MAJOR reason why i love this game, its just simply amazing. with friends with different jobs, you can back each other up and that is just priceless 🙂 (9/10)

    Lack of Voip : is pretty much a downfall until its finally implemented. communicating with your group on-the-fly will add much more fun ingame. a good example of Voip is Global Agenda. so far, im using skype to comunicate with my friends (5/10)

    Continuous Updates : brings the game much much more alive. and i respect you guys for it 🙂 (8/10)

    Phone Jobs : kinda like achievements, but it adds more fun and challenge to the game, and wil leave you with TONS of things to do. and when one completes a job, it is very2 satisfying and rewarding 🙂 (9/10)

    Skills : very well balanced and pushes the player to equip skills that are according to the mission, freakin A guys. (9/10)

    As for the black market : IMO, its very2 balanced as well, no items in the Bm that i consider to make your char OP. so its cool! (8/10)

    Lack of GM’s in-game (except for events), its pretty much a bad thing. GM’s should wander around in the city as well to boost up the morale and excitement for the players. but, if u guys are busy enough making the game better. that i support your absence 🙂 (6/10)

    Conclusion : damn good game, everyone should at least give it a try. nothing to lose anyway 😛

    well that is all for me. i hope i can help anyone reading this 🙂
    have a nice day 🙂

  108. CrimeCraft has a lot of ups and downs. The graphics are pretty good considering it’s a free to play game. Everything is very detailed – from the environment to the toenails of the characters! I personally find the storyline and the weekly episodes very compelling and fun to play. The game has a co-op based PvE mode and a couple of PvP modes like capture the flag and team deathmatch and it has a pretty decent balancing system that takes skill and gear into consideration. If only more games had that… Anyways the PvE is very fun (especially while playing with friends) but the AI is very clumsy and the enemies will just run into you like madmen or stay crouched and fire from the same spot even if you got to point blank range to them. This doesn’t really get too noticed when there are a lot of people on the screen but on smaller scale battles it’s an issue. The PvP is a lot of fun. There aren’t huge imbalances between paying and non-paying players or maybe it’s just me being an FPS beast and killing everyone and thing in my sight. The crafting is very average but atleast it provides the players with a huge variety of guns, mods and augmentations that can suit to your play style. The skills in the game are a lot of fun and there are tons of them. Most are pretty interesting or creative but others feel very dull. Overall the game is a lot of fun if you can get over a few small glitches, the bad AI and strangely overpowered explosives that will demolish you. The game has gore and nudity so I wouldn’t recommend you giving it to your children but you should definetly check it out!

  109. Summary of the Game:
    Crimecraft is a TPS with RPG elements. Players have a choice of Male or Female with very few hairstyles, skin tones or faces. Players wander through a safe haven where they can pickup quests, craft, complete quests, buy equipment, etc. All quests are assigned for either crafting or combat instances where the player enters an instance and must complete an objective. Other players may join the instance to gather crafting materials or complete their own quests, but when a quest is completed, the player is booted from the instance. The player may also take “jobs” through payphones which challenge the player to choose from a massive list of single tasks such as hunting a certain type of ai, crafting with a certain class, playing certain instances or game modes or using certain equipment. Jobs reward money and experience to help level the player between quests. Each level the player receives 1 skill point to invest in skills that can be reset any time for a charge of in-game funds. Skills allow players to have unlimited stamina, grenades, special attacks, stat bonuses, higher drop rates, almost any special element from other shooter games can be learned as a skill. More skills are unlocked as the player levels up, which do not progress through a tree, so the player can allot their skill points in any way they want. The game has an ever expanding storyline known as bleedout, which is a main set of quests to follow the story of the game. (Bleedout is premium content and as such i did not play it) As for other premium content there are pay to win guns and a large selection of clothing and customizable equipment which are all permanent.

    Quick Review:
    Gameplay: 7/10
    Runs almost exactly like a borderlands TPS, weapons do rpg style damage and skills have provide stat boosts and special attacks. There is the option to use a knife, which is a slice or a leaping attack Players may play a variety of pvp or pve. PvP matches can be ctf, deathmatch, team deathmatch, robbery ( a mode similar to capture the flag where standing near the enemy vault builds up funds that you must run back to your vault), and a few others. PvE includes a free deathmatch mode where players may farm crafting materials and easily complete quests, or modes involving objectives to kill certain npcs or defend certain objects or points. PvP can be very entertaining when fighting in a balanced room where the levels are close. There are generally no level restrictions on matches so high level players can fight the low levels with no balancing. Game has some pretty bad issues with balance of skills, explosion damage is constant, it does not decrease with range. Weapons have effective ranges that can be very irritating to deal with, pistols have a very short range and at medium long range can deal 0 damage. Shotguns do not spread, but have short range. Assault rifles can hit from almost any range for full damage. Gameplay was good, could have been a lot better

    Graphics: 6/10
    Nothing too new or exciting, game is seems to require a lot of memory to run for such unexciting graphics. There is gore, including decapitation from explosions or snipers. Graphics are nicer than some games but not groundbreaking for a free fps. Most weapon variations are palette swaps unless they are premium, most clothing is street style but with very little creativity involved.

    Technical Aspects:4/10
    I’m running 12 mbps cable internet and had issues with connection lag. It seems that Gravity, the company who hosts it, does not have very good servers for American players to join. Text will sometimes randomly change languages or have spelling errors. Game is somewhat pay to win, premium weapons are a lot stronger. The launcher, Warp Portal, will suck up insane amounts of memory for just being a portal. Its one of the worst ones I’ve seen.

    Story: N/A/10
    Story was premium content, I’m not qualified to judge.

    Overall I give it about a 6/10

    The only game of its kind, lots of crafting and unique skills with the only free gameplay of this style. The PvE is a very nice change of pace for taking breaks from the somewhat intense PvP

    Gravity does not optimize their software, the portal bogs you down, the game could run a lot faster for how much content is in an instance. Little balance between weapons and skills, nothing too new on the graphics front.

  110. crimcraft is an fun game that make u wanna come back to play it over and over. the episodes base campain is really fun and interesting but sadly i wish there were free instead of buying them. if anyone played any other mmo/shooter and liked it then they should try crimcraft.

  111. CrimeCraft is fast paced third person shooter with moderate item choice, crafting professions, customizable weapons and variety of skills. Game offers variety of PvP and PvE modes where players can gather resources, experience and cash. Players can create gangs with their own gang hideouts and banks to store items and participate in gang wars. Players can join 2 daily tournaments each day and 2 weekly tournaments each week for great rewards in 3 different level brackets.

    The good:
    Fast paced gameplay.
    Great weapon, mod and skill variety to suit your game style.
    Interesting game modes.
    Daily tournaments are fun and can yield good rewards.

    The bad:
    Game engine is poor. A lot of people have issues/cant run game properly.
    Lower level tournaments often have lots of twinked players steamrolling newbies.

  112. crimecraft is a 3rd person shooter game with skilled based game with open world lobby where players can do crafting ,chat etc.
    its a game of gangs where u can have even gang wars for money ,so far its been the best 3rd person mmo shooter .i really like playinig this game almost 7- 10 hr a day addicted :D.

  113. Have you ever dreamed of starting and running your own gang, complete with hideouts, strippers, and gun fights? Have you ever wanted to be a notorious killer, a name that when appears strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies?

    In CrimeCraft, you can have all that and more. Designed and developed by Vogster Entertainment LLC, CrimeCraft is a PWNS (Persistent World Next-gen Shooter) released summer 2009 that blends the best aspects of RPGs and shooters to be one of my favorite shooters since Unreal Tournament 1999 and No One Lives Forever.

    With the recent release of Bleedout, the first expansion CrimeCraft has seen, the already beautifully rendered city of Sunrise looks even better as the effects of the Big Bleedout – the term that defines the events that lead up to the world’s present state, finally reach the walls that are the only protection from the chaos outside; buildings have been demolished, cars lay abandoned in the streets, and dealers stand on every corner attempting to sell you drugs and weapons.

    Graphics on even the lowest settings look better than most other games I have played on their highest settings and provide for great ambiance during game play. The sound in the different districts of Sunrise range from upbeat and empowering to chilling and desolate, completing the tone set by the environmental props.

    Combat is instance-based, with choices between PvP and PvE game modes. With plenty of maps and six different engaging game modes, it’s never a dull day, and Bleedout makes it better. Exhausted from a long day of gunfights? Unwind at the local club, complete with VIP lounge offering exotic entertainment only Sunrise can offer or build your empire crafting and selling drugs, weapons, weapon attachments, and clothing. That sweet pad Downtown will be yours in no time.

    The controls of the game are flexible, and you’re able to re-map just about every action. Standard WASD movement, 123 weapon switch, space dodge, you’ll be able to slip in comfortably no matter what other shooter you’ve played. The game currently does not support game pads, but with programs such as Joy2Key and Xpadder and a bit of sensitivity tweaking, even hard-core console gamers will feel at home.

    If riddling your enemies full of bullet holes and flying chunks of human meat as the result of a well-aimed rocket or HVI sniper round are your bread and butter, pick up CrimeCraft. You won’t regret it.

  114. Introduction:

    Crime-craft was a game i followed from its conceptual stages before the games release in 2009 i was a prominent member of the community and had already pre ordered the game and participated in a closed beta.

    Back then i remember thinking to my self “this could finally be it a persistent MMO sandbox open world shooter similar to GTA” and every time a game play video was released i got even more excited sadly i expected far to much and was initially let down by the games game play and pace.

    Which led to me quitting the game in 2010 (after giving vogster well over a year to fix the bugs talked about in the game-play section below) which is a shame because i really wanted to enjoy it and if it was-int for these rather minor bugs and inconveniences iam sure i would have.

    Now your all probably thinking “well if you quit why are you writing a review?” well recently i stumbled upon a change log/patch notes for crime craft on a mmo site i visit frequently and to my suprise it sounded like the targeting and exp rates had finally been fixed plus the game was f2p now so i quickly went ahead and re-downloaded the client and have been playing it ever since.


    A lot of things were supposed to be fixed in the retail release compared to the beta version of the game the most hyped of these fixes was an extensive rewrite of the targeting system that would make it easier to aim and allow for accurate shooting.

    Sadly in my opinion this didn’t get fixed until the game went F2P which is why the game lost a lot of its player base the second major issue was the exp rate in earlier versions of the game it was much to easy to level up you could get to level 10 within 30 mins of game-play (with barely any effort) luckily this has now been rectified to some extent and vogster has introduced a healthy grind system and found a rather good balance for leveling up.

    Overall the game-play has been improved greatly over the last few years and is something i have to give the developers credit for they saw that some in game systems were flawed and overhauled them dramatically to get them up to scratch with other F2P shooters out there.

    Game play Rating: 6.5/10


    Crime craft uses the unreal 3 engine which was the technological giant behind some of the last few years best games including Batman: Arkham Asylum and bio-shock 2 so the game definitely has the potential to look good sadly though the developers have failed to other access to all graphical settings the engine has to offer plus the .INI files gamers COULD use to bypass these limits aren’t editable unlike most unreal games which is quite sad to see.

    Graphics Rating: 7/10


    As with most mmo shooters there aint much of a back story to the game well unless you read every piece of dialog presented in npc windows during quests (that iam sure most rpg fans will be willing to do) but it really doesn’t hurt the game much at all as your given just enough purpose to kill every thing in sight which is what this games all about.



    As a free to play title its hard not to recommend crime craft its high quality production values and frequent content updates and bug fixes rival that of most professional p2p mmos and the unreal engine still holds together and can produce some gorgeous environments with in 2011s standards so keep up the good work vogster :).

    Overall rating: 8/10

  115. I love this game really, I mean how cool is it to show a future that arise from the idea of oil shortage (which is pretty smart thought about it) just to play in fighting between rival street gangs and people.
    You can can choose from: To shoot eachother into pieces or to make a light show of it, whether you choose to make the best team of specialists or just the dreamteam of friends is all up to you.
    A pity is that many normal players lack the game experience that the game has to offer. ( they have to see more of the game and the gameplay) That way it would be much more fun and many more ppl will subscribe for membership.
    I try everyday to recruit people for the game, unfortunately the file I send to those ppl does not fit here, but if you want to see it? Just ask me? (it’s written in English but also in Dutch) as I have many friends in the Netherlands.
    I also stated what the fees are for membership to them and told them it’s really cheap for a online game that is as awesome as this one ;D.

    At the endding of my revieuw: I think it’s a great game and hope to win, there arent many games like CrimeCraft ( fps / tps and rpg) where you also can make weapons for own use or for others etc.

    Cheers, 😀 and keep playing and when u dont i command you 2 play it ;D really all it’s a really great game especially if u play it whit friends so keep them subcribing ;D

    Another Hint: The way how you can specify/create a carachter needs more options I think it has to less options to chose from…

    (srry if my english is bad buy I am from the netherlands so ;p)

    Keep the good work up CrimeCraft…!

  116. Crimecraft is a beautifull looking third person shooter with a gritty style. people looking for thirdperson shooter should definatly take a look at crimecraft with character customization, weapon customization and crafting, it offers more than the standard third person shooter with a variety of 1 on 1, team oriented or player vs AI modes.

    Not one to look past for free to paly third person shooter fans.

  117. Fast paced action shooter within an atmospheric enviorment. CrimeCraft boasts a wealth of weapons with customization options, simple skill system, and four main branches of crafting. Additionally it’s free to play structure is already fairly solid, meaning that you don’t feel obligated to make any premium purchases. Hoiwever, should you decide to go down that route you will discover a fantastic variety of cosmetic enhancements for the game.

    Well worth looking into!

  118. In my opinion, CrimeCraft is a game you just keep coming back to. The gameplay is pretty fun and fast-paced and there is always something to do whether it’s participating in a tournament, or just simply shooting down some npc’s. If you haven’t tried out CrimeCraft I suggest you do.

    • Best MMORPG I’ve ever played.

      Quick review:
      You can do a lot of things such as…
      Craft armor, guns, ammo, attachments, guns, armor, ammo and more guns
      Build gangs and verse other gangs for money and reputaition
      Argue in the Chat Channels
      Battle in Tournaments
      Particapate in Territory Wars and verse other gangs to fight for territorys AND

      • good game no problem and takes skills to get some kills in my opinion the only shooter that’s fun and also interesting to play and guns not to expensive to get with in-game cash just go through 4 matches and you got enough for a new gun

        • HEY buggy….do i hae to get a card like in sudden attack (Nexon Card)???? cause i cant complete any surey here in KOSOVA <3 😀


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