About the game:
Title: Cultures Online
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORTS Type: Browser
Developer: Gamigo
Publisher: Gamigo

Explosive Features:

  • Viking themed.
  • Unique game style and environment.
  • Adorable heroes and beautiful buildings.

Cultures Online is a 2D browser-based MMORTS by Gamigo.

Starting in a village on remote icy island near Iceland, your hero is tasked with expanding the village. Hire more vikings and decide if they will stay in the village or accompany you on raiding expeditions. Players choose on how the village shall develop.

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  1. this game is based of northland,a single player mmorpg look it up people…and i freaking mean it looks exactly the same,houses,people,monsters etc…the only down fall is that it’s only in italian but it’s really awesome.

  2. I’ve played it off and on for 3 years. Once you get the hang of it it’s a fun browser, strategy, mmo with battles, but no ability to lose your city. Lots of gear and moderate character stat customization. Includes city building and some resource management. Great one you can walk away from for a few days, and compete with others when you’re online.

    • if only pple would put out reviews like urs…ty….makes it easier to choose a game and not waste that time learning it sucks later on when someone gives it one like ur…thanks again

  3. it’s in english. click on the flag on the screen’s upper right > language settings. default’s in another language even ‘fore you choose a server.


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