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About the game:
Title: Dead Frontier
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: Creaky Corpse
Publisher: Creaky Corpse

Explosive Features:

  • Charming Art Style.
  • 100 Collectible Minifigures.
  • Interesting Abilities.

Dead Frontier combines 3rd person survival horror action with more traditional role-playing elements to create a totally unique MMO experience. Players will need to have their wits about them as they struggle for survival in the decaying, zombie infested city of Fairview. Will you stay in the relative safety of the last remaining human outpost, or attempt to create your own hideout in the depths of the city? The choice is yours.

Dead Frontier plays exclusively in your browser and requires no extra downloads of any kind. What’s more the registration requires only a few seconds so you’ll be playing in no time!

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  1. Skcusdf on October 28, 2017

    Amazing game, played it for around 3 years, could be epic if it was not for the absolutely worst customer support i have even come across, they never answer replies or sort out any issues.

    if it was not for this mickey mouse support i’d still be playing today.

  2. joe claw on September 22, 2017

    Game is alright you wont need to pay to win when you get the hang of it, and you don’t wanna be the strongest weapons unless you wanna get rid of the survival element.

  3. RandomRateUser on April 18, 2017

    Boring, Pay to Win, It take very2 long time just to explore other place.

    • N.S.M.A.R. on September 26, 2017

      Yall idiots….i haven’t even spent a single penny and now im almost lv weapons are goretooth, uziel, spiker, have a vulcan in my inventory, and exterminator reactive armor, started my own clan, now in S.C.A.R., at secronum bunker, can’t remember how many black titans i killed, and this was a year ago. I stopped playing cause i was pursuing my doctors course. And i haven’t even spent a single penny. Not even the gold membership. And this gane is amazing. Like i said, y’all idiots. If you dont believe me, here is my username, find me: mredd

    • MeganGamerPlays on May 23, 2018

      Okay how about you stop being lazy and download a game you want and not a browser game!!!!

  4. Filip on March 4, 2017

    have played it from time to time for 8-9yrs game is still in beta,plenty of bugs and glitches missing textures etc,super overpriced for average skill players especially…game mechanics are very crooked cash milking oriented.It had a potential but the admin is a very greed-dumb idiot who pretty much pissed all the games early success(I stated this on igm forum and got perma baned) so my opinion as is not worth your time and cash.

  5. theTitanSlayerDF on January 24, 2017

    You just have to pay at least $600 on this game so you can enjoy it to it’s full potential.
    You simply can’t play this game without paying money. You could barely even survive playing this without having a Gold Membership ($7 a month).

    Overall, a good and addictive game if you are willing to be a monthly payer. Just think of it as paying “Admin Pwn” (Creator) his monthly salary.

    • Liam on February 27, 2017

      where do I go to play the game?

  6. PayToWinner. on December 26, 2016

    the game have a huge potential to become one of the most incredible and succeful horror/zombie/survive mmorpg. the big one problem is…the pay to win element. if you cant pay 8 USD$ per month then just dont even try this game. have gold membership in this game is a must to have element if you want to level up fast, have a “very low chance!!!!” to loot epic loots, and be a member of any competitive clan. this game pay to win power is over 9000. bealive me. also if you dont have 6 hours or more to play this game then you will never have a good progress. end tier equipment price is over 150m$ (without gold membership you can get 3m or 4m cash per week if you can play 10 hours per day every day) so you need atleast 50 weeks to have any chance to get end tier game and most powerful weapon price is 500 USD or 800M$ cash game!!!.
    admin of this game must do: graphic upadte, delete the whole map and make a new one with new zones like sewers, farm, forest, rivers, beach, aumesment park,churches etc, the whole map is just a copy paste of one area!! , same for zombies!!, try to delete pay to win element. and then put this game in steam.

    realy, if you can pay 8$ per month then you choosed a good game to spend your time.

  7. SASOKE on November 17, 2016

    dude the loot saks.. i cant finish missions and all call me noob and laugh.. this like sooo pay to win cant play this.. no free player ever won exept from this one so yeah stay awayy no good boring granpa lag buggy game

    • Dead frontier veteran on January 9, 2017

      You just suck at the game. I made it all the way to Doggs Stockade without ever spending a single dollar and only now did I pay for a months membership. Even just a months membership basically sorts you for the future and its only 8 dollars a month. Dont give bad reviews just because you suck at the game

      • SASOKE on January 26, 2017

        soooo you just called me noob and laughed at me? just as i said above.. love it when people prove me right!!
        here is your special asperger prize for being a super mazochist till doggs
        yo grandpa.. you high or something? you get payed to write this shet? open your eyes put your glasses on and see what everybosy says here.. the game saks fanboy. i bet you sorry now for the sweet $$$ you gave..arent you? too late youve been pwnd.. feel the burn.. apply cold water
        i play games everyday and im good.. so its not me
        yo listen up evryone.. its a 2010 cheap halfdone criple game with bad grafics and nothing new.. that costs you like an AAA holysweet awsome game if you wanna win. and the fanboyz are like cancer
        stay away people..

      • Zamose on March 19, 2017

        Dogg’s Stockade is literally the second zone. Just saying.

        • Leaper2000 on March 25, 2017

          psarialena is kinda a legent
          she and mamagus and andrewkutcs are my favorite df people

      • TeuzBias on May 21, 2017

        Chill boy, I was able to get to BunkerZone and didn’t pay for anything at 30. You are good but not that good to call someone a noob

      • oldfig on June 4, 2017

        people still play this game? wtf?
        there is literaly nothing new for years
        adminpwn copypastes babies
        forumfrontier ftw

  8. neko-nyan on September 23, 2016

    i can play this game

  9. neko-nyan on September 23, 2016

    look coll bud.. i’m gonna try play this game

  10. Vex on April 24, 2016

    As many people said in the reviews, Dead Frontier is a player driven game when it comes to marketing. Looting in this game is truly hard especially in the end zones where the loot is more valuable, fact of the matter is that sometimes you cannot play this game in multiplayer due to the sync problems this game has. A player could trigger an aggro and exit the area while you are looting only for it to affect you, mostly caused by trolls that enjoy using big guns to loot is also known as grooting where one grinds and loot.

    I’ve played this game for many years and to my conclusion even though this game is F2P, people always prefer to dump loads of money on Limited Edition weapons that are released every now and then. (Fact of the matter is, it’s an option for you to buy them or not) I give props to the few that do not spend a single dime and reach the end game but it would take you only 4 years to accomplish that and with the newly increased level cap, it’ll take you 8 years.

    Okay, you’d ask why it would take such a long time?!?

    Answer is, the most efficient way of grinding is to purchase the following:
    A Gatling gun a.k.a a minigun.
    An EXP boost.
    And of course a sh!t ton of bullets.

    You might think that a Vulcan (An in-game minigun) would serve you well but what it’s truly doing is making the hole in your pocket larger since this bad boy is in-fact the worst gatling gun despite the millions you’d spend trying to purchase it. The best minigun is worth 500$ in real-life money, I kid you not! It’s also called the Wraith Cannon and it’s unlimited ammo (Which proves that by spending just 500$ you can literally own this game since you don’t need anything else).

    When you think you’re all set! All you do next is grind, grind, grind and more grind. You have no need to loot, what for? You already have the best gun and you can go grooting anytime you please and become the troll everyone fears.

    As you hit the end-game you wait, wait, wait and wait for new contents only to find that each single new added content does nothing to improve the game and only tries to rob more money out of you. All the devs do is release new weapons and armors. WELP! The problem is, you already have the best gun in the game! But if you wait just enough your gun will no longer be the best and soon after another 500$ gun will be released with twice the damage of your gun.

    Many vets would tell you, even Kaidence who posted on this thread and has the Type 1 GAU-19 (Gatling gun that once cost players 500$) Thing is, devs promised that there won’t be a better minigun and just this summer they broke that promise for the money in the remaining playerbase’s money. When that happened many players upped and quit the game.

    The playerbase dwindles and I’ll give the game a few more years before it’s officially dead. As an old player who has played this game for many years, I’d say the community is very toxic since everyone wants money. There are only a few that would probably help you out in Fort Pastor, those old retired vets that still want to give the game hope by helping others but they are very rare.

    I’d encourage you to play the game but pray that you find one of those vets that can shower down money on you, cause other than that… Prepare your wallet because it’s going to spend a lot of money after level 50.

  11. eresa691 on February 17, 2016

    When you first play this game, it may seem sluggish and outdated. This is because it was one of the first horror mmo’s to have any success. Even within the horror MMO genre, it is unique. It has a player created economy. The only other big zombie MMO I know of is Last Stand: Dead Frontier. Please bear in mind that this is a ftp game. The way I see it, they have to make money somehow, so it doesn’t really bug me as much. I know that the PVP is ruled by people that pay with real world currency. I don’t really like PVP so again, doesn’t really bother me. UPDATES WOULD BE NICE. Other than that, it’s not bad. I give it a 6 out of 10.

  12. Ace on January 18, 2016

    This game is seriously outdated. It still uses menus like a browser game when using your inventory and going into an outpost. I’m not really certain why when it was updated to use unity they just did not do a total overhaul of the core game and try for a more seamless gaming experience.
    Sometimes it can be a fun game when you’re running around blasting zombies but overall it’s like playing an older browser game that got partially updated so the host company could milk their cash cow a little bit more.

  13. Christina Jackson on October 11, 2015

    Dead Frontier isn’t that bad of a game as long as you always keep in mind it’s a simple casual browser game. If you don’t take it super seriously it’s a fun time. The gameplay is simple and addicting especially looting. I would say for people who just want to kill some time with a grindfest zombie shooting game try it out. It’s basically Asteroids with loot.

  14. JakksDaAwesome on October 10, 2015

    As long as theres only survival horror & not action then I will not talk awful about this game.

  15. Kaidence on August 26, 2015

    Pay2Win game, hands down. The more you pay with real world money,
    the more you win in time. I’m level 220, beat this game I guess you
    could say. It’s a pay to win
    game where your 95% screwed if you don’t pay into it. The servers are
    horrible and have incredible lag, example, when your killing a zombie
    and somebody from across the world (because this game doesn’t have
    server groups) joins / comes near you and you can see their green dot on
    the map, the zombie / boss might not die and it / other things around
    you will become almost un-killable and you’ll die.
    The server sync has been addressed by the admin and he thinks it’s fine, but his tests were shown on video and not proper tests.

    The market is a player ran market where simple things will cost you an arm
    and a leg, so again it’s designed where you have to buy membership /
    credits to sell the credits so you can in-turn blow huge amounts of
    money at the player ran market.

    Medical services (one of a few
    services) are commonly used to heal you, the doctors in dead frontier
    will sometimes go into cash cow mode and cost will go from 4,000 to heal
    to 60,000 just to heal.

    If your rich, and have a lot of money to
    piss away into a sub par game without active administration, has severe
    lag issues, player ran market, virtually no-updates aside from pay to
    own limited edition weapons @ the credit shop but you still don’t mind
    and want to kill some zombies and see the blood fly, this games for you!
    game is not good for people without real world money, tones of time. If
    your a streamer and sponsored give it a try, otherwise there’s better
    games that don’t need money for sub par gameplay.

    (Get over it, it’s a review, and I beat dead frontier, this is my review. Flaming is unacceptable)

  16. Kaidence on August 26, 2015

    I’m level 220, beat this game I guess you could say. It’s a pay to win game where your 95% screwed if you don’t pay into it. The servers are horrible and have incredible lag, example, when your killing a zombie and somebody from across the world (because this game doesn’t have server groups) joins / comes near you and you can see their green dot on the map, the zombie / boss might not die and it / other things around you will become almost un-killable and you’ll die.
    The server sync has been addressed by the admin and he thinks it’s fine, but his tests were shown on video and not proper tests.

    The market is a player ran market where simple things will cost you an arm and a leg, so again it’s designed where you have to buy membership / credits to sell the credits so you can in-turn blow huge amounts of money at the player ran market.

    Medical services (one of a few services) are commonly used to heal you, the doctors in dead frontier will sometimes go into cash cow mode and cost will go from 4,000 to heal to 60,000 just to heal.

    If your rich, and have a lot of money to piss away into a sub par game without active administration, has severe lag issues, player ran market, virtually no-updates aside from pay to own limited edition weapons @ the credit shop but you still don’t mind and want to kill some zombies and see the blood fly, this games for you!
    (This game is not good for people without real world money, tones of time. If your a streamer and sponsored give it a try, otherwise there’s better games that don’t need money for sub par gameplay.

    (Get over it, it’s a review, and I beat dead frontier, this is my review. Flaming is unacceptable)

  17. exile on August 12, 2015

    whoever played in the featured video they are quite good at the game it seems and they make the game look fun to play

  18. Theshite on July 18, 2015

    I love this game 9/10. Yes sometimes it can feel slow but something more fun will always come up. Graphically its different and cool compaired to other mainstream games (its a 3rd/top down shooter)
    Ive read about every comment on this list and something big was missed from being talked about. The player made economy. Thats probably the coolest and most frustrating thing about this game. I love how they set that up. If you are tired of the zombie game genre, then this game can probably give you a new feel for a zombieRPG.

    Heres a thing to remember when you play this game. Be patient.

    PS if you dont like this game, try out Dayz Mod (via Dayz Commander)

  19. smitten on June 22, 2015

    the game concept was a good idea theres a few issues they should get onto but heres the biggest issue with it ANYONE WHO PAYS TO PLAY IS BEING ROBBED the outside currency conversion they use is totaly wrong and they are charging more than they should be on top ups and even after the issue was brought to them they have still done nothing about their incorrect price charges watch out folks ceaky corpse ltd are nothing more than commen thiefs

  20. FlyingSpaceDorito on June 12, 2015

    You guys should grow up a bit…

  21. FlyingSpaceDorito on June 12, 2015

    Hey! You know what you all need? TO GET A GD LIFE!!!! You sit on here bashing peoples games because younhave nothing better to do with your pathetic lives! Oh,I have an idea! How about you all shut your freaking mouths,and if you’ve got a complaint, just state it and be done. Do go in and on about how horrible it is,just SPIT IT OUT and be done. Your all immature,and need to grow up. People these days!!!

  22. Dman on January 21, 2015

    well it is better than any other zombie mmo out there

  23. alejandro14a on November 20, 2014

    I like pie so this game really speaks to me

  24. Private ryan on November 7, 2014

    this game absolutely…..

  25. UltimateGamer101 on October 13, 2014

    I just started playing this game last week, and I am totally hooked. The gameplay is smooth and interactive, the people fun to play with, the missions immersive, the music particularly intense at points, and the zombies encompassing a cool combination of classic and modern.

    However, it could be better, particularly with the personal character development plots. Perhaps when you complete a mission or kill the last zombie in a raid, your character could be shown a cutscene that shows their personal accomplishments-collecting cutscenes like trophies.

    I’d rate this game an 8 out of 10 😀

  26. rene GENERAL GUARD on October 10, 2014

    wew..its a nice game i didnt expect it? pls guys paly this game..heheh

  27. Hmm on September 24, 2014

    Well, the only thing I don’t like about the game is the fact that the customization isn’t really changing the people in the game. Also, it is pointless to even customize your character because you cant really see the details, other than if the player is male, or female. Lastly, I really don’t like it when everything is like a stupid flash game when you are in Nastya’s holdout. If they could make it a realistic third person player game, the game would be more popular, and they should fricking have more weapons soon, I am so bored using the best guns in the game.

  28. O.M.F.S on September 19, 2014

    real good game (playing over 1 year and im not bored) . my tips for noobies are
    – dont play PVP in low level
    – level agility up to lvl 100 and one weapon to lvl 110 or 120
    – go first to ford pastor when you have lvl 30
    – when you fight a boss run in circles
    or read “DEAD FRONTIER WIKI” ! have fun !!!

  29. tom cruise iii(account name) on September 14, 2014

    bradley agliam is right you will feel the cool and be interresting when you guys playing and lv up,when you finally get high level you will see how cool when you grind zombies and a about the horror-you will feel really heart beating and a bit scare to die when you find stronly boss and aggro of tendrill,long arms,leaper ,there are also cool event like money to burn or boss mayhem.and because you guys are not playing well and long enough to feel the game and also dead frontier also very hard when you in the deeper zone.even harder than call of duty or crossfire.

  30. Nick is_Jaysus on August 16, 2014

    It’s like SaS 2 zombie assault with better graphics.

  31. bradley agliam on July 16, 2014

    im lvl 17 and im at fort pastor and i die in the missions but its not that easy to survive in a zombie game isnt it because you die because you scared or something else and sometimes you just want to stay in the safehouse so dont expect say that this game is just killing zeds and gambling and trading its fun playing dead frontier adminpwn has worked so hard to make this game its awesome you guys are all nerds and sluts

  32. Bradley Agliam on July 6, 2014

    screw all of yous that are making negative you know why you guys are saying this beause you guys are noobs

  33. Sweg blazer on May 31, 2014

    i will have to play it now

  34. Krolshi on April 26, 2014

    Well seeing form the high praises in the reviews/comments I think I ‘m hooked . Not really into these kinds of games , but might as well try it out y ‘know ?

  35. Zapxbolt on April 17, 2014

    The game is amazing and addictive, and while it might not be updated as much recently, it is definitely worth your time, you have a wide variety of characters with different advantages or skills to make it more suited to your tastes. The game itself is awesome.

    That being said, brings me up to my rant – The admins Do Not Care about you, or that you play. I got permanently banned falsely, was mature about it, and they repeatedly changed what my offense supposedly was,
    The staff, or at least the one that permanently banned me falsely (and then upon me emailing them about wrongly being banned), changed my offense to fraud. Another email, to say that I did not do that either, and why I did and could not. They changed it to “posting porn pms” Whoever did it obviously knows I did nothing, but as it is, I am permanently banned. Might I add that all this. THE DAY AFTER I had started playing. They want you to think they care by contacting support, but they just piss on you for it.

    The bottom line : It’s a great game, but you don’t know how long its going to last so make it worth your while, because people get random bans. And I know for fact its not just me that has had this issue, others have as well and they do it without proof of user fault. If needed I would show the emails I sent but this whole post will Probably be blocked for the rant, despite everything I did to play the damn game. I just wanted to give others fair warning.

  36. john voorhees on February 25, 2014

    1)quite crappy graphics. and i dont mean im a latest tech fanatic. opposite im quite a retro fan. crappy art and horror graphics i mean. and a (supposedly cool for the devs?) constant “noisy” filtre on the screen which is rather annoying.
    2)no atmosphere and NO SURVIVAL HORROR feeling. sh is not an element in that game guys. if thats what you are looking for play sth else.
    3)enemies are meh, bosses are good but there are not actual raid bosses connected to story etc. only bigger enemies with bigger healths.
    4)”realistic world” so weapons and choices are quite restricted and the “rpg” element and char developement cant be rich either. or at least it isnt in the specific game.
    5)the jobs play only a stats role and you cannot actually do many things in game with them.
    6)no in game clans, races, creatures etc to choose from so rpg element further restricted.
    7)almost no existance of unique game mechanics and activities rather that grinding.
    8)so actually repetition, repetition, repetition, and neither a pretty interesting one.

    general game rating: 6/10. rating as a shmmorpg 3/10.

  37. stinky on February 23, 2014

    Boring, crappy graphics, loaded with bugs and glitches, don`t waste your time with this game.

    • stfu on July 2, 2015

      Man, stfu. This game is nice and awesome, It has no bugs whatsoever. I bet you suck at this game which is the reason why you are giving a bad review. Get good little kid…

      • Kaidence on August 26, 2015

        Actually it’s full of bugs, i agree, loaded.

        I suck at the game though yes, i’m only a level 220 soldier max everything.

        The game is incredibly buggy, worth checking out if mommy and daddy are paying your way or your an adult with lots of disposable income but play single player.

  38. raxcave on January 14, 2014

    this game is fun and challenging.. they added lots of stuff now. like random boss, aggro spikes.. looting end zones is a nightmare.. this game sure send heat running . there are 4 permanent outpost.. you can still create your own.. by barricading inside houses. must say game is good work. good thing is , even with out paying you can be a good player. since all weapons and stuffs can be brought from open market, where players buy and sell there stuffs.

  39. Evangelism on December 20, 2013

    the game is great the map is huge and there are lot of weapons the only bad thing is that is very repetitive and boring, what i do is get money for a gun i like and when i have enough i buy it and stop playing until the next month, this way it never gets boring. Pretty decent for a browser game: 7.8/10

  40. ALEXWAR on December 17, 2013

    It is online Multiplayer

  41. WootWoot on December 16, 2013

    Features that I love about DEADFRONTIER.

    – Missions with story.
    – Jobs in real life.
    – Looting in the middle of the city along with zombies.
    – Bosses dropping items.
    – Graphics.
    – You can barricade and have your own outpost anywhere.
    – Different kinds of zombies.

    Things that admin may want to improve/add.

    – at least have a map where you can already have something to ride or a map for high levels where you can already have a car. cause it won’t be good if there are cars on all maps (at least we have something to look forward to level up) come on! walking is very tiring.

    – Please let us chat to all players on all maps like regular games do that is visible on the window while playing.

    – Let us view other players stats while in the city.

    – create missions that require parties or group of people to accomplish it.(to promote teamwork and a good gaming environment)

    – front view or different views so that the efforts that we give and money that we use just to dress our characters, can be visible to other players. (we shouldn’t have to visit the outpost just to view other players which is just a lot of effort and waste of time)

    – have the option to apply the clothes to see how the color will look like,


  42. ZaneLear on December 9, 2013

    The game is fine, I would say a 5 out of 10 maybe 6, I play it on and off once in a while, tho depending on what you want to do you can get all OCD or bored to fast, half of the players on here are most likely alts since there isn’t anything against it, you can have 100 + accounts if you want trading back and forth, making money all night and day to fund your main if you like.

    I enjoy this game for what it is, tho lack of change for years is making it a bit… stale, same zombies, same locations, same everything… only real changes are new weapons once in a while tho for limited time, what I would hope to see is a 3D fps version of this game, it would be awesome, tho that might never come to be.

  43. JayZ on November 27, 2013

    I level 18 and already at FP and isn’t really hard to survive if you have an alpha bull

    • Bradman11 on March 9, 2014

      Level 18 and has an alpha bull (lucky son of a…)

    • selectedjayson on February 25, 2015

      it is impossible to have a lvl 18 with a alpha bull. proficiency points can’t reach to where u can use a alpha bull. (5) is your starting pistol points no matter of what *class* you use. lvl 18 overall will get you 90 points. 90+5= 95 of which you need 100 prof to use a alpha bull. there for you are lying. lol

  44. Devos23 on November 14, 2013

    Cake is Dumb: Fort pastor is very easy try going into the red zone solo.

  45. Cake is dumb on November 8, 2013

    Cake doesn’t know much obviously. He says the game is easy. Hah! Why not head over to Fort Pastor n00b!

  46. cake on October 15, 2013

    It is one worst games.
    Really boring
    Really slow
    Really easy
    2/5 [1 point for many jobs you can chosse from]

    • Azwad on February 4, 2015

      This Game is Seriously a very Awesome game And you gotta play it to understand it and not leave it at level 1

    • Bolvark on July 25, 2015

      The difficulty scales well blue zones(lowest) are quite easy black zones are a royal pain , even with top level gear.

  47. Mizuki on October 15, 2013

    Great game in most aspects, unless you want to actually play with friends.

  48. kim on October 13, 2013

    well this is the best browser game around i played this a lot of times already i already hit lvl 91 with all the best items and quit i got bored all i need to do is to lvl up way to the top after 7 months I missed this game so i want to go back with no items left fun starts again Scavenge Kill some Horde of Zombies use lot of diff.. weapons and Boss Hunting best part in the game that other people dont know is that this game have some Bosses Big Ones that is hard and very challenging to kill …

  49. david a.mourino on October 12, 2013

    seems like a great game thanks

  50. Vinn on October 12, 2013

    I played for about 15 min and another player mowed me down with a machine gun. I had a pen knife. Screw this game.

    • mmorine001 on April 7, 2014

      sounds to me like you did one of two things
      1. you turned on PvP via button
      2. you went into the arena instead of the city

  51. superbiotch on August 13, 2013

    i love this game but i keep trying to figure out how much EXP you get for killing a certian zombie i looked at the bestiary on wiki and for example i get this …..
    Female Zombie…..
    21 Health Points….
    8 Damage per Hit….
    18 Experience….
    so do they have 21 health points or is that what each hit takes from me?
    do they do 8 damage per hit or do I?
    and is the fact that for each one I kill I get 18 EXP ???
    I know this changes as I level up and currently I am a level 25 cook so I am not sure how this works nor do I understand how many zombies i must kill in order to get 1% EXP point if anyone can help me with this please do

    • Mad Fox on August 15, 2013

      1. 21 HP. Means they have 21 health points.
      2. They do 8 damage per hit.
      3. When you kill one of them you get 18 EXP, and this doesn’t change when you lvl up. The exp req changes.

  52. ugurano on June 27, 2013

    good zombie game

  53. Sardonic on June 19, 2013

    In the 3d version they have updated and have missions and such now, also there are multiple outposts to go to as you upgrade and gain levels. You can choose to spend money, i spent 7.95 and made 300k off of it and was able to buy weapons you would have to spend 1500 creds on. Aka 100.00. If you take the time you will learn to love the game, if you dont like it dont play. Simple as that. I would highly reccomend this game if you love some bloody zombie killing, katana weilding, bullet unloading action. Hit me up Sardonic is username, check you in game if you decide to play.

  54. Garrett on March 17, 2013

    ok for all those who have said this “its just killing zombies” and blah blah blaah. isnt COD just killing people? then leveling up. and killing more people? isnt mario just killing turtles by jumping on them? isnt racing games just pushing down on the right trigger and moving the analog stick? look. deadfrontier isnt just killing zeds. and COD isnt just killing people. but deadfrontier, you could flip the market. piss off people in pvp! No one ever said you have to go kill zeds lol.. on one of my alt accounts i have 143000 dollars and im level1 still ._.

    • Hells Nephew on June 3, 2013

      great game!! 9.5/10. All fans please agree with when i say u prob SH*T BRIX when ur in a red or orange zone, on the fourth floor of a house…..when the eerie music…..turns into chase mode music!

      Idiot proof conclusion= GET THE F*CK OUT OF THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hells Nephew on June 3, 2013

        its possible that the entire block will arrive in the next ten-fifteen seconds looking for more than just a few tid bits.

        And like what the guy before just said, what the hell do you expect? some little zombie game with 2 sissy guns and zombies that look like they rather give hugs than eat people?!

        Note to all Dragondooks and RX’S : Get your heads out of your asses and play the cuffing game first then talk all the shit in the world!!!!!

        • robby on June 9, 2013

          garrett u lvl 1 and have 143000 ar u gold member?

  55. RX on February 24, 2013

    I have not play this game yet, but i, thinking i will buttt when you log in do you instantly kill zombies? or do some instructions what so ever and do you have to find some survivors while you kill the zombies?

  56. I see . . . . . . . on February 19, 2013

    No doubt, no doubt

  57. Mr. Baulsalot on February 19, 2013

    Wait did you guys see that zombie with the 6 foot long tongue? Some zombies getting dat zombie pussy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  58. Guess who? on February 19, 2013

    Ima buy you a drink.
    Ima take you home wit me I got money in the bank shawteh whatchu thank bout that.
    Ill be in the grey Cadillac.
    We in the bed like ohh ohhh ohh oh oh
    We in the bed like ohh ohhh ohh oh oh

  59. rahul on November 20, 2012

    i also went to that evening climate place hideout

  60. rahul on November 19, 2012

    this sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they kicked me out because i didnt log in for 2 weeks can you believe it 2 weeks !!!!!!!!!!!

  61. u mama on November 16, 2012

    dude WASD/ARROWS to move to shoot use your MOUSE to loot and enter a building use the key word E if your new add me go to nastya’s outpost and click MY PROFILE on your left then find the Edit Buddie or buddy or what ever then type my name in game type Kael but im in DOGG’S STOCADE

  62. irfaan on November 16, 2012

    who kill the zombie spider

  63. shitface on November 7, 2012


  64. Devotion on October 11, 2012

    Dead frontier is the best free zombie game. If you want a better game, pay some 60 bucks for COD. There’s a new update for dead frontier… bigger inner city, harder end zones, more weps, clothing, and armor, and apparently Dead Frontier Outbreak 3. I give it 9/10 does need a little more adjustments. Awesome game though rlly try it. My IGN is Wow Im Good
    Add me ;D

  65. Jheck on October 8, 2012

    Haha, I can’t imagine I defeated that Flaming Zombie at Level 5.. using melee weapon, it took me 10 mins smashing its head using a bat.

    • ReckonFive on May 4, 2013

      i killed a burning zombie in level 2 with my pen knife
      yea i took 10 mins to killed that mob

      • Bradman11 on March 9, 2014

        Bitch please I remember killing one of those son of bitches at 25 agility and 33 critical (On my second failed account which I spent nearly all my points into strength,I though it would increase melee damage :’ ()

  66. Tech on October 6, 2012

    This game is real nice. ^^ Original, fun gameplay [I got bout 50 hours before I got bored of it] and nice graphics. The only thing it needs is more content, and until then it will be a good game to play to past time. ^^

  67. Dragondook on August 10, 2012

    “keeps the community happy and large”

    Deadfrontier has had no more than 3500 players for the last 2 years. It is the single worst game on the face of the internet.

    • DF Pro on August 22, 2012

      You are the single worst person on the face of the internet! (owned)

  68. domitomi135 on July 17, 2012

    How much ammo did you have on you & what weapon did you use (don’t just tell me “I used pistol or a machine gun”, tell me the name of the gun)
    For begginer players it is wise to have at least your pen knife (starting weapon) around, untill you stock up on guns and ammo, and you pump your criticals a bit.

  69. XxXmortemXxX on July 5, 2012

    also to control your character use w,a,s,d to move and left click to shoot or use melee weapon

  70. XxXmortemXxX on July 5, 2012

    i love the game but lag is an issue and i ran into a flameing zombie and ran out of ammo and still didnt kill it

    • DF Pro on August 22, 2012

      The flaming zombie is a mini boss and has 2500 health

    • FoxDie on October 16, 2013

      lol you can kill a flaming zombie even with melee weapons. hahaha xD

  71. Charlie on June 2, 2012

    are there any cheats like 1000 money?

    • ken2x on October 20, 2012

      i do hope so…..

  72. NIERA102 on May 14, 2012

    can anyone tell me how to control my character i’m just standing there,i can’t even shoot

    • Fool on August 2, 2012

      lol what a noob!

      • FlyingSpaceDorito on June 12, 2015

        Shut Up. They look for help,and you make fun of them. Your not even human… Fool…

    • ken2x on October 20, 2012

      ok i’ll teach you bro, it’s easy hold your pc,,, then look for your mouse ok? and then hold it tight,,,, until your sweat comes out… thats it… try it bro……

  73. Nick on April 17, 2012

    I’m playing it right now YA 😀

  74. Crimson on April 7, 2012

    I would need to give it a try, then to be able to give an opinion but the vid looks very impressive for a web based game that is also free.

  75. Jesterhead1985 on April 6, 2012

    This game is awesome. Very addictive.

    Survival element is very good. Can be challenging, but can also be very friendly to the casual player.
    Has fun in game events. lots of ways to progress.

    Don’t knock this game until you try it.

  76. j216 on March 3, 2012

    screw negative comments .. if you dont like it then play something else.
    for me, this game is really fun to play and very easy to understand.

    why would they say that theres nothingelse to do here? ofcourse in real zombie world all you need to do is kill and survive. this game is keeping it real.

    its also good that you can sell whatever you have looted in the price that you want, that way you’ll earn money, its just the resourceful ones and strong ones. so in real zombie survival game like this .. THERES NO ROOM FOR WEAK AND LAZY GAMERS .. thats why its survival ..

    if adminpwn is reading this, tnx for tge hrdwrk .. but dude my girl is getting so addicted in this game .. and she wants to put in her profile that we are a survivor couple, is that possible? tnx!

    • NIERA102 on May 14, 2012

      If it’s so easy, tell me how to control my character.

      • DDD on May 27, 2012

        how to control?

        • ken2x on October 20, 2012

          yeah, did he jsut said how to control his character? wtf!!! aahahah, you’ve just made my day funny bro… ahahah

          • FlyingSpaceDorito on June 12, 2015

            Shut The F*ck Up. Don’t make fun of him\her because their new. ⛄

  77. johnnywannakill on March 2, 2012

    Wow the game even has a fullscreen mode!!! It’s finally starting to play like a real fancy game!!! AdminPwn, I know you read the forums to get ideas, so when you read this please know how much I enjoy Dead Frontier because of your hard work. I broke pretty much every bone in my body in a car accident so I was away from work for almost a year and I found this game then got addicted to it. I’m fully recovered now but still play df a little on weekends with my younger brother who loves this game too. He wanted me to make one suggestion for the 3D version, is it possible to add a bit more of a storyline for your one character? You basically start with how zombies infected the city and then you go out to kill. Maybe later on you can add more personal missions like for example you start as a police officer so as a flashback or something you go back to where the outbreak started trying to hold back the lines of infected, stuff like that. Thanks for your hard work AdminPwn.

    • XxkaynexX on November 8, 2012

      what fullscreen i’ve been gone too long

  78. dfdabomb on March 2, 2012

    This game is really cool, starting out it seems really mystical and there is really nothing like it. Most zombie games cost money and if they don’t then they’re just crappy flash games that you play through in 15 minutes. It may not be an FPS but it does give you the chills with the volume on. It starts getting boring around level 15 or 20 but you just go to a deeper holdout in the city and you’ll shit bricks cuz you’ll get zombies the size of cars sprinting after you. I’m level 100 now, with 100 more levels to go. No matter how good you are, even a vulcan machine gun is like a toy pistol against some zombies. Never a dull moment eh?

    Sounds 4.8
    Gameplay 4.2
    Graphics 4.4
    Overall 4.5

  79. Kenshi on January 24, 2012

    OK Honestly I don’t think I like this game because all you need to do is run around,kill zombies,level up,spend attribute points,then do it again or Do quest that is given when you go to the Holdout then find the quest item then go to the holdout then accept the reward .

    Game play:3.8

    So Overall:4.3

  80. Karloh on January 9, 2012

    Love this game too. 🙂
    Just one question. Hope you can help.
    Why do some players are hard to die? Well, I followed this one player cause I was amazed at his toughness. He was hit by a spider 8 to 10 times and is still alive. Well in my current stats if a spider hit me twice, im done, heath is critical. So I got his name, went back to base, searched his name to see his stats in order for me to study it. Well to my disappointment. Here are our stats.
    My Stats: Endurance 60, Agility 79, Reactive SLX 55% Level 31
    His Stats: Endurance 52, Agility 68, Reactive SLX 55% Level 27
    WTF!!! Am I missing something here??? Hope to hear from you soon and any advise is much appreciated. Thanks 🙂

    • Bradman11 on March 9, 2014

      LAG or multiplayer sync,currently (or forever given the game’s speed of updates) the MP sync is sh*t the guy might’ve also teleported randomly while you were following him.

  81. EXTERMINATOR5000 on November 24, 2011

    check the game now there’s mission the bosses are better the bosses when on fire get stronger
    a persons heath goes up to 248 = 124 endurance vs a boss called burning wraith with 40,000 heath that can deal 150 damage per hit, my heath is 208= 124 endurance so i use a gc aka god crafted armor called exterminator reactive xt it has 220 durability, it takes 85% of the damage from anything that hits it .so the game can get pretty hard i had 4 burning wraith one time when i was grinding i died but the whole point is that the game is quite cool and fun, the graphic are better too you can do so much now that the game has progressed more.
    i find it to be amazingly awesome the only thing is that the barricading is missing but its coming out next month, I CAN HARDLY WAIT. xD.

    • EXTERMINATOR5000 on November 24, 2011

      it’s not so laggy as it used to be,they fix them, if it lags thats your pc or computer doing the work i have a compaq laptop there is no lag what so ever i had a lagg a few times but thats because i was running 3 things on my computer at the same time

      tip. try just running fire fox thats it then full screen and………………………….. bam no lag, don’t run no other programs
      if you want to record while playing my advise is to use ”hyper cam 3” it doesn’t lag for me
      might once when you first use it then work it out by fixing the option on hyper cam

      if you read these post you can really tell I LOVE THIS GAME. YEEEEEEEEEEE

  82. SABRINA on November 22, 2011

    this game in my point of view is cool.. but not the best,, because there should be way more to do.. beside’s kill zombies i mean i love the game and they did a good job far as the story line,, also far as the city and how everything look.. but can’t wait for the updates ,, but still gave it a try

  83. BIOELITE on October 22, 2011

    this games is awesome but laggy to

  84. DarcKnightX on July 28, 2011

    xD the logo has a naked zombie on it! u can check if u wanna. But, the new version doesnt have naked female zombies >.> which means some of the pics are outdated? also Rickx, the game doesnt have quests OR shops yet because its just a beta, they removed them temporary to install the 3d mode 😮 so we gotta wait till they add them back

  85. Rickx on July 26, 2011

    that game is boring….. you can obtain always item from the same body ( tileset not monster, npc)
    you only shoud change map for 1 second and retur to the body and re-take the object….
    there are no quest, there aren’t a true shop.

    • FoxDie on October 16, 2013

      theres a quest now and the places you can loot is always random plus the fact that you can only buy weapons items etc from players make it more realistic

  86. ZEIKtheFREAK on May 30, 2011

    i played this think before the 3D and after the 3D i will give them the fact that there programmer bailed on them but both times Ive sat down to actually try and become good at this thing it has become stale fast

  87. kaffil on May 27, 2011

    The game is decent at its core, but it is in desperate need of quests and content. You can only scavenge for loot and grind experience so many times before it gets deadly boring.
    Also, it would be nice if the game had day/night cycles or at least just stop raining every now and then. I mean, I get that the developer wants to have a certain atmoshpere, but even the Stalker games, which had some of the most creepy moments were full daylight most of the time. If the game is just constantly dark and raining it goes from creepy…to less creepy…to mundane. Not to mention cutting back on the rain effects may reduce some of the lag the game has.

    Obviously the multiplayer glitches like zombies with more hps then they should have and becoming invincible are annoying. And while it’s nice to have the option to play “single player” to avoid these bugs, it doesn’t do much good if you want to play with your friends.

    I think once the bugs are worked out and there are quests added this game will be a real gem, but until then, for me, it’s just mediocre…and I think that’s even being generous because I love the zombie theme.

    • baconation on June 9, 2011

      They already do have a mission/quest system in the game, just not in the 3D version yet. Many features that everybody wants are already being put in, just slowly. As far as i know there is only one guy developing the game with some help here and there so the updates aren’t fast.

  88. Brooklyn on May 27, 2011

    Yo man this game is tight. It’s still in open beta so theres no missions yet, and a lot of other shit missin’ but the game is still amazing. You run wild through the city killing zombies, searching cars, and dead bodies for anything you can use such as ammo, meds, clothes, armor, ect. And theres always other people around to help you if it gets to hard. 10/10 imo.

    • dead frontier on April 28, 2012

      hahah i love deadfrontier its free and online

      • Paul on July 24, 2012

        It’s fun, but it repeats itself alot :\

  89. shadowbane on May 21, 2011

    this game looks bad all you do is kill zombies with diferint guns i meen i love zombie games but this looks worst then rode kill

    • baconation on June 9, 2011

      If you had acctually looked into the game you would know that the dev is working very hard to grind out updates. Right now the 3D version is lacking but if you don’t like that play the 2D version till it updates.

    • killerofdazombie on April 3, 2012

      This game is NOT what you think it is.
      For example:

      1. Sometimes, the outpost is attacked by zombies

      2. There are missions that give you more money and xp

      3. you can buy, sell, and trade,gamble, equip, and fight in an arena at Nastya’s Hideout.

      4. if you start the game, you can be the option of a doctor, farmer, chef, scientist, engineer, boxer, soldier, police officer, fireman, athlete, teacher, priest, lawyer, accountant, journalist, actor, stock broker, architect, entertainer or student.

      Need I say more?

      • NIERA102 on May 14, 2012

        Preist? Who would want to play as a preist besides for seeing one chop heads off zombies.

        • mrkrogoth on March 30, 2013

          how about Father Grigori? Also it does have a 30 extra bonus in exp gain so…

        • FoxDie on October 16, 2013

          some job gives exp boosts and others stat boosts

    • NIERA102 on May 14, 2012

      and shadowbane It’s road kill, not rode kill

    • lagon2012 on January 2, 2013

      u hate all games cant u be grateful for all the hard work to bring u the first browser based zombie survival.Give it a thought

    • FoxDie on October 16, 2013

      the rare loots on boss is good. leveling is a bit challenging and trying to go to other outpost specially the last one is a one hell of a ride xD try engage 1 of of the boss then tell us if its really that bad xD

  90. eliteninja on April 25, 2011

    AWESOME game there’s tons of things to do lots of different zombies and loads of guns graphics are awesome and and and and just go play the game 5/5

  91. Icedrake on April 19, 2011

    Basically, you run around, kill zombies, survive, get stronger, and kill more zombies. Need I say more?

  92. zoren580 on April 4, 2011

    its good its just that you gonna need to keep logging in because if you dont you lose account

    • baconation on June 9, 2011

      That’s how he drags people in and makes them take a second look at the game. It keeps the community happy and large.

  93. The6Freak on April 3, 2011

    Considering this game is essentially the first zombie-apocalypse survival MMO available in a browser, aside from Urban Dead which is only text based, it’s really something to be excited about. Sure zombies are a little over-done these days, but this game is really worthwhile, at the very least just to try it. It’s pretty well thought out and there are quite a few features and more seeming to be added all the time and a very active forum. There is a PvP arena for those interested in that as well. Overall it’s really quite a great game.

    • Kayne134 on November 8, 2012

      heh the PvP arena i went in there once they all had smg’s and shotguns i had a basic pistol killed them all

      • Epic123 on April 29, 2013

        yea right!

      • dreamonban on August 19, 2013

        that’s bull what pistol were you using

      • FoxDie on October 16, 2013

        possible depending on the pistol

        • Perodish on February 5, 2014

          He did say “basic” pistol, so im guessing something like a beta tomcat

      • andre on March 21, 2014

        thats is imposibble

    • Sakimaru on July 29, 2013

      Wait, is there any character customization at all? Most of them looked the same as they where playing.

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