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About the game:
Title: Deco Online
Status: Offline Graphics: 3D
Developer: Rocksoft
Publisher: JoyMax

Explosive Features:

  • Auto Looting
  • Combo System
  • Simple beginner quests

Deco Online is a 3D casual MMORPG that places the player into the jungle and mountainous regions of Millena and Rain.

The two nations have entirely different characteristics, as the inhabitants of Millena use weapons while the inhabitants of Rain use magic to combat. Millena people lives near the forest and valleys while the people o Rain lives of mountains. Players can choose a class such as a masterful swordsman, skilled archer, or powerful magician, and they will find themselves at odds with an adversarial nation, as well as have copious amounts of monsters to battle.

Deco Online boasts a unique combo system to hit an extra damage if certain keys are pressed simultaneously, and a myriad of skills which add to the overall great experience players of all ages will enjoy. The game has provided slight customization in terms of face shape, hair styles and clothing. It has simple click to move movement system.

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System Requirements

Deco Online Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
Processor: Pentium III 733MHz
Memory Ram: 256MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 2GB of free Space
Video Card: 64MB 3D

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  1. DECO ONLINE now online with a new name Seiya Online
    Download the game and start your journey into Seiya now. A vast, open world of endless possibilities awaits.
    Join now and tell your story!

  2. Hello i used to play on llStronDall Prominas, but it wasn’t my char, my char was ashlayBR psyche , and i remember all of you guys, i used to check the ranking and see who was the number 1 in lvl or fame points ahahaha i Loved MOON and BloodMoon the most feared guild from Millena, i miss my guild friends , Maggie, Shatffiel, and others, i Miss the FQs and everything mainly the Gordo Canyon and Argore Heights, Miss ya all guys <3 I hope it can bre-opened someday.

  3. I was MishimaMeii in this game as a Preist! I miss everyone 😀 especially Boobs, Stiffner, LahRiina and many other people. I play league of legends now mostly though on EUW server IGN: Hayazi, add me if any of you remember me from Deco Online!

  4. Hey guys i miss Deco too, idk if u remember DarkMamas lv68 Sniper orange name and DarkMamas Rain lv85 green name :c i want to play again Deco plz someone buy Deco again xD

  5. I remember those old days with my knight if indeed I still remember MOON stop playing because we had reached all level like the red name and wait for the upgrade So I’m glad I did not think it was something new but not much so stop playing but it was an excellent game greetings

  6. Hey guys, I’m JoshuaMercenary :D. I can’t belive how much I miss Deco Online and since the game was closed I was looking for games that look and are played like Deco Online but i hadn’t found anything yet :(( If you know something please tell me 😀 Greetings to all Deco players.

    P.S.: Hey YamakashaRO 😀 Ce mai faci? 😛 Ai gasit ceva fain ce sa joci ?

  7. miss u all guys btw iam (kokiman3) the Knight Millena lv95,and just to know i communicate,with JOYMAX Services customer,Deco will not Reopend Bec. they have to pay debt to the Bank,as the Game Supporter company had a Bank Rupt,so i think 90% they can reopened it……..and for the people who say its like Fly For Fun,or its not a good ,or slow ,or bad trail…..i want to PM them that deco have the Best Trail ever and The most perfect Story idea have based in Games,i tried about 78 online Game,and spend 14 years online gaming,(Deco) still the best,and have expert ideas such as (FQs,Free Duel Millena Vs Rains,and also Auto Pick) so who was Deco player,and wanna Communicate with me,add me on facebook ( sayed)

    • hey guys, i miss you too. specially this noob knight called Kokiman2! haha
      if he even remembers me, omg so much memories

      i had a knight too, but i cant quite remember it’s name.
      i then was playing on 1KeDiPiPiMi7 but it wasn’t my character

      i then played on GooDSlaYer after i bought it from the real owner ( i think his name was karim)

      i more or less know most of you and i really really wish the game would re-open again. it’s like i’d be the first one to jump in and create my account to play! D:

      i really miss this game, i played over 30 games and this game was the best. and the pvp was quite extraordinary.

      love you all! <3


    • Yeah, but which anime 3D fantasy mmorpg doesn’t resemble another mmorpg?

      Don’t put games like that in 1 socket. They might look like a game you already played, but give you a completely different feel when playing. ^^

    • In what universe does this look like FlyFF? The one where they’re both MMORPGs and you control a character with armor and weapon?
      If anything, it looks more like ASDA.

  9. wt website do i go to download Deco online i try to find it but i cant find it to download it so if you know wt website it is plss let me know

  10. im a big fan of anime but i have to say i agree with both of u this game looks like it has a lot of grinding and an epic fail on movement and that including combat

    so yeah,this game is dead

  11. Yep.. if you saw the way how they slash their sword (they move their upper body back then fling themself to slash the opponent) so basically, the combat failed xD

    The trailer was pretty confusing too, the way how they seperated 2 classes apart from each other at the start and ran towards each other (in a weird way, since they both ran slow xD) and basically it was just pure grinding on that trailer.

    So yep, this game is dead.


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