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Title: Divina
Status: Shutdown
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 2.7 GB
Publisher: Gamania
Developer: Gamania
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Dual class system
Transformation ability

Divina is a free to play 3D anime inspired MMORPG with customizable card system, dual class system, unique pets and much more.

Divina is a content-rich MMORPG filled with thousands of quests, exciting open world PvP combat, and numerous features. Using Exchange Points (EP), players can instantly swap between a Main Class and Sub Class at any time, even in battle.

There are hundreds of monsters to be collected in the Creature Tome. Once fully researched, players can activate a special transformation ability and play as the monster in battle..

Much more than a pet, Sidekicks are an essential companion in battle and gain levels, classes, attributes and skills just like a normal character. Adventurers are accompanied by a trustworthy Sidekick of their choice that can be evolved in unique ways..

Divina system requirements:

OS: Windows XP
RAM: 512 MB | HDD: 2 GB free space
CPU: Pentium 4
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 3; ATI Radeon 8500
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  1. its actually closed, the usa beanfun website its closed, just left taiwan, china and japan and on tis sites there is no divinia online (or similar looking with changed name) so is dead

  2. I think this game is closing down permanently soon.
    I did play it for a few days but then I found out the owner of the game is shutting it down. Fun game though.

  3. one of my most fav anime mmo’s 😀

    its awesome how the voices for this game are Anime voice actors and actresses like Vic mignogna and luci christian and monica rial :3

  4. This game started off good. Tons of quests, dailies, and skills. Sometimes it may feel rewarding to complete quests and watch the exp gauge fill up by a ton. Then comes instance (aka Dungeon quests) that suggests you to go in parties. These strategies were great, and so was the Dual Class system. Crafting items through cards, satisfying. However, there are a lot of terms in this game that didn’t really work well. Daily, a fortune will be given to you ranging from “Excellent” to “No Luck”, which greatly determines your crafting success percentage, and other features such as EXP Bonus and Item Drops. It may seem really satisfying at first, but once the player reaches over the 50’s, it’s all about grinding. Quests barely fill up to 20% of the gauge; the quests given later were also at small amounts. The battle system will soon become repetitive as the player grinds through enemies by using the same skills over and over again (in order to do the max damage while conserving mana) just to get 0.3 – 0.7% exp. Quests such as “Demon Hunter” (a monster killing quest that gives you the majority exp you’ll probably get other than instance quests) will also start to become one of your main quests as you proceed forward to level up.

    I understand that this game has good graphics, stable weapons and great skill varieties. But the entire system remains plain, you can might as well say every mob is a copy of another (literally, they are repaints and level improvements).

  5. It is a very AVERAGE MMO, the reason is that you just get quest, complete, get quest, complete. The only thing good about it is that the game has a core system which contain’s the stats instead of the armor, so you can be like level 50 and wear a level 10 costume without any downsides.

  6. There’s no IP block. It’s an international game. But the game is super grindy. You seriously CAN’T die or you’ll lose a shitload of exp that you’ve grinded for hours!


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