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Title: Dreamlords | Status: Open Beta
Genre: MMORTS | Theme: Fantasy

Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 555 MB
Publisher: Paradox
Developer: Lockpick Entertainment

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What’s explosive about it:
Advanced Interaction
Simple Controls
Unique Game Style

Dreamlords: Resurrection is a unique blend of online gaming and real time strategy, featuring two different yet complementary game modules: one is browser based and perfect for long term strategy planning, while the second one is played via a client and adequate for exciting battles and conquering the enemy.

The player acts as a Dreamlord, which is a powerful collection of souls from antique times, awakened by the chaos and agony of the living. Your objective is to develop a powerful civilization, lead a strong army, conquer territory and grow stronger and stronger so that you can face the almighty Nightmares that threatens to set free the Nedom Wolven, Cynos of ultimate Destruction.

During your voyage, you’ll have to collect Soul Power to earn strength. Soul Power is the attention of the Dreamer, the utmost of gods, and Soul Power is the purest form of energy in Elysion. All things are reliant on it to live, particularly Dreamlords.

Dreamlords Resurrection system requirements:

OS: Windows XP
RAM: 256 MB of RAM | HDD: 1.5GB Free
CPU: P4 1.4GHz
Graphics Card: 64 MB NVIDIA Geforce 3 or equivalent
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