About the game:
Title: Forgotten Elements
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: Magic Plains
Publisher: Magic Plains

Explosive Features:

  • 100% Free-to-Play.
  • Combine class skills.
  • Varied locations and enemies

Forgotten Elements is a 100% free action MMORPG (Hack and Slash) developed by a small indie studio called Magic Plains. The game runs completely in the browser and requires no registration to begin playing. Players can selects from 4 classes including the Rampager, Elementalist, Huntress, and Shaman. Between the 4 classes there are a total of 96 skills, which players can unlock regardless of their class choice. Players will be able to choose skills from 5 different types which range from your typical offensive attacks to summoner spells which allow you to act as a minion master.

Forgotten Elements serves up a host of interesting locations to explore, each randomly generated to offer players new enemy placements, loot and paths. As an action RPG loot is always a high priority for players and Forgotten Elements gives it in droves. Players gain access to random drops as they slay monsters and solve quests with the potential to uncover artifacts as well. These in turn, allow a player to augment certain spells to change their effect.

Beyond exploration the game offers a detailed crafting system, achievements and PvP combat.

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26 User Reviews

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  1. j0k3r306 on August 31, 2016

    hey lelel, you are ignorant. Every single the you look at in your browser is being downloaded. You know how every game says “LOADING” in it??? Yeah, im sorry to break it to you but it is being downloaded and stored on your hard drive the same as literally any other game you will ever play with one slight difference. You see, “browser” based games really just means that your browser does all the work for you on installing, saving, !!!LOADING!!! and even uninstalling the game for you without you even know what all is happening. Anytime you watch a youtube video, it is being downloaded somewhere on your device but over time, your device deletes it for you to make room for more space. This is something that software developers have put into place for the ignorant(not stupid) people like yourself so that you don’t junk up your hd with videos of cats doing cute things on countless youtube videos. I mean lets face it, after you’ve seen a short video a few dozen times at the most, who wants to keep it on their hard drive, right? The browser takes care of all of that mess for you. Actually, it’s more the browser in conjunction with said OS but i don’t want to make your head hurt with what I thought was common knowledge these days. I 3 year old literally understands the this concept better than you. You have to be pulling my leg right lelel? please tell me you are. How can one be so ignorant(again not stupid, just uneducated) on such a simple concept.

    Now, with that rant out of the way I will say this: A browser based game used to be a game that was literally played in the browser and the browser itself took care of all the installing, handling and uninstalling of files. Look at airmech. it has a browser based version and an install-able version. Which i know, i know. Both are basically doing the same thing with the small difference of slightly faster loading on the second version mentioned. Somewhere along the way, the lines got a little blurred and now a lot of these so called browser games are not so “browser-ish” any longer. It frustrates me a little that they are being mislabeled these days. Much like how all these so called “social” games are polluting Facebook when there is little to no “social” interactions in them what so ever, but that’s another rant for another time.

    • wunderkiller234 on December 9, 2016

      yeah but you don’t speak very good english for a 13 year old.

      i’m just saying…….

    • Frank on January 29, 2017

      It is all about how you experience the “download”. If you go to the web site, click on play, and the game starts up in your browser, then you do not experience it as downloading anything. You just play the game in your browser. As soon as you have a button witht the text Download on it, that you must click, then you are experienceing the download. Especially if you must afterwards run an executable in order to install the download.

      In my opinion, a game that is shown as being browser based should not have any download button. It should start playing when you press the play button. What happens in the background is irrelevant.

  2. Frank on August 7, 2016

    To comment on something else than the download (originally it was a pure browser based game without any download), I used to play this game. It is a neat game, but it doesn’t take more than a day or two to max out your character and completing all maps, which is why I think people aren’t playing it. That is why I stopped myself. You quickly run out of things to so, and the game starts feeling pointless.

  3. Badumtss on December 9, 2015

    This game was quite cool, but sadly it’s been DEAD for a long time – if you decide to play, don’t expect to meet anyone, it was an interesting experience – to explore a game that has been abandoned by people. There are still many offers on the marketplace 😀
    But as I’ve said, the game is dead, play only if you don’t need company / are a masochist ^ ^

    • Replying to some dumb fk on April 12, 2016

      Do you even know the meaning of masochist? how stupid can you be? “Play only if you dont need company / are a masochist? wtf are you some retarded french boy?

  4. Brett on August 7, 2015

    Don’t fight guys. To explain how a browser game works: It runs using your RAM (Random Access Memory), which is a temporary memory, kind of like your short term memory. The hard drive would be like your long term memory.

    To answer your question, if you have to download a client, it wouldn’t be considered a browser MMO, because a browser MMO is ran in your browser. The browser being the client.

    Basically your computer is communicating with the game servers,(client side. server side.) exchanging information. They keep all the permanent memory on their side. It is processed on both sides.

  5. IDONTHAVEANAME on July 10, 2015

    A downloadable game is not a browser game, ’tis what pisses me off about some people

  6. Mog on April 12, 2015

    Browser games shouldn’t require a download, since it’s suppose to be in the “browser” when you press play, not download. You guys are idiots.

    • Good Counselor on February 8, 2018

      Browser games are basically like websites you load into your browser, it’s the same principle. So you don’t download or install anything, it is the game server which does the hard work.

  7. dreamers on April 11, 2015

    the files have virouses says so by nortin and anti malwares sorry for the truth

  8. Bartimaeus on February 14, 2014

    And the download is only like, 10-12 minutes o.o

    • James on April 19, 2014

      Don’t you ever measure the size of a downloadable file in terms of seconds. It’s completely stupid to do that. No launcher of any sort, for a browser game should be ~130 Mb. No launcher for any game should be more than maybe 10 – 20 Mb.

    • rewiew noob on April 2, 2015

      screw downloads i thought these were browser games

  9. unlisted on January 23, 2014

    Who wrote this overview?! Honestly, do you even KNOW what hack and slash means?

  10. matthew on January 19, 2014

    did you ever think that becuz it requires you to download something that maybe it needs it to run, its like most games that i run in to here, most require you to download something

    • James on April 19, 2014

      A browser based game make you download a ~130 Mb executable setup file. Yeah… makes sense. (not)

  11. HellBound007 on September 22, 2013

    Kingsroad doesnt….
    anf youtube download WHILE you watch, not before…
    And anyway there is a huge difference between downloading a 2mb script and a 18gb
    file before playing anything (Conan age of hyborian).
    I think poeple a confusing web browser games with online games.
    Most games have an online component, but you have to download the entire game before
    you get to play.Web browser games are called that because the game resides online and you just need a relatively small script to play.

    • Good Counselor on February 8, 2018

      Everything you are seeing in your browser window while playing the game still needed to be loaded into your browser tab or window. That way it’s no different from looking at a regular website. You have usually all sorts of script too (running locally, like JavaScript, and running on the server, like PHP).

      But all the graphics you see has been loaded into your browser.

  12. vixion on August 30, 2013

    guys… ALL browser games require you to download something… just like watching a youtube video requires you to download the video while you watch it.

    • Lelel on June 4, 2015

      * All browser games require u download something .*

      ????? are you serius ? are you stupid or something ? no BROWSER GAME req u dl anything that why is called BROWSER because u play directly on browser just click Play and start gaming not download anything Dumbass

      • KageYamiKitsune on July 30, 2015

        I have played a load of browser games and on most of them (depending on the size) have a loading screen that usually says “Please wait while the games downloads it’s content elements” so does that make your comment invalid?

  13. Holeron on May 30, 2013

    Yes, requires a download and a very long one….so from what i see it’s not a browser game at all and to play a downlodable client game i can find much better.

  14. Jo Mortale on April 16, 2013

    This requires me to download something, even if it plays in the browser, It doesn’t entirely just browser. :/

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