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Title: Free Realms | Status: Offline
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy

Graphics: 3D | Type: Browser game
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Developer: Sony Online Entertainment

User Rating:
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (138 votes, 3.99 out of 5)

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What’s explosive about it:
Dozens of professions and mini-games
Plenty of quests and monthly content updates
Can be enjoyed by players of all ages

Free Realms is a free to play 3D browser MMORPG with bright outlook, variety of activities and interesting gameplay aimed at players of all ages. There are dozens of activities and mini-games with each tied to one of the fourteen jobs so combat in Free Realms is entirely optional.

The available jobs open to all players are ninja, Chef, Kart Driver, Postman, Demolition Derby Driver, Brawler, Pet Trainer, Kart Duelist and Miner. The available jobs for subscriber are Archer, Wizard, Medic, Blacksmith and Warrior.

There’s always something new to see and do in the world of Free Realms, with weekly and monthly content updates, regular and special events, and even player-created parties and celebrations. Get in the game quickly and easily from your web browser, create your character, and be playing in a full 3D game world client within minutes!

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  1. 4ever free realms!!!!!!! we have 2015 and free realms is closed …….BUT WHY!!!!????
    will never come out the game free realms 2???
    i miss you free realms

  2. 4ever free realms!!!!!!! we have 2015 and free realms is closed …….BUT WHY!!!!????
    will never come out the game free realms 2???

  3. this is cool game with lot of things to do but problem is you cant do LOAD of stuff unless you are member i suggest u play this if you want to pay membership

  4. I’ve actively played this game for about 5 years now. To me, the game has its pro’s and its con’s, over the years they have made a lot of changes there are some I really wish they wouldn’t have made to the game like taking away the lifetime membership (which was always a HUGE benefit when having it) and not having V.I.P anymore. Those two things are really the only problems I have with Fr currently other than that it has a great community and it will always keep you busy. Not to mention the building mode is awesome. I recommend this to anyone who is interested is thinking about playing it.

  5. XD ive played this 3 years ago! I cant believe its popular now! 😀 I cant wait to play it again *clicks play* 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 :DDDDDDDDDDD

  6. Mannnnn FreeRealms…. hell thats a jump to the past CX i played that when i was 5 and played till i was 8-9 god i remember runnin outta things to do for a while and just doing some crazy stuff with friends :3 awwww old times then i lost membership for some reason forgot my login and such… oh well at least my friends i did not see them much anymore :3

  7. Not bad. Gives off those Wizard101 feels. owo
    But other than that, the graphics are good, and makes you want to play it. The music is… eh, to me. But, most of all, the bad thing is you have to pay, which kinda bums you out, if you/your parents can’t/won’t have money.

  8. uhhmm… new to free realms..and when i tried to download the installer at the beginning…it did nothing…and i have absolutely no idea how to start now…plzz HEELLLLPPPP MEEHHH

  9. i played this game in beta days and i loved it i come back on a few days ago 0-0 whoa it changed A LOT! but the majority of reviews say in about a year your bored of it so should i join up again people? p.s. i never had a member acount i dont know if its worth paying 4 as well as station cash

  10. i luv this game it is…..AWESOME! A-W-E-S-O-M-E! IF YOU ARE A boy you might not believe my opinion because i am a girl just letting you know ok? ok

  11. This game is great. If anyone knew what “browser-based” means, they’d realize that that does not mean “no download’ It means you play from your browser… as the name indicates. Anyway. I love the game as everything is optional. You can play exactly how you want to.

  12. VERY fun game i like leveling the ninja then when i hit 20 i show off my skills but there are not alot of updates they might be 6 weeks apart.

  13. This is not a no download browser rpg like it is purported to be. When I look for a no download game, and I get a site, then there should not be ANYTHING that needs to be downloaded. Thanks for nothing.

  14. so slowly! i need to download it about 2 hours and now when i want to play i have waiting too in server 1 but i cant play it when the loading is done

  15. A good game with all of it’s Quests and things to do. Pretty good graphics. The only bad thing is – You have to pay to play further than a certain point.

    • Yeah but, The membership is only 3.99 Premium membership is 39.99
      Same thing 😛 but with regular member ship your membership lasts for like 2 years O_O thats how long mine lasted. With Premium it lasts for ever XD

  16. I probably might be missing out on a lot of good stuff since I’m not really interested in the combat. Combat isn’t anything special, but I do like the fact that fighting is optional. Whenever I play an mmo, I always take the adventuring aspect of it as a big deal. Exploring new lands without having to warp to them, fighting enemies and overcoming obstacles along the way, those kinds of things. Free Realms could do better in its adventuring since the places are all colorful and has a different atmosphere for each. But since the road to go to places is absolutely safe with only instanced and optional fights to give you at least the tiniest sense of danger, adventuring isn’t as fun. But play this game with a friend or two, mess around, get into the multiplayer minigames and this could be fairly interesting and entertaining. It actually reminds me of the old party game collections that we used to play whenever we got together. Can’t say much for the lasting appeal, but it’s certainly worth to try. It’s only a few mb anyway.

  17. Its a family friendly game and for that it is amazing. Its well worth paying for the life long membership, its cheap enough. There is alot to do and explore.. all in its very good and worth playing.

    Its appels to alot of poeple but its not for everyone. I think that comes down to the fact that it is so kid friendly.

    The loading screens are a bit annoying and If your not a memeber its in your face to become one quite a bit. I suggest giving it a try before you make an judgments. The download is small… If you cant download then your kind screwed for most games.

  18. this is a nice game… but the prob you have to pay just to level up.. so I quit dont have money to pay anyways.. it’s pointless to stay in game without any progress…

    • Its only 3.99 :p for membership .-. its not pricey at all. Very cheap actually. Then the other games o.O Other games are more than that. This is actually really cheap

  19. The term “Browser Game” simply means it is possible to play it in your browser, It does not mean “No Download” if you want a game that has absulultly no download, or anything that ever needed to be downloaded “flashplayer, unity ect” then your out of luck, go play a text based RPG, if there is one with flash then chances are you can play it because your computer already has the flash to date, but if your parents are paranoid, and dont want you downloading anything. then youll find that your computer is going to go downhill and break, no downloads means no updates. if your parents dont want downloads, then they can buy a new computer every 5 minutes when an update comes out.

  20. due to the comments , i agree . i mean , this game is lifetime! great game
    id say the whole thing together is 9 out of 10 but its still a pretty a good game

  21. I was liking there card game, but I don’t feel like paying ANYTHING for this game if only because they have not done ANY MORE SETS FOR THE CARD GAME. A shame, really, but since I can’t find anything relating to a new set, not many people playing the card game when I was on leads me to believe they don’t care, so if they don’t care why should I?

  22. It is stupid how many ads and load screens there are. They should just be honest and call their game: Constant Commercials of Downloading. When I got to level 4 of something it said I couldn’t play anymore without paying. It’s TRASH.

  23. I have actually quit my job with Sony Online Entertainment, this game is not even that good, guys try Requiem Momento Mori, it is way better, it is a download but so much better than FreeRealms, you can do more on there, better graphics, better fights, better chat, every thing is better.

  24. it isnt no download, it keeps making me download it, but i caint cause my parents wont let me download anything. so dont wast your time

    • The term ”browser game” simply means you play it from your browser and can get to it from your browser,which you can do,all you do is go onto install the plug-in and then play which is all technically done ”within a browser” they never say you must not install anything or that it is download free.

    • This is tricky to explaiiinn… But think of Roblox. Thats a browser. But you have to download. Its exactly like that. Also unless you wanna go through all the tricky stuff of going through the API plug ins for it, I suggest do the download.
      Its worth it

  25. When it comes to free to play,browser,mmo’s it doesn’t get much better than Free Realms.There is a great performance-to-lag ratio (how well the game looks and plays compared to the lag that is included) and it runs VERY well on even old computers.The graphics are interesting to say the least,the art design is phenomenal and rivals many major mmo’s.There is a LARGE variety of things to do from racing,to combat (countless full levels and combat upgrading system),to many side ”bejewel” type mini-games,but those aren’t the only type,there are musically based mini-games,over-all a wide variety of things to keep you entertained for months on end.Though chat is something as an option you can still play the entire game without socializing at all and still enjoy it.The music is FANTASTIC and has all been originally composed directly for free realms.Most items/membership is quite affordable.This game has LOADS of character,whether it be computer simulated situations happening off in an obscure corner of the location just for detail or watching two characters (computerized) having a hilarious conversation.Free Realms is soon to reaching 17million players and is not a game to be underestimated as ”just another kiddie mmo”.

  26. Once you have played one of the mini games in Free Realms you have played them all. The game is exceptionally repetitive since 90% of the non-combat mini games are some variation of bejewled.
    The combat instances were enjoyable in the first few months after the game launched, but since the SoE combat revamp it has become tedious.
    The game population has also shifted in the recent months from a mixed bag of young and old to primarily young (tween/teen) players. They frequent certain areas of the game world mostly chatting and showing off different costumes they bought from the cash shop, however there is a sizeable portion of these children that are overtly trying their best to evade the chat filter and have cyber sex with one another.
    Free Realms has essentially become a social chat game along the lines of IMVU, so if that sounds appealing to you, then check it out, otherwise I would not recommend it.

  27. I agree with movieman14, he said all of what i wanted to say lol.
    I didn’t play FreeRealms for how many months, I bought a lifetime membership because I know that FreeRealms will go beyond my expectations so I told my self, “The game deserves it”.
    And when I played the game last week at night, I changed myself to a Ninja. I saw a crowd of gamers, just one ninja kills everyone, then I changed immediately to a normal citizen cause I’m scared I will be defeated if he challenges me.
    Suddenly, a guy PM’d me, he said “cool! that was a sensei set! can u kill the guy defeating those weaklings?”. I did not reply, I just chatted with the others then the guy bullied me, he used a potion and made me a frog for 3 minutes, I told him to remove it. He challenged me to a duel, I change into a ninja to make sure that we will battle as a ninja. All of the players came to me and asking for a trade. Then the duel started, I killed him in just a seconds. Normally, the players didn’t saw the battle but they praised me because the guy lost. So, I noticed that the game changed a lot.

  28. Here is my opinion of Free Realms.

    Graphics-4 out of 5 the graphics themselves are great but occasional problems do occur

    Art-5 the art of free realms is beautiful everything flows well and is beautiful

    sound-5 free realms manages to take one song and make it completely different for each area but still having the same feel

    gameplay-5 there is a TON to appeal to everybody! even non-mmo fans! (like me) there is combat for those who wish but it is not the main thing,there are still jobs like mining, cooking, farming, demolition derbiest, racer, warrior, and so much more! There are still small games like chess and checkers too!

    housing-housing on free realms is good,though i have seen bigger houses the price for it is a great deal!

    Lasting Appeal- free realms is something i and i think most everyone will never get tired of! with so much to explore,quests to complete and things to realms has a long future!

      • Seriously?I found this game amazing, even though it has a membership perk program(Which can get on people’s nerves do to the fact they are considered ‘noobs’ no matter how long they’ve been on) I usually dont play a MMO that doesn’t have some kind of roleplay factor to it, so to me, this is a fairly good game!

  29. Free Realms (in my opinion) is THE BEST mmo out there! there is a ton to do..the prices are a great deal,it has a TON of character to it,it is fantasy but is not swept away with it like runescape w.o.w and such,there is fighting..but it is only an additional feature,it has the best pet system i have ever seen,very artistic,there is always something new! Free Realms is an online players dream come true!!!

  30. I have played this for a while a long time ago, when I got back and played it again last night I seem anxious to play it again and pay for the membership. This is actually a very nice game, a mix of adventure and action unlike other games which are purely fps/domination kind of games, they could get boring fast. This game lets you take your time and lets you do what you want.


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