Galactic Junk League










About the game:
Title: Galactic Junk League
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Pixel Federation
Publisher: Pixel Federation

Build your ship from salvaged parts and navigate her through ferocious battles in Galactic Junk League, a free-to-play space shooter from Pixel Federation. Offering amazing customization and the ability to change individual parts of your ship as you see fit, Galactic Junk League lets you build swift fighters, lumbering battleships, and everything in between.

Once your ship is assembled — and held together with some duct tape — take her into combat against other junkers in a variety of arenas. The battle is not always to the strongest; positioning and movement are crucial to success, as weapons can only fire when they have a line-of-sight, and you’ll sometimes need to coordinate your attacks with your allies for maximum damage. As you win, you’ll unlock more and more parts to add to your ship, fueling your rise to the top of the Galactic Junk League!

Explosive Features:

  • Sandbox-level Ship Customization
  • Advanced Damage Mechanics
  • Several Different Maps

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System Requirements

Galactic Junk League Minimum System Requirements:
To Be Announced

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  1. Only played for a few hours so far, but i’d say it’s a good game. Robocraft in space. If you like Robocraft you will most likely enjoy Galactic Junk League to.

    Very good/fair free to play model at this moment (open beta), just xp boosts and skins (funny thing is that, at least in my opinion, the skins that are available to buy with in game credits, look much better then those available with premium currency).

    My biggest problem at the moment, it’s that it has a low playerbase and some matches can be unbalanced, but it’s Steam launch (in about 2 weeks) will hopefully fix that.


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