Galaxy Warfare








About the game:
Title: Galaxy Warfare
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORTS Type: Browser
Developer: Eiyland LLC
Publisher: Eiyland LLC

Explore the galaxy and fight for your faction in Galaxy Warfare a free-to-play browser based MMORPG that puts you in command of your own ship and challenges you to find your way in a vast, unforgiving galaxy. Join one of three factions and form alliances to engage in vast, interstellar wars or spend your time exploring the galaxy and exploiting planetary resources.

Galaxy Warfare’s map is a 2-D grid of X/Y coordinates, and you can plot a course wherever your ship can take you. You can complete quests or do battle with other ships to earn XP and credits you can use to upgrade your ship and take on even greater challenges. As you progress, you’ll be able fight in larger battles and lead your faction to dominate the galaxy!

Explosive Features:

  • Far-reaching, Multi-player Warfare
  • Exploration And Discovery
  • Regular Updates and Community Events

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System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
This game is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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  1. Galaxy Warfare is a fun game! Seemingly simple, yet engaging. Then you find the deeper levels, yet the game remains casual. Everyone is willing to help you, even players in a different faction. Then, later if they find you on the grid, they’ll attack and try to kill you. And after Battle, you might end up discussing the whole thing. So you gain levels and you do quests to get materials and craft parts so you can upgrade your ship. Next time they wont be so lucky.

  2. Galaxy Warfare is a super fun 2D browser space game. The pace can be casual but also heart pumping PvP whether you are the hunter or the prey. The community is very supportive. There is an option to donate as a subscriber but it is not a pay-to-win system.

  3. This game is fun and addicting.
    In Galaxy Warfare, you get to explore the galaxy, (of course)
    level up, and get stronger with your fleet!
    Galaxy Warfare gets a 10/10!

  4. Good 2d space strategy game with limited graphics requirement. Suit those that enjoy a steep learning curve and solid p v p focus. A little bit grindy but that’s half the fun, helpful and for once, non-toxic community.

  5. Good game with low graphics requirements, will suit people able to enjoy a steep learning curve and a solid pvp focus. A little bit grindy but that’s half the fun. I play and enjoy it and the community for once isn’t toxic.

  6. Amazing game, the community of players in the game are respectful and great to be around. If you are looking for a game that’s challenging, this is the game for you.

  7. There’s lots of things to accomplish with this game. You can collect items from planets to craft items to build up your power in the game. You have missions and quests that give you great rewards. You can battle bots and real players. You can claim planets, join a fleet, or even create your own fleet. There’s so much to do! Hours and hours of fun! I’d recommend this game to anyone!

  8. It’s a rather fun, enjoyable and addictive 2D grid-based space exploration and combat game, packed with a great community and staff members. The exploration aspect of this game, along with the crafting system and quests / missions tasks provides a fun gameplay. Fight for your faction! Control the Galaxy! Totally recommend!

  9. This is a rather fun game! Engaging 2d space exploration and combat game. Explore a large and persistent galaxy in your ship, claim planets for your faction, battle opponents and defeat the alien threat to the galaxy. You can upgrade your ship, and even buy and upgrade new ones. It is a simple yet fun adventure. 🙂

  10. Hey! Thanks for listing us! I’m the owner and main developer of GW. We have a fantastic community of players in an ever evolving game that is a lot of fun! Come check it out if you’re looking for something different and addicting. AAA+++ would play! – Firestream

  11. Absolutely awesome game with an awesome community and hours upon hours of fun things to do. Quests, bounties, and always people to talk to 😀


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