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About the game:
Title: Ghost Recon Phantoms
Status: Closed Graphics: 3D
Developer: Ubisoft Singapore
Publisher: Ubisoft

Explosive Features:

  • Rich graphical environments and maps.
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon franchise.
  • Great cover system.

Ghost Recon Phantoms (previously titled Ghost Recon Online) is a free to play 3D third-person, cover-based tactical shooter (MMOTPS) developed by Ubisoft Singapore, and offers all the best qualities of the Ghost Recon franchise in a downloadable, dynamic, PC-based online game.

Ghost Recon Phantoms offers players the ability to choose between three different classes of Ghost: Assault, Recon and Support. Each Classe is defined by a single main ability, and each gives a specific bonus to team-mates who stick near them. Customize their weapons, deploy cutting-edge military technology, and share intel with their team. Ghost Recon Phantoms also features a rich lobby platform for hosting social and persistent progression features.

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System Requirements

Ghost Recon Phantoms Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7
Processor: Core 2 Duo, Core i3, COre ig, Core i7 or higher AMD Athlon64 X2 3600
Memory Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk Space: 6 GB of free disk space
Video Card: 256 DirectX 9.0c with Shader Model 3.0

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  1. Don’t bother downloading this game.
    I started out playing this game 2+ years ago and was my first PC game. Since I quit I have come back twice only to see what has been done. Answer…..3 new maps, new OP guns, and gear….and the maps are still in beta form since I visited 11 months ago. In comparison to then, the amount of player has dwindled, to say the least, and the majority of players play one map. The game is EXTREMELY P2W and if you want to compete on a fair playing field expect to pay over $100 (USD). Some of these guns have more dmg, range, armor piercing, rpm, etc and even have less recoil than their non-P2W counterparts. You might say well that’s fair, but in reality, you would need to have at least 1000 in-game hours to get one “good” gun. Let alone the other 2 operators that are needed and also 2 types for each operator. Also, the fps is stuck on 60-61 atm even when v-sync is off. Lastly, the majority of the good players left this game. Most of the games include SUPER imbalance where you have some majors and some generals. (It would be the same has having Global’s and Supremes play in the same room as novas and silvers. All In all, great idea of a game, similar to R6s in speed and tactical gameplay, but completely ruined by the P2W aspect that has ended up making the majority of the fan base leave. Since 2 years ago I have played quite a few F2P games and there are MANY better ones.

  2. The game is dead.There haven’t been any patches for 3 years now.On their forum there is some guy spouting bs about religion…Don’t bother with the game.I was playing the game in beta as well.I’m general 3 in the game.Trust me it’s not worth playing.And it has become a P2W game.

  3. Low level matchmaking is a ghost town. Don’t even bother downloading unless you already have an account above a certain level.

  4. just google “ghost recon download” and follow links.
    (As an answer to alle the guys wondering where to find the download)

  5. don’t even bother trying this game…unfair matchmaking puts beginning players against experienced over equipped credit card wielding rich brats,free to play means anything you buy using AC will only be half as good (or less) than CC paid items…plagued with hacks and cheats means no fair play for anyone…put 30+ rounds from an upper-class machine gun that i worked my arse off to be able to buy with AC into the back of a guys head at point blank range and no damage,the guy stood up and shot me once with a pistol and i was done…invested months of game play but because i wont invest money into a game until after i have played for a while i am just target practice for credit card players…even if you do put up the cash some ass hacker comes in with aimbot and wipes the floor with you anyway so why bother…should have known better when i seen ubisoft was the maker…their latest ‘corrections’ to the game only made it more unplayable above level 8 which comes on way to quick to start with and they do nothing about the hackers because they just expect you to fork out some cash to TRY to be competitive….save yourself the time and energy and try another game….the real shame is that this COULD be a great game if it matched fairly and had better leveling but the bad play along with the potential to be a good game just keeps you coming back for more abuse and nothing in return…on a scale of 1-10 i wouldn’t even give it a rating the way it is now…just a waste.

  6. Been playing for almost a week. At first I had a lot of fun, great interface, a lot of weapon choices for the classes and the maps were plenty fun. I really liked that people don’t just gun and run and are more teamwork oriented. But after level 10 it was a nightmare. By this time you get forced to play in the all players list, and everyone has already high tier weapons and armor, leaving you feeling pretty useless. You die in two hits from anything and your weapons do very little damage. After every match you see all the new players like myself in the last positions with the worst scores. At this point the game becomes frustrating. The worst part is I don’t even have enough ingame cash to buy any decent stuff and you already need higher tier items. There’s a chance of obtaining high tier items with boxes you get as drops randomly after matches, but you need keys to open and they’re expensive. So now I’m finding myself in the need of paying real cash to gear up. If you don’t want to pay then good luck spending weeks losing over and over again until you save enough to buy 1 high tier item.

    So I’m sad to say this game is fully p2w. Too bad because I really liked it. Time to move on.

    Oh, and yes, there are hackers/cheaters.

  7. 100% PAY TO WIN, but… it´s nice see troll players like this game… hacker everywhere…well is funny play this.

  8. DON’T EVEN TRY TO DOWNLOAD. The launcher is sh*t. It will keep on say ERROR but the game ins’t even fully downloaded. Until UBISOFT fix that, the game isn’t worth trying at all.

  9. Been playing about a couple of hours per week and finally hit level 10 and started to play in the general lobby and I have to say that the game is addicting. I have yet to spend a single penny on the cash store and I don’t feel like I need to. I do play recon and I play it as a sniper so I don’t really deal with the annoyance of cash shop weapons or armors a lot at my range but all in all I have a lot of fun. The speed is about perfect to encourage a more tactical element then a run and gun and so is damage. I recommend new players get to level 10 asap and then play in the general lobby. The people there are way better but so is the level of “sportsmanship”. Felt like I was playing with adults!

    My only real annoyance was the price of items with ingame currency and how little you get per match even as MVP. The rounds can be long and the time it takes to save for items even longer.

    Other then that play the game how you want and I’m sure you will get something out of it.

  10. Game is pretty bad. It’s well made, that’s for sure.. but the game encourages corner camping and that’s most of the game. When people see you they instantly go prone and shoot at you.

    It’s sad that in the year 2014 Counter Strike: Source is still one of the top dog FPS games.

  11. i liked the game a lot until i was only being killed by GOLDEN GUNS. every time i died it was from a GOLDEN GUN. i DID spend some cash on this game and i got some mystery boxes. yo, what a rip off. never do it. bad connection? want to quit the match and find a new one? congratulations you just went down 3 levels.

  12. Guys do you play Planetside 2? Or Combat arms or arctic combat reisansces heroes??? arma 2? If you do please add me ON Hector256

  13. a játék maga jó csak nagyon egysíkú.kevés a mod és a pályák is túlságosan egysíkúság a változatos környezet nem változtat azon a tényen hogy főleg sablonok. a fegyver fejlesztés meg
    rengetek szer felesleges a profik így is úgy is ki nyírnak s unbalansz a kaszt rendszer. A recon sokkal erősebb mint a másik kettő mivel erősebbek a fegyvere is, a másik két kaszt fegyverei rengetek szer esélytelenek( a sotik egyszerűen az esetek 95% használhatatlanok).

  14. this game is fun but yet one of the most annoying.. don’t see that many hackers but you sometimes come across that person that can shoot through walls while you and your teammates are under cover but they do get taken care so not much of an issue. However due to the small maps you often find lots of spawn campers and trolls making the game suck major ass especially with the usage of abilities added in that aspect. Very hard to find a good decent tactical game where the other team doesn’t spawn camp the shit out of yours.

  15. Snipers are not good if newbies are using them and BrandNewDaddy its NOT too easy to take the snipers out except if you are max lvl and the other is 3-5 lvl and even I am 5 lvl and I did 6 kills 8 deaths with max lvls assaults and specialists

    P.S. I am sniper (well recon I mean)

  16. Yeah. If anything, it’s rather for killing some time, at least for some of us.
    And instead of buying GC for one gun, you’re probably better off getting GTA San Andreas for the same amount or less money.
    So you have a nice full game, a lengthy single player campaign and you can download the free multiplayer modification as well.
    Looks like there are still a lot people on if the numbers are not faked, could be fun.
    Though if they kept it up for some years, they won’t be easy targets, I suppose.

    I know I’m a heretic, sorry about that mmobomb. Won’t happen again.
    GRO is not too bad in comparison to other F2P games from my experience, but still, I’m not convinced.

  17. Do not invest any money. This is developed for consoles, they are using you for dummies. By the time you reach max level, you will quit anyway because of pure boredom, playing those few little maps over and over again with all the same people.

  18. I´m sorry i forgot that i should write it in german … Well then i had a code error called 80050002 which denied my login access after some days playing the game … I was really pissed of and tried to reinstall the game and suddenly recognized that u should download the US-version not the EU-version because the EU-version has to many failures in it´s package now i can play the game again without any problem… Thanks tooo the US-Version <3 I luv u 🙂

    • too bad neither of the servers work for me, did everything they told me to, looks like im gonna miss on this badass game

  19. das game ist richtig hammer aber nach öfterem spielen tritt die fehler meldung 80050002 auf … man kann sich nicht mehr einloggen und das spiel auch nicht mehr deinstallieren geschweige denn wieder installieren so ein dreck echt hätte ich mir auch den ganzen aufwand sparen können … Verpisste drecks scheiße da … Lasst lieber die finger davon !!!

  20. Dudes you must play this game! Why? Because this game will beat the crap out of other crappy-old-fashioned-games that you played earlier because it has a Next-Gen graphics and Game play! I recommend you to try it out! THIS GAME WILL GONNA BE THE BEST OF THE BEST! Even it has a large amount of space you need to download this game but this.. THIS is worth playing for dudes think about it…. it will help you coordinate with your teammates because if you do not, you guys will lose! =D

    Sincerely the NormalKid

    • This is the message for innocent players, who got banned by Noobisoft for no reason ( like me ). Today ubisoft singapoor became “communistic”- their policy is ignoring the players and fear the truth… I have been playing this game since open beta in 2012 and wasted 250$. In 2014 May was banned for nothing in EU server. Customer Support said I was hacking, but I wasn’t and they didn’t explain why I was banned- I wasn’t cheating, or being AFK, wasn’t exploit or even don’t have multiple accounts. So I went to NA server- unlocked all Tiers, reached lvl 50 on all classes and wasted another 300$. And guess fucking what? They banned me again! So people listen to me- DO NOT FUCKING WASTE YOUR MONEY! They will ban you in the future for nothing like most of my innocent friends! Better uninstall this game because Noobisoft don’t care about players and this game is broken P2W sh!t so don’t play it. Tried to support them and what? Got banned! “You have been banned for using illegal means of hacking or otherwise modifying the intended behaviour of the game in order to gain an advantage over the other players.
      As you are already aware, this is forbidden by the Terms of Use to which you have agreed upon account creation.
      Your sanction will remain, therefore, permanent.
      [GM] Celeste”
      Great, is it? I’m an hacker now… explaining to them that I didn’t used any hacks, AFK, exploiting and shit and here’s the repply:

      “Our decision will not change. We will treat this case as closed.
      [GM] Celeste”
      Awesome support, GMs… greed idiots. So, when I posted this on GRP forums, they banned my IP adress ( that means I can’t disscuss in forums ). Later I posted this on Steam GRP forums, got banned by Commiesoft: Your account is not allowed to post in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms – EU discussions. And guess what? The Steam banned me from their site. So the dumbass [UBI]Euryleia said: “For all account related enquiries, please submit a Customer Support [] ticket.

      As mentioned in the other thread, forums and other channels are NOT the proper place to discuss account suspensions. While we understand your desire to be heard, these threads will be locked. The only way to appeal a ban is through our Customer Support staff. The forums are not the place to attempt to seek a reversal on your sanction.”Ok, I contacted them… guess what? They are closing my ticket and they still ignoring me. Asking them a question, ticket is closed. This is not the Ubisoft I knew before, they are just shaming Tom Clancy’s name. What do you think, guys about Ubisoft?

  21. This game is amazing. My computer sucks so I have a little lag, but the there are many things amazing about this game:
    1. The guns are permanent and nicely priced
    2. Payin does not get you that much better then the rest
    3.smooth gameplay hackers
    5. Class guns are evely bases ( you will see)
    6. Most players are aholes

  22. Man this game is so much fun it’s crazy. The only thing I don’t like is the far away spawn, you have to run half of the map and you can get spawn trapped so easily it’s stupid. Other than that its great.

  23. Guys this game is awesome not hard as someone said or these thing it’s not pay 2 win ! it’s very fun don’t say NO on this comment before u try it , kay ?

        • Do YOU have any proof that this game IS p2w? I’m not playing this game, but have the intention to play, but from what I can tell from the comments here is: good graphic, permanent weapons, little to no hackers. The few cons I found here in the comments are: large game file that require long download, the matchmaking sucks.
          So from what I can tell from comments is that the good overcome the bad, so stop throwing statments to the air with nowhere to the statments to land. Anyway, I find a good reason to play GRO. if you don’t want me play it, then give me a good reason not to play.

          • Where did I ever tell you that you shouldn’t play it? That’s Desertfox’s words, not mine. Its a f2p game. You want to see the proof, download the game and see for yourself, idiot.
            Rank up, move from the beginner matchmaking to play with the regulars, and witness the mess for yourself. You will quickly see that the matchmaking is broken and it completely outweighs the pros of this game. It’s like if World of Tanks suddenly started matching tier 1 and tier 9 tanks together. Unless all the high level players are AFK, you won’t stand a chance.
            It’s theoretically possible to advance to a high enough level to compete without paying money, but you would have to tolerate being utterly thrashed for hundreds of hours just to get there. Some people have done it. Then again, some people don’t have jobs and literally never leave the basement either. All of the people (on Steam) I’ve seen that have said this game isn’t pay2win either:
            A) have spent money on it
            B) literally spend over 100 hours a week playing it (no social life)
            C) haven’t played the game long enough to leave beginner matchmaking

    • This game is not p2w.. Sometimes low lvl guns are better than high lvl. It’s about tactics, skills and most of all team work.

  24. I love this game. It’s because I’m a fan of tactic games, guns and stealth assassination. When it’ll be release? Is it free to download and play?

  25. Yeah, for people that are sensitive to light please be warned of Elpipsy for it may cause seizures or damage to the eyes.

  26. also all guns are permanent once you buy them ive alrdy bought all of these attachments and mods and stuff without seeing anything about timed weapons no 3 day weapons no 5 or 7 day weapons just permanent weapons

    • Sorry with you, im Recon lvl 10 (in game its recon, no sniper) playing 2 hours from 3 days ago,and i think its the best class in game, harder to use, but the most important, u need to give fire support, show your teammates enemies location,neutralice other team recons… Maybe need to practice more o chance your class.

  27. the game is great but they need to fix all the freezing and random errors like seriously ive alrdy played 3 rounds but then the game froze each of those 3 rounds not allowing me to get any money or exp especially when I get like a 7 kill streak couple of times

  28. MK11/SVD + Iron Sights/Holo is pretty beast on this map. As big as this map might seem, ecslpialey to any new BF players, this map is pretty small less sniper, more D.M.

  29. Great Game the only gigantic flaw is the Dev team putting out content Extreamly Slow and only to do turneys outside of the US giving north america little to no Clan Support.

  30. My only complain about this game so far is that fact that I have had to wait 10-40 minutes for a match. I still have the game on my computer in hopes that the player base will grow.

    • The reason these people use the sniper is because it is highly over powered, but I have learned that a good rifle with the Assualt class can do those nasty snipers in, just have to know how to hit them before they hit you, use their oracle against them, stay around a corner when the oracle activates and just wait for them to pop their heads around the corner, a couple times, crouch down lay down or stand up a couple seconds after the oracle is activated to confuse the shit out of them.

      Easy way to take them out

    • yeah many people use it because it was kinda over powered … I know they REALLY annoy me but that doesn’t mean they are kids lol

  31. i lost so much faith in FPS & 3PS bcuz of hackers its so bad now a days its not skill no more its who can use the hack the best and true players like me who will never hack lose faith in these games

    • Yeah, I hear you. I just logged on CA the other day to play and right when the game started there was a hacker. Suddenly, I realized why I didn’t play that game anymore. Uninstall and it is now gone. Now I’m biased against all other shooting games because of hackers. Its just not fun anymore with all these hackers hacking damn good games.

      • I used to play CA but hackers got in to my account, got that banned, traced it back to my computer and corrupted many files such as CA and all that c r a p…

  32. im sure every gun will last 3 days and everything good will be in the cash shop lol and money and exp will be extremely slow

    • You are correct. Add to that more hackers and glitchers per capita then you’ve ever seen. UBI tries and they post about 100+ bans per week. But in the end this game is nothing for hackers who are everywhere in it; except the best clan. We call it the PhX-effect, server is full of people trying to be like them, except they (PhX) don’t hack…
      Avoid this game.

      • How certain are you that PhX doesnt hack ?? Can you prove that ?? Or is thst just your opinion,maybe because you admire them or look up to them,like so many poor idiots do.
        They are just another clan !!Its that simple,maybe they dont hack im not to say,but i know a whole lot of people who would disagree with you,a bunch i mean !! I dont have anything against phx but too many people act like they walk on water !! PLEASE!!! LOL

          • Just cause you’ve never seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Just check youtube..plenty of hack videos. And it’s gonna get worse since they localized a client and are letting the goddamn Brazilians in. BRAZILIANS..the #1 community of F2P hack abuse. This is a fact. Ubisoft made a retarded move by letting them in legit–at least they were forced to use proxies and go out of their way beforehand.

            This game is gonna go downhill fast.


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