Grand Prix Racing Online






About the game:
Title: Grand Prix Racing Online
Status: Released
Genre: Racing Simulator
Developer: GPRO Ltd.
Publisher: GPRO Ltd.

Guide your Formula One team to the championship in Grand Prix Racing Online, a highly detailed free-to-play racing simulator. Manage your team and set your strategy every week, and then watch them play out in races. If you perform well, you’ll be promoted to the next rank; perform poorly and you’ll be relegated to a lower tier.

There are a lot of different strategies you can employ to win at GPRO. You’ll need to tweak and upgrade your car, but also hire the best driver available — he can win or lose races for you all on his own. As you advance, you’ll need to take track conditions, tyres, fuel consumption, and much more into account. If you’re good enough, you’ll move up the ladder and compete in the biggest races for the biggest prizes!

Explosive Features:

  • Grand Prix Racing Sim
  • Detailed Stats and Analysis
  • Weather System

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  1. Dreadfully dumb and boring game, all you do is input numbers from another website that calculates all the settings for you and that is it. Then watch as you crash out of the race or you get a puncture. Where is the fun in copying numbers from one website to another one twice a week and watch as you DNF due to some stupid “realistic feature”, totally pointless no intelligence needed and a load of kids playing this dumb game, forums are crap nobody helps you. This is not a racing game you cannot change any settings once the race starts, you just watch some dots go round and round a track, the graphics are really bad and even when it shows that you have won , you then find out after the race that the the graphics are just cosmetic and you came 5th WTF !!!

  2. Awesome game and intelligent, mature community. You can invest as much time as you want, from 10 minutes per week to many hours. Just like in real motor sports, you improve your race craft and strategy by collecting data and calculating an array of realistic things.

  3. game is bad. first of all , there are 3rd party websites that give u the settings and such for your car. not everyone knows it so its a big advantage for those who use it. its like copy and paste the settings. really idiot. also , the game is more a math game than anything. you need to keep calculate to do your setups for your car. if youre not a mathematician or so , you cant play this game much or wont be good at it. i really dont recommend anyone who want a true racing game to play this. this is more a management game and u actually dont drive any cars. you make the setup and just watch the race. the game has many other issues. really not a game for everyone.


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