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Title: Hunter Blade
Status: Shutdown
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 1.63 GB
Publisher: Beeboomonline
Developer: JoyChina
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Similar gameplay to the popular Monster Hunter series
Doesn’t have class system
Etimes game engine, which was self-developed by JoyChina

Hunter Blade is a free to play 3D action MMORPG developed by JoyChina with similar gameplay to the popular Monster Hunter series. In Huntler blade the players must explore the world and hunt giant monsters for glory, the best parts of their bodies can be used to sell or create new equipment. The game also features streamlined quests, robust crafting system, PvP arena, instance PvP, cosplay and more.

Players may specialize into different weapons, rather than choosing a class. Your hunter changes between moves and skills according to his active weapon, becaming a short or long distance fighter. The available weapons are Claymore, Sword, One-handed Sword, Two-handed Sword, Spear, Wand e Crossbow.

Hunter Blade system requirements:

OS: Windows XP or above
RAM: 1 GB | HDD: 4 GB free space
CPU: AMD3000+ or Pentium(R)4 3.0 GHz
Graphics Card: ATI x1300 or NVIDIA 6600
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  1. idc if its a ripoff of mosterhunter, the game looks great, espeasally if your into instances. this game got number 8 on my top games list 😛

  2. Cant even get the game to launch. And theres no official tech support released to fix this common problem people are having.

    looks like an awesome MMO dream for us Monster Hunter fans. Too bad it doesn’t work…

  3. I want to like this game since I adore MH and this is almost an exact copy of MH:Tri and MH:Portable 2 merged together but the animation quality and clunky controls using mouse and keyboard are nearly unbearable after playing it on consoles, the character models look really odd in contrast and the interface and dialogue are typical horrible translations in the english client. If it weren’t for my love of the MH series I would shove past these flaws and keep at it in hopes that the experience will improve but they simply have not done a good job of emulating a solid game.

    I hope these factors will improve in time but I won’t hold my breath.

  4. When the “Hydra” attacked at the tutorial, the guide used a stunningly similar combo move to monster hunter. Hmm… Might have to take a go with this game!!!

  5. It looks like a complete copy of monster hunter, but I don’t care it looks fun. If capcom was smart they would make their own mmorpg from their game. im sure it would be 100 times better but it would prolly be a pay to play game to. in the end capcom would benefit

  6. I’m sorry but this is too much of a monster hunter ripe off for me to take. There are so many problem that this game has relate to copy right is issues. Does this game not break the copy rights placed on monster hunter by Capcom and if so can i get a reply as to why it does not (and no bull about the names of monsters being changed).

  7. Wow…Last time I tried finding Monster Hunter Freedom through PC instead of console, it was only the Korean MMO a few years ago. I’ve been waiting for so long for an English version, and I may have just found it thanks to MMOBomb! ^3^


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