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About the game:
Title: IMVU
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: Social
Developer: IMVU
Publisher: IMVU

IMVU is a free virtual world game, a social destination where members interact through the use of 3D avatars, somewhat similar to Second Life. Meet new and interesting people from all over the world, as IMVU features a huge playerbase that is constantly growing. Chat with your friends and play some games. Express your creativity in many ways and design rooms, clothes and many other accessories, or browse the virtual goods catalog that includes more than four million items, most of them created by members. IMVU is available both for PC and Mac platforms in several languages.

Free players have some restrictions, they won’t be able to create content but they are free to explore the chat rooms, make friends, watch videos and listen to music.

Explosive Features:

  • Content Creation
  • Huge Playerbase
  • Varied Chat Rooms

Featured Video

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  1. IMVU was publish as instant message virtal universe 3d hangout
    people tend to be missled by what 3D means and that alone felt like imvu fault for not
    explaining what it actually means.
    That alone could have been what backlashed some users to leave and allso because of the support not really helping.
    Fast-forward to 2019 IMVU still up and doing kind of ok on the support side but the popularity are not nearly as its peak when they first lunched,
    I feel like this online social hangout is a small bag of mixed people who role play
    and people who are abit to underaged,creepers and people who are constantly bored and questioning why they are still in this online social hangout but that much define IMVU now days and the past 4 or more years.
    IMVU feels like an unfinished sandbox game with a shallow empty world filled with drama and silence with 1 small game that the “avatar” could interact with as a mini-game
    if you wanna call IMVU a “game” and i know the most of the majority want to.
    I feel IMVU need more light to its online world filled with more games,progression
    or some sort of reward.
    Games are suppose to be rewarding not filled with nothingness even if its genre is sandbox

  2. IMVU staff is the worse. They will not solve any of your issues, cyber bullying. You chat with them and they give you template message stating that your issue will be resolved by another department. This is just another way of them blowing you off and ignoring your complaint. There are no safe guards what so ever for being stalked or harassed. IMVU policy states that they don’t accept harassment or abusive users yet they allow it to happen, even with the evidence in their faces. This is a site I would not recommend to teens or kids. Parents protect your children from this site because IMVU staff are useless and won’t help you.

  3. IMVU is not the same like it use to be. A lot of stuff is out of date and they need to bring the voice back. I wish that they would make it so you could walk and not dot hop. I know a lot of the game now let you walk. I would also like to say they need to come out with an Adult IMVU so that there is not so many kids. away it is just not the same.

  4. The video and photo’s above are dated as hell. it is not 2004 anymore lol. i’ve been a member since 2007 and i must say a whole lot has changed. for those that have been using IMVU since 2007 and under, you’re out of luck if you want a decent chat game where you can have fun. IMVU used to be all about fun, no one cared about how their avatars looked or what they had as far as status and currency. its NOTHING like that anymore. IMVU now seems to be about who looks the best and who has the most going for them. i feel bad for all noobies that join because they have no idea what they’re in for. If you’re a guest and join a room full of non guest’s Ap’s or VIP’s its an instant boot. people hardly give you the time of day to chat with them unless you have a bunch going for yourself on the game, and even if you do have a good standing account (myself) you will have the hardest time making friends even still because when i join pub rooms, everyone and i mean EVERYONE just sits there not saying ANYTHING. it gets on my nerves so much because IMVU never used to be like that when it came to pub rooms….i cannot stress that enough. i met some of my most long term friends on IMVU and still know them to this day. IMVU is a decent game but the way it is now will never compare to how it was then. if you’re looking to make new friends and a possible love interest, you’re better off finding that somewhere else. alot of people on IMVU can care less about your feelings.

  5. IMVU has a poor office staff. They LET teens under the age of 18 KEEP AP IF they get their hands on it and do nothing to fix the issue. The office staff is setting up the owners of IMVU for lawsuits. I quit IMVU because of the HUGE numbers of teens under 18 with AP. IMVU should address this issue by getting rid of AP all together seriously AP is a joke that anyone that watches a pg 13movie can see. AP is the Biggest JOKE on IMVU.

  6. IMVU is terrific! I’ve been on it for five years, after 7 years on Second Life. SL is awesome, but the advantage of IMVU is that it is less expensive and you easily have multiple rooms at no cost to y ou except the cheap cost of buying the room. It’s also far easier on your computer. I have a great social life there, and there are loads of thing to get into. You can roleplay, get into djing with lights, music, and sound effects. Downside: Sex is more limited, you can’t walk or fly at will, and customer service does suck, even if you’re a VIP. It’s the best value I’ve found for my money, and you can play for free, but you’ll look funny to more established players. I highly recommend it, and would give it a 9 out of 10.

  7. How tf is this an MMO this is a 3d chat game not an MMO also this game slows down your PC alot not sure if it gives virus’s though.

    • longest run-on sentence ever. wtf? anyway, after learning grammar you may evolve to downloading and installing this gem that ruins lives and families and leaves solo nerds thinking they are king Doms of the world. lol. don’t laugh, this is serious business, folks. the only virus you’ll get is the one inside your brain when you go on collecting women and sex exploits, taking screenshots and blowing your load after a fifth of jack. run now!

    HOW DA FCK IS THIS A MMO LET ALONE A FCKIN FANTASY GAME? Yo MMObomb Your Slacking bro Take this off the list asap

  9. Why is this even on MMOBomb?

    It’s not even a MMO, not even a game, it’s just a stupid 3D chat, and not to mention you can’t do shit without spending a fortune on this. =w=;

  10. They really need to change the video, IMVU is much better than it is shown in the video. The graphics are better and so are the clothing/avatar options.

  11. I <3 IMVU!!! But first off ppl, it's a chat client, not game! I don't know of any games on there and Ive been a user since 2010. U can take surveys to earn credits, but that's not a game. I like to rp. The creating/Deving would be awesome to do but u need a special program to create. U can use paint but it's harder that way. Plus it's expensive so I don't bother w that part of imvu. But when u buy a room, u can use editing tools and that's fun to make rooms! Iv never gotten bored w imvu! But true id never ever recommed imvu to kids bc if u buy AP, they are way too many sexual poses and there's sick pervs out there. But iv made good friends on it and talk on the phone & txt them. But I get to know them first on imvu!

  12. Okay, so I’ve been on imvu for about 7 years now. I have quite a few accounts, but regaurdless.. Imvu graphics are better improved by creators themselves. To which I am. and secondly I’d like to formerly add that yes. It is NOT a game, its a 3D chat site. There for some of us take it a little more serious than “just a game” If you wanna argue the point please feel to add me on imvu cx Thanks. Cant find me? Copy and paste my name… its not changing anytime soon ^_^ Bye.. ~ merry Christmas..

  13. IMVU has become a bloated, laggy and worthless program. It was a great start and I chose it over Second Life because it had great graphics and a more social feel. Now they’ve started letting members police each other (Hello history lessons!) and random flagging or flagging out of spite leads to members with hundreds or even thousands of dollars invested can lose their accounts in a instant. Customer service at imvu is a joke. Issues takes weeks to resolve and they are rarely dealt with by a knowledgeable person. Member created items once drove imvu’s sales… now it is cut and paste junk made by slapping new skins and textures on tired old meshes. Oh… and even WITH AP (once it stood for Adult Pass) your poses cant touch hips! lol… what sort of prudes make the decisions there??

    The average week night on imvu used to see 100,000 usered online. Lately they top out at 50,000. This is a dying site. Dont waste your time.

  14. I have been on IMVU for nearly 6 years (in my upper 30’s now). First the graphics used on this page here are at least that old. Avatars rarely still look like that beyond the first couple of minutes on there. Second, IMVU is different in a lot of ways from SL, which on every computer I have tried would just lag unbelievably. Third, IMVU is NOT an MMORPG, it is a social chat 3-D world. Fourth, IMVU does have some safeguards in place such as AP and Age Verification. The problem is not with IMVU regarding age, however it is up to the parents to actually still watch their children, and know what they are up to. AP is for ages 18 and up. Sadly, many under 18 lie and will use their parents or older siblings information to get around the rules. We, the responsible adults on here, do our best, but speaking for myself I do not deal with anyone that does not have AP, and if a person lies, it’s on them, not me. I will instantly boot someone if they even jokingly claim they are under 18. What they chat about and say, is up to them. IMVU does not police individual rooms, but instead rely on users to police their rooms and report situations. So more than likely disabling is due to a persons own behavior and/or being reported numerous times.

    IMVU is not perfect, though no online social site is. I can say that everyone I know has no desire to be around those that are underage, and do not wish to creep on them (can we say eww gross) however, just like anything else out there, people will find a way around anything. Instead of blaming any game or social world, be aware, and if you are a parent, be in your kids business. (This is coming from a parent)

  15. no imvu is good all those where noobs and the graphics are nice add me radXxemoskittlezXx and add my friend st0n3edcold

  16. I made an account about a few months back, I’m currently a “Guest” player.

    IMVU is a relatively fun dress up game, and a nice website to meet people from all over the globe.

    Most of other players are sometimes heavenly judgmental about how much in game currency you have and are, per se trollers and undercover bullies.

    If you don’t do well with rude players I suggest finding another social game.

    Overall I give IMVU 4 out of 5 Lumps.

  17. The pictures and video above are so outdated! Only new people look like that till they upgrade themselves with new “skins”, clothes and such. IMVU is easy to use. I have never had a computer problem caused by it, but at times their upgrades (which are almost daily) don’t work well and you have to downgrade. Easy enough to do though. Parents need to watch what their underage children are doing online, it is their responsibility not mine.When my kids were young the computer sat in the living room where I could spy anytime I wanted to. IMVU is what you make it. You want sex you got it. You want a nice ballroom to dance in, you got it. Mansions, amusement park rides, caves, Elves, anything goes. Meet the right people and you can have a blast. Is there drama and creeps?….gawds yes, those people are in abundance in the world and of course are online too. Am a 61 yr old female that gets silly with friends, creates and just has fun.

  18. IMVU has changed it’s look by so much, the avatars are 100% different now, they look more realistic and there is a never ending supply of clothing. There are rooms being created everyday. I know this, I am a VIP, I have the wedding package on it(me and my fiancee met on IMVU), I am the Official EdwardCullen on the site and I have lots of friends, many I speak to in rl. People complain about bad language and such, well that will happen on any online social game, it depends on the rooms you enter cause some rooms are +18. People boot noobs from rooms as they are made for friends only. You need to read descriptions on rooms, so it is your own fault if you don’t take the warnings. IMVU credits, you can either buy them yourself ($5 for 5000 credits) or you can wait for sales which you could get 5000 credits for $3 which if you buy 50,000 credits at a sale then you can get that amount for $22 which is a really good deal considering items in the shop cost around 600 credits for a realistic looking jacket.
    I love imvu (I’m on it right now) and I will never trade it for anything

    • I totally agree on this post. Recent user here, reading the rules and room infos make things better. I’ts an adult site though, parents must control their children.
      I just love imvu, i’ve met some really cool people there we became friends in rl too…

  19. I tried Second Life some time ago, it was very confusing and I quit. IMVU is far superior because it is easy to comprehend, the UI and menus were easy to navigate, I will say the graphics and engine is dated it’s in what looks like 1st gen 3D and you can’t move your character around freely you have to click where you want your avatar to go and it appears there. There are literally a TON of people playing IMVU at all times, finding people to talk to is effortless.

    In Second Life the menus and UI are a mess, IMVU has simplified it and it’s simply easier to play IMVU. Also the download is significantly smaller than SL’s.

    • I tried SL also and lied about my age(I’m 9).It was okay at first then made my computer slow.I saw something about breasts.I decided to immediately uninstall it.No doubt IMVU is way better than that junk.

  20. Cool game. Only thing I will complain about are the offers to getting IMVU credits. You either have to take some survey or buy them. They should make a game within IMVU where you can win credits.

  21. I downloaded this; it turned out to be HORRIBLE. Sexual content. Swearing. Definitely a grown-up dating game. Super dirty.

    • I’ve been playing IMVU for a year now. Of course at first it seems boring and it may or may not download correct. It did for me anyways. There’s always a risk factor when you play online games. I made friends the first few days on it and everyone starts off as a “noob” so did I. But after a few months, i turned out to be with a “clique” you could call it. And many many friends, if your a cool person, then i believe people will want to get to know you. Yes at times you will enter a room and the owner will boot you out, they are “shallow” or whatever and i have done it many times before as well. It’s just how the game is. I have used up more then 100$ on this game and i do not regret it at all. I enjoy making the outfits and buying things. It used to be much more easier to gain credits on this game and now it’s only available when doing offers, which I HATE but the relationships you make on IMVU last forever. And with the pervert topic, there are lots of those “perverts” in the game, you just have to be careful not to meet them and if you do then to push them off you. I just laugh at them. It is an online game and if something happens to you don’t blame it on the game itself but the people that use it for stupid reasons. All in all, i give it 9/10 stars. 🙂

  22. Personally, I’ve enjoyed IMVU to the fullest.
    But I have to agree with a lot of the downfalls other people have mentioned. The Age Restrictions are 13+ but it possible for anyone of any age to join.
    For Example, I’ve been playing IMVU on and off since late 2009, and I just turned 14 this year.
    However, it’s also a great way to meet new people. I admit, at first it seemed overly sexually.
    Like sex was the only topic allowed, and it annoyed me to a point where I would stop playing from groups of times. After awhile I would get back on, and in that time I realized something, with my observation skills.
    It’s simply really. If someone 17 creates a chatroom, and they visit it and are open about their age, 17 year olds and ages around 17 will be more likely to join that chatroom.
    Same as friends. If you’re open about what you find interesting, and and what you find annoying and at some points down right repulsive, you’re more likely to find people that agree with you.
    IMVU is a virtual world, and like our reality, we have stupid people. It’s idiotic to expect to not have them. You can’t change them, but if you take the time to enjoy the game instead of judging the people you’d have an amazing time. I’m not going to bash relationships that have stared from IMVU.
    I don’t agree with people that claim to be in love after knowing someone for a week or two.
    But there are plenty of relationships that have conducted genuine and long lasting relationships through IMVU.
    Friendships included.
    So in my opinion, your IMVU experience will be whatever you choose for it to be.
    If you expect it to be horrible, then I assume it will.
    However if you go with your eyes AND mind open, you’ll find a wonderful opportunity to experience a lot of different things.
    ::KlaJaye:: (IMVU Member)

  23. Looking at this – as in overall, the graphics, the video, the comments – I find that it looks like a slut blackhole chatroom sucking in twenty year olds or twelve year olds. Now, I know this isn’t a very “nice” thing to say, so, of course, I refer to the comments. And another problem hits me. Everybody who is hating on it to the deepest depths of hell seem like they know how to use grammar and sense, and everyone who’s rating it eleven out of ten stars seem “liek thay dosnt no how 2 speek”. Could someone, a neutral someone please, above the first grade, tell me what they think? I’m truly bored out of my mind, I don’t care what type of MMO this is, just give me your opinion; I’ll find a way to troll to the top or something nevertheless.

  24. I had played this game a while back, and it wasn’t the best. Actually, it was one of the reasons I could never get on the computer cause it screwed up my computer, and almost my mother’s.

    I had actually played it cause people on DeviantART made it look fun, so did my cousin, with making all of these avatars and such, but when I started to play it, it bored me to death, so I dropped it.

    So, a big thumbs down to this game. >.>;;;

  25. I have been playing IMVU off and on since 2009. I can give you all my personal opinion of it. It was kind of a cool site to join at first. They provide you with basic room and a handful selection of avatars to choose from to start of with that you will want to improve or upgrade immediately once you see how other users have tailored their avi’s style and appearance to their liking and because if you don’t upgrade your avi looks you will run into a chat room with other IMVU members who may boot you from their room based on how your avi look, if you look new (noobish) and if you have the Guest_ attached to your name so you’re forced to buy credits. If you’re real to life rp like I am, you will come across many restrictions on IMVU unlike Secondlife.

  26. -_- Noobs!! I have been using IMVU for 4 years and its one of the best Virtual worlds out there. Oh and the file you download is 75kb when you install the game its more than 40 MB, Its grapich are much better than the pictures, you will just have to buy better skins and face etc. You can buy almost everything and you can do anything on IMVU and I mean anything lol. and imvu doesn’t need a high speed internet like second life. Spitfire out

  27. lol this game rools! ive played it since i was 12 an d im 17 now you just have to get to know the game before judging it and it s more like a mode” game

  28. You could certainly see your expertise within the work you write. The arena hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  29. I have had my acount for awhile now. I just started going back on imvu. I have been reading comments about the teens and underage on imvu. When going into rooms the owner of the room makes up the age that is alowed in. If your to young you can’t get in. You can’t view things if your not of age. Now if ya lie and put in false info. there is nothing other people can do about that. Parents should know what there kids are doing. I injoy the game and it is for interainment people it’s not real life. It can’t be kinda hard learning all the new things and meeting people. After awhile people see you coming back and coming on and they open up to ya.

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  31. okay so i am a (RP)/role playing person and i found this game very fun and also enjoyed makeing items the user made items means every one makes good items at cheap prices so people will buy from them mybe i am weird but i found it very eazy to find a room that had some fun people to talk to but it rilly is a glorfied chat room if you cant role play or are shy around other people then this is jest not the game for you i have been playing seens 2005 i have eazly put 100$ in the game yes i know… but i have to say this is a fun game to play if you like role playing or jest messing around and chating but its not an mmo its a chat game so if you want to be a super strong know it all and own a million credits this is not the game for you but if you want to hang out and chat mymbe even role play i rilly think you should try it out any one need help with credits pm me ill see what i can do.^.- <3

  32. I was on and off this game. Yes this game does have issues, but the friends you make on this game makes it worthwhile sometimes. If you want to play you will have to deal with perverts who want to cyber/webcam with you, it gets really annoying and yes people will most likey either kick you or ignore you for being new. This game forces you to either buy creds (I used resellers which is way cheaper and better) or do offers that do even work sometimes after you have done them or just gives you a virus from the downloads (sometimes they actually do work). I have played this game since 05 and I got disabled once for no reason and they except me to pay them 75$ to get my acc back after spending more then that for it (crazy right?). I would avoid spending much or at all on this game, cause you might one day end up wither hacked or banned/disabled for no reason really like for example, a friend of mine who is 12 was able to play for 6 months and even spent money on the game, but she was disabled because she is 12 and now she had to make a new acc and lie about her age to get on. Yes, it is very easy for young teens to play and yes there are images that inappropriate like, when I bought a room there was an image of a man and a women actually having sex on the wall and the room was for gerenal :/. If you want to play, I would advise you to try and play for free.

  33. I agree this game sucks! If you can’t even get on what is the point of making youtube videos! i try to get on but it won’t let me! It also shows inapropriate things and it does it too. Young viewers, thinking their old enough, will want to get on the site more. Allowing them to view negative stuff. But there are some teens who could get easily influenced over this. And it’s not fair to the people who can’t play! I am a Crtic viwer and mostly everything i say is TRUE. But there are some good things about this game. Like if you don’t have a real date in real life… get one one here! That is if you can get on! I fairly like the game but i hate it mostly. I’ve heard people saying you have to pay for this. This is free. But you don’t know when a letter in the mail could come saying you owe $15. I am Crtic Viwer… PEACE! 🙂

    • if you were a critic viewer then you would actually spell the word viewer right . And its completely free . You choose to pay for credits . Actually play before you say something …

      • lol. Critic Viwer, you’re a joke. can’t spell and you don’t know a damn thing about the site. no one is gonna send you a letter in the mail saying you owe $15. it’s all done on credit. anyway, most people are on there to connect and, yes, have sex, whether as a vampire, furry or regular avi. get over it people. i just joined Tumblr and sex is all over the place there. didn’t ask for it either. humans always gravitate towards sex. it’s our lowest common denominator.

  34. From what i’ve heard this game is not good. To make it worse i can’t even get on! Thisgame rips you off! Unless you have a really good computer you might be able to get on…. so anyway i’ll have to look for other games to play on. I haven’t played virtual games in a long time! WHY!!! WHY THE HECK DID THIS HAPPEN TO MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Imvu is not a game it is a 3d chat filled with much older people pretending to be younger AKA “pedophiles” the software also corrupted the operating system twice the second time with in two months of wiping the computer. (i would like to say i am a qualified IT technician and know what i am doing)

      • Thats kinda harsh to say every single individual on there is a pedophile. i used IMVU back in the day to stay in contact with my wife when i was contracting and training, who is actually older than me, she uses this 3D chat program as a item dev, and enjoys just making items for people, a lot of rooms also have a strict policy on age verification and do not tolerate childishness, but there are sadly more rooms on there that are indeed full of perverts but not every single person is a chester.

  35. Imvu is not good, you can often get easily banned, what they called disabled, many have complained of being on there some years, having spent thousands of dollars and suddenly one day they can not access their account.
    Another worrying thing is the amount of accounts that get hacked, so a lot of them claim on the forums. If you complain to much you get banned and later disabled.
    Finally you have no realy safety on there, so despite the minimum age being of 13, anyone young can get access to the site. There is often naked graphic porn images too, which makes it very unsettling given the fact there are young teens on the site. IMVU removes the naked images of men, but often avoids and leaves those of the women, for whatever reason, who knows.
    If I had to rate the site over all, give it 1 out of 10, better ringing them for someone decent to answer you, but then having said that, just given the run around as you are told to take out a ticket on the site, thus one can wait days or weeks, if they respond to you at all.
    As for the offers to get credits, most are a con, surveys all about getting your details off you, to bug you constantly, a serious privacy risk, especially for kids, which it appeals a lot to. And not only that, when you gone through them, often then say sorry at this time not qualified etc. We then have those free things one downloads, and these are often full of spyware or virus.
    For a company making so called millions of dollars now, to not be accountable to even paying customers is truly shocking to say the least.

    • I agree.
      When you first set foot onto IMVU’s website, you can tell right away they’re money-hungry. Second Life offers just about everything IMVU does for free, and more(movement, for one). Not only is IMVU extremely pay-to-do anything, but even if you did pour money into it, it’s extremely limiting.
      Most of the people I have seen/met in it type like kids who are desperate for a boyfriend/girlfriend. They sound like myself when I was 10 years old and first discovered the internet.

      Thinking about starting a business making clothes? Don’t even bother, you have to pay to even create something, and IMVU gets all of your profit. You’re much better off having that business in Second Life, where people give you things free, you keep/convert to USD what profits you make, and uploading stuff costs almost nothing in comparison.

      I once tried to ask a question regarding selling something in IMVU on their forums(asked whether it’s worth what you pay for a subscription), and they deleted my post without any warning or notifying me what I did wrong. I didn’t post anything against their forum rules.
      Later, I asked my friend who used to create for IMVU, and she told me all about how they pretty much steal your profits for themselves, all while making you pay the subscription and upload costs.

      Oh, and did I mention that the first account I made, which I paid for, was deleted without a reason?

    • You can’t get “hacked” on imvu unless you have a totally useless password OR you are stupid enough to click on a link that someone post that asks for your ID and password. Imvu is like real life in that it’s whatever YOU make it. Be selective about your friends, like you do in real life. Stay out of the sex rooms if you’re not in to that. Only go to the rooms that truly match your interests and you’ll have a good time. It doesn’t harm your computer, it doesn’t give you a virus. It can be a fun environment but it’s up to YOU to do it. Just like real life. It’s what you make of it. I’ve been on imvu for 5 years and I love it. I go to clubs, dance, hang out with friends and shop. I’ve never had a problem. I’m 23 now and have a lot of RL friends that all started on imvu.

  36. omg, the file size is 75 kb -.- they have to put more atention and put the game size, and no the download file… well after the coments of the other people, i dont gonna download this

  37. Well,the graphics look different which means hopefully the game has had an over-haul,if it has not changed,IMVU may very well be on of the worst serious mmo’s I have EVER played,instead of walking you have ”points” that you go to,the community is horrible,players often kick you out of their own areas (which often have snobby rules like ”no strait players,no goths,no preppies,no jocks,etc.) and sometimes might be kicked out just for being new,finding a player not wanting to virtual date or cyber bully is a difficult action in itself.All rooms and items are user-generated which though it sounds good can be a pain as you have no idea what you are getting and can’t delete it,overall imvu is a glorified chat room and a bad one at that!


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