About the game:
Title: Infinite Crisis
Status: CLOSED Graphics: 3D
Genre: Moba
Developer: Turbine
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Explosive Features:

  • Deep Roster
  • Interactive Environment.
  • Map-Altering Events.

Infinite Crisis is a free-to-play MOBA featuring characters and locations from the 52 worlds of the DC Mulitverse. Players will choose Champions from a roster including both Heroes and Villains, with variants like Gaslight Catwoman or Nightmare Batman, in addition to a multitude of DC classics.

During matches players will be able to interact with the map itself, changing combat by throwing cars at other champions, raining meteors down onto areas, or by creating channels through locations to assist your teammates and hinder your opponents. Additionally players will have to contend with cataclysmic events changing the map, creating new opportunities and obstacles for friend and foe alike.

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System Requirements

Infinite Crisis Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: Celeron E1500 Dual-Core 2.2GHz / Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4800+
Memory Ram: 2 GB
Hard Disk Space: 5 GB of free disk space
Video Card: GeForce GT 330 / Radeon HD 6530D

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  1. I have to say when I read some of these reviews I was a little hesitant to play IC, but the idea of an alternative to LoL without the trolls and entitlement issues (or at least far less of those things) sounded appealing. Apparently there has been a LOT of improvement on this game in the past few months. The graphics are great, and yes there are still some funky things that happen like flashing or artifacts on the screen, but those are rare. The game is based entirely in Gotham, and there are three Gotham maps from what I can see with three different game modes: single lane (1 vs 1), standard (5 vs 5, three lanes & jungle) and capture points. Character selection is limited unless you buy/unlock characters, but that’s nothing new for a MOBA. the item shop can be accessed from any turret, which is nice, and it will also offer you suggested purchases. I encourage anyone new to MOBA’s or who’s used to LoL to give ti a try.

  2. Promising game.

    But there’s still shit load of work have to be done , everything’s so sloppy there
    The movement , targeting , CSing , abilities , low spec PC modifiers and such.

    And yes there’s a lot similarities with LoL and yet a lot differences.
    There’s no solid meta in this game like in LoL , the so called “support role” can be pretty much every champ as the gold flow is halved with the lane partner regardless who last hit the creeps which opens a lot of varieties to the gameplay.

  3. As a moba player, this game doesnt called me the attention, after playing it i think it misses the good competition to keep going. Something is not well in this game, i dont know why but i couldnt keep on it, and the concept of moba in a marvel heores may not be the best. For a fan of marvel heroes i’d prefer going on Marvel Heroes game that is a diablo style and that concept of the heroes is very well implemented for what i’ve seen. But as im not a fan of diablo style and a marvel heroes i havent tried it.

  4. If you’re going to make a MOBA, it would be a good idea to at least offer something new and unique. This game was pretty horrible. The graphics are odd, half of the time you don’t even know what’s going and you can lose your champion within a fight very easily. To top it off, the game adds more complications, like now having to level up your passives along with your active abilities. Just another crap game working its way into the MOBA genre, can’t wait for heroes of the storm.

    Oh yeah and forgot to mention that this game is now in open beta. This website has become really unreliable all of a sudden.

    • Looks like the game had some major changes because it’s much different than what I remember. However it still continues to have the same flaws. There are so many stolen powers to choose from, which are similar to summoner abilities and I’m not sure how they can possibly balance so many variations. Leveling passive abilities continues to exist, yet another annoying task players must deal with.

      Items exist, which is probably the worst thing in MOBAs. They’re impossible to balance and requires an enormous amount of memorization which is bad for new players. Last hitting exists but it’s not so bad, because if you miss your last hit you can still pick up the gold. Still, I don’t believe last hitting should exists, it’s just another annoying tedious task we must do. It also contributes to longer games. I can finally see what’s going on in the game, but the game just looks too realistic that it feels awkward to play.

      • So you want to reduce the tasks given in a moba even more down to the point, where you only rightclick your enemy of choice and he dies?
        Leveling up passives and having these said items in a moba gives depth to the gameplay. It’s good for a moba. Mobas are not meant to be easy games just because of its simplicity.
        Easy to get in and hard to master.

  5. Is it just me or is one of their maps an EXACT replica of the crystal scar (dominion) from league of legends? like EVERYTHING is still there….

      • Just because the game is the same genre of another, doesn’t mean it’s exactly like it. Smite Online, League of Legends, and Prime World are MOBAs but they’re very unique in their own way. However, there is a whole lot of similarity in gameplay between League of Legends and Infinite Crisis. Yet the way they initiated it, was horrible.

        • Yet I prefer playing Infinite Crisis over League of Legends. Mostly because the theme isn’t as cartoony as LoL and I’m a huge DC fan.

    • This map isn’t the real map… its just like dominion in LoL. The realy competitive map (with 3 lanes, jungle, etc.) Is much different than LoL and has way more strategy behind it. Especially the jungle is genuinely made. Go check it out and you will see!

  6. Spunkify, the middle point you can control is the meteor “controler”, the team that claims it will have a meteor drop on the enemy team grounds, for each minor meteor the enemy loses +/- 10 to 20 core power.. and the massive meteor removes 100 core power.. And unfortunly for now i agree with you when you say ppl wont change LoL for this… Anyway.. you have to see if you can get your hands on Dawngate, i actualy think it is the best moba from all those cmin out.. and i’v played them all.


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