League of Angels 2






About the game:
Title: League of Angels 2
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: GTArcade
Publisher: GTArcade

Embark on an epic quest to save the planet of Sapphire in League of Angels 2 (LoA2), the free-to-play browser-based MMORPG sequel to one of the most popular games of the past several years. Recruit your team of angels to fight against demonic beasts and their vile masters in a gorgeously rendered fantasy world.

League of Angels II’s simple gameplay and interface puts you in the action quickly, but there’s a surprising amount of strategy involved. Your party’s makeup and equipment is crucial to your success, and you need to choose the right time to activate your angels’ special abilities to maximize your damage against difficult foes.

Boasting a rich and detailed storyline, League of Angels II immerses you in its beautiful game world, and features three factions and eight races for you to choose from. With a large map to explore, a diverse roster of characters, and several different types of battles, League of Angels II has plenty of content to keep you interested for a long time.

Explosive Features:

  • Beautiful World
  • Gorgeous Angels
  • Rich Storyline

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
This game is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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  1. The game is good even the free to play be to relative because if you don’t put a lot of money you be stuck on low level’s with means die die die. and now look live the YOUZU Games Hong Kong Limited. is take over Gt arcade or gt arcade was only a name assumed by youzu games, any way the game start have a awful support, account who have play the game for years can not login just because the company start use a system of validation code with never works,servers like my S334 is close to empty. and the youzu never fix the basic on his games,just look for more and more game.the things is became so worse some times i ask to my self if youzu games is not a assumed name from Elex 337 another awful firm from Hong Cong (CHINA). beware if money have some value for you think before play any game from youzu ( gt arcade)

  2. i played this game a lot .i was in level 70 but now i am finding no way to log in .i have lost my server.can anyone tell me what should i do to get back my game and how can i get back my previous server?

  3. It was good at first…before they began releasing all the pay to win content and not being able to keep up with all the people who pay to win.

  4. dont even touch this game if u dont wanna pay
    u have 0 chance of winning or enjoying if u dont pay
    wanna take a piss?u gotta pay
    wanna pick ur nose?u gotta pay

  5. Good game. Don’t mind to pay from time to time. However, this game must have an android version if the developer will want tbe game to survive. No more users sitting in front of a pc for only gaming. Where mobile smart phones allow a gamer to carry a game everywhere.
    An Android app for LOA2 is a must.

  6. Hi. I have been playing this game for a year. When it started this game was light and airy and kind of fun. There are ways to make a decent amount of BR if you understand what your doing. I hear players say yes, this is a market, not a game. But the other half is created by statistics and originally there was a way to bust that up easily so you can climb in BR which is short for Battle Rating which is overall power. Its hard to explain, but essentially a player gets a squad and gets a bunch of resources and assets, and plays for “Power” in events against other players for excess power like a group of events from stylized horse racing. Its actually kind of appealing, but the game makers of LOA II have done a group of things to make the game less appealing overtime to try to make it so in essence a player has to recharge. So it becomes about WHAT is in there pocket meaning money meaning dollars, and not about what is in your pocket. In fact I got to Level 98 with a 72 million BR. I am top 10 for one of those events called world boss. All players on your server attack charachters originally 30 minutes, now for 10 to raise damage points and the bosses have enormous health. The slayers get 200,000 gold in mail extra as a bonus. We get damage gold for each attack and amount of bullion gold for damage rewards. Anyway, the game works out, but they do something thats entertaining at first. They add new events and such to change and add the style of game play. A year ago there wasn’t Battle Pets and now there is. Battle Pets originally I guess had a negative side effect for them as a system was cracked allowing us to channel high end supplies of this type of coin because there are different kinds of shops with each one a different type of currency. Anyway, we could use Battle Pets quite effectively to raise our stats. Its difficult to explain in this text, but they the game makers figured out the problem of us winning and came up with a new event that becomes pleasing in a sort of way but throws a wrench into Battle Pets. They had added Armaments to Mounts but had added a seperate way of raising them up with an event using GOLD, the statistics could be easily played and sense gold is too free generating this didn’t work as well as Gold is obtained in so many places if a player does it right the fork in the wrench is easily managed. Because it didn’t work there and players loved it they decided to do it twice. Yeah, now our battle pets can have Armaments but…you can only get recourse AND supply threw buying 5 daily chests from the battle Royal Shop with this currency. They put a stipulation on it that wouldn’t making it horrible buying it for one day 5,000 of this shop value. But, between managing the other resources battle pet shard purchases just even it makes it so you have to choose. it creates a co-efficient drag to slow you down. But for those who throw more diamonds into the game for bonuses they may escape this issue clause easier. Now, this game also does things to slow the players down especially who are NOT recharge players which are those who DON’T spend REAL money. Somehow the servers slow down every 2 to 3 weeks the connections. When they start back up the servers they send a sorry we were down gift and guess who gets highest rewards?
    Rechargers – players who spend money recently. VIP 0 (NOT recharging) to VIP 10 those who SPEND excessively large amounts of cash. They reset its speed taking it offline at a crucial time to advance your account and this is how they handle it. So, the losers are those who don’t spend in the game. During the high point of X-server wars…guess what your NOT going to make the extra energy required to raise your account up from bonuses to complete this afternoon event. Sure you can log back on, but it creates a issue where you got to be there. Also, this is another thing they created a connection decay rate causing your connection to freeze to LOA II (League of Angels II) servers. This makes it so its more handy to be there to manually refresh your game. And they made it so the events are now so spread out for 1 or 2 HOUR players too play we cannot play. or even a 8 Hour player. They changed the opening time of the server to 1 AM instead of 1 PM. This makes it so you have to be at your computer frequently. 1 AM – you can start a server. And sense everyone has to be on to get a decent rank within 2 hours 1 – 3 AM is now the time to start the game. Because players add friends to a freind list so we can give stamina boosts (Not a bad concept really). But with the event times in the MIDDLE of the day spaced 1 PM/9PM World boss, 1 – 8 PM X-server wars, 8PM Guild Boss or Gauntlet, 8:30 PM Conquest. Yeah players will argue it doesn’t take hours upon for X-server wars, or necessarily a full 30 minutes to complete conquest, but many who have lives in between are those who got to sleep in the NIGHT! They know it, and so do I. Very smart and dirty. They get on and ahead and can work for a hour or 2 before 5 AM energy day event change over and can essentially be defaulted ahead although some players might be able to reshuffle there schedule. Now, these are written effects of it, but I would have to OF course perform 50 walk threws to explain how this messes with the statistics of League of Angels II, but what it essentially does as switch the game to the focus of primary addicts by moving the opening of the server to 1 AM. and away from those who have other priorities. They may even have had this switch planned. In the beginning they don’t have a listed set of gamer addicts so it was made to tailor to the masses. But, they had ideas to tailor it as a slow transition style of change. I always now rank at the bottom, but might finish this game and then call it quits. But, my guess is there only going to make it near impossible unless your already a gaming addict or to it to play. The reshuffling of additional features are now tailored so NON-rechargers will essentially can get decently far without recharging, will not advance unless they can spend a number of hours on the game which is more spaced as a year ago the events were 9 PM world boss & 7 PM Guild Boss, and server opens at 1 PM with X-servers 1 – 8 PM. I can start and finish in an afternoon. Get the comparison?

    • Just “few” more words. Game concentrates selling players stuff that actually is not worth as much as it looks like. I played approximatly a year before using any real money, my team had some 200-300 million BR at that time (now it is in some 450 M BR). My Moira was coming to its end in augmenting and I wanted to get her theeee S-augmentatation. Unfortunately that was not as effective as was tought.
      I’m just saying that if you go along to that buy this and that to be stronger, you must p a y a l o t.
      And further that there is lot of features in game characters that you can’t know beforehand, so some players are having very low BR-teams that can beat 200 M BR higher Judicator Moiras. Its like cheating buyers.

      On the other hand, buyers can get some other advantages. For example, my team has never ever been in showdown-battle in Domination, not even my team has been among 5 in Arena long time. Instead players that are weaker has been in those last battles, propably because they have used more money. The other possible reasons may be gender of character and being buddies with GMs and GTarcade workers. These game developers value male players more than females, it is very obvious. It can also be seen in all those half-naked female characters and properly dressed men characters. Boops and triangles and panties.
      Of course GTArcade is also using their own baits in servers, so it is possible that they arrange these things too.

      There is lot of unfairness an uncaring attitude in this game. An no, it not justified because “real life is also”. This is a game, not real life. Or, if somene really thinks this game is representing real life with its characters, consulting a doctor might be a good idea.

      Yes, you can use some time with this game, if you don’t have better things to do, but… it is just an chinese fundraising system using some psychology to make you feel… strong, sad, poor, bad or what ever you may feel. Be strong and do not go along with that “who pays more is winner” -competition.

      • I am glad that you are not addicted in this game after reaching level 98 and having 72 million points or 450 or 200
        I have 369 million points as Lucifer and working hard towards level 85,I am now a grand duke of Austria with level 83 and a legendary captain of my team already
        I am also glad that your high Moira loses to my team ,since I only spend 5 dollars per week and I live in Romania

  7. What can i say more about this game. nothing more. Lucas you are right and your review is 100% correct. I play this game about 3 months and is impossible to compete with big cashers, and match games are suck, Lvl 70 play with Lvl 85 with millions BR difference. So PvP in this game is suck
    In team arena we have mythic Moira with 200M BR vs 1M purple hero. GTArcade be shame on you with this matches. Dont waste your money in this game, and this advice is free. Take care

  8. I can’t find this game not to ios not to android. I’m playing LOA but also over there when i have change device I download it to the new one and i can play only for a day then it blocks.
    I was in 85 level and because i like it I start from the beggining. If there is any solution to take back my old account I will be thankful…..

  9. I played this game for 3 months+.It is A fun game but servers crash all the time.Bugs everywhere.Just spent 3 hours and got 15 minutes of play time.GT ARCADE is nothing but money hungry developer.I was even A cash player and they still would not help in the support option.I am now looking for A new game to play and will never play another GT ARCADE game again…….SUX

  10. I would advice everyone not to play this game or any game from this company. Their support is the most horrible 1 i ever see. Took 2-3 weeks to reply and didnt give any good solution at all. The game is full of bug. For example, there is an event call ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ but there is a bug in it. Took them a day to actually fixed it. And the next month they have this event again and weird enough with the same bug as the previous one.
    Also if you happen to lose stuff because of bug they usually just ignore it. Reporting it wont do much because MOD didnt really read them and barely reply to a thread. Some of the event only for 2-3 days,so they just wait it out. So many bug with barely any compensation.

  11. Here’s the deal… I play this game currently, I pay $10 a month for my monthly card, that’s it. I played WOW for years and also, paid for the game, expansions and the monthly fee. I earn WAY more diamonds, in game everyday then I ever have purchased. Its not the developers fault if you use your diamonds to buy dumb sh*t then complain about it. This game is FREE. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PAY FOR ANYTHING. But your greedy stupid a** will sit here and complain, that to have EXTRA in game currency you have to pay for it. Do you think the developers and the people that run the servers can eat and pay their bills with your “likes” and “comments”. Wake up children this is the real world. If you like a game, SUPPORT it. If not walk away but don’t come at me with this EVERYTHING SHOULD BE FREE NONSENSE. I don’t go to work for free why would we expect anyone to.

    • Kudos to your comment. People nowadays expect to get the whole package for absolutely NOTHING. Bunch of scrubs think they can drive a Ferrari for a dollar.

      Developers spend money on to keep their company alive. They need money to keep their servers alive. So their income is solely depending on people supporting their game with micro transactions. If you don’t want to pay for it, then don’t. But stop your fekking whining, instead go grab a stick outside and play war with your friends since that’s as free as it can get.

      • I’m sorry honey, but “micro”transactions aren’t enough in this game if you want to have strong character.
        This game rudely shows what is free players place….

      • I have paid to play this game for about 2 years now am nearly vip 13 so yes i have spent abit on it,the game is now coming off facebook as it runs on flash i have asked for some help to try and move my account onto their desktop as a paying player you are a customer and their customer service is fcking shocking i am about to lose everything that as took me 2 years and a bit of money to get and they don’t give a flying fck.So my advice to anyone wanting to try this game is do so but don’t spend a penny on it.

  12. well, I already play this game for months now, now I am at Lvl 85 with 7,9M br, This game is quite fun for me, but very expensive, Im not a Vip member but now im rank 50 on the server 20-Doris, yah they need to fix the bugs issue, i always lost my diamonds n thats sucks.

  13. agree, i thought at very first play this game looks nice, but longer play events comes one another and u will need a lot of money to participate = u are being robbed, yes r2 same these 2 gtaarcade and r2 both biggest sucker developer ever, i wonder if theres no law that controling about game like this, this game make peoples suffer and should be banned, prohibited , i dont get it why people who playing this even paying/giving their money to developer like this , no doubt they are most idiot people too, u work, u got money then u give it to the developer awesome, incredible idiot, monthly card demanding ur money monthly too, well this game loa anything are about money , money trap game

  14. Was nice at the beginning, but in the meantime it is full of bugs, and Support ignores all complaints. A lot of poeple lost a lot of money (as it is P2W and to play along the best you need to spend a lot), and nobody cares. Just have a look in their bug and support-forum before registering, and you will see. Move on to another game, as they dont care at all for the customers, even not for the paying ones.

  15. Don’t play this game! never pay if you do play they are not worth it. the game is buggy and if you lost items or currrency due to the bugs you are screwed. they will not refund or help you get back what you lost. worst gaming company ever. very expensive and offers no support. you can’t participate on the events because you will have to pay to do so and the events last 3-4 days only. every event cost at 100-300 dollars. the ones you compete with are seed players/s the company made to lure players into spending. best to avoid this company at all cost.

  16. This is without doubt the WORST game I have EVER had the misfortune to play !!! It is P2P and not worth a cent.. every day they have something go wrong and just do maintenance at anytime.. even in middle of events. The forum is just a place to go to be insulted & trolled… the support is non exsistant & you will be lucky to even get a mod’s attention. The biggest RIPOFF of 2016 !!! DO NOT TOUCH IT… it is a technical disaster. GTArcade. YOUZU.com. Impossible to contact.

  17. This is the worst click and bait game i have ever played and im a gamer sense Nintendo days.The game starts out lvl 1 to lvl 28 fast past they slows right down.The events they hold are very expensive and the game is so unbalanced when comes to match making yes you get diamonds in game and don’t get topaz so they force you to recharge to get topaz their is an auction house but its worthless nobody uses it…this is 2016 way better games to be spending money on then this game its like watching cartoon your PC does all the work anybody can play this game also easy battles are the most stupid thing ever .I give this game a 0.0 support companies like cd red project not these money hungry companies all you do is left click………………………………..

  18. Fun game up until around lvl 50-60. Then it became apparent i was playing the most Pay to Win game i have ever played in my entire life, and im 43. People buy their way to top of server with 100-400$ and you will lose to them forever after.

    Matchmaker is horrible, also worst i have ever seen. At lvl 58 with 2.5 mil Battle Ranking you find yourself in matches with people that are lvl 71 with 17million br, so only 6x more powerful than you lol. That is when it really only takes a few million advantage to make a fight completly trivial. Nearly every game you will find the 3 highest players all on the same team and the list goes on. All it really takes is that one 17mil br though and he will easily defeat your entire team. Most matches end with one team just sitting in spawn waiting for the “fun” to end.

    If you want to play it for pve, it is kind of mindless but fun. You need to pvp to keep up with others in power though. If you want pvp, pull out your wallet and be ready to spend 100’s of dollars. In the end i have to give this game 3 thumbs down, so i only wish i had one more thumb.

    • And what might be the reason why we top players band together?>
      I am ranked 8th now on the missouri server with 381 million br my char is Lucifer level 83 to 84 going now and…
      I disbanded my Atlantia alliance and went with Silver Moon she has 52 billion points in the divine angels league
      and I saw players with hundreds of billions of points

    • don’t bother with this game worst piece of crap game ever. no customer service or support. they use cheap servers. the developers themselve plays the game to lure people into spending. they make it look like they are spending $2,000 every event. one developer(owner) is on the very first server very obvious. this company needs to be investigated for fraud.

    • Try with downloading it, they say downloads are fantastic when you want to download somethiong, they fit very well your need to download.

      You can try to upload the game to download it, but you’ll notice that actually it doesn’t work very well like downloading the game to download it.

  19. pretty fun game but you can run out of stuff to do quickly.if you can’t afford to buy alot of diamonds then it’s a slow work on this game to get strong.on the events about over half of them only way to do them is to spend alot of money on diamonds and topez’s.another problem is when it says it takes 200 topez’s lets say it also takes 200 of your diamonds,and if you buy stuff that just takes diamonds they take your topez’s away as well.which you would think if it says only topez it would only take those not your diamonds as well.it’s a bullshit scam that needs to be fixed.

    • I recharge for 5 dollars every 2 days and then use the giftpacks to give me thousands of diamonds
      If I recharge 10 dollars I get thousands of topaz
      Thea is 40 dollars
      a strong Angel is 50 dollars
      the list goes on
      some people spend thousands of dollars
      I dont have them

  20. Hello everyone! I was playing this game for over 3 months and now my account is banned. I tried resolving issues with broken cash payments and rewards nicely with opening tickets and in game customer service. I did not get replies from customer service and sent multiple kind reminder messages. I ended up disputing the credit charges to get my money back and that triggered a game ban. Overall, I’m happy I have most of my money back and that the obsession with the game is over. I will never return. Other friends I have met have spent thousands of dollars and had similar issues. Buyer beware!

    To help new prospective players, please allow me to break this game down as a review based on the notes above…

    “Embark on an epic quest to save the planet of Sapphire in League of Angels 2 (LoA2), the free-to-play browser-based MMORPG sequel to one of the most popular games of the past several years.” — The epic quest piece really ends suddenly in 2-3 hours after the tutorial is over. There is something of a story at the beginning which isn’t amazing, but it’s something. This ends after the game has nothing new to show you. From here it becomes a daily repetitive grind and it gets old quickly.

    “Recruit your team of angels to fight against demonic beasts and their vile masters in a gorgeously rendered fantasy world.” — The fantasy world is made up of slightly animated stills which are reused over and over again. This becomes repetitive after the first 1-2 dungeon chapters with few surprises of new stills thereafter. You can easily see the pixel design on a 4K screen. It runs in the browser which is impressive, but you will sacrifice quality for ease of presentation.

    “League of Angels II’s simple gameplay and interface puts you in the action quickly, but there’s a surprising amount of strategy involved.” — I enjoyed this the most, as there is some strategy as you learn what each piece does on the board and how they confront each other based on the positioning. However, as other reviews note, once you power up a main damage dealer you can pretty much 1-shot the other team over and over and it quickly looses strategy. Now with the introduction of mythic heroes, those that pay to win will completely obliterate you with 1 character even when your team makeup and abilities are superior from a power and strategy perspective. You will loose every fight against people who pay for these characters and augment them up to your level. You can gain these characters in game without paying, but the progression is very slow and you will quickly become overtaken to cash players.

    “Your party’s makeup and equipment is crucial to your success, and you need to choose the right time to activate your angels’ special abilities to maximize your damage against difficult foes.” — You will put the game on Fast and Auto mode so the abilities will automatically trigger. Also in PVP you do not get the option to trigger at will as they lock the option. There is not much strategy in PVP at all, just to have 1 character that can take out the other team or pay to win.

    “Boasting a rich and detailed storyline, League of Angels II immerses you in its beautiful game world, and features three factions and eight races for you to choose from.” — See above, not much story after the tutorial. You can choose characters which belong to a certain faction and need to really stick with the same faction for the added affinity bonus. The game does not reward you for trying new strategy with heroes and will actually punish you with wasted limited resources to summon said heroes. You can recycle or rebirth heroes, but eventually you will take a loss. You can pay real money to convert 1 hero to another, however it costs $5 USD per hero and you will need multiple copies of the same hero to augment up. I got to the point of needing 4 of the same heroes to augment 1 level, so switching that to something else just for that 1 level would cost $20 USD per augment. This quickly becomes expensive.

    “With a large map to explore, a diverse roster of characters, and several different types of battles, League of Angels II has plenty of content to keep you interested for a long time.” — The map exists of 2 very small towns to walk around and click on NPCs to do certain things. There isn’t any exploration or things to find on your own.

    In conclusion the most frustrating thing is that if you do not spend countless dollars on the game, you will get upset and not win no matter how much you try to personally advance with in-game options. Any characters or guilds that start before you and keep going will always have the advantage no matter how much time you put into the game. Once the top players emerge after the first 1-2 weeks of server open, they become unbeatable unless you continue to spend more money than they do. Another depressing fact is that they keep opening new servers, 555+ and counting now, and they want you to jump to new servers to spend more money on the same things you just spent on in the hopes that other players will not spend as much on a new server and you could gain some competitive advantage. Your old server then becomes a ghost town with no one to talk or play with. There are also certain items that cost cash-only in game topaz currency that you can not buy any other ways than spending real money. And if you’re wondering how much things cost, the new dragon mount costs about $400 USD with topaz.

    Please do not waste your money on this game which is ridiculously overpriced for what it is. I hope this review helps you make the best decision. Take care!

    • What said Lucas is all truth, im playing it like hm…week? lvl 45 already, getting til lvl 30 took me 2 days and now even hardcore playing. Its more click and wait literally now my character is pvping on auto and im making loads of honor. Im in the biggest guild on server. Its nice game if youre busy, sometimes to do for lets say 2-3 h a day maybe a bit more. People are nice, at least in my guild, dont see any plot at all in it anymore. And if it was there it was really boring- and im the person who reads quests in mmorpg. No exploring in this game whatsoever. Played wow for 7 years, so i know what im saying. Its not bad but if you look for something amazing you rather pass on it. Look for new servers- they gave you shitload of resources and ask people around what do do with them- i made 3 characters after i wasted them and finally knew what to do.
      Im not cash player and still i have chance to win with many people, i dont feel like its pure pay ti win either.
      Youre blond dude
      or blond girl
      you can choose from idk 8? costumes with different looks thats it.
      So you dont really get attached to your character when theres 100 like you. Yes theyre opening new servers so those who play longer will change their and become alfa on it, i mean cool, but its boring :”)

      So shortly is it good- yes, is it original- yeah kinda, kinda like those card games on phone. Feels kinda like 3d card game, not too hard not too easy, repetitive, grindy. But if you wanna play in something with limited time money etc its good for ya as many things are on autoplay….so lets catch them all shall we?

  21. Game fun if you want to play it on the side like for something to do when you want to waist time you might not be in top 50 but i been playing it fora week now and am still in top 200 its a grate game no server problems and my char didnt reset and i dont think that game is bad i think the players that are trying it for the first time are just stupid and cant read :))))

  22. The game’s support sucks. Logged in as a new player, made it to 14th level pretty quickly. When I relogged in later, it erased my character and started me over. I made it to 21st level, server crashed, and so relogged later. Erased my character again. You get stuck in that absolutely retarded tutorial and you can not get out of it to attempt to contact GM support. There was no spot to change servers, though I know there are several different servers active. That main access page it just a log in for email and password, but no server request. Poorly put together.

  23. everyone who being salty to this kind of game are just too perfectionist, all mmorpg are basically p2w so why do you even complain..instead this game actually give you free daily diamond which is nice for non vip player..and if you smart enough & know what to do you can atleast get top 20 on rank without using real money,,overall 7/10 worth your item if youre mmorpg player

  24. No support, no working redeem codes, no email response, accounts vanish in thin air and no way to contact support (they use a spamcatcher so nobody reads any emails they receive).
    At first the game looks very nice and cool and fun to play, but as you level up you will discover that the game is constantly changing everthing. One day you find your character with loads of resources and the next 5 minutes they are gone due to a price changes and reward recallibration.
    No steady and trustworthy build up of strategies is possible due to these changes.
    One moment you beat the hell out of a boss without effort the next moment you can’t even kill one of it’s minions.
    Beautifull game and the gameplay itself is very addictive BUT the game is very dissappointing after some time.

    Also it seems that everything is build around an automated payment system which litterally tries to open your wallet every single click. (showing the RECHARGE button and popups)

    Fun to try and fast to trash i would say.

    Utterly garbage, not recommended and personally i rate it as a big scam .

  25. very boring game, just like its counterpart League of Angels 1, its Pay 2 win just like LOA1, and for all who complaining that LOA1 is an r2game, nope its from Gtarcade, just like this one, R2 just hosts it. don’t get suckered into this. eventually it will break just like LoA1

  26. The game is ok. I was pretty high enough on it to buy VIP 9. I am now starting to regret it.
    The reason is there is a character that obviously needs to be toned down. If you are not using that Kingdom you basically have to keep your team Balanced. The kingdom with the op Character does not. Why? Because GTArcade made this characters Ultimate a Execute THAT HITS 2 OF 5 of the enemy. So all people are doing is buffing that 1 character and it works because of poor design. The character is so broken you can be 1m + higher in BR and lose. BR shouldn’t be the end all Be all but when the gap is that wide it’s frustrating. The regret comes from the fact that this is still an issue in China where the game is much older(8 months older I believe. ). He is still not fixed. It’s a shame because the game had so much promise. (For Nova Genesis players: Remember Artura? Yep. It’s that bad hahaha)

    The other issue is choice is an illusion. Just roll with Recommended setup number 1. You will not be rewarded for being clever. I am using a setup that has as many Affinities as the 1st setup and one more than the second setup for my kingdom and I struggle in PVP and PVE compared to Recommended Setup 1 for the Kingdom I chose.

    The game runs good. Launch was smooth and bugs were few and far between. I will say that about it. It’s a shame that balance isn’t a real concern for them.

    • You are speaking about Moira
      yes I was losing me having 381 million points versus player with Moira buffed at max,paying thousands of dollars on her and having like 150-200 million points in the arena
      but I enjoy the single player mostly and the grand tournament and the challengers road and the anima;s path
      I am struggling to get to lvele 85,now level 84,I want to be a prince

  27. the game is good and you dun really need to pay since they give diamond daily which is good. but one thing to remind people, NEVER EVER play this game on R2 platform since they just a blood sucking company who treat their customers like shit. i been playing wartune in r2 for 3 years and spend thousand and they treat me like shit so imagine if you a non casher and see how they treat you.

  28. The game itself is excellent and the community is very responsive to suggestions and complaints. I encourage people to at least try it out :).

    • bullshit you are just one of the guy who works for them. no need to sugar coat this crap game. even on facebook they post ads that their game don’t even do.

      • agree Pow, sad they have to throw some of their mods in here to make the game sound good which is complete opposite. Played this, mass glitches, no support and must spend a decent amount of cash just to stay near middle of pack, Run from this game and run fast!!!

  29. League of Angels 2 uses beautiful 3D graphics. They are always requesting player input and suggestions. The game play is very smooth. It is similar to LOA with World Boss, Guild Boss, Cross Server and Arena. They only have male and female character whereas in LOA you have choice of gender and 4 classes. It is growing players fast since opening April 1, with new server being added regularly.

  30. The game has nice graphics. Of course as at other browser games, here too if you pay you win, but if you’re playing good, and your strategy is good, the paying user have to pay much money to be as good as you are.

  31. An arractive option, more taking into acount that is not developed by R2 Games like its prequel.
    I will never agaun fall in a game of thta company.

    • I guess most of the players are dumb, exactly like in loa1, which, btw, wasn’t developed byR2, but by GTArcade.

      Stay away of anything developed by those scammers.


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